Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. I would love to listen to Keevins and the rest on SSB explaining what can only be described as humiliating, Charlotte’s revelations about how the media has been working in the past. I watched a documentary today about All The Presidents Men and all the shady, underhand stuff regards the Watergate scandal. I think Woodward and Bernstein would be utterly shocked at some of the black arts the Scottish media get up to. Especially media house.

  2. I hope you are right about this Darnell Fisher lad,Kojo. We need to start bringing through some of our Academy players to the first team squad, If we don’t do it in the years we have no serious opposition then we will never do it.

  3. Kojo, yes a black gentleman but definitely not Darnell Fischer. Much taller, powerfully built and older – late 20’s perhaps.



    Kilbowie Kelt, thank you very much and no……

  4. Stv .



    Jeeso.. Huns getting a dud back.



    No mention of our draw…you can only laugh at it.



    Och well, more hun skelping tomorrow, it’s getting tiresome now…naw it’s no and never will.

  5. Kilbowie Kelt on

    I think I might get to like the new Pontiff.


    It is going to come as a shock to many people that they have somehow appointed a CHRISTIAN to fill the shoes of the Fisherman.



    Long Live The Pope.

  6. Saw Big Tam’s goal again tonight on Great Goals of European Football. It still gives me the same thrill as I see the ball hit the back of the net as it did when I saw it in the stadium in Lisbon itself on that never to be forgotten night. It is still wonderful to be able to say,”I was there”.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    22:41 on 24 June, 2013



    Well, at least your response is less aggressive / irate this time…… I wish I was PL …….. like any Celtic Supporter, I would love to be on the Celtic Board….unfortunately, I don’t have the required skills ( At the time, I couldn’t afford the level of shares I actually purchased ( no holiday or car change THAT year…LOL….but, like many, could afford to buy more than double my original shares on the 2 subsequent issues)…….



    What I will not apologise for stating categorically, though, is that PL has done a FANTASTIC job since the day he entered PARADISE and, like Fergus, this will not be realised by a few until after he moves on some day….

  8. Jude 2005



    I cant wait for that call to be made. Only thing. If they are anything like the rest of the media they will refuse to comment. Citing legal reasons but good luck.

  9. celticrollercoaster on

    So as I understand it, there will be a CQN convention in Lanzarote in mid-July, with The Token Tim, Kikinthenakas and CRC all partaking. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty! :-)







  10. kk,


    Imagine a real Christian in charge, where will they hide all the money, he’ll just give it away to the poor for goodness sake :oD)))


    Go on il papa

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    23:02 on 24 June, 2013



    Not yet, but we will find out if they EVER produce AUDITED accounts…LOL … ‘brown envelopes’…????….. Surely NOT EBT’s…?

  12. tells youse what.



    the nights are fair drawing in, look how dark it is outside.

  13. connaire12


    23:02 on


    24 June, 2013



    when i look at the clips of the fans at the end, i allways think what it must have been like.


    there are some iconic wee seconds of people on the pitch, the guy in the bobble hat, sy typically glaswegian looking.



    ya lucjy bandit to have been there, well done.

  14. celticrollercoaster on

    Saint Stivs


    23:07 on


    24 June, 2013



    You need to open yer black oot curtains!







  15. 67heaven..,


    I’ll no interfere with your hero worship except to say I think he could have done better, room for improvement.


    I’ve more respect for Fergus, he told us exactly what he was going to do and he done it, no one else before or since has done that.


    Everything was in your face and in the sfa’s face, since he left there has been something missing.

  16. i think i have black out eyes.



    right offski, early flight tomorrow,



    let the moon howling commence.

  17. Corkcelt



    Yes,we need tae be mair supportive of oor Home Grown talent.


    Like ye point out.



    So far.. we have managed tae Promote.. TWO ..or THREE.. youngsters.



    in the last.. Four Years..mebbe , even longer..



    This is Not , good enuff, in Ma Book.



    Young .. Pauly George, will make that FOUR.. next season.



    Mahyap,then… things may be beginning tae Look Up..oan the Home front.. after all!



    Na.. Don’t bet oan it!



    Darnell Fisher, is a Lad that Ah wid Gie a shot of the Well.



    He could turn oot tae be anither.. Victor?



    Na….Naebuddy, wull turn oota be anither Victor..




    Victor…is.. that wance in a lifetime, capture.. that ye Dream aboot.. but, seldom are


    lucky enuff tae wake up … and… Find in Yer Christmas Stoakin’!






    Still.. Laughin’

  18. Tell All The Huns You Know



    Twitter user Charlotte Fakes has put into the public domain an unusual-looking email exchange between the head of the registrations department at the SFA, Sandy Bryson, and senior people at Rangers. The correspondence took place in October 2011.



    If the documents are true, claims by supporters of Rangers that the club’s demise was brought about by Craig Whyte will be weakened.



    Craig Whyte, who took over in May 2011, is urged in the emails to hand over a payment due to the agent of Kirk Broadfoot, named as Renfrewshire-based Graeme Rankin. With “Outstanding Money due re Kirk Broadfoot” in the subject line, Sandy Bryson sent the first email to Rangers on October 20, addressing it to financial controller, Ken Olverman.



    Unfortunately, Sandy Bryson, spells Olverman’s name and email address incorrectly and has to follow up by forwarding the message to PA to the head of football administration, Amanda Millar, on October 21 for her to pass on, although not before two further attempts to reach Olverman at the same incorrect address (if the documents are genuine).



    On receiving the forwarded message from Ms Millar, Ken Olverman sends it that same day to Craig Whyte and chief operating officer, Ali Russell. He adds this note: “Fyi, turning up the heat, we will need to respond, ken.”



    A separate Charlotte leak suggests that none of this would come as a surprise to Craig Whyte. At the end of September, there is an email, allegedly from Olverman to Whyte, referring to “another phone call” that Rangers had received from Broadfoot’s agent. By October 19, Graeme Rankin is said in an Olverman email to Whyte to be “bombarding” the SFA with calls about his unpaid fee for the new contract he negotiated for Kirk Broadfoot, prompting Sandy Bryson’s messages to Rangers.



    According to another football agent registered with the SFA, Graeme Rankin was entitled to ask the SFA for help. The earlier email exchange suggests he did approach Rangers directly first and even threatened “arrestment”. Depending on the terms of the contract between the club and the agent, the SFA is the appropriate authority to investigate any dispute.



    This means that for Mr Rankin’s colleague, who has asked not to be named, the dynamic of the email exchange leaked by Charlotte is entirely believable. And if the Charlotte information is genuine, Rangers fans would need to think twice before suggesting all was well at their club before Craig Whyte bought it.



    Why? Well, it’s easy to read between the lines here and draw the conclusion that Graeme Rankin had reached the end of his tether. He was owed money and was entitled to ask for it. Whatever terms he had agreed, he had waited longer than 30 days for settlement, or 60 days or even 90 days. Kirk Broadfoot agreed a new three-year deal with Rangers in June 2010. If Charlotte’s allegation is just, his agent waited 16 months before taking the matter up with the SFA. For 11 of the months in which he was waiting for payment, the old regime was in charge at Ibrox.

  19. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Sent an email to the hotline last week nowt!!. Sent one to the Letters Page today so will wait and see.

  20. starry plough,



    Hail, Hail and thank you. No need for speculation, impeccable credentials. Plus my father would have cut my head off if I was and deservedly so.

  21. I would say the Pope knows a thing or two about football, he supports my favourite team in Argentina >}



    San Lorenzo.



    He used to be a season ticket holder as well.




  22. That guy Ken Olverman sounds very like Bob Halderman who resigned over the Watergate scandal. Spooky. LOL

  23. My Dear,Dear Friend..Bold Canamalar I



    So Ye Are Impressed By Oor New Intellectually Challenged Pope..?



    You Are Easily Pleased,Ah Hiv Tae Say…



    Kojo’s Favourite Snowbunny,The Fiesty Catholic Commentator,Ann Barnhardt….



    Fae The Canyons Of Colorado…..



    Is No So Easily Impressed..!





    Noo Ah’m Feelin’ Guilty….



    For Revealin’ The Identity Of Kojo’s Muse….



    For No Doubt Petec Will Soon Be Vying For Her Amorous (And Intellectual) Attentions….

  24. Thanks guys.



    I’m looking in now and again. The messages of support mean so much.



    Thank you again. Just can’t sleep for now.

  25. ElDiegoBhoy



    no words to help.


    feeling just numbed at your loss.



    keep going for the girls.

  26. ElDiegoBhoy, My heart goes out to you pal. It is a dreadful time and I know this won’t mean much to you right now but time is a great healer.You will recover,there will be better days, in time you will laugh at memories. Just stay as strong as you can right now, it will be all right.

  27. EDB mate Take care of yourself and your lovely daughters. This side of the Clyde pass on our thoughts and prayers.

  28. kikinthenakas on






    Sounds like it could get messy in that there Lanzarote!


    Woooohooo bring it on…