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  1. Big mention for ScS — he really showed his class and he ran himself into the ground. Also a good performance from JF — really showed he could handle the quality opposition. Hopefully he gains a lot of confidence from his display.

  2. We are jealous of the financial gap between the other big clubs and us.



    Here is my message to the other big clubs.



    Be jealous of the atmosphere gap between us and you.

  3. For those of you who question what Nir Bitton brings to the Celtic team, look at the 2nd goal.



    A passing move with Toure in our half; me moves into space, gets the ball back then opens them up with a great pass to Rogic who has space an time to play KT in.



    FAC the Act




  4. BR has done great for us so far, I have always been a massive Scott Brown fan, we are a far better team with Scott in it…. BUT, I think BR’s most important signing is Kolo Toure, I see him over at our captain quite a lot, calming him down, a wee word in his shell like, Broony doesn’t have to have all the responsibility now, BR has made a few signings and the rest of “our” players are responding



    We live in good times

  5. Was born in Scotland.


    I have lived most of my adult life in England .France and USA.


    And honestly there are not many things that make me miss it.


    But tonight jumping around like a we daft kid in America that made me realise what i do miss.


    The thought of sitting amongst defiant fenian brothers defying the odds made a cynical bass like me nostalgic.


    I spent a lot of my formative years going to home and away games with fellow defiant Tims.


    But Celtic park on a Euro night is like no place on earth.


    Thank you Celtic and the support for giving me a home i love.

  6. What is the Stars on

    Hrvatski Jim



    There is a tweet floating about showing a guy in a Sheiks Outfit on the Phone with the Caption ” Ok Celtic,how much for the Green Brigade”

  7. Also old KT was incredible tonight.


    As things got fraught and frantic he managed to get to the ball.


    He will soon be needing a Zimmer frame but he would still be worth a start.

  8. We’re gonna need a bigger Gazebo?



    Super night despite the foul weather and the financial mountain that seperates a £440M side from a £20M one.



    Celtic are fitter than at any time over the past 5 or 6 years and there are players transformed, remarkable considering Brendan, only made three signings from those in the Hoops tonight, though Toure Sinclair and Dembele are pivotal in his side.



    No need to single out individuals as every Celtic player, played well, however



    Broony M.O.M



    p.s. great rendition of ‘Grace’ from our unique support.

  9. Marrakesh Express on

    I was directly behind Brian Kidd and the squad/coaches. They kept watching the crowd more than the game for the first ten minutes. John Stones at it too, from the dugout.

  10. Well, I’m watching this again and what a first half! Breathtaking stuff from both teams.



    The 2-1 result against Barca was great for many reasons. However, in terms of how we played and the talent we were up against tonight I think this was in fact a better performance and a better result – because we played football the Glasgow Celtic way! KevJ – nae parked bus and we still got a great result. I hope you enjoyed the night pal.



    And the best European atmosphere since the Jungle Days!



    FAC the Act




  11. Great stepping stone for the club.



    We cannot get any more talent in but we can use the experience and confidence generated by this performance to move on to the next level.



    We have huge gaps that need filled but we are leaving and we are moving forward.



    MD really is coming of age in a hooped shirt.


    Every game sees an improvement at something.

  12. Just in from the game. Red back and saw some negative posts regarding Bitton. Others were positive.



    My take is this. Ever heard it said “we just need someone to put their foot on the ball”



    That’s what Bitton did. Sometimes overdid it for my liking, but I was glad he did. Also, his contribution in the lead up to Tierney’s goal (aye, it was o.g. but it’s Tierney’s) was outstanding. Class.



    Broonie would have been MOTM if it wasn’t for the exceptional display from Dembele.



    Tierney v Sterling. Sterling only got past Tierney twice, late in the game. And he scored. Tierney got past Sterling many times. And scored. Tierney wins hands down.




    Never met you but know your a good one …so sod them all



    We are celtic supporters faithfully through and through…



    Good night ya beauties xxxxx




    p.s. great rendition of ‘Grace’ from our unique support.




    Aye, I had tears in my eyes during that rendition.



    Being in the North Curve is magical. Takes me back to the good old European nights in the Jungle!



    FAC the Act




  15. Struggling to get the SB vibe.


    MIA for far too much of the game.


    Wrong side of his man time and time again.


    Second half was particularly poor.



    CM x 2 = Poor, limited performance.


    We had a lot of class but we gave them their goals.





    WEEFRA will be fine,trust me. He’s a smashing wee fella,I phone him twice a week.



    He even answers now and again!



    I frequently wish I had his life,then I buy a pint of Guinness at £2 and reconsider

  17. Also big up for ES and CG as we’ll.



    ES kept at it for the full game and was always up to the speed of the game.


    CG had his moments — he looked nervous at times — but he was there when we needed him at the end.

  18. SUPERSUTTON on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2016 11:32 PM



    Spot on about Bitton. He had a great game tonight and made the telling pass to send Rogic clear.



    He also covered a lot in behind Brown and that allowed him to attack the ball more.



    FAC the Act




  19. From the English press:



    This was football in the raw. A throwback. The kind of Champions League atmosphere that City – and most other Premier League clubs – can only dream of.


    When asked afterwards if this is what he wants at the Etihad, Guardiola couldn’t help but laugh.


    ‘Every club has their own history and personality,’ he said. ‘Celtic is amazing environment. They are a club with a huge history in Europe and we have to build up.’








  20. Gerryfae the briggie oh!



    And jamsie can fly on those braw wee wings….cos Scott is a reflection of what he wants to achieve!



    Whatever they all seem in a state of satisfaction…


    And that is rare….



    Go go the Celtic




  21. In passing I thought the referee had a good game.


    I disagreed with some of his decisions but on a difficult surface he let the play flow.


    I hope the local ref’s took heed.

  22. Bitton also played a big part in the 3rd goal,


    nimble feet after the throw from Tierney and he


    managed to get it back to Tierney for the cross

  23. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Wow just wow. What a game to share with my oldest 2 kids. They were getting goaded before that we would get skelped!



    Always thought we could score. It was always a question of how many we would concede.



    I knew my podium post earlier today meant good luck :-)



    Love being in the CL, thank you Brendan. Will be ever see a 0-0 game again :-)?







  24. EC67 @ 11.39



    You really are a class act — a walloper’s walloper to be exact.


    Is it cold underneath that bridge?

  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well done Celtic – absolutely brilliant from everyone. Pride, passion, intensity and concentration go a long way in football.


    The obvious performances have been mentioned multiple times, so a few random thoughts:


    CG clearly our number one keeper.


    Lustig best game for a while.


    Erik is a proper defender.


    Free kick for first goal – looked rehearsed on the training ground. Hats off to coaching staff.


    Moussa excellent in own box defending corners.


    Please watch those infield passes. Not specifically Moussa at their second goal, but more a general issue that could have cost us a few times.


    Oh – and let’s not get too carried away. That was our second “easiest” game of the group :-)