Clean sheet objective against Lille


The one ray of sunshine in our long dark autumn was holding Lille to a 2-2 draw in France.  After 13 games, the French club sit second top of Ligue 1, two points off PSG; so far, this is their season in the sun.  The French club sit top of our Europa League group, a point ahead of Milan, both teams have qualified for the knock out round ahead of the final group games tomorrow.

Lille are incentivised to win at Celtic Park, there is the best part of Є1m open to them and seeding in the first knockout round to play for.  Celtic’s motivation is less clear.  We should certainly rest some ahead of the more important game on Sunday against Kilmarnock, but our defence needs every test it can get right now.  A clean sheet is achievable and should be the focus on team planning today.

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

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    Neil hinted that settling in was a problem for a few, esp w COVID pressures. Barkas, Elhamed and Soro for starts and how a players lounge was seen as something to help their social isolation. What would they call said lounge anyway…?


    The Upin Arms


    The Bull and Duck


    The Standing Still



    KTFC (Keep thine fingers crossed)

  2. Celtic Mac on 10th December 2020 1:06 am






    You’re a romantic!



    For the record I don’t think that we, as supporters have ever lost that link with Brother Walfrid and the Glasgow of the 1880s, and if I ever have to try and explain to someone who and what Celtic are, that is always my, our, starting point, and that can never change.






    Don’t want to be that Fast Show guy that agrees with every new idea or comment but yes, you are so right. People ask every other day where I am from (my work Avatars are Celtic ones) and I never tire of chatting about Glasgow and how my team are pretty much unique in world sports.



    Sometimes being withdrawn from it makes you realise. Yes, I know MD Dons moved cities and towns but teams move around over here to the highest bidder. Makes you appreciate Celtic even more.



    “Bidding for a franchise place.” What world is that a phrase? Enter Beckham and Gladwell.



    Sometimes a little while away does wonder for the soul and also the love you have for the things you miss and care for.



    Exit stage left ElHamed. Poor guy if true.

  3. @%#-$+&=*/(;):’,”..”,’:);(/*=&+$-#%@€§£|¥~_…^\[{!}?


    Enigma code entered to log back in.

  4. a comment from king of the happy clappers below



    CELTIC40ME on 9TH DECEMBER 2020 8:27 PM


    If you win every trophy going (again), win the league by a mile (again), finish the domestic season in incredible form, keep your best players and spend a load of cash on improving the squad, how can that be mismanagement or poor planning?



    ST: eh?? domestically zero competition, judged on Europe 2 CL in 9 years due to amateurish scouting and coaching and poor football department with only a few years of modern tactics , keeping our best players? so its a success when we get booted out CL and don’t have fires sale, Jesus wept






    It’s not like we were “doing just enough to stay ahead of them” or “failing to strengthen from a position of strength”


    ST: we only spent 500K more Net, than them at transfer window this year and same as them last year total tosh mr happy clapper







    What sort of business strategy or football planning foresees a collapse in form that we saw from last season to this while bringing in fresh blood to improve?


    ST: we have CEO who job it was in two Scottish coal mines to asset strip and downsize to make it not viable . PL has never grown a business. no strategy when CEO signs Ukrainian wingers . Football department run by a cost cutter and we end up where we are now




    Lord Haw Haw and Comical Ali is still about, now in the very small minority , we had them in 93/94 also, could not see past the Whites/kellys actually is Celtic40me Michael Kelly lol

  5. Yeah that’s right, it’s Desmond, Lawwell, and Lennon’s fault. That’s right its all of their faults.


    But, except that it isn’t!


    If, Celtic supporter’s in 2016, had stood their ground, manned up, grown a pair, took no shit, REBELLED(heaven forbid), boycotted ANY tickets, for ANY Old Firm games, home or away, boycotted season tickets that included Old Firm games at CP, ALL Old Firm cup ties, including finals, then the Celtic hierarchy, Rangers hierarchy, SFA, SPFL, SMSM, would be in a corner, forced to rip up their Same Club lies, and Celtic’s unwavering, unbowed, unbeaten, unbroken, supporters, would’ve won the biggest off field victory in our clubs life.


    But the EXACT opposite of all of that happened.


    And now Celtic supporter’s weaknesses, has saw THEM, corralling themselves into a corner, looking around FRANTICALLY, searching for a new, fresh target, to pin the blame on, for ALL of Celtic supporter’s weaknesses.


    You did this!


    No, not built another school in, poverty, and famine struck Africa.


    That’s the fantastically, wonderful side of Celtic supporter’s.


    But, the other side of these supporters, is a not too admirable side, not in the slightest.


    The Celtic supporter’s have been put to the test. A test of integrity, and principles, and backbone.


    Celtic supporter’s have FAILED these tests! Not just failed, but failed WOEFULLY! That is damning!


    LNS – FAILED!👎


    RES:12 – FAILED!👎Only a Jeanette Findlay led executive will prosecute this. 🙏




    SAME CLUB ISSUE – FAILED👎 Supporters sold the history of rebellious Celtic supporter’s out, for £49!






    Who’ll be blamed next? The next manager?


    The truth is that Celtic supporter’s are either, too lazy, too dumb, too conceited, too fearful, too easily mugged, to turn the tables and F***** realize that it is, THEM, and only them, who can park a bus of POLICY, in front of themselves, protecting themselves from being cheaply oppressed, by their cheap oppressors.


    A policy of NO form of collaboration, with any of Celtic’s, tickets, retail, or any purchase which could lead to, your money finding it’s way to help strengthen your oppressors arsenal of weaponry against YOU!


    This is now into serious territory. The PLC are now fearful of the consequences of the rising levels of outrage within the supporter base. That rage shouldn’t be allowed to dissipate.


    The executive hierarchy, have put 10 in a row’s head into the noose.


    They might panic, and sack either, Lawwell, or Lennon?


    But the person who’d be doing the sacking, must themselves be moved out of the club by, non season ticket renewal until the share value of the club falls through the floor,and those rich, fatter, permanently tanned, custodians, will have to be starved out, my fear is it could lead to protest’s like the recent protests in Hong Kong, and America. And a new structure HAS TO BE installed, a structure based on a kind of, Celtic communism, with no cliques, and ABSOLUTE comradeship, from the top of the club, to the bottom. A new way has to be created, a distinct distance has to be placed between the current Celtic, offshore landed gentry structure, and a new, everyone on the same page structure. From the piss doon the back ae the troosers in the CAUSE, driven Jungle, to “The Ragged Celtic Philanthropist’s” type of approach, one week your the chairman, the next week your serving soup(like Jeremy Corbyn does every week) to the homeless at the newly built, 24/7 soup kitchens, within the stadium, built by the money that would’ve been blown on, PLC project players of the recent past, etc, etc.


    The future is in your hands.


    Don’t be falling for a sugar coated trap, like Brendan ultimately was, whether he new it, or not.


    They’ll try every trick in the book, to split you up, every dirty trick.


    Time scaling it, since 2012, Celtic supporter’s have been wearing their troosers roon their ankles.


    Only YOU can save Celtic’s soul!


    Or you can look into your grand children’s eyes, and tell them that…



    “I’m so, so sorry. The Celtic died, because I was too smug, and too conceited. I sat on my hands, and i, in a ‘stuck up’ kind of way, I laughed, and I sneered, and I walked on past, on the other side of the street, from these….these people who refused to shut up. They became like a broken record. It all became too much. So I dug in, and I dug in, and I….I’m so sorry. If I had just took a step back, and looked at ALL of the picture, not just the bits that I new that,….I thought it was all fine, we had all that money, we had all the better players, we had won 11 trophies in a row, how could those people who wouldn’t shut up, how could they not see what I was seeing? Why wouldn’t they just go away and support some other team? What did they know that I didn’t quite grasp?….and then, it started to fall apart, ALL of it, we fell out of a cup at home, we were so poor, if it wasn’t for green & white hooped jerseys, I wouldn’t have known that Celtic were on the pitch, but they were like silhouettes, not real people at all, OE looked more like, Wayne Biggins, what, oh what has happened to us? Those, those people. Those people who tried to tell us about the FIX they, they,….they had gone, like they had been banned! Oh my God, oh please no! Oh those poor people! Oh….they, they…they were trying as hard as they could! Oh no….they,…they w-e-r-e……o-n-l-y….t-r-y-i-n-g….t-r-y-i-n-g, to help us! And we didn’t listen!”


    “Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Oh please, those….those people said THIS, would happen! Oh Jesus, what’s wrong with me? Please…..please….those, those, oh those noisey people, I’m…..I….I’m, sorry wherever you are, I g-e-t-t-t…you! Oh no, what have I done? Those….those people…”


    “Res:12…..O-h-h-h-h…N-N-n-n-n-o-o-o-OOOoooohhh…oh please help me! 10 in a row….What….what have I done? Celtic! Those, those poor people! Oh I’m so, so sorry! Celtic! CELTIIIIIIICCC! Oh my poor Celtic, oh please no! NnnnnOOOOoooohhh! “I should’ve listened…. but I sneered!”


    “I’m so sorry my darling! THEY’VE GONE! OH NOOOOHHHH! Oh what have I done? Those poor people, I love you, I REALLY DO love you, but I…I couldn’t show it! Oh what have I done? My, my lord Jesus, oh please what have I done? Those poor people! Oh no, oh my lord Jesus please, those poor people, they wouldn’t stop agitating! Oh NOooooohhhh! Why, oh why, oh why, didn’t I listen to these people! Oh what have I done? Oh please lord Jesus…..AULDHEID! OH Jesus….I’ve….I’ve let the magnificent AULDHEID down…..oh, no, no, NnnOooohhhh, oh lord Jesus, please tell AULDHEID that I love him, and that my family are so sorry! Oooohhh Nnnnooohhh MY FAMILY!!! Oh lord Jesus what have I done? Oh no, AULDHEID, my family, the CELTIC! I..I..Oh lord help me, WHAT have I done!”


    “I’ve done nothing! NOTHING! Oh my lord those annoying people, oh they were so annoying! Oh how! Why! Oh lord Jesus help me please ask AULDHEID to forgive me. Tell him I love him, and I love the annoying people who wouldn’t stop, OH they just….they wouldn’t…Oh lord Jesus ask them to forgive me, I’m so sorry, I’ve let all of those supporters down, Tommy Burns told us “They’re there, and they’re ALWAYS there.” “Oh my dear, my beloved Tommy Burns, I’ve let you down Tommy, and the little children in the hospital that you loved so much!” “Please Tommy, I’m so, so, sorry! Oh sorry will never be enough! I stood ten feet away from where you threw those boots into the Jungle, those magical boots, in the never to be replaced, magical Jungle!” ” Oh my beloved Tommy!” “Oh my beloved AULDHEID!” “Oh those poor people, they tried to tell us….and THEY COULDN’T!” “Oh we wouldn’t listen!” “Oh my lord Jesus what have I done?” “What?” “Please!” “Somebody!” “Anybody!” “Please lord Jesus, ask those well meaning, but difficult to understand people who agitated, that I NOW get them, and I’m so sorry. They told me…..and I walked on by (scrolled past them).”



    👆 This, is what you’ll go through, if you don’t park your personal pride next season ticket renewal day, and put the CELTIC of your grand children’s future FIRST, and be a helpful human, not a hubris human.


    Celtic supporter’s have been taken to school by the, neoliberal corporates who flog our club out, to cement the future chicanery of the Old Firm.


    Only season ticket holders can, derail that chicanery.


    If you don’t? Your headstone, when it comes, will leave an indelible stain on your memory. 🙏🍀


    Be Good!



    Off oot!

  6. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Very difficult to be positive in these unprecedented times for Celtic.


    I’m pretty sure we all feel the same way as BIG RAILROAD BLUES..scunnered.


    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation and we all know a complete


    revamp of our club and it’s strategy is needed, the demonising of our manager


    by some is wrong.


    Criticisim is normal, but the hatred of Neil Lennon shows through on multiple


    posts on here and that’s shameful, as for those banners at the park, the hun


    loves them, that says it all.


    I’m aff oot as KevJ is want to say, but I’ve got a bag of used Celtic tops from our


    young Tims to give to some new kids for training gear.


    Some people still prize the Celtic kit you know.


    H.H. Mick

  7. Good morning cqn from a dark and mild Garngad



    Interesting reading back I dont know all about the ins and outs of the Res 11 – 12 and all the arguments, I do know some.



    But I do know that PL is a proven Liar as has been proven as in the 5 way agreement and signed emails etc. So trust between fans and the board has broken down and it should only end 1 way.



    Football side of things – everyone and their granny knows something is wrong with our players, coaching, manager, signings, non signings but mainly the effort from the players on the park.



    I never played at the dizzy heights of first team professional football but I played reserves, junior, amateur like many on here but never only won 2 games out of 12.



    Basics are missing, tempo is poor, passing is poor, no aggression in the tackle, no pressing, not enough shots on goal (guess what players shots on goal make goals) not passing the ball to death along our own 18 yard box.



    All that said, Shareholders have the perfect opportunity to show a vote of No confidence in the Board and PL at the AGM, step up guys your club needs you.



    Have a good day yall.



    D :)



    ” Reasons to be Scunnered parts 1 and 2″……


    Celtics shocking ” Form” and the Pubs in Glesga can reopen but STILL cant sell Alcohol…its enough to drive many a good man to Drink !




    I was talking to my mate who owns my local pub just 20 yards away from my Hoose, and he is NOT Re opening because…. as he can NOT sell Alcohol…its NOT worth his while to reopen, paying staff, heating and lighting costs etc etc…..


    I may have to venture into the nearby Merchant City ( Which is just the Auld Toon Heid, where I was born…but was given its fancy “New/Posh” name a few years ago), and find some Pubs that are going to Reopen…..and sit there drinking NON Alcoholic Lager…just to get oot of the Hoose for a while.


    its pure ” Murder Policeman…so it is”




    HH Mate.

  9. Nothing much ever changes in a successful team robbed of a commanding goalkeeper.


    Mark my words.


    Ave Ave




    Murder murder polis


    Three stairs up


    The wumman in the tap flat


    Hit me wi a cup.


    Ma heads awe bleeding


    Ma lips awe cut


    Murder murder polis


    three stairs up.


    MCGONNNAGLE circa 19 canteen.

  11. AULDHEID on 10TH DECEMBER 2020 12:26 AM




    SPOT ON Mate !


    I Posted on here a few days ago, that as much as I like him, French Eddy FAILS to control a Ball more often thatn no, whether its with his feet, thighs or his Heid, thereby FAILING to to either hold the ball up, lay it Off and/or be in a position to turn and dazzle the ONE Defender who is at his back.


    I KNOW that sometimes Eddy is given the ball when there are 2 or 3 defenders around him, and he loses possession due to sheer numbers…but he is Guilty of losing possession when a GOOD First Touch and Turn would leave any defender totally dazzled !


    In my old playing days, there were some good days from me, as I would try to improve my ” First Touch” at Training…and reproduce it during the real thing. I would often show any defender how good my ” First Touch” was early in the game…and then during the rest of the game I would ” Mix it Up”, by sometimes NOT taking a Touch, but playing a “Dummy”, and just let the ball beat the defender, as I quickly turned and said ” Bye Bye” as I sped away from the bemused defender.


    The defender would never know what I was about to do most times, including ME laying the ball OFF to a Team mate as a ” First Touch”, and quickly turning and running on to the ” Return Ball”….I gave myself ” OPTIONS” on how to beat defenders.. ?



    When I was “On” my game and doing the above, MY Confidence was Sky High, and it was also Aided and Abetted by being VERY Fit and Fast….


    My God in Heaven…Typing the above has brought it all back to me…How I miss Feckin Dazzling they defenders…




    HH Mate.