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  1. Ref Walsh gave the negative play of St Johnstone numerous lifelines. Celtic eventually broke them down. The fans marvellous as ever. Credit to all those who organised the Bertie Auld display.

  2. Juranovic is gonnae be unbelievable for Celtic.



    We have signed a Belter in this dude.



    Europe, Bankier, Europe is where we want to play – Higher Powers will Always be @ play.

  3. we are a dangerous team, if can can hang around till the end of the year and sign quality players – we can actually win this league . Need to stop the silly stuff at the back tho.

  4. Well doneAnge and your Bhoys.


    James forest will be massive for us this season if he stays fit.


    Good night all thanks for updates and for being here.



  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Probably playing Jonny van Bonkdiddlys stinking crew of vermin in the final. We’ll thrash them or the Edinburgh turncoats.

  6. JHB, get a feckin grip of yourself – doin yourself no favours with your negativity/slipped mask/whatever. That was hard fought semi victory overcoming ref + hammer throwers. If you’re a real Tim , just enjoy the night (and don’t forget to give it laldy to the GB for something or other)

  7. Delighted, over the proverbial as they say, well deserved win.


    Even Mrs TET remarked on how bad the refereeing was, but expected from someone who coaches the hun kids.


    The non red card for Rooney when he done Walsh was shocking.


    Not at our best but it’s always the same after international week with so many away.


    Well done Ange and the Bhoys.

  8. Well done Celtic, well deserved win against a desperate over physical defensive opponent, no wonder they attract 2000 to their games, job done

  9. Well done celtic……not the best but not the worst either…..only one team wanted it…..huns ….mcoist and mcinnes hurting !!!!…..ha ha ….VAR..boo hoo

  10. Last 8 games… 7 wins and a 0-0 draw… That’s league winning form.


    Well done to the Green Brigade again today with another great display. They really are a huge part of our success.


    Carter-Vickers would be a brilliant signing in January if was possible.

  11. all they thems fans on telly are really hurting , ha ha , girfuy .


    Rooney should have walked.


    happy days in another final , Bertie will be delighted.

  12. INIQUITOUSIV on 20TH NOVEMBER 2021 7:03 PM



    Witherspoon, Davidson, and Brown are all ardent Huns.



    *and kane is a calvinist

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Pete, Swann, Hart, Petrie et al, a rancid collection of huns whose team played in green. They despise us.

  14. It was nervy but Cup Semis are almost always nervy.


    We won, we deserved to win and this Tim is both relieved & happy,


    Bring on Leverkusen.



    P.S, Sydney Tim, you must be proud of your Bhoy.

  15. Good win against a very defensive team plus a hun referee although


    he made a few errors against St Johnstone too






    Think Ange should just tell Joe Hart to get rid of the ball upfield as


    he nearly costs us every game by being too ponderous with the ball


    at his feet



    Tremendous shot stopper but he takes too much time deciding what to


    do with the ball and will give one of us a heart attack some day

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Johnstone could play this game without a ball.



    I’d be amazed if they completed 100 passes today.



    An absolute disgrace to the sport.

  17. I thought Wotherspoon had been in the Celtic youth set up many moons ago? Could be holding a grudge, possibly, if that is the case.

  18. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Well done Celts. Predictably tough, but showed true grit.



    Abada is a talent, but James made the difference.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Clear red card offence missed yet again by Scottish officials.



    Pointed his elbow deliberately then forceable contact.



    Scottish clubs in Europe don’t get away with this stuff.