Dedryck after his MVP performance and Craig


Appropriate appreciation is due to Dedryk Boyata for his MVP performance on Wednesday. He scored the goal that won the points, could have scored more and made the most impressive defensive intervention of the game.

If scouts were in the Celtic Park stand watching, he did all he could to entice an offer, but a sample size of one game is not enough to validate a change in form for me.

Brendan has a big selection decision to make for Hearts on Sunday. You could argue he’s got the best from Patrick Roberts by bringing him on as a substitute in Celtic’s last four games, the most recent three of which the player considerably lifted the Celtic performance. Patrick will be wondering what he needs to do to get a start.

Chelsea want to sign Craig Gordon? No surprise there, they did sign Magnus Hedman a year after he left Celtic, after all. Craig is playing well and a reliable cog in an effective defensive wheel. But you know me. This far off the qualifiers, it’s all about the price as far as I’m concerned.

Everyone has a price, to think otherwise is to deny the future exists.


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  1. celtic40me on 27th January 2017 1:17 pm



    SANDMAN on 27TH JANUARY 2017 12:52 PM



    For what it’s worth Barry McKay is not only a one-in-a-generation player, he’s also not a goalkeeper







    Ha! You’re trying to tell me that Barrie wouldn’t be the best goalkeeper in the country if he chose to switch positions?



    You fool….

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Surprised that CG has been transformed into Buffon.


    Seem to recall that under RD, when he was poor, he is very poor.


    In fact, at the time i considered it a desperate signing along the lines of Ciftci, typical of PL.


    Now, i reckon Brendan told him he needed to improve to keep the jersey, which he did, fair play to CG.


    However, lets keep it in perspective, CG is a good keeper when he is on form, nothing more.


    If he leaves, it wont halt our progress, in fact, to be honest, he is getting on a bit and ive got the feeling Brendan will have someone else in mind.


    If CG wants to be on the bench period, he should sign for Chelsea.




  3. borgo67



    Thanks, thought he would be over that by now but then again past history with him.

  4. Building a team……blah blah blah



    creating a growth strategy…….blah blah blah



    don’t need to sell……..blah blah blah



    Every penny gets spent on the team/club/peter and the boards bonuses……..blah blah blah



    £3M for your first choice keeper?






    Hypocrisy reigns supreme in CQN.

  5. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Looks like it will be busy on Sunday v Hertz ..


    Bishop Crosas CSC ‏@BishopCrosasCSC 5h5 hours ago


    Less than 1000 tickets left for Sunday, be fast if you are thinking of going. This winning run is just boring the TITS off our support.

  6. Maxbhoy



    It was a reality bad tackle, from an ex-Celt too.


    We’ve missed him , somebody on here said he would be back this week.





    Have you told KT that you’re still carrying a torch for Izzy(!)

  8. Bmcuwp, lol indeed, the gremlins have gotten a hold of this tablet today. Took 5 mins to write this post. SwitchitoffandonagainCFC

  9. Fan-a-tic @ 2.48


    that will be Lee Wallace to Everton for £6m



    as brucie would say – good game good game

  10. garygillespieshamstring on




    Cheers. Still a few years to go so goalposts could be shifted in the interim.





    Ah,the JavaScript issues?



    Aye,I’ve noticed that these last few days.



    Turn off JavaScript via your settings. On iOS,it’s










    That gives you the option.



    Again,grateful thanks to TWISTSNTURNS for explaining that.




  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    Haven’t gone to newco yet anyway so I would prefer if I could opt out of them now. Only problem is I would have to change my seat and I don’t want to do that.


    A sell on service is used at a lot of spl grounds. Celtic should operate a similar system for those who don’t want to go to sevco games.They could reimburse season ticket holders and make a bit of cash as well.

  13. Paul67 et al.



    Back in the day, when we had bone fide reserve teams, both the first team and the reserve team would sometimes play on the same day. If the first team was playing away locals might watch the reserves, but they would be less likely to travel away to watch the reserves unless it was a league winning match or a cup tie. For those travelling to Tynecastle tomorrow I hope the reserves are playing. Either way enjoy Auld Reekie!

  14. What is the Stars on

    Celtic Mac and Paul 67



    You are both correct



    Celtic Play away to Hearts at Tynecastle tomorrow and then play them again at Home on sunday

  15. Wednesdays flutter was a fiver on Dedryck to score 2 – 80/1 skybet.



    Oooofft. So close.



    Sunday’s flutter IS Dedryck to score 2 – STILL 80/1 skybet.



    Bet is ON. ‘Mon the DB.

  16. Re Dedyck Boyata


    I wonder if we are seeing the influence of Kolo Toure on Boyata, I thought he played really well as did Christian Gamboa against saints, in olden days when our better players i.e. A Kieren or Rogic or Griff were out we had no confidence in their replacements what a squad we have today with Paddy Callum and Gary able to come on and change the game, it’s great to be a Tim Brendan is the man. HH

  17. mike in toronto on

    BMCUWP …. before I answer …. and, once again, just to be clear … which KT are you referring to? My KT, Keiran Tierney, or Kolo Toure even?! :)



    I will happily admit to having a special place in my heart for Izzy … I fell in love with Honduras when I was there, and the people even more… they were great …. that all just made me like Izzy even more!



    off to St. Lucia next week …. anyone know of any connection between Celtic and St. Lucia? Other than CQN’s own world traveller, Cowiebhoy, having been there?

  18. Craig has become a vital component of our playing style.


    He is a good shot stopper but his excellent distribution is his real value.


    To sell would be a huge risk as it could impact our playing style.


    Surely we do not need the money?





    An ex of my cousin owned a holiday village there back in the 90s.






    Izzy is a shortened version of Isobel. Contrived,and I had to explain it.




  20. mike in toronto on 27th January 2017 2:40 pm



    Thanks. If I think through what I wrote I would say that Izaguirre will regress further without 1st team football and so he should probably leave for his sake but then we need a competitor for Tierney, who as I hopefully have shown, need to improve defensively.




  21. gene



    Ever been in the right place but in the wrong time


    Ever said the right thing but used the wrong line?

  22. mike in toronto on

    okay … and another thing ….. does anyone else think Ryan Reynolds deserved an Oscor nod for his role in Deadpool? I am a bit tired of all these superhero movies, but he really was terrific in that.



    Much like Heath Ledger in Batman … not a great film (but it was fun) …. but his acting in that was superb!

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    PapaJoe55 3.25



    Boyata interview yesterday and he was praising Kolo Toure no said he has been a great help to him

  24. The green man…….



    Very severe about Craig IMO.



    His first season with Celtic he was exceptional. Difficult to follow FF but all supporters I know were amazed and surprised that he filled the spot vacated by the big Englishman and then some.



    Last season, particularly the first quarter, particularly in Europe he was absolutely pathetic at times. I don’t know why that was….Very strange. However as the season progressed his form and confidence improved to the extent that by the final quarter he was near to his best.



    As I said in a post yesterday we have lived during a golden sequence of Celtic goal keepers….. Boruc, Foster and Gordon…..By far the best in my 50 odd years of watching the Celts.



    Craig is way better than average, he is excellent and his performances for us and others illustrates this.



    Craig has been one of the best keepers in our history……I think so anyway :-)




  25. mike in toronto on

    CBN … I agree… I think, with his age, injuries, etc., Izzy needs to keep playing, or his standard could slip quickly … unless this season, he and Tierney are rotated, but I expect that Tierney will make that position his own again ..



    so, if Izzy isn’t going to be playing, and if he can get a good deal at home or in the MLS, , I would not want Celtic to stand in his way …. if that happens, I just hope that we have a decent reeplacment lined up ……Tierney is still young, and dont want to risk burnout or injury by over using him.

  26. Craig Gordon is not pefect, but is probably the best keeper we’d hope to have right now. 3-4 million would not allow us to replace him unless we were very astute/lucky to identify a talent. Craig could play another three years easy (if only he’d just punt it sometimes instead of trying to find someone with a delicate pass). Boyata seems a bit like Ambrose. He should have all the attributes but makes frequent mistakes? He played really well the other night. Can he be coached to maintain that form and forget the crazy mistakes? I’d still like us to buy a right back (surely we are not really interested in buying a Turkish left back?).

  27. mike in toronto on

    GFTB … I have to admit that I wsn’t convinced about Toure’s purchase …. but,I have to admit that BR got this one spot on ….. Toure seems to be a great pro, and role model for younger players … even if he only features in a few more games for the first team, I think he will turn out to be an invaluable asset to Celtic …



    not often that I am happy to admit that I called one wrong, but this is one of those cases.

  28. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    All about opinions.


    However, if he is satisfied to be a bit-part player at Chelsea, he is welcome to it.


    He wont be missed imo.


    ‘one of the best keepers in our history’….ive got my doubts about that.




  29. So,….is it in March of ‘this’ year that all the court cases about….


    Hun tax avoidance…..£140 million’s worth….


    Hun trophy stealing….22 I think (?)…..


    Res:12 findings……


    The SFA’s CL-money-pot-swindle with Rangers FC……


    The Cellic PLC’s complicity….hmmmm….?


    …..all come to a conclusion that, ‘if’ justice is done….


    ….will see SFA governed football being suspended under investigation ?…..


    ….probably leading to Cellic and, other team’s exit from Scottish fitba ?….


    ….who know’s ?….


    The Loch Ness Monster – CSC


    Thoughts and Prayers for all Celts in need.



  30. Just Been reading about Tony Gallacher. Young left back playing at Falkirk. Only 17 and just broken into their first team.



    Article mentions some big clubs been watching him .. even Barcelona they reckon .



    Anyone know much about him ?

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