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  1. I am Neil Lennon


    We are all Neil Lennon



    smiley something inside so strong thing




  2. It’s turning out that our stronger squad is making a big difference.



    Who’d of thunk it?



    I said after they got gubbed by Hearts that they’d sh@t the bed. Little did I know they had a 6 week long dose of the skitters 😂

  3. That extra co-efficiant point won by sevco last week on their ‘probable’ wednesday teatime exit from the Europa League on Wednesday might come in handy for us in future champions league qualifiers.


    We all know how difficult it is to qualify and perhaps our friends in govan have helped us towards a future 40 million pound champions league payout!!!!!

  4. anyone got any links to kris Boyd greeting today?



    If he was dependent on some kind of performance review to keep his tv gig he’d out on his erchie by now after his predictions

  5. Great result today with sevco result being the icing on the cake. Frustrating not getting a reliable stream. I firmly believe if we win the next 3 league games then it is done and dusted. I think we Jeremie’s injury is playing on his mind and affecting his desire to take players on but that might have been exorcised by his part in Powers’ red card. 😉


    I said on here 2 weeks ago that I thought Morelos had chucked it – so far I have seen nothing to change my mind.

  6. Copenhagen drew with bottom of the table side today….



    Just saying….



    Lenny hoping both Scott and Jamesey back for Thursday.



    Blow them away Celts, into the hat for next round, Huns lose to Braga and Diets and we beat St Johnstone…



    Could be a cracker of a week fholks…

  7. To be fair to Morelos he has been badly treated by his club.


    Used as a pawn in a media propaganda shit-storm.


    Priced out of any ‘realistic’ moves to a better club.


    I am sure he has decided to play hard ball and get his move and force them to accept a realistic bid for him instead of cookoo land fantasy figures.

  8. Some great play today against a well-organised team.Hagi the saviour anonymous today though his free kick v Bragga was top drawer! How did he manage to hit the guy on the back ?!

  9. Good teamwork win there. A couple of players started anxiously but they grew into the game- Christie in particular. Frimpong will benefit from learning a different position though he and Taylor struggled with the final ball. Edouard was class, Callum was a metronome and Griff was a pest. Make no mistake- that game had to be won- Killie were robust and well organised. Dicker and Power both broke up a lot of attacks but they were being relentlessly tested and worn down. Yellow Cards reduced their effectiveness and Power got his red.



    A good day at the Office amd with an unexpected bonus from Perth, I am beginning to think about breaking my 8 year long boycott of Sevco matches and turning up for our Top 6 home match in April.

  10. Thought big Jozo was class today although i haven’t seen the penalty. I was never worried at any stage, we had control and played well. They were so deep and never looked likely to threaten after an early burst. Frimpong had a shaky start but settled into a strong performance, Edouard dropped deeper and made things happen and Ryan Christie took responsibility. Julien and Ajer cruised it and Broony was not missed. McGregor delivered a standard 8/10.



    Stevie is on borrowed time. Damage limitation isn’t gong well and he is a beaten man.



    The League is finished and it feels so sweet. We are so relentless and Neil Lennon is doing a magnificent job.

  11. I’m not worried about Slippy G.



    There will always be work for him at err, Crewe or Plymouth or the like.



    He’ll be ok.

  12. Big…….big rumour that the Melwood Colts Cone Carrier is a shoe-in for the Tranmere assistant’s joab…………




  13. Great result….Frimpong still learning how to defend but has loads of pace & desire.



    Calmac….worth a lot more than 25M if Maddison is 80.



    Onwards & upwards.



    Havent read back……how many bed wetters early doors ? 😂







    I really think we get the best of both worlds….Rangers helping us with coefficients points while dropping league points. Win win :)

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘Steven Gerrard’s Rangers’.



    That’s what I’m calling them ‘til the day I pop my clogs.



    It will sound even better if they sack him.

  16. Maddison was no great shakes on loan at Aberdeen. He scored a goal v Sevco and that was about it.


    £80m, aye…

  17. Great result today. An absolute relentless performance showing why we’re the Champions.


    Best wishes to Connaire12 for a speedy recovery – Hope you’re on top form soon. 👍



  18. Has SG been called a taig yet on FF ?.



    What about Hadi …(sorry Hagi) today ?. Up for the big stage….at a big club…a big player….Aye right.

  19. Bigger picture………….



    Will the Blazers move to ensure some kind of credibility for the League when the currant basket of assets goes south…….?


    …and when will the knuckle-shufflers come up with some initiative to reward the fee-payin’ punters for keepin’ the game afloat?


    ………………………………There has to be an end to our wider role of keepin’ PC Murdoch


    et al, in a well paid, pensionable joabz…………rather than seein’ the Scottish game as a positive outlet for the decent Scots in our Enlightened society.




  20. PS..



    I love Celtic


    and I miss Clydebank ( Glasgow).






    The missus has just said ” Haw, 8 Ace…….bed!”







  21. To go through on Thursday really would be the icing on the cake for the start we have made in 2020. No easy task I know, but we have a fair bit of Euro fitba behind us this season, we draw on that we’re in the draw, no question.

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