Contingency party arrangements


Those of you with a ticket for Sunday can wish for an Aberdeen win tonight all you like, but be ready with contingency party arrangements, just in case. I know it’s six-in-a-row, I know this isn’t 1998, the towns and villages of Lanarkshire will not be adorned in green and white, but don’t switch your phone on after leaving a cinema tonight to hear than an hour earlier Celtic became Premiership champions, season 2016-17.

Winning the title without watching Celtic play is far from ideal. Winning the title away from Celtic Park has always involved more stress than I thought is absolutely necessary, but I’m as excited today as any of you will be with your match tickets in hand on Sunday morning.

In 10 hours we could be champions again! Get ready for it.

Wee Shay’s Green Army

Lennybhoy and TommyTwistsTommyTurns are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers for Wee Shay’s Green Army Raffle (which will be drawn on Thursday 25th May 2017 at Celtic Park).

They are looking for volunteers to distribute fliers advertising the raffle ahead of the Partick Thistle game at Celtic Park on 5 April. If anyone can help, please email walkwithshay@yahoo.com .

Thank you.

Enjoy yourself tonight, I have a feeling……….



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  1. TONYDONNELLY 67, 1.00


    No need to offer thanks to anyone Tony, but obviously we know why you have did so.



    Your words however were more than a thank you, they were obviously so heart felt.


    Yer wee Mammy Annie will be very proud of you Tony Bhoy.


    Hail Hail

  2. Tony Donnelly 67 1.00



    Echoing Robinbhoys post above on your lovely words bout your mammy.it 15 years since I lost mine and I think bout her most days and I always smile.


    God bless The Donnellys.





    TONY D…


    Good to see you back fhella.


    Hope the memories of your mammy are helping you through this sad time.




  4. I see Brendan says he wants a playmaker, a winger and a centre half in the summer. Can’t argue with that.

  5. The weather forecast for Scotland on Sunday is fine, dry warm weather .



    “Time for a singalong………………..BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY”….When the The Celtic Football Club do 6-in-a ROW.



    Hail Hail to Celtic Bhoys and Ghirls where ever you may be !

  6. James Forrest 1.16pm


    Fri 01 May 2015




    Celtic 5


    Leigh Griffiths


    Scott Brown


    Kris Commons pen


    James Forrest


    Nir Bitton


    Dundee 0


    Celtic League Position


    35 Games 85 Points Celtic


    34 Games 74 Points Aberdeen


    Sat 02 May 2015




    Dundee Utd 1


    Aberdeen 0


    Celtic League Position


    35 Games 85 Points Celtic


    35 Games 74 Points Aberdeen


    With that defeat Aberdeen could not


    Match or pass Celtic’s 85 Points total


    So Celtic won league with 3 Games to play


    Celtic finally won league


    With a 17 point margin


    38 Games 92 points Celtic


    38 Games 75 Points Aberdeen


    I’d take winning the league tonight,which I think will happen as I see a Dundee victory,without any disappointment.The main thing us winning it not where or when.Thinking back to the early 90s i’d have taken us winning a title under any circumstances so I don’t get fussy about these things,just win it.And being champions in March isn’t too shabby.



    POTY…has to be Scott Sinclair.Most complete player in our team and a joy to watch.His off the ball work is tremendous,a real thinking footballer.For me he’s ahead of the other contenders,as good as they’ve been.


    Can’t decide between Kieran and Moussa for YPOTY though.Hard one that.





  8. Gary 67 @1.45pm



    Haven’t seen that . Great news pretty much what most of us are saying.




    Cheers for that mate. Is that the only time it’s happened to us?



    I was thinking of historical cases today, the most obvious (and horrible) of which was Derby County under Clough, who won it when everyone was on holiday back in the days when they didn’t play all the last day fixtures at the same time.

  10. If the title is won tonight…then The Bhoys and Ghirls will still be partying on Sunday no doubt throughout the match.



    BBC news, Scott Brown is to be rested after Celts win the league, so that even if he plays against Lizzies eleven, he will have had a good break before the Champions League kicks aff .

  11. Sorry to hear of your loss Tony.



    Winning Captains, I hear there has been a recount. I have found the attendance register……

  12. So disappointed for the bhoys who follow the team everywhere , that most will miss out on a ticket for Sunday’s match . Changed days and short memories from the people at the helm down Gorgie way , most of us auld yins will remember how we filled there park on matchdays . Posted a bit the other day about our Teams fitness , and this morning I read a piece , regards stewart Armstrong taking cramp second half of the Scotland game , this is a bit of a concern , I agree that it’s been a long season for our players , but we are nearing prize giving , and need all our bhoys available and fighting fit , as I read six days a week Sevco will be up for the semi .





    It harked back to posts last night. I doubt CANAMALAR would practice or even suggest such a thing.



    Spill his pint,different matter. Big stick for that(!)

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    G67- I think Simunivic will be punted in the summer, i am guessing the medical team have sussed he has to be rested often, to manage previous injuries.I think we will manage him till the end of the season, shop window for the high profile games.

  15. It will be interesting if Hearts give us the full Roseburn back when the Albert Kidd Stand is finished. I know the club lobbied them for us to get it this season but they refused.

  16. Brace yourselves Guys, April fools day coming up. :-)






    BMCUW is absolutely correct, it harked back to some post / link early this morning. Nobody has even suggested such a thing. We briefly discussed how unacceptable it was. There is absolutely no ulterior motive or agenda.








    I think the circumstances of the win didn’t stop Clough from making sure his lads enjoyed every minute of it as soon as it happened.



    Party time!



    Not a dig,btw,but are we getting so blasé about winning titles that The when and where matters? Personally I don’t care,gimme the flag,I’ll fly it wi pride.



    We are quick to deride players who turn their back on us for a big-money move. To a team with no chance of winning-and frequently of being relegated,Gary.



    We say-“You canny show off a tenner like you can a medal when you have the grandkids on your knee”



    Well,there’s one or two of our squad who never thought they see a medal,a few who thought the same a few years ago.



    We should celebrate EVERY title the same way Brian Clough did. With unrestrained exuberance!!!!!




    Simunovic is our best centre half and the manager seems to like Boyata for his pace. I agree Simunovic could be sold for fitness, or lack of, reasons, but I don’t think he rates Sviatchenko so it could be him that goes.

  19. mike in toronto on

    Canam … thanks mate. Appreciated.



    GreenP … I know Canam to be a good lad, so that was never an issue. And I am sure there was some background…. but, it made me uncomfortable, and I explained that to Canam… and he was decent enough to consider my feelings, and ask that it be removed. End of. Cheers.



    I better get back to work .. will check in later and see if the bhoys have won the league.

  20. JAMES FORREST on 31ST MARCH 2017 1:16 PM





    Welcome back fella. Just in time for our title winning weekend :)



    Gotta say, can’t really agree with Paul67 on this one. Winning the title because someone else lost and not whilst your own team is on the park … it just feels wrong



    *the Big Mhan didnae feel it was wrong when he did a jig coming out of hunden in 1968 after a sheep victory at the sectarian dome.

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    No sure about the idea that the title might be won without us playing. We amassed a record number of points to be in this position. If we win the title tonight it will be because we put ourselves and every other team in this position :)

  22. Margaret McGill on

    Canamalar I agree. I’d prefer the history books to show Celtic won 6 in a row in March not April.

  23. Lovely words TonyD & glad to see you back.


    Re The Title Party, no doubt at all in my mind, I want the Sheep to win tonight & to consolidate second place, I want us to hammer Hertz on Sunday & win it in style but if it pans out a Sheep win tonight a draw on Sunday & win the Title at home against Partick, I will not be too displeased.

  24. TonyD



    Haven’t had access to CQN since Sunday but I’m glad to see the support of the Celtic community is helping you and your family in these sad and difficult times.



    For anyone interested the Celtic Trust AGM will be taking place tomorrow in the Celtic Supporter’s Club on London Rd commencing at 12 noon.



    Hail Hail

  25. glendalystonsils on

    Tony Donnelly



    Here’s to the best days of my life, spent in the arms of another man’s wife, My Mammy.




    You trying to make me greet!?

  26. Someone pointed out that If we don’t win league on SUNDAY



    the Sheep play again on Tuesday before we play Thistle.



    SHEEP V ICT Tuesday

  27. TONY D.



    in my thoughts and prayers.



    Losing my mammy is a pain in my heart that will never be healed.



    God bless you and yours.



    Big sean.



    Hail Hail.

  28. no sympathy from me to anyone who cannot celebrate the title win.Celtics perceived inaction at our governing bodies,as their excuse.How many celebrated the league title won at Motherwell in 1966?.At a time when the then Celtic board,and the Boards before them,and the governing bodies were still turning a blind eye to the vile sectarian signing policies over at the Bigotdome.Not a word was ever uttered by the custodians of our club,but the present board are supposed to right every wrong doing wrought by the Cabal running our game.a cabal that has been entrenched for a century.It is not possible.What is possible is to win trophies,as many as possible,and to celebrate the fact in front of their bealing faces.


    I stood with tears in my eyes at Motherwell,and 7 years ago when an inconsolable,but defiant Lenny told us after the final game of that season”This is not the end,this is the beginning”.Little did we know how right he was.


    A win on sunday and I will celebrate just as I did on that day at Motherwell.To those who purport to support Celtic,who cant,you only have my pity.

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