Courts, offensive law and a club for the downtrodden


I’m a bit disappointed RIFC were not in a position to advise their shareholders the results of the votes this morning.  Doing so would not have added 10 minutes to proceedings.  My expectation is that the board would win both votes, giving them a resounding platform this weekend to sell tickets for lower league football.  Perhaps there’s more going on than I thought.

You have to wonder what that expensive legal business in London and Edinburgh yesterday was all about?  Many details of Sports Direct’s deal with Newco are public knowledge, and the void of missing details is filled with pretty stark speculation.  It struck me that counsel for Sports Direct noted the chronology of the new board being appointed, the subsequent leaks and that Newco had not denied they were the source of the leak.  All now on record, in court.  Confidentiality is, of course, a condition of the agreement, which could now be argued is in breach.  That would be a source of regret.  For some.

More on Dave King over the weekend.  He can’t help himself.

You have to admire those who work to expose the absurdity of the Offensive Behaviour Act, designed by the SNP government to “equalise” non criminal offenses with criminal offenses.  Unfortunately, the campaigners are wasting their time, the Act is here to stay, anyone in doubt should read the news this morning that 80% of people surveyed support it.  Ask the average person in the street if they support a law against Offensive Behaviour and they’re hardly likely to say ‘no’.  This type of survey is manipulative nonsense.  Police with guns on the streets and politically motivated laws are a by-product of blind populism.  This is an offensive law and I am horrified.

Robert King is one of the Angola 3, who were incarcerated in solitary confinement in the Louisiana town of that name, and who have become causes célèbres for miscarriage of justice campaigners and prison reformers alike.  King spent 30 years in solitary before having his conviction overturned.  If you don’t know about the Angola 3, go find out.

He pitched up on CNN yesterday dressed in distinctive attire (below).

My relationship with Celtic is different to King’s.  I’m a Celtic fan because that’s the way I was brought up, but I’m pretty sure King’s roots don’t reach back to the Emerald Isle.  Chances are, I’d be a Celtic fan whether we were a club with a social mission or not.  For others, for King, the reasons they wear a shirt on TV, buy a season ticket, or simply share in our joy on occasion, are different.

We are the club of the underdog, a beacon for the downtrodden, a place where they will find a welcome.  No one can plan for this, it either survives over the decades or it doesn’t, so it’s worthwhile telling this part of our story now and again, to set ourselves a core target: Remain the most ethical football club in the world.

To deliver on this you and I need to step forward, this is not a job that can be outsourced to the club, it takes all of us.  You can start here by signing up for the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation.  I know at least 30 runners who read this, sign up before I see you in person!

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig



    Of those interviewed through the @YouGov poll here’s a break down mate.



    Now please remember these people were being asked about their opinion on ‘offensive’ behaviour at football.

  2. hendrix67



    The FOI covers government bodies and public authorities. It does not cover the SFA. A request say referring to the amount of public funding the SFA receive should generate a response, but not something specific re the 5 way agreement.

  3. lennon’s passion



    20:25 on 12 June, 2015


    Denayer or Virgil who was the best last season ?




    Hard one to call, but I would say Denayer.


    Virgil looked more comfortable and competent with young Jason beside him than anyone else.

  4. Jimmynotpaul on

    Lennon’s Passion


    VVD for me.


    My player of the year, never mind between him and Jason.


    Although Jason young player of the year,in my opinion.

  5. Oops



    ‘How would you rate your interest in football either playing or watching’.



    Very interested 26%



    Fairly interested 21%



    Not very interested 16%



    Not at all interested 36%



    Gerry, this poll shows that of the 1044 people asked to give an opinion on offensive behaviour at the football, 52% had very little or absolutely nae interest in football at all!!!

  6. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    Jason and Virgil complimented each other perfectly in our league, just like cheese n toast or is it toast n cheese oh oh

  7. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    If I here some eejit going by my window .. Belting oot the silly boys ..



    I’m content to see him huckled ..



    Why .. I’m all for the act.



    Pyoor SNP conspiracy .. Just stop singing silly songs and condemning people about their religious beliefs ? Simples :)





    It’s got nothing to do with condemning Irish Catholics who have settled here .. The SNP are more vocal in their support for the Irish diaspora than those who cling onto the declining fragments of british union on this side of the border ..



    You can’t have your emerald isle draped in a butchers apron .. P67 ;)

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on




    20:30 on 12 June,



    I knew what you meant, but I would prefer them to do one of their polls of the people who are actually affected by it, as I have posted before people will not understand until it’s at their doorstep, hound your local MP and make them earn their expenses, I mean their wage, Leftclicktick mentioned an email to our local MP who is a decent guy but what is more important being a politician or working as a politician for the people who vote you in. as many others have said keep doing what you are doing maybe more of us should try and just do

  9. Belgium played some nice football but hardly threatened. Jason Denayer playing well. Shocking foul given against him at goal when it should have been for Belgium. Woefull header by the Belgian Mohawk. Belgium population 11million, a Country totally divided by language, culture and politics…rated number 2 in world football…blows the small nation myth excuse apart for any footballing under achievers.

  10. Hamiltontim



    Never mind the 52% with little or no interest in football – its hardly a representative poll – their Survey = <0.02% of the Population.



    Poor, poor legislation!

  11. coolmore mafia on

    As a veteran of the fanzine movement in the 80’s and 90’s, I still read copious amounts of football related writing from lots of different teams.



    I’d say CQN is the most ‘ethical’ (maybe compassionate is the best word) website in the football world.



    However, celtic football club have a lot to do on this front. I know we have the charitable arm, and it does great work, but I’d like to see celtic run 100% as a charity, with all transfer fees for example going to charity.



    What a splash that would make world wide.

  12. Well,back in the sunshine,and back on the best blog in the world.Sorry to those that I tried to meet up with during my trip home.I had to change my laptop,as it was knackered.Did not know this until the day I was leaving,would not send messages.When I got back to the UK,my daughter had her phone knicked,so totally screwed.I was in the KOSC club,for the 3 games,but ,not surprisingly,no one showed up.Still,I had a good bevvy with my boy,and a few mates.Still disappointed I did not meet up with anyone.Fekin technology!!!!!!!!!!.


    Hope everyone is having a laugh at the travesty that is the Huns.Endless joy

  13. Lennons’s Passion



    Towards the second half of the season, as Ronnie’s midfield took shape, both Virgil and Jason had more time and space to both read and play the game. And of course the benefit of Craig Gordon playing behind them. End result they complemented each very well, at times a back two. Takes a lot of ability and nous to play that way.

  14. Hrvatski Jim on



    19:09 on


    12 June, 2015







    Born on the south side, so a White Sox fan. If you’re familiar with the rivalry, it’s fairly friendly.





    Dear Chicagobhoy



    Absolutely wonderful first post. I found t so moving but I have a question for you. Are you the long lost Leroy Brown?



    Well the South side of Chicago


    Is the baddest part of town


    And if you go down there


    You better just beware


    Of a man named Leroy Brown



    Now Leroy more than trouble


    You see he stand ’bout six foot four


    All the downtown ladies call him “Treetop Lover”


    All the men just call him “Sir”





    And it’s bad, bad Leroy Brown


    The baddest man in the whole damned town


    Badder than old King Kong


    And meaner than a junkyard dog



    Now Leroy he a gambler


    And he like his fancy clothes


    And he like to wear his diamond rings


    Upon everybody’s nose


    He got a custom Continental


    He got an Eldorado too


    He got a thirty two gun in his pocket for fun


    He got a razor in his shoe






    Now Friday ’bout a week ago


    Leroy shootin’ dice


    And at the edge of the bar


    Sat a girl named Doris


    And oo that girl looked nice


    Well he cast his eyes upon her


    And the trouble soon began


    Cause Leroy Brown learned a lesson


    ‘Bout messin’ with the wife of a jealous man






    Well the two men took to fighting


    And when they pulled them from the floor


    Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle


    With a couple of pieces gone




  15. careful with that tax, moonbeams



    20:35 on 12 June, 2015



    There was already existing legislation to deal with the racist Famine Song an sectarian Billy Boys. Now it comes under the OBaF Act.



    See the rest of their songs, The Sash, Derry’s Walls, Build a Gallow etc I’d let them sing them until their wee hearts are content.



    I find them offensive but I don’t think they should be lifted for them.

  16. The best part about todays,EGM is quite a few Huns think the “Bored” done well.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ,Oh,my aching sides,thats enough,Ho ho ho ho hee hee hee hee ,enough,I said.


    Ha ha ha hee hee hee hoo ho ho hooooooougha,(Splutter)


    FFS,I must stop reading Hun Media.My jaws are aching.

  17. mike in toronto on

    yogiy ….



    he didn’t really say that, did he?! brilliant!



    Guess DMcI will be joining the FF banned list!

  18. Gerryfaethebrig



    I completely agree but how many Celtic supporters do you know who’ve actually gone to the bother of contacting their MSP?

  19. Mon The Hoops! on

    ExSlaemuirBhoy 20:33 on 12 June, 2015



    Jason and Virgil complimented each other perfectly in our league, just like cheese n toast or is it toast n cheese oh oh



    Ya crazy Portonian, it’s cheese on toast!

  20. I have no time for people who are offended by songs.The whole Hun repertoire does not offend me in the least.I have watched Celtic for 50 odd years,have heard their bile,and never even knew I had.We were quite good in retaliation,as it should be.


    If you are offended by songs at football,maybe it is not your sport.Dominoes maybe.Maybe Bowls.

  21. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    Mon The Hoops!





    20:53 on



    12 June, 2015






    I know that but I’m in Ayrshire noo, bit weird doon these parts, they put heinz baked beans on their cheese n toast ffs

  22. West End of East End on

    Hamiltontim – I was online earlier today when a local SNP councilor (Inverclyde) was asked about the bill. His answer was along the party line and it will be reviewed after August. Nothing unusual in that except that the amount of people who then piled in to tell him the act was a disgrace was both refreshing and surprising. After a bit of discussion back and forward he said he will raise it when he gets back from Ireland this weekend. The points put to him were very well argued and it was the Hamilton supporters who were fined £2500 who were highlighted which I thought was a clever way to get his attention as he supports the local diddy team.



    If they had highlighted a Celtic supporter the usual OF nonsense would have scuppered the conversation and taken it down the usual one as bad as the other route.



    It was local Celtic supporters who were debating with him but by keeping the conversation away from Celtic they got their point across really well.



    I’ve signed the petition online but after today I’m going to write to my local SNP MP, MSP & the cooncilor above.



    I suppose the purpose of this long winded post it to tell you that the word is getting out there and you’re not alone, through you and others you are making a difference…



    Hope you have a well deserved good weekend…

  23. JNP



    Thank you sir you’re a gent. I wasn’t aware Paddy was going away but by God I know you’ll miss him!



    He’s sensible T so I don’t think you have any worries there.

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on




    20:51 on 12 June, 2015



    None, but if it wasn’t for you on here I wouldn’t know either, but MP or MSP they are elected to serve constituents but all the people that attended FAC meetings or OB if every person goes straight to their MSP maybe the SNP politicians will not get the chance to “not attend” by the way not trying to take anything from all the good work already done

  25. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Nir Bitton playing for Israel tonight against Bosnia.



    Bosnia leading 2 1

  26. foghorn leghorn on

    see nadia popov scored for bulgaria



    she’s done well since rentaghost finished



    and with timothy claypole and dobbin the horse cheering her from the stand, its good to see they are all still mates

  27. Turkeybhoy…Agreed100 mate…Sing What they Like..Heard It…I refuse to become one of the Offended, as ive Heard us Called…

  28. west end of east end



    20:58 on 12 June, 2015




    Thanks for your reply.



    As an appendage to the £2,500 fine the Hamilton supporters received they both spent 3 nights in Greenock prison. That’s two 18 year olds who’ve never been involved with the polis before having to spend 3 nights in an adult prison and all because they swore in the street before a football game.



    Can I ask that when you contact your MSP that you ask them to contact the Justice Committee at Holyrood and ask them to allow FAC to present their data and analysis face to face with them. Also ask your MSP to copy you in to any correspdence that they have.



    Thank you.

  29. clogher celt on




    Thanks for my first mention on a podium.



    Mike in Toronto,



    Great to hear you are considering coming to Ireland.


    I was thinking today we must set up our own CQN corner in Dublin.