Dedryck after his MVP performance and Craig


Appropriate appreciation is due to Dedryk Boyata for his MVP performance on Wednesday. He scored the goal that won the points, could have scored more and made the most impressive defensive intervention of the game.

If scouts were in the Celtic Park stand watching, he did all he could to entice an offer, but a sample size of one game is not enough to validate a change in form for me.

Brendan has a big selection decision to make for Hearts on Sunday. You could argue he’s got the best from Patrick Roberts by bringing him on as a substitute in Celtic’s last four games, the most recent three of which the player considerably lifted the Celtic performance. Patrick will be wondering what he needs to do to get a start.

Chelsea want to sign Craig Gordon? No surprise there, they did sign Magnus Hedman a year after he left Celtic, after all. Craig is playing well and a reliable cog in an effective defensive wheel. But you know me. This far off the qualifiers, it’s all about the price as far as I’m concerned.

Everyone has a price, to think otherwise is to deny the future exists.


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  1. If you want history re-written you only have to look at Ireland, where the giant figure of Michael Collins is still kept very much in the background. DeValera made sure when his monument was unvieled that there were only two people there, his brother and one other. There is still that wariness of giving him praise–the “Free Stater”—as if he had much choice in the matter. Arthur Griffith, as well. Remember Yeat’s line—“Griffiths staring in hysterical pride”?


    It will be interesting to see how Martin McGuinness is treated. He is a huge figure in recent history, not least for converting a convinced Marxist like Brian Keenan to go for the political solution, and dealing with and getting that old reprobate Paisley onside.


    Michelle O’Neill will prove to be a wise choice. Tiny in stature, but with a heart bigger than herself, with an intellect to match.

  2. My boss is Peter Principle on




    Apologies, I have rechecked the picture on the laptop (Tony Roper at the end) and it is the correct one, I was a little heavier in the day



    Thanks for that, Now to see if I can source the original/better copy



    Still smiling and in denial about the weight issue




  3. My boss is Peter Principle



    Haha, glad to have been of service. I believe that picture was used in the Celtic View around 2009/2010 – try contacting them?

  4. CG would be mad not to speak to chelsea.



    Celtic would be mad not to consider an offer.



    CG, until recently, was getting it tight for some dodgy performances.



    He’s been superb for Celtic, but who would have thought there would be a chance to realise £3 million or so for a 34 year-old keeper?



    Like most, I expected him to run down his contract and either be kept on a short-term extension or go into coaching.



    Suddenly, there’s millions on the table. Christmas for Celtic. Take it, reinvest in a younger prospect or two – perhaps we’ll uncover another Barrie MacKay?





    If we are offered serious money for Craig Gordon,it certainly makes sense to sell him.






    Even if we are offered serious money forCraig Gordon,it certainly makes no sense to sell him. Not when he is performing so well,and we have no ready replacement.



    We don’t need the money,so it should be a footballing decision. That’s Brendan’s job-and I’m happy to delegate to him!!!!

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wouldn’t want to lose Craig unless there has been a suitable quality replacement identified. Wasn’t overly impressed with what I saw of De Vries when he played.


    Be surprised if Craig wanted to go somewhere he wouldn’t be playing after spending so much time out injured, but who knows.


    Not sure what to make of Boyata. Certainly a decent player in there. Bit concerned about his switched-on-ness and general awareness/concentration. Needs to work on getting the basics right. Maybe just needs games, but wouldn’t have him ahead of the Simuchenkos.

  7. From what I can remember DORIS played in following games for us



    SHeep H 4-1 Cant remember goal I watched on holiday


    Sevco H 5 -1 Not too clever at goal


    Barca A 7-0 Was to blame for 2 or 3 being generous to him


    ICT A 2-2 Beat from 25 Yards for 1st goal


    Kilie H 6-1 Beat from 44 yards for goal



    HE came as Forrest player of the year but not see anything


    to convince me his is solution

  8. SANDMAN on 27TH JANUARY 2017 12:52 PM



    For what it’s worth Barry McKay is not only a one-in-a-generation player, he’s also not a goalkeeper

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    MMc G is worthy to stand alongside those other great Derrymen, John Hume and Seamus Healy.

  10. If the money is good enough then I’d take it and bearing in mind how CG struggles to play how BR likes his keepers to play I think he would too.

  11. JC2 – Sorry, too busy with Goals For Shay email reminders at the moment. Maybe Corkcelt will stop lurking and give an update ;-)



    I have a pensioner’s concession and the last sevco game was included, my wee pal’s ticket was £30 as he is still on an under 12 £50 ticket. If he checks the ticket website he will see that he has no reserved ticket for this game which means his SB is valid.

  13. Mooloolaba Bhoy on

    I am going to be in Hervey Bay (Queensland) on Sunday night. Any info where the game might be on there?


    Cheers and HH

  14. Every club in the world is a selling club, if the price is right. Don’t think Chelsea will offer funny money though por cierto.



    I was 65 almost 1/2 way through the season and didn’t think I would get a concession till the following season but I did get a partial discount that season which was a reasonable reduction. Interestingly I was given concession prices for cup games from the start of that season including all European games, I’m not sure if its still the same since it was a couple of season ago so you might be lucky.

  16. celtic by numbers


    thanks for the superbe piece.


    Is that the link you wanted after ‘Tierney’s highlights from last season are well’ (captured here) ?

  17. Sorry to but in but does anyone know why Tom Rogic has not been in the squad for the last 2 games ??

  18. AN TEARMANN on 27TH JANUARY 2017 8:34 AM


    Churchill!!! Deified…my arse



    Introduction of death/concentration camps in south africa…yup Adolf learned bout inhumanity to your fellowman from revered brit and manic depressive churchill



    -ordered troops into George square in Glasgow post ww1



    -overseen the intro and policy of the black and tans in ireland



    Not forgetting 20 million russians as human fodder without who ukbritland would have been overrun



    Remembered for his cromwellian techniques by the Irish and by the working class as he had no qualms putting soldiers on the street.



    *don’t forget the role his da played with the orange card and left us with the black north. He was a descendant of the Duke of Marlborough, another war monger, a former Jacobite who abandoned his Catholic patron for the wee ken dodd dikeplugger.



    There was a programme about him on the BBC in the early 60s; we had only one channel at the time so the tele was turned off when it was on. My Scottish socialist parents with an Irish dna widnae watch it.



    I worked with Germans who came through the war, one of whom was born in Munich had an Austrian da was in the hitler youth and Luftwaffe, and had nothing but admiration for the brits in dumping him after WWII and bringing in a more humane government. As one said to me “if we had won the fuehrer would still be in power”.

  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Tontine Tim



    Good post.


    Winston was a horrific old fascist, who hated everybody.


    Sh** so-called historian as well.


    Numpty of epic proportions:)




  20. Boyato had little runs of form before and scored a few times from corners ………but………I cannot rid myself of the image of him morphing into a jelly-fish during that semi-final at Hampden.

  21. Paddy might as well go to Tynecastle on Sunday – more chance of a start there than in the game at Parkhead. Brendan’s one blind spot unfortunately.

  22. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    A little something to start the transfer weekend speculation …



    Celtic Gossip ‏@CelticGossip 56m56 minutes ago



    Henry Onyekuru and Hasan Ali Kaldirim in for total €5m with Bailly, GMS, Commons, Ciftci, and Efe all to move out on loan HH

  23. Sky sports reporter…Have you spoken to Craig Borden personally about the offer from Chelsea?



    BR oh yes.



    Sky reporter… What did he say?



    BR… That’s a private conversion!








    I just told my bestie in Essex the good news-he might be getting a visit on 11 Feb!



    He’s busily compiling excuses-I think it might be his daughter’s 25th Birthday,IIRC-but Saturday telly games are a rarity.



    Btw,he’s a ref down there,a hobby for him,tbh. I wish he’d done it while he was up here. Wi his background-school,etc-he’d have been a Grade One in no time.



    Then he could have started evening up the score-I converted him to an über-Tim about 35 years ago! You should hear him about some of the current lot…





    Is that a hint that our current goalie is facing the axe(!)



    A little something to start the transfer weekend speculation …




    Celtic Gossip ‏@CelticGossip 56m56 minutes ago




    Henry Onyekuru and Hasan Ali Kaldirim in for total €5m with Bailly, GMS, Commons, Ciftci, and Efe all to move out on loan HH




    That sounds good to me…

  27. mike in toronto on

    Celtic By Numbers



    Really enjoy your contribution to the blog.



    Thanks very much.



    PS… I think KT is a much better footballer, but there is something about Izzy … you just got to love the little guy!

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