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  1. TheLurkinTim on

    Brilliant start to the game…MJ buries it…C.O.Y.B.I.G. ;-)))))))




  2. Ntcham shoots from distance……deflected for a Celtic corner



    Hearts having to make a sub v early on

  3. Diets equalise. Bain at fault dithering about and closed down, hearts player scores.

  4. corkcelt on 19th May 2019 3:24 pm




    Disaster at the back, Lenny must go.




    2 games 2 massive errors from Bain. Gordon to play final?




  5. Dexter P. Bampot on

    One hearts attack of note and a slip up by Bain gifts a goal.



    Everything of note coming down the right wing. Wee Mikey playing well. Sinclair is, as usual, offering nothing at all. Is he our best paid player? Whatever it is it’s a complete waste.

  6. corkcelt on 19th May 2019 3:31 pm



    Oglach, Think Craig is injured.




    Scrub that idea then.

  7. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Ntcham looking busy.



    Ajer up for it too.



    Burke and Sinclair fighting it out for the most anonymous player award.



    Have to say the Hertz weans have played some very nice stuff.

  8. Dexter P. Bampot on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 19TH MAY 2019 3:32 PM



    Sinclair the official escape goat



    Quelle surprise








    He has been pish this year. Yet he’s our best paid player.



    He’s no scapegoat.

  9. A wee bit of a snore fest at the moment. No team dominating and few chances being created by either side

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Yeah he’s contributed nothing this year ❓ he’s one goal shy from last years total



    Confirmation bias 101



    He’s not playing the worst

  11. Love Celtic but we are a tough watch at the moment – slow, no movement and few that just don’t look bothered. One attempt on target in 40 mins?

  12. Dexter P. Bampot on

    9 (or 10) goals isn’t good enough IMHO.



    Scored 21 previous season.

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