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  1. SAINT STIVS on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 9:40 PM


    eldo, ignore the parking “fines”.



    Will do mate. Got a wee bit twitchy for a moment when the latest demand came in.

  2. Great stuff – don’t care how we get them ( we’ll actually I do, but not complaining). Don’t know about this countdown thingy, I’m nervous enough. Perhaps we could crowdfund to get Dena a watch.


    PS – I know you’ve already won a watch this week, Dena, so long may it continue.

  3. My daughter,’s boyfriend is a cousin of Pat Bonnar.


    However I still think he is s bawb@g




  4. A manager sets his team up to loss as little goals as possible, managers team gets beat 1-0


    Team that won 1-0 remain undefeated.


    Tomorrow’s headlines “thistle give Celtic a fright”




    Hail hail. Feck me look at that gap, what was it eight changes tonight ? Te heheheheheheheh

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    Their remit is simple, play up the opposition and play down the hoops. Stunningly stupid strategy since it stops their potential target audience from listening

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    3 points are 3 points but the swapping around of Dembele and sparky is helping neither for most of the game Dembele was a passenger and Sparky tried to hard when he came on.Brendan needs to sort it out and he is beginning to become the tinker man there were to many changes tonight in my opinion the team had no real fluency. However,it is hard to argue with a 14 point lead ut we need to get our flow and fluency back before we go to Ibrokes and start taking our chances again. H.H.

  7. SAINT STIVS on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 9:46 PM


    they will repossess to Exploited Barmy Army record collection first



    Long gone those records , brought a wee grin to my face there mate. Memories, yours is much better than mine

  8. Some great play and some slack stuff as well.



    Liam Henderson MOTM….hmmmm. Didnt think any of the fringe players who came in justified keeping their place other than Gamboa. Once again Calum McGregor pretty anonymous second half. Good to see Scott Sinclair back in action from the start.

  9. SCANIEL on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 9:45 PM



    All my Christmas’ came at once ;-)))




    Three points on a cold cold night and some young bhoys given a chance



    I’m happy tonight




  10. What is the Stars on



    If he cant tinker with the team now when we have a comfortable lead and 3 home games in 8 days….well he never can


    I agree that ideally its not a good idea but 9 points gathered and several fringe/youth players given a taste of first team action probably justifies it

  11. Too many missed chances.Thistle played very well,really threw everything into it.Just too many changes at the moment to keep up the way we were playing.No problem with that with the amount of fixtures,but a reason we are not firing as well.Young Calvin will have had a reality check.Needs to strengthen up a bit.


    Wee Paddy looking sharp.Fantastic finish from Scotty.


    Keeping the goals for Hogmanay.Big Kolo great on Celtic TV at half time.

  12. another man city top name on loan. not in first team squad, recovery.



    game time, 18 months,



    see if it comes.

  13. Recent MOTM awards at home have been a wee bit confusing. Perhaps those making the decision have been over doing it a bit with the sponsors free festive spirit.



    My MOTM was the Thistle striker, played the role striker role well and caused our defence problems. Honourable mention to the PT keeper who made a couple of decent saves. Can’t honestly say I thought any Celt deserved the MOTM accolade tonight.



    Miller did well against a big physical opponent who also gave Simo a tough time.


    Henderson showed well with good running and a few nice touches


    We lack cohesiveness at the moment but understandable with recent enforced changes.


    Armstrong showed well also.

  15. Also think Brendan is using this period to decide who stays and who can go.


    The areas that need strengthening. will also be addressed.

  16. We have 9 games scheduled for December. We have now played 6 – I think – and have 3 left against Hamilton (a), Ross County (h) and Sevco (a). We have won 5 and drawn one of the 6 games we have played. Brendan is utilising his squad and taking the chance to rest players during an unbelievably busy programme of games. He is not turning into the Tinker Man. He needs to make these changes to rest players carrying knocks, suspension (Scott Brown), keeping players match fit (Griff) in case they are called on for duty. Let’s not also forget that with a healthy points lead before tonight of 11 points, Brendan earned the right to blood young players. When he absolutely needed to win games he stuck mainly to a nucleus of mainstays and I’m sure he will return to his strongest available team either against Ross County or Sevco.



    In Brendan We Trust.

  17. DOC on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 9:56 PM



    get the thermals on.










  18. I’m consistent in my needs. I want good football first and foremost. Winning will usually accompany that, but if it doesn’t I’m ok.



    Our performances have certainly dipped a notch. Playing good but not great and now only in 10-15 minute spells. Have opposition managers worked out how to play us?



    One thing I am sure of, constantly changing the team is not good. Injuries and suspensions provide opportunities for other players. And if rest is required, then just two changes at a time please.



    With 9 games in December, we could rest two players per game. A total of 18 players rested. Excluding the keeper that would mean 2 games per player (almost) and therefore only 7 games each instead of 9.



    Tonight it was evident to me that players were often not on the same wavelength. Playing together every week builds that understanding that allows better decision making on the basis you know what your team mate is going to do,



    And certainly, swapping Griff and Dembele around makes neither happy nor benefits the team.



    Let’s get the best team on the park every game, tinker in moderation.

  19. No wonder Celtic fans are bored with Hamilton, Dundee, and Partick all in eight days and the last of three highly unattractive consecutive games.



    Experimentation, squad rotation . tinkering , resting, testing call it what you will but undoubtedly matches where previous managers could only dream of maximum points.



    Just for good measure we’ll see Hamilton on plastic next and a welcome return to a strongest eleven



    A relentless double figure slump towards six in a row.



    Happy Days CSC

  20. Celtic TV feed really is terrible – I mean howlingly bad.



    Blurrs out all the time, sometimes for 3-4 minutes or more. Freeezes, skips, jumps back, blurrs again – you’re lucky to get 10-15 minutes clear, uninterrupted signal. I mean if it was any other service other than our beloved Celtic it would have been hooked long, long ago!



    Someone please tell them to sort it out and soon because the fibre-optic is here and as soon as I can get Bein/Sky/BT or whatever it’ll be “adios amigos” from here in Spain.


    (Even though I’d miss Paul, Summer & co.)



    Hail! Hail! Come on the Hoops!

  21. Well done Celtic.


    No negatives for me and lots of positives, playing with half a team and still we dominate games, another referee same shite.


    Fair play to the Jags gave it a go, and why not, they had chances and only conceded one, due to our lax finishing mind you.


    I hope we are keeping the skelping for hogmany, it would give me no greater pleasure than seeing them spanked properly and put back in their place the knuckle dragging cheating scumbags.