Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. South Of Tunis on

    A Stor Mo Chroi ..



    Throw in the property developer who had a big grievance against Sun Alliance ..


    Throw in George Younger personally helping Aldington to access the relevant documentation ..Throw in M I 6 …



    A shameful episode in British history .

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    C1st- is he going to reveal what REALLY happened to los dineros dos Sevilla? ;/)

  3. An Fear Dearg




    Thanks Red Man, I thought it must have been something like that.

  4. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    South Of Tunis:



    Throw in Tolstoy’s book being removed from schools, universities and libraries.



    Throw in the MOD and FO withholding documents from Tolstoy whilst releasing them to Toby Low.



    Throw in the denial of an appeal.



    Throw in his defence lawyers being warned if their client can’t pay the award then they might well be held accountable for the amount (if I remember rightly)



    Throw in The European Court of Human Rights overturning the decision of the UK court.



    Indeed a shameful period.



    Just as what we are all witnessing in Scottish sport and media behaviour today is likewise shameful.



    The authorities and the media are taking the public for muppets.

  5. mearns 2 milton on

    I would be very surpised if RP had been working on a football story. We shall see

  6. Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to give the impression that it would be about football. I have no idea what it’s about.



    Robert Peston is an Arsenal fan, so he’s not one of these Balliol men who think football is beneath them, but it’s much more likely to be about big business, finance, the City, that kind of farrago.

  7. Macjay 10 34,


    I have enjoyed a couple of tusker beers myself, late 80,s (year Mandela was released) worked in SA, Vereeniken(spelling) nr. Jburg and Durban.When contract ended went on safari (cheaper variety) to Okavanga swamps,through Sabuti etc ,down the river ending up at Victoria Falls. Have a treasured photo of me on a pushbike with a tusker in hand to the backdrop of the falls. Had a fair few Oz reds in UK.


    Yes I am A leftie but no lover of Russian/Chinese style with the way they treated their poor,and also, as you have no trouble in believing our governmental “crimes”, cover ups.



  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    The RP story may well involve the leaks and shenanigans concerning the banking habits in the BVI.



    Such a story could relate to operation hornet and a whole host of things which would be very embarrassing for many of the establishment in this country.



    I don’t know– just speculating.






    I am working on your wording in line with your stated aims.






    Prepare for a call later on.



    Of oot to discuss the world, new signings, tactics, CQN and life in general with The Winning Captain over lunch.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    A Stor Mo Chroi .



    A cast of rogues .



    You may know these —- but ——-



    Iron Curtain —– The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944 -1956 [ Anne Applebaum ]



    Gulag : A History [Anne Applebaum ].



    I thought both were great.

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    Nah— Eeejit wi a Keyboard—- always.

  11. Surely there must be a JOURNALIST out there who sniffs a massive story here. The smsm are going to be totally disgraced in the eyes of the world when all this comes out. What will the owners of the various media do? Will their share prices not be affected? Succulent lamb will never taste the same.

  12. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Anybody remember amadeus reappearing last week with news about to break.


    Amadeus was a bbc man if I remember correctly. Probably a coincidence.





    Ooooooooh,Operation Hornet.



    With perhaps a smattering of Charlotte 18 thrown on for good measure?



    That would nearly be as interesting as your tales of Lubo/Dr Jo and Max/Joe combined.



    Canny wait,tbh.



    Btw,enjoy yer last night-I think-with that wee legendary man. Milk him for all he has. Proud of you,PAUL67,WINNING CAPTAINS for ensuring his story was told.



    Most of all,proud to have seen him in that jersey,bursting out of it,because it didnae shrink to fit.




  14. Bobby Murdoch



    Oh no it is’nt :).



    As it stands the ebts are regular payments that were not registered by Rangers and Rangers got a slap on the wrists.


    As regular payments all clubs could have used them and the fact they did not and Rangers did as matters stand just makes Rangers lets say a bit more adventurous.


    However if ebts as used by Rangers are judged irregular then other clubs could not have dine what Rangers did without them breaking the tax laws.


    If ebts are judged irregular then Rangers used tax payers money to boost their squad whilst other clubs did not have this choice.


    LNS looked at the case from SPL and SFA registration rules to see if withholding the info made a player ineligible.


    They decided after Bryson that it did not.


    The issue here is not about registration and consequent eligibility, if HMRC get the nod it is about Rangers misusing a tax scheme that gave them an unfair recruitment advantage over other clubs.


    What I find interesting is that the SPL have still to comment on LNS unless I missed a statement and they would be wise to wait until the UTT judges as his case was based on the notion that the rules were designed to stop irregular payments being made and there was nothing irregular about ebts only how their existence was reported to the SFA and the consequences on eligibility.


    Had the FTT found for HMRC in the first place before LNS do you think he would have reached the same conclusions and argued this was an administrative breach?


    Think of LNS as giving a yellow card for a bad foul which on video review was seen as so premeditated and vicious that the compliance officer made it a red.


    If you are saying there is no stomach to revisit it, I agree but LNS of itself, if ebts as used by Rangers are judged irregular/illegal or whatever term is appropriate, is not a reason to let bygones be bygones.

  15. Celtic_First



    11:49 on 25 June, 2013





    ‘Robert Peston is an Arsenal fan, so he’s not one of these Balliol men who think football is beneath them,’





    Football as we know it emerged from the English public schools. A lot of posh folk (the real ones, not the soi-disant ones) do have a genuine interest in the game.



    Not that Peston went to a public school.

  16. BHRT,


    I imagine anyone considering you an eejit, should needing a fair few screws tightened.


    Hail hail

  17. I hope BRTH has free minutes on his phone.


    A conversation between him and aulheid is likely to last a couple of hours. .



    In a good way of course…o)

  18. canamalar1



    I can confirm he’s definitely an eejit, and that this post will get a reply in which he calls into question my golfing integrity and indulges in repartee over the anatomical vertical challenges of certain CQNers.



    Open goal……

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    will do




    On the Peston thing Ian Fraser has just described whatever it is as so exciting!!!!!



    Jings– if IF is in on it and thinks its a biggy then it will be a mind blower!!!!!!



    By the way– big rumour that if Vic is going we are going to take this guy!



    By the looks of it I would have him in a jiffy!



  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    Beware dwarves with the yips, a slice and a hook with a propensity for seeing into the future!

  21. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Right defintely off oot —- Avihai Yadin looks a good ‘un

  22. Oompah oompah




    I have a special message for you


    Oompah oompah




    We’re aboot the same height if we stood in bare feet!



    Snakeboots CSC

  23. This has turned out to be an excellent wee find




    Funnily enough there’s a load of wee story’s about our club weaved through the info.



    Currently I am mostly reading this bit



    Drafting and submitting the resolution



    Given the negative attitude of most boards to resolutions from supporters, it is vital that the resolution requisition form is drafted correctly and that Trust members complete the forms in the correct manner.



    Those signing the form need to provide five key pieces of information on it:



    Name: it is helpful that the name listed is exactly as on the football company register – a common error is to list a middle name on the share register but not on the requisition form.


    Address: the address on the requisition form needs to be the same as on the share register.


    Number of shares held.




    Date of signing.


    Provided these forms are submitted in their proper form and in good time, the club should circulate the resolution to all shareholders prior to the AGM. It is possible that the club secretary will raise some objection to the wording of the resolution. In some cases there may be a legitimate objection, although in other cases such objections have been made quite wrongly. For example, in the case of Celtic PLC, when the Celtic Trust first submitted its resolutions it was initially argued by Celtic PLCs share registrars, Computershare, that the issues raised were not suitable for an AGM (see box below). Following correspondence with the Celtic Trust’s legal representatives, both Celtic and Computershare agreed to accept the resolutions as valid. This illustrates the value in having effective legal advice and representation when submitting independent resolutions. In this regard it is important to note the rights enshrined in the Companies Act cannot be overturned by items included in a company’s Memorandum & Articles. Companies Act provisions take precedent. This is stipulated in Section 376 of the 1985 Companies Act, clause 376 (6), which reads as follows:



    ‘The business which may be dealt with at an annual general meeting includes any resolution of which notice is given in accordance with this section; and for purposes of this subsection notice is deemed to have been so given notwithstanding the accidental omission, in giving it, of one or more members. This has effect notwithstanding anything in the company’s articles..’


    It is clearly best to get the wording of the resolutions agreed with the company secretary before embarking on the collection of signatures. If you feel that the club is being obstructive then please feel free to consult Supporters Direct for legal or other advice, whether on the wording of resolutions or any other aspect. One aim of Supporters’ Trusts, and indeed of Supporters Direct, is to achieve representation on club boards through elected directors. This may therefore be an appropriate subject for a resolution to the AGM.

  24. What is all the guff, hopefully, about Paddy McC being courted by Aberdeen!!


    “Say it ain’t so Paddy, say it ain’t so”. I just couldn’t bear to see Paddy running through our defense and slotting in a McCourt special. You just know that is what would happen.


    Could the Dandy D’s afford him – dvery much doubt it? Hopefully just more SMSM p**h.

  25. If Celtic are conducting their business regarding Victor Wanyama in private, it’s a pity that the players agent, has such a loose tongue.



    I think we started to hear sound bytes from this guy after Big Vic’s first good game in the Hoops.

  26. Next step, what is meant by “proper form” ?


    Is there a resolution form I must get from the club ?


    Or is it a layout/format detail ?

  27. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    canalamar. I understood what you are trying to do but found it difficult to articulate. I worked in the financial sector trying to prove shareholders lost out due to anothers mis-management it is no easy task in fact the procedure would be that the shareholer or shareholders would have to put a specific complaint to the company that they hold the shares in if the complaint is refuted you can then take it to the Financial Services Ombudsman.Now you are looking for an answer at an AGM and it would be easy for the board to say your question has been noted but they need time to investigate the claim so your back where you started.If I sound negative I do not mean to do so, but I think your taking on a task which can take you into a blind alley for example how do you prove the shareholders lost money ? If they lost money how do you quantify the amount ? If you can answers those questions how do you prove who was responsible for the loss ? I wish you well in your task and I sincerley hope im proved wrong and that you are successful in your goal. H.H.

  28. From ‘The Independent’….



    By Michael Day



    Tuesday 25 June 2013



    Italy’s top football clubs including Juventus, Inter, AC Milan and Lazio were among the 41 squads raided by finance police today on suspicion of tax-dodging and money laundering. 



    In total 18 Serie A clubs and 11 Serie B clubs plus 12 from the minor leagues are being investigated in the latest corruption scandal to shake Italian football. Authorities are still investigating a series of high profile betting scams.



    Naples magistrates suspect the 41 football clubs have evaded tax payments by listing bogus costs connected to non-existent players’ contracts negotiations.  La Stampa reported this morning that during the raids police officers seized players’ contracts. 



    The warrants that magistrates handed to police list conspiracy and money laundering, as well international tax evasion and false invoicing.



    The 18 Serie A clubs raided this morning (including some relegated at the end of the last season) are: Parma, Chievo, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Siena, Roma, Fiorentina, Atalanta, Pescara, Genoa, Juventus, Torino, Parma, Lazio, Napoli, Udinese, Sampdoria, Palermo and Catania.



    Investigators stressed the investigation was at an early stage. They said, however, that their probe will consider the activities of sports agents Alessandro Moggi (son of the former general director of Juventus Luciano) and Alejandro Mazzoni, both of whom have already been the subject of search warrants in the past few months.