Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. twists n turns on



    you remain constantly in the thoughts and prayers of the CQN community at this very challenging time for you. As so many have rightly said, time will ease your pain, although you probably don’t feel like that right now. I hope it’s of some comfort to you knowing so many stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your daughters.



    Chris called the other evening to ask after your well being. I told him I would pass on his condolences. He is in the hospital now pretty much 24/7 spending his time with his dear aunt in her final days.



    You may not feel like it at present, but when some time has passed, we must all meet up and share a wee toast to happy memories.



    God bless you and your loved ones EDB.









    All of you have raised similar points,all of you have been correct.



    Shameless complicity-check.






    Unprofessional behaviour-check.



    Shame-you kidding me? They are to a man proud of their achievements.



    I can’t think of any other occasion in history where lies,dissembling and disinformation were so eagerly devoured by the populace and yet led to ultimate destruction.



    Nope,wrong,can think of loads,all linked by one thing. Hubris.



    Good enough for them all.

  3. twists n turns on

    lily’s grandpa



    All old news today I’m afraid, but I’ll summarise;



    Celtic huv loadsa munny – Newco dinnae


    Oldco hud the press in thur poaket


    Fitba agents ur greedy barstewards


    Cetic huv drawn Cliftonville in the champs league – the ramsdens cup draw hisnae been made


    Mark Hateley wiz oan 25k month tae say how good Oldco wur


    Derek Joanstin goat a pay rise (I’m only guessing that bit coz ah heard he hid gained ten pound)


    Oldco wullnae help mini huns raise munny coz naebody likes us n we don’t care….. meanin’they dae care efter aw


    Mini huns need a crisis loan soon or the gemmes a bogey



    It’s a lovely day here in Shropshire, hope it’s as lovely wherever you are.

  4. lilys grandpa on

    Re, Dawell,


    On the infamous night in Manchester he had just got back to the studio when news was breaking about the riots, when asked if he saw anything he was quite catagoric no, never saw anything ,except heavey handed police !



    lilys grandpa

  5. lilys grandpa on



    Thanks for the resume,haha,And aint it a looooooooooovely mornin?


    lilys grandpa

  6. The recent revelations from CF about the press should be the end for all Celtic and non Hun fans.


    It’s not my job to tell anyone what to read or listen to but why would anyone read or listen to their propaganda?


    I often wondered why ex-Celtic folk turned on the club,maybe CF has info on this!

  7. Morning,



    SAINTS’ signing of Celtic midfielder


    Victor Wanyama has been put in


    doubt with claims the player’s


    agents are demanding a seven-figure


    fee to agree the deal.


    The club are keen to make the 21-


    year-old Kenyan international their


    second signing of the summer after


    Croatian defender Dejan Lovren.


    But a report today suggests £12m


    rated Wanyama might not sign


    because his agents, Rob Moore and


    Ivan Nodia, want £1m as their part


    of any prospective deal.


    And that has enraged Saints


    chairman Nicola Cortese.


    Wanyama has been quoted as


    saying: “While the bid was OK for


    Celtic, the terms were not right for myself and


    my agent.”

  8. lilys grandpa on




    Andy Walker to me is the biggest mystery, he just comes across as a twisted ,bitter little man,





    The worst football violence in a quarter of a century.



    Brushed under the carpet and effectively ignored by the media up here.



    Our local police seemed strangely unwilling to identify miscreants shown in various photies online,yet hammer a young lad for holding a banner?



    Must be difficult being a Catholic Celtic-supporting cop in the WOS. A bit like being a non-racist in the met.

  10. twists n turns on

    So Southampton who get about £40m per year from Sky for doing hee haw are upset at Vic’s agents asking for £1m for doing hee haw? Ha…fight it out between ya then just send Celtic the cheque.



    On a serious note, assuming Vic goes for around £11m, that’s a fantastic piece of business by Celtic. Buy for less than £1m, achieve CL last 16, titles and cup wins, and move him on for a healthy £10m profit? Very good.



    I have a feeling we’ll be doing a similar piece of business with Tom Rogic. I really like what I have seen of this lad, and I think he’ll be an absolute star in the SPL this season, and hopefully make a similar impression in the CL to Vic. £750k I think we paid? Massive profit awaits us after he’s done his bit for the hoops.

  11. Murdochbhoy, yermanfromMK on

    Good morning CQNers,



    Berlusconi got his comeuppance and it strikes me that Murray has the same arrogance derived from his control of placed individuals in the media and elsewhere.



    Will Murray fall? Who knows, it is Scotland after all, but one thing is for sure, if he does my bet is it’ll be something innocuous that he dismissed through overconfidence that’ll finally catch up with him.

  12. fergus slayed the blues



    07:04 on 25 June, 2013


    So Darwell was fighting ragers corner .


    Seems Davie Provan was slightly wrong when he told Darwell


    “calm down your behaving like a fan ” , seems he should have said “calm down your behaving like an employee “


    Or “calm down you’ll give the game away”

  13. twists n turns on



    said the same thing yesterday. Walker infuriates me with his attempts to be seen as “neutral”.



    No Celtic player (or fan) worth their salt will ever be a neutral. My goodness, we can’t even get “neutral” referees.



    Remember that old story about the Celtic fan leaving the game and asking the newspaper vendor as he sold his evening Times’ –



    “what was the Rangers score?”



    “they drew 0-0”



    “Who missed their penalty?”

  14. DontPatmadug on




    07:22 on 25 June, 2013



    Hubris indeed. Also a superiority complex see Adlers definition



    “We should not be astonished if in the cases where we see an inferiority [feeling] complex we find a superiority complex more or less hidden. On the other hand, if we inquire into a superiority complex and study its continuity, we can always find a more or less hidden inferiority [feeling] complex.”




    The Big Cup win done them in. (laughs maniacally)

  15. lilys grandpa on




    I concur 100%, And as usual put in a way that Ive nothing I need to add,Thank you ,Sir.



    Lilys grandpa

  16. twists n turns on




    Sterling work you are doing my friend – keep up the good fight.

  17. Happy birthday to our leader Neil Francis Lennon and our Captain Scott Brown. Training should be fun today.







  18. TNT


    Just a small point but I think Hateley`s stipend was £25k per annum. He received payment monthly but I don`t think he was on over a million a year!!


    Cheerio for now. A day on the bike beckons.




  19. Twisty,


    It’s slow but if the ultimate goal is achieved it will be well worth it


    Hail hail





    Ah,go on,go on …..



    You have been on here long enough to just launch into one,same as we all do occasionally.



    Yer amongst friends. Let it go….



    Seriously though,it must be clear to all that the truth WILL out,and that truth is gonna destroy any semblance of impartiality in the press,and in the power-brokers.



    Naturally,they will use any means they can to suppress information,but they are dead in the water.



    And they know it.

  21. twists n turns on




    Of course. Thanks. I don’t know why I wrote £25k per month. Was probably thinking of your own wage packet at the time:-)





    Canamalar – if the goal is achieved, you’ll be a Celtic legend!



    If it’s not – you did more than most (including me) in that you tried to do something.




  22. lilys grandpa on




    Haha, ok,………… But my worry is, if the press are up to their proverbials in it, who the hell is going to reveal all, because up till now they’ve done a pretty good job of keeping a lid on things



    lilys grandpa





    Sometimes the house of cards folds one at a time,other times a huge swipe clears it out.

  24. Celtic and Cliftonville have asked for UEFA clearance to switch the order of their Champions League second qualifying round tie.



    The Scottish champions were due to play at home first but, following discussions with their Northern Irish counterparts, have applied to instead travel for the first leg.



    Cliftonville have stated their intention to keep their home game at their 2,600-capacity Solitude ground, rather than switching to a bigger venue in order to earn more money.



    Club chairman Gerard Lawlor told the Belfast Telegraph: “Celtic and ourselves have agreed to [switch] so we will just need our decision rubber-stamped by UEFA.



    “We have both agreed to play the first leg here and then go to Celtic.



    “We are happy enough with Solitude. I think Solitude will provide a much better atmosphere than anywhere else.



    “I think it will be a great occasion, a spectacle, and my board has worked very hard to make Solitude a venue to have nights like this, so it would be wrong for us to jump at the first hurdle to go elsewhere.”



    If the change is approved by UEFA, the first leg of the second qualifying round tie would be played in Northern Ireland on July 16 or 17.



    The return leg in Glasgow would then take place on either July 23 or 24.

  25. lilys grandpa on



    Very true, ……………. but I hope its not one at a time,, you know what age I am ,, I want to be around to see the fun!!



    lilys granpa








  27. Morning all. Dull as usual down here at the moment. Yesterday, one of the locals was saying to me that we are into summer and it’s still freezing. And it was….



    Any names surfaced yet?

  28. ElDiegoBhoy



    Sincere condolences on your loss. Family and friends can make all the difference at the moment. Anybody visiting be sure and take some supplies. Shopping is the last thing on anybody’s mind after a bereavement.



    God Bless Her May She Rest in Peace

  29. Hrvatski Jim on

    I am not sure of the reasons for switching this tie. Whilst it is usually better to have the home leg second, I have 2 reasons for doubting on this occasion.



    1 Whilst our fans will enjoy the visit to Belfast, I think is better to be as far away from 12th July as possible as tensions are likely to be higher.



    2 If we do get a comfortable win against a team with a Euro Co-efficient of 2.116, the second leg could be a dead leg which will not attract any extra crowd to CP.

  30. Lots of chatter about Clintonville and Celtic reversing the venues for the 2 CL games. I have yet to read any explanation as to why.



    I have no objection. Just curious.



    Can someone please enlighten me?

  31. No reason given Tom but another could be if we play away first Cliftonville may get tv revenue to make up for lack of crowd numbers. If we win comfortably at Celtic park the tv intrrest would be nil. ?

  32. excited excited very fe**ing excited. The Celts going to play Cliftonville in the CL. I grew up beside Solitude literally a 3 minute walk from our front door to the ground (Oldpark Ave just off the Cliftonville Road) Many an enjoyable day out with the Red army especially on the way to play the NI H*ns at windsor park. The reds are close to my heart and to be perfectly honest i will be hoping that we only win by the odd goal. Glad to see that it looks as if the game will be at Solitude and not the Bigot pit of Windsor park. Just didn’t seem right Linfield be able to make money out of Celtic and Cliftonville.


    Seems my old friends back in in Dodge city somehow knew i would be calling as soon as the draw was made – “please please please try and get me a ticket”


    BTW I still have the prog from the riot game “SS RUC” :-)