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  1. Our run of form is phenomenal. Brendan is rightly utilising the squad, and seeing what fringe players can do.



    We’ll be at full strength I expect against Ross County and Sevco.

  2. Evening all



    Freezing and for 3rd game in a row much better result than performance. Thistle played well and looked to have a decent shout for a pen though ref was better placed than I. Never thought they would score though



    I thought Henderson was very good in patches with some clever touches and passing. Paddy flatteed to decieve and McGregor was pretty poor. Gamboa did not impess me Miller good first half – worth another look



    14 points ahead though. Not bad.




  3. Respect to all who made the effort to support the hoops.


    Persistence over resistance


    Effort over effortless




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  5. Delighted by tonight’s score. A great win for Brendan and the Bhoys and a 14 point lead with a game in hand. I missed the game as I was in Embra so had to listen to commentary on BBC Radio. Richard Gordon got more excited about any foray Thistle had into our box than he did over Scott Sinclair’s goal.



    As Prestonpans Bhoys astutely pointed out above, they are only going to lose their target audience by this stupid anti-Celtic bias.

  6. I thought Thistle were very good tonight, they really should have scored. Their no19, Edwards, guy in the middle with the long hair, he was brilliant.



    Pretty poor from us at times in terms or quality and decision making. We will need to lift it soon or it will catch up with us. Anyway, 3 points and move on

  7. JOCKODEE on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 10:07 PM


    Celtic TV feed really is terrible – I mean howlingly bad.



    Perfect here in Turkey tonight.

  8. Foul count :



    Us. 10 —- 11. Them



    Drew 2-2 on yellow cards….



    First time for a long while we get beat on fouls … ;-))



    Must have been because the jags had a go ….

  9. 16 wins out of 17.



    A cup in the cabinet. 14 points clear with a game in hand.



    Playing competitive football since July.



    Winning without our best 11.



    Not too bad.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    I think Brendan is simply using his squad judiciously.


    Taking calculated risks which , to date , have come off.


    He probably feels that possible loss of points is a gamble worth taking because it shows him who can step up into the real world.


    The lack of cohesion in the last few games is precisely what you would expect from a bounce team.


    Go for it ,Brendan.



    Just stick the main men in for the huns ,who I feel , will be ” uncompromising ” , as will the tame homer ref.


    A loss for us is eminently tolerable.


    A loss for them is disastrous humiliation.


    A real test of intimidation for Brendan too.



    Bring on humiliation.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 10:36 PM


    JOCKODEE on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 10:07 PM



    Celtic TV feed really is terrible – I mean howlingly bad.




    Perfect here in Turkey tonight.





    Perfect ” steal ” in Oz too.

  12. On an entirely different note.The guy who shot the Russian ambassador lives just up the road in the next town from me.The Turkish Polis have been lifting people all day.All his family,friends,probably the guy that sold him a Kebab one time.Bad time for the town,and wont be going away for some time.

  13. Back from the match.



    It was a pretty uninteresting game but we won. That’ll do to be getting on with.



    In a week where so much is questionable about our club operations, Brendan’s side are shouldering their responsibilities well.



    No Celt had a great game tonight. Paddy tried to and Izzy was fairly solid when he came on. It may be the most unfashionable thing to say on CQN but I thought McGregor was, at least, as good as Henderson (who was fine but I do not get the enthusiasm about him).



    Good to see a Castlemilk bhoy debut. He played a very disciplined game and did not try too hard to impress as a solo player. he found the PT forward a handful and learned that a few physical moves which are automatic fouls in other leagues, do not constitute fouls in the SPFL. He’ll learn and be better for the lesson.



    And well done Thistle and their fans for having a go and trying to pressure the ref.



    On to Hamilton, which I wil watch on the TV in the forlorn hope that I might see a good game on a plastic surface. I suspect St. Stiv’s ahs an easier task on his hand

  14. It’s this simple – if Celtic roll up at the crumble dome with something approaching their first 11 and the right attitude then Sevco will not lay a glove on us. Our recent ‘form’ (good god we’ve won 16 out of 17!) might give them encouragement. I hope it does – but they’ll regret it.

  15. I enjoyed tonight’s game. We saw young lads get a chance and we saw an opposition who showed no fear and didn’t bore the fans unlike the last two opposition teams. On


    Oeltic tv, my picture here in Achill was unbroken all through the game.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH DECEMBER 2016 10:47 PM



    Email intercepts could possibly cause you some grief.



    Turkey seems to mirror the region now in terms of instability.




  17. We have a technical assistance article that covers all devices re any problems with the ads on CQN. It’s not been posted as the Res12 stuff took over so we’ll post it over the next few days.



    Anyway on the way to the game on Saturday I switched off Javascript and it has been off since Saturday. I only realised it was off as I had to switch it on earlier to access Phil’s site.



    Go to Settings – Safari – Advanced – switch off Javascript. 10 seconds tops!



    Try it.

  18. Frozen up in 443 tonight



    Glad to be home



    Bored with some of the tippy tappy stuff.






    In last two European away games BMG and Shiity


    I thought we were more composed and held onto ball


    much better than I have seen us away from home. If


    its a consequence of practice and confidence from playing


    same way against cannon fodder then ill just learn to live with it.



    : > )

  19. Tempo’s dropped. One of the few times we pass well at speed with people moving into space, young Calvin gets a great chance. No one moved up the pecking order tonight. 3 points and on to Hamilton.


    The logical song for Sinclair? Apart from the goal the most enjoyable part of the night.

  20. just in from game, not an impressive display but 3pts is 3pts. thought thistle played well and took us by surprise by playing 2 up top , 1 directly against CM who i thought struggled at left back( i know its his first start) to cope with the big winger. Our midfield pairing of CMcG and LH continually gave the ball away with misplaced passes.


    Not a lot of pass marks overall, but a well worked goal from free kick.


    To many changes of personnel for my liking , but i think BR will have sussed players who he will move on.

  21. Schoolbhoy humour I know, but when the Dalmuir Republicans were getting off the train tonight, and the Scotrail advised us to Mind the gap. Everyone shouted 14 points!

  22. jc2,






    tongiths game is practice for brendan, testing the squad, learning about the players.



    we did not lose anything,



    compare, contrast the last starting elven against city.



    he is doing good,

  23. Well done thistle that’s the best performance from an away team this year but I suppose that’s what you get from a Glasgow Derby