Discriminate application of the rules and a lack of defensive structure


The Rules of the Game do not discriminate between a first and second yellow, but it is the discriminate application of the rules that causes problems.  Two mis-timed – but not dangerous – challenges were enough for referee Nick Walsh to dismiss Callum McGregor, players are given latitude at the second yellow in the same scenario every week in the calendar.  When cast against the off-the-ball stamping, kneeing and kicking Celtic players have endured in this fixture without protection from referees, it is clear what we are up against.

Celtic took control from the off but the intervention of Walsh; awarding a foul against Scott Brown on the goalkeeper when no foul happened, awarding Newco a throw-in deep inside the Celtic half that should have gone the other way and three further fouls for shoulder challenges that went Newco’s way, broke the pattern of play.

Three of the four goals came from mistakes by our defensive mid, two from Scott Brown and one from his replacement, Ismaila Soro.  Scott wanted the win yesterday as much as you or I, but despite improved performances in recent months, the tank is empty.  Ismaila will learn from yesterday.  He was thrown into the game cold, there is a lot more to come from him.

For this third time in 2021, Celtic went to Ibrox and created a hatful of chances, at least on this occasion they took one, although many went a begging.   Creativity is clearly not the problem.

Odsonne Edouard got on the scoresheet and put in his most impressive and interested-looking performance in some weeks  Mohamed Elyounoussi again impressed, in a better-structured team he would be a star.  Kristoffer Ajer was man-of-the-match.  He repeatedly transformed defence into attack; too powerful, fast and skilful for Newco players to touch.

So where did it go wrong?  Teams practice how to play with 10 men and the first thing the practice is how to defend.  Not for the first time this season Celtic were porous, lacking a robust structure.  Defence protects the keeper and midfield protects the defence.  Scott Bain had little cover, the same could be said for the defence.  Our shape with 10 men was all wrong.

Still, as Viv said, tomorrow is another day!

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  1. On the Physicality post from last thread, I concur we are a team of midgets that get bullied.



    Although wikipedia states Welsh is 6ft 3inches – I think he is way smaller. I also think I read that he started his playing career as a full back (right) if my memory serves me correctly and we recalled him from his loan spell at Morton about 12-14 months ago.



    I believe the lad is a good player but we are doing him no favours in that team.



    As for MJ I dont know what position he was meant to be playing when he came on but again not his fault he is a winger. Play him there ffs.


    Play Centre forwards as centre forwards.



    Play players in their positions ffs not rocket science.



    Yet again we had another 2 strikers on the bench and they get no game time.






    D :)

  2. Saint Stivs on

    the grief stricken stage reappears.



    seriously some of you, go do something else, supporting celtic when the team is losing causes you untold levels of anguish.



    the comments about Paul not writing what you want him to, jeese oh, give it up will yeese.



    it is a PLC, your just customers, give it up please,

  3. I remember the days when I waited in anticipation for Pauls lead posts.



    Today’s is a new low.



    It’s all the refs fault



    Did you actually watch the game Paul.



    As for Ajer as mom. A least there was some improvement in his heading. If only he could do it defensively

  4. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I cannot criticise P67 for having a view on yesterday – his blog his dedication his view



    James Forrest I tend agree with most of what you write, but not today


    P67 has earned the right to comment – his Blog his dedication his view



    For what it’s worth, (and I’m in the mood to to write – so apologies for the rant)


    I have moved on from this season (I have been trying to move on since Ibrox in January)


    My attention is next season


    But a lot of bridges must be crossed before we get back to dominating in Scotland ( a run in Europe would be welcome – but getting the league back is priority)



    So here are a couple of things that are troubling me:



    Scott Brown


    Why agree to join Aberdeen so quickly. ??


    SB has been a great player/captain for Celtic


    I think (but obviously I was not in the room) he was offered an option to stay player/coach I don’t know ?


    Does he think the club is badly run ? Did he ask about our future manager, did not like the answer ?


    Or was the answer we have no idea – perhaps that’s why SB put pen to paper so quickly


    I fear (and hope to God I am wrong) but perhaps SB did not sense a positive revolution and opted to get out


    I just feel he made the decision to go to Aberdeen too quickly


    Time will tell



    Eddie Howe is a done deal !!


    Really !! everyone with a blog/column/microphone/website and a tongue says it’s a done deal


    Now I have no idea one way or another but I do not understand how some can be so sure


    I want it to be true – I think he is exactly what we need


    Have Celtic leaked a bit of info to reassure us that it’s just a matter of time before Eddie saves the day


    Or is this just a bunch of pricks looking to get some airtime and flashing a headline to get our attention


    If it is EH I respect there maybe contractual reasons why we cannot have him now


    But contracts can be bought out


    We have know since Sparta Prague and Ibrox in January we were in trouble


    Why not get him then ???


    If we tried and he said I don’t want to, but will/may come in the summer


    We basically give up 10 IaR to wait for Eddy – that’s a big trade !!!



    CQN Paul67


    I will read your Blog everyday it has always and will always be my go to site for Celtic info


    Your dedication gives us all a platform to release our thoughts and views


    But when Peter leaves the building can I request a little more investigative questioning about our “secretive” Board


    I think it’s evident that there is a gap between our board and us, communication is non existent


    Yesterday Manchester United Supporters made their feelings known, perhaps they will achieve nothing but the fact that they did it sends a very strong message to the Man United Board


    CQN can become a voice of the supporter (your readers) as opposed to a platform for the CEO




    Season Tickets


    I live in the south of England and do not have a season ticket so I cannot and will not advocate that you should or should not buy a season ticket – Each person must make their own choice


    But I would encourage a message to our Board


    Nothing aggressive or harmful to Celtic – but a message


    Example – on renewal date no one renews, wait a day or two whatever


    The damage to Celtic is one/two day cash flow – the message is – respect is mutual



    Our Collapse this year


    What happened between May 2020 and most of this season ??


    Obviously something has gone wrong Lennon/Barkass/Ajeti/ Duffy


    IMHO – Edouard has been useless all season and he is our only goal scorer


    Did the players get lazy under NL


    Did NL get lazy under PL


    Or are the Huns the real deal


    Was it empty stadiums was it Covid


    Who knows but something went badly wrong and before we can fix it we need to know what it was


    As I write I have no idea – I hope Dominic does



    OK rant over I feel better


    Apologies for unloading my overworked mind on you


    But I guess you all have similar thoughts running round your head too





  5. Over the years we have arrived at quite a few crossroads.


    The one we currently sit at is very interesting.


    We have seen in the last few years a plan of trying to buy


    young players, improve them, and trying to sell them on at


    a profit. In some respects it has been a success while others


    have been abject failures.


    We have also seen the custodians of our club happily


    use the dead club as a yardstick and ignore everything else.


    Well today I am saying enough is enough.


    I don’t give a flying one about what the Huns are up to.


    If we are only going to operate in this parochial fashion for ever


    then I for one will find something else to occupy my time.


    Various posters have said here in the past that we must look


    toward Europe to gague our performances and I believe that


    they are right.


    So what are our options?


    Firstly we must disengage as supporters from ” the Old Firm ”


    and the pointless oneupmanship of winning meaningless trophies


    in a two team league.


    That will be the hard part.


    We need to move in my opinion to the type of setup we see with Ajax.


    Stop buying foreign players and develop our own talent.


    We cannot compete with the larger leagues as they have deeper pockets


    and so will always be better than us.


    If we go down this route then we become far more part of our community


    and give young Scottish people something possible to aspire to.


    Ask yourself this question. If you had a taleted young son would you let


    them sign for Celtic?


    I wouldn’t because the chance of them ever making the first team is


    almost zero.


    Our club these days is like a railway station, people arrive, some stay,


    and others are always looking at the departure board for their next train


    out of town.


    In closing I would say that this club makes lots of money through sponsorship


    and ticket sales. I think it would be a good idea to keep the money here rather


    than feather the nest of mercinaries.


    Sadly though we have to see beyond how we are comared to Rainjurs, and I know


    that it is too big an ask for some of us.

  6. Saint Stivs on



    AN TEARMANN on 3RD MAY 2021 1:14 PM







    Customers R us….



    Respect to the Man Utd fans yesterday (apart from the few who went too far)




    Can see us going down that line to be honest.







    will you be leading the charge with a Bison heid on ?


    there are online maps to help you find the park.



    the scenes at old trafford were a disgrace, i never want to see that level of violence at celtic park.



    In a season of low lows, the “protest” at celtic park was as bad as any other perfromance or person.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    SAINT STIVS on 3RD MAY 2021 1:28 PM



    Aye sit back and accept your place at the back of the bus.



    I condemn any violence shown yesterday as I said but I totally respect those who turned out to show they care.



    Celtic would have died if it wasn’t for the passion shown for our club in the 90’s but even then some would have still accepted their place at the back…

  8. In my opinion Man utd fans who protested and entered Old Trafford have been treated more respectively by their club than the Celtic fans in the Car Park at celtic Park who were called a mob and entitled.This despite a slashing of a Police Officer in Manchester.


    It appears our Board have zero respect for the support and the same for their opinions.

  9. Yesterdays protest by Man utd fans was well meant . But as often happens at these protests a small amount of individuals spoiled it.



    How they managed to get into the stadium, god knows.


    Wouldn’t happen at Celtic Park due to security fencing and guards keeping fans away.

  10. ernie lynch on

    Did the sending off affect the result?



    Most probably yes.



    Was the sending off in accordance with the Laws of the Game?



    It would appear not.



    How would a determined and ambitious club react?



    How would an aimless, rudderless club react?

  11. park t bus n blootir it simples on

    Hopefully the Man Utd fans are about to set the new narrative.



    Fan control and to be serious and to the point here, Celtic FC’s executive could be easily and far more robustly assembled along the lines of…



    1. Jeanette Findlay



    2. A no nonsense legal eagle.



    3. A forensic chartered accountant.



    And three laptops.



    That’s it! Why do we need so many greedy snouts stuck in a PLC trough?



    What good does it do us to pretend that we’re an elite status club?



    For example the executive’s political leaning figure is Brian Wilson.



    Brian Wilson is a constant reminder of why hardly anybody votes for Scottish Labour anymore ffs.



    Football needs to take a season out – till it disentangles itself from PLC structures and dafty o’clock kick off times.



    Glory Oh to the bold Man Utd fans it has to reach EVERY club with the removal of 2/3 of seats from stadiums and sucked the soul out of the football day out experience.



    Fergus McCann once approached the old board to put a stand above the Jungle that would a good start all top deck to stay seated.



    Liverpool fans claimed on a visit to Celtic Park that “All seating was an overreaction from Thatcher’s govt to Hillsborough disaster” well if Liverpudlians are in then dramatic changes might be on the cards.



    Interesting times ahead.

  12. Folk lining up to come on Pauls blog to tell tell Paul how much they disagree with his blog.



    Funny old world

  13. Saint Stivs on

    ST TAMS on 3RD MAY 2021 1:37 PM


    Yesterdays protest by Man utd fans was well meant . But as often happens at these protests a small amount of individuals spoiled it.







    How they managed to get into the stadium, god knows.





    Wouldn’t happen at Celtic Park due to security fencing and guards keeping fans away.






    they broke down the barriers, stormed an entrance gate, violently attacked stewards, throw everything they could lift at them, all in the munich tunnel, they acted as a mob.



    they trashed their sacred theatre of dreams.



    some aspiration that, to behave like them.



    the glazers wont go anywhere and the “legacy fans” will be given up on.

  14. All the stuff regarding KA and how he is not good enough to be our CB or even RB / no chance in the MF.



    To all those who complain about the players — who are the alternatives?


    Just who would be good enough for us next season?


    What would we need to spend?



    My thoughts — we need to spend top dollar on a manager / coaching team / support staff.


    JK / SMcM / DO’D — all not good enough / not enough experience for the front line.


    Need to learn their trade from a “master”.



    Players — GKs are a shambles / VB has not settles and is wasting away to 12 stone.


    FBs — Poor buys and lazy loans.


    CBs — Need experience and attitude / Some talent but they become cats on a hot tin roof all to easily / NB at CB is PL’s folly in one player.



    SB — Leaving three years too late.


    CMcG — Squad player who has become a liability / Cheery.


    DT — Needs support on the park and coaching off it / Huge talent but needs help.


    IS — Needs coaching and professional team-mates.


    ON — Might now be too late / two years of phoning it in.


    RC — Needs coaching and a boot up the erse.


    TR — A good coach is required ASAP.



    JF — Yesterday was a disgrace / Full on Peter Pan mode.


    ME — Loan in need of a coach that believes in him / Probably wants wages above our current rate.


    MJ — He is regressing before our very eyes / Bumfluff at the moment.


    OE — Coach needed ASAP.


    LG — Cheery / three years too late.


    AA — Coach needed / boot up the erse.



    Youths — need games / competition / a better attitude / real support / proper coaching.


    Something badly wrong with the set up.

  15. start with making people sit at all seated stadium , we spent millions on a standing area only to see everyone and their granny disregard the need for seats and get away it, until something happens.

  16. RC @ 1.44



    You are at the madam / wind up.


    Stirring it like a Kenwood on overdrive.

  17. An Tearmann on



    you have to deal with not getting 10



    and finally we agree.you are a customer.


    saying your a Celtic fan does not alter that.


    take your money and act..

  18. Madmitch


    Totally agree.


    We have left the path of coaching an nurturing our talent


    and have become a firm of stockbrokers and second hand


    car salesmen. No wonder when the chips are down we melt.


    There was no leadership on the field yesterday and the “tactics”


    when we went down to 10 men were laughable.


    We also seem to have developed a mindset of trying to really


    annoy players who might already be having a hard time.


    Putting MJ on instead of Griff was a new low yesterday.


    How more demotivated could you make someone?

  19. Paul67



    A lack of a team semblance would take priority over refereeing decisions, that have always occurred.



    Sending off MacGregor changed the outcome of the game ?



    Sending off Bitton changed the outcome of the game?



    In between both games, Sevco easily beat Celtic and knocked us out of the cup. The gap between Celtic and the supporters is much greater than the 23 points to the brand new club.



    We don’t have a manager, a captain, a goalkeeper a full back or a committed striker at the club.



    How did this happen?

  20. McPhail Bhoy on

    Something again from yesterday which I noticed in pretty much every game this season; we are as weak as water in the tackle, time and time again we lost the 50:50 tackles ( honourable exception a few times with Walsh and Soro) and in many instances lost out in the 70:30 tackles. Not to single out a player for the sake of it but Kenny is shocking how can a professional decender who has been playing football for 14-15 years and professionally for 7 and have underage caps for England not tackle?!!

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    AN TEARMANN on 3RD MAY 2021 1:48 PM



    Have to hit them where it hurts.



    Cash is the only language they understand.

  22. bournesouprecipe


    Nailed the entire situation in a handful of lines.


    Well said.

  23. An Tearmann on

    St Stivs



    can i jist shake yir haun?



    widnae gee ma worst enemy one o them


    with or withoot inyinz :-))))




  24. Saint Stivs on

    AN TEARMANN on 3RD MAY 2021 1:59 PM


    St Stivs







    can i jist shake yir haun?







    widnae gee ma worst enemy one o them





    with or withoot inyinz :-))))








    took me a minute to work that out, Port Inyinz

  25. Stephbhoy67 on

    Get a good manager in and let him sign the players he wants based on ability right now with his first team budget. Signing players that may be good in a couple of years (potential) should only come once the manager has his own ready to go players or he sees value in said players right here right now. State first team squad covers max 20 outfield players (+ 2 gks) then it’s all about academy players I.e. pathway into first team needs opened up.



    Unlikely many I reckon we can win the league next season and I reckon we will, but only if we alter the way we do business and go for the very best we can afford




  26. Saint Stivs on



    AN TEARMANN on 3RD MAY 2021 1:48 PM



    Have to hit them where it hurts.



    Cash is the only language they understand.






    how much did you spend on the celtic plc this season ?



    I was just £640 for the season card, but no merchandising as my kid doesnt support celtic and nothing fits me, what about you ?

  27. An Tearmann on




    AN TEARMANN on 3RD MAY 2021 1:48 PM



    Have to hit them where it hurts.



    Cash is the only language they understand.




    oh the PLc understand.they do.its you who are emotional my friend.

  28. Of course we were cheated by the referee. But our club didn’t complain when we were winning.



    I can’t believe anyone would want to get rid of Calmac. IMO he’s the best player in Scotland. But this season his effectiveness has been destroyed by NL playing him as a holding midfielder to compensate for SB’s lack of pace. He was even on the goal line when Milan scored one of their goals against us in the San Siro. This season we missed all those goals and assists from previous seasons.

  29. Saint Stivs on



    Hopefully the Man Utd fans are about to set the new narrative.



    Fan control and to be serious and to the point here, Celtic FC’s executive could be easily and far more robustly assembled along the lines of…



    1. Jeanette Findlay or Tony Donnelly



    2. A no nonsense legal eagle. – Donald Finlay



    3. A forensic chartered accountant. – Alistaur Johnston




    I could name maybe 2 0r 3 soul bands, or maybe four , tops.

  30. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Not hard to spot the Board shills on here.



    In the final analysis these backwards and forwards won’t matter a damn, including my own low opinion of Lawwell and Desmond and their values and motives.



    All that will matter is can our club unite the fans behind them again? If not, we’re goosed.



    Defend the current crew all you like, but if the fans don’t trust them faux intellectualising and deflection won’t save them.