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  1. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Morning Starry,


    How are things in the valley. Dull and overcast here but better than UK weather at the moment.

  2. antipodean red on




    Safe flight back to you and the family tonight, hope you all enjoyed your time downunder, enjoyed our night on Monday with the bhoys, back at the grind today for me.



    All the Best




  3. antipodean red on

    Have not seen anything from Celtic First for a few days, are you still out there?




  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    God bless Brad Haddin.



    Once again he’s pulled the ole jumbucks out of the billabong.



    He’s contributed as much as Mitchell Johnston to this series.

  5. greenpinata



    01:52 on 3 January, 2014





    My reasoning for supersuton to think carefully prior to any photography and subsequent bans is so far from your approach that we could be on different planets.



    It is exactly the opposite of the view you hold. No real Celtic supporter would even consider a boycott of the club.



    We are not broken, the tree might lose some infected twigs but the trunk will survive and flourish.









    And I thank you for reply. And for neganon2’s reply too. The whole point of posting my intention on CQN was to get reasoned opinion.



    The fact that an unconnected poster was able to identify who I was talking about just from me saying I was in North Stand Upper says a lot about these guys.



    The fact they have already received notice from Celtic and yet continue to ignore the code of conduct speaks volumes about them. And makes me wonder about the inaction of the club in monitoring them against say, some young guys having a sing song SUPPORTING their team.

  6. setting free the bears supports res. 12 & oscar knox



    01:59 on 3 January, 2014


    Neg Anon



    “I am still astounded of forehead at super sutton wanting to outlaw swearing and noise from CP.”



    He does’nt.






    Thanks for noticing the difference between my intentions and that which neganon2 thinks my intentions are.

  7. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles




    Unusually mild here, pretty damp though, the Starry bones are creaking…



    I think the Fletcher story is typical Record and they will be way off the mark as to who we are signing, I would imagine we’re more Iceland than Harrods!!



    Davie Hay should put a sock in as should all those misty eyed Old Firm punters, Sevco are rotten to the core and what Celtic and the rest of football need is an honest SFA..

  8. £6m for a 1 goal in 3 games, injury prone striker in his late 20s. DR must be really desperate to shift copy!!

  9. tom



    07:53 on 3 January, 2014


    Chris Sutton writing in the Daily Record . . .



    Hands up who believes Chris Sutton wrote that article.




  10. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on



    Not often you see honest and SFA in the same sentence ;-)





    Yep, print anything to sell the rag.

  11. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I’d imagine Fletcher will go to Sevco now that the ole war chest is available for Fat Boy Dim to use.

  12. Posted On 3 Jan, 2014 – By lostbhoys – With 0 Comments


    These are testing times for Celtic. An unbeaten league run cannot disguise the fact that many supporters are deeply unhappy with the club right now.



    It’s often said that social media is not the best barometer of public opinion but anyone at the last three home games knows there is a problem.



    Attendances are plummeting.



    There are lots of reasons for this and they are all things the club can do something about. The main gripes are pricing (no one could have failed to notice that Motherwell tickets were advertised from £29 upwards), treatment of the supporters, in particular the closing of section 111, and the football that is currently on display.



    The point of contact for most these days is John Paul Taylor. I know he is working day and night so ensure a better match day experience for all, despite a steady stream of abuse, but I’m sure most of us realise he can only do so much.



    He is answerable to Peter Lawwell. The mere mention of his name will get you an opinion from God to the Devil and not much in between. Peter excels in getting others to put his message across so to ensure that he won’t cop any flak should it all go tits up but I think it’s fair to say that his Celtic credits have ran out. There is little faith in Lawwell out there from a lot of fans and he is shrewd enough to realise that. He wields an extraordinary amount of power in Scottish football but he is answerable at Celtic too. The old Clydeport connection means he very much has to run things past Tom Allison, from the PLC board, but of course the top dog in this whole thing is Dermot Desmond.



    Dermot hasn’t been seen much at Celtic Park this season and last visited an AGM when Pope Francis was an altar boy and there is a belief out there that he perhaps doesn’t have as much interest as he once did. A few years ago he came close to buying West Ham, which meant he would have had to have given up control of Celtic, and you wonder what his aim just now save for the very healthy share dividend he receives from Celtic.



    None of this helps our current situation though.



    It is amplified by the position Neil Lennon has at the club. When Martin O’Neill was manager he answered only to Dermot Desmond. Martin ran Celtic from top to bottom,signed his own players, he was the boss. We all know this is not the case with Neil Lennon as first Peter Lawwell emerged from O’Neill’s shadow to take on a more powerful role when Gordon Strachan became manager and he was soon to recruit John Park as his right hand man.



    Looking from the outside it seems to me that one of biggest issues here is the further up the chain of command you go,the further away you get from the mentality you get from your ordinary punter. In fact, once you get past John Paul, you’re dealing with people who don’t have to pay £29 to get in, who don’t get ushered into car park’s with no exit after a game, who don’t get soaked to the skin every time it rains at Celtic Park and who don’t see singing as a way of helping the team.



    And therein lies the problem.



    We have read statements of intent and the like but action is what matters these days. A unified Celtic support should always be the aim of any Celtic hierarchy and this current one needs to show that now more than ever.



    At every link in the chain.

  13. Yesterday, 43 years ago to the day, 66 Rangers fans attended a Glasgow derby and never returned home to their families.



    Fresh from the celebrations of Christmas and Hogmanay of 1970, 80,000 supporters packed into Ibrox for the traditional new year grudge match between the city’s two juggernauts.



    With Celtic grabbing a 1-0 lead late in the game, home fans began to head for the exits as Colin Stein equalised in injury time.



    What happened next rendered the power and passion of football rivalry utterly insignificant.



    Of those who happened to be making their way down Stairway 13 at that fateful moment, 66 were crushed to death.



    The disaster today remains the worst footballing tragedy in Scottish history.



    Both sides have shown that when the spectre of mortality casts a shadow over Glasgow’s football divide, bridges of human kindness are willingly built


    In the gloom of the aftermath, both Rangers and Celtic coaching staff assisted in giving first aid to the injured, even respectfully carrying the dead away from the ill-fated walkway.



    Three weeks later, a benefit match was held at Hampden for victims of the disaster, with a Scotland XI playing against a Rangers and Celtic combined XI.



    Although it may currently be on an extended hiatus, the Celtic vs Rangers rivalry may be the fiercest and most notorious in football.



    However, throughout history, both sides have shown that when the spectre of mortality casts a shadow over Glasgow’s football divide, bridges of human kindness are willingly built.



    At times, an unhealthy blood-lust can boil over from both sides, but ultimately when life is threatened or lost, common decency prevails.



    Jock Stein, the legendary Celtic manager who was in the dugout on that fateful January day in 1971, perhaps summed it up best when he said: ’This terrible tragedy must help to curb the bigotry and bitterness of Old Firm matches.



    ‘When human life is at stake this kind of hatred seems sordid and little. Fans of both sides will never forget this disaster.’



    Unfortunately, his words have never become a mantra for either set of fans, as pockets of sectarianism and hatred will continue to exist when Celtic and Rangers meet.



    However, every true Celtic fan will have spared a thought for 66 human beings – some as young as nine years old – who left their families 43 years ago, never to return home.

  14. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    starry plough forza oscar



    ‘I would imagine we’re more Iceland than Harrods!!’




    I got the principal part of my Christmas dinner from Iceland and it more than did the business, so there are plenty of decent players to be found in that market.


    We need to buy someone who plays regularly and will slot straight into the team, not another bench warming project.

  15. Reading through last nights posts is like enduring CQN’ s version of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”


    Ah well, back to bed.




  16. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    All these bangers going on about the “return” of the Hun



    Suggesting it will make for a more competitive league



    Have they seen thems recently …guff ..and that’s with the second biggest budget in the country



    Just utter rubbish

  17. Just in to say…



    A wee point about the DR, if yeez don’t mind ?



    The way that I see the DR sports set-up is as


    Murdo rattled Neil’s cage last season by telling him


    that – Celtic’s performance v’s St Mirren in the LC


    was a big let down to the Celtic fans to be dumped oot


    the Cup by the Saints and that the, performance of the team


    was a cause for concern(said the mhan who was leaned on by Wim).



    As it turned oot – tough guy Neil – spat the dummy !!!



    Then – fast-forward to this season and, what do we have ?


    Murdo, the cage rattler – dismissed from the DR and, replaced


    by Neils pal – Chris Sutton ?!?!? Hmmm ?



    Not paranoid – just ‘alive’ to the situation – CSC




  18. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ….PFayr supports WeeOscar 09:14 on 3 January, 2014



    They don’t let facts get in the way when they have an agenda to promote.

  19. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    .pfayr supports weeoscar



    Exactly, the only thing they will bring to the table is over 300 years of bigotry, different club same horrible supporters.





    I wish I’d said that!



    An eloquent rebuttal to those who point to our recent results and say “Job done”



    Really,I wonder how many Celtic fans have to voice their disapproval before others admit that there might just be a problem.

  21. archdeaconsbench on

    Catching up on Sporscene fae last night, 2 things…



    They spend more time on the after match ‘expert analysis’ than they do on showing the actual highlights. More self preservation from the SMSM….



    How many times did the commentator on the Aberdeen gemme say ‘Peter Pawlett?’


    I counted 64…..

  22. 09:20 on


    3 January, 2014


    JUST IN;



    Steven Fletcher just seen in taxi on Gallowgate…






    Apologies, Bhoys- my source was wrong. It was Jessica Fletcher after all.




  23. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on



    It did include a turkey, not that I’m suggesting we go out and buy another one ;-)

  24. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    twists n turns



    09:07 on 3 January, 2014



    Why is that the blame is always aimed squarely at the Board……..have you written to the GB, to the staunch Celtic Supporters who turn up in droves at CL games, and to people like my 3 brothers who shout their undying support of Celtic from the rooftop, but haven’t been to a game in years ………. It will take a little time to adjust to the new strategy enforced on us, and on the other SPFL clubs, by the demise of one of the most corrupt clubs in Football history.



    It would be great if all the fair-weather fans gave themselves a talking-to……meantime, we can just blame the Board….who, in the circumstances, are doing a grand job…we’ll get there….and Scottish Football WILL get back to Sporting Integrity, even if we need to drag them towards it…..HH








    A fit player would simply have strolled there….





    Twists accredited it to the original author. Don’t shoot the messenger!

  27. Morning all. Simply the worst of weather down here. Dark, wet and stormy.



    Couple of wee thoughts to start the day. I see Sportscene is peddling the ole nostrum that our attendances are down because of the deid team is no more. Never mind the support, the players need them to offer any real opposition. Well, we all know the answer to that one.



    The other is much more insidious. I see Paisley Junior is peddling the idea that if Scotland opts for Independence, it will give the dissident IRA the impetus to increase their campaign. Paisley claims this is their only way forward as the union has never been firmer. I would have thought that that was the most ridiculous statement made so far this year by any politician. I wonder what would really happen in the North if we really opted to go it alone. Would the ole loyalists from here depart these shores to shore up their compatriots over the Irish Sea? Would the deid team take up residence there? (Sorry for being facetious about something so serious.)





    Personally I think extremists might view an independent Scotland as an attractive place to be.



    Hounded out by moderates from their own turf,there seem to be few obstacles to them over here.

  29. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    67 heaven



    Your faith in all things CFC is, on one view commendable



    One another it is blind …and dangerous



    You suggested last night that I exercise perspective …..I suggest you take your own advice



    The Hun March ever closer to the SPL , the football is guff and the crowds dwindling …aye great job

  30. iPaddy McCourt Supports Wee Oscar on

    I’d be amazed but delighted if we signed Fletcher. The guy is quality and would make a huge difference to our team. If there is any truth to this story then you can be sure that there is serious concern at boardroom level over the alarming drop in attendances in recent times. Perhaps the view now is that the club need to do something fairly radical to get folk back and, more importantly, to renew for next season.



    The signing of Fletcher would be a massive step in the right direction.

  31. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS ………FC not PLC 09:21 on 3 January, 2014



    Happy New Year. I hope you have sobered up by now…



    Perspective required on the run, as I have been one of the people praising the results.



    Celtic have not been playing well in some recent games, but the fact we are winning under these circumstances and not losing goals are positives.



    The unbeaten run will come to an end and I’m enjoying it while it lasts.



    It seems like only yesterday some folk on here were raving about Dundee United and even suggesting Jackie Mac should replace Lenny.



    It has suddenly gone quiet on that front. I bet it wouldn’t be so quiet on here if Lenny’s team had lost three games in succession though.

  32. Kevjungle,



    As you articulate the DR has replaced Murdo with Chris Sutton who is friendly with Lenny. The inference is that the Fletcher story could have come from Sutty ; good move by Lenny to put pressure on Lawwell to bring in a striker.



    I like what I see in Fletcher a fighter who never gives up although he has picked up a few injuries along the way. I wouldn’t rule out Fingobasson although his price has now doubled.



    Defensively we are fine, even better than last year. Middle to front is dire. A finisher and creative midfielder are a must. We must invest and come out of he transfer window stronger to make up for the backward steps in the summer and prepare for the CL qualifiers.



    Over to you Mr Lawwell, here is your chance to shine.



    Ps. If you can shift one or two of your summer signings even better