Don’t blame defenders, this one was down to tactics


It’s a well-established fact that we don’t have Beckenbauer and Baresi at the back, so the reason why we chose to play so high up the field is the most alarming element of last night’s debacle.

Dedryck was bound to misplace a pass, or Efe was bound to misread play. We all knew this. Regret over the last time mistakes like this were made doesn’t mean they won’t happen again. So when the inevitable occurred, our two full backs were 30 yards in front of the line of opposition attack, with our defensive mids well into opposition territory.

Efe’s failure to cover Kamara and Dedryck’s pass were consequences of the main mistake of the night, which was tactical.  We didn’t lose the opening goal because of a bad pass, it was lost because we left an acre of Norway unattended.

Ronny, you should never have left so much space at the back away from home in Europe, we’re clearly not good enough for such an open system, not even close.  We’ve learned nothing since what was supposed to be a lesson in Warsaw, when the same expansive errors cost us.  Molde played rope-a-dope football, they could have watched us against Malmo, Maribor and Legia, as each opened their home games against us in exactly the same manner.

It must be an absolute joy to face a European opponent at home who leaves so much space at the back, begging to be exploited.  If we had played with the same tactics we used in Amsterdam I’ve no doubt we would have won the game – no one in that Molde squad would get into the Celtic team.

There’s more.  After dominating possession and creating genuine chances, the defeat looked inevitable from the 11th minute when we went behind. Body language changed in an instant and Celtic went out like a light.  I’ll spare you what I said at the time in case it’s misconstrued, but the evidence suggests there’s more to worry about than repeating the same tactical mistakes.

Celtic have nine months and one and a half transfer windows to get ready for the next Champions League qualifiers.  There’s plenty of time to put things right, but we can’t sleepwalk into another failure.  More immediately, we could be out of a cup if we don’t pull our act together this week.

The original Holy Goalie, our own John Fallon, will be signing copies of his book, and no doubt giving you his thoughts on current events, at the Supporters’ Club on London Road on Sunday from 12:30.  All are welcome.  There’s live entertainment too, so get along and check it out.

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  1. Ronnie’s ability to analyse a game and identify the problem – 10 out of 10.



    Ronnie’s ability to do something about it – 0 out of 10.

  2. Paul67



    Agree, but you forgot one thing.



    Tactical mistakes, learning nothing, failure = Ronny Deila & John Collins.



    If the board don’t accept the fact they were wrong, swallow their pride and jettison the current coaching team, they too will have learned nothing.

  3. Tontine Tim






    You expect to come on here and encapsulate MO’N’s tenure in light-grey Sunday, and no one to comment on such garbage?






    Suppose you think of Jock Stein’s years in terms of the Partick Thistle league cup final too?






    Rangers(1872-2012), in season 2004-5, according to you, “nae cheatin’”. Sevconians must love you!






    Unpaid tax bill, undisputed,for the illegal Discount Option Scheme; improperly registered players, which according to the rules should have meant a 3 point deduction for each match they played in that and other seasons, players they couldn’t have afforded without their cheating.






    Yet we took the financially doped cheats to the last 5 minutes of that season, before going on to lift the Scottish Cup a week later.






    As for MO’N, we’ll overlook the top 6 finishes he took Villa to (how they doin’ these days), but last time I looked he had just beaten the World Champions ( no transfer budget in International Football, of course), a result which gives his present team a shot at qualification for Euro 2016 in a play-off.






    Don’t ever forget the humiliation of finishing 21 points behind Deidco in 2000 being turned around by 36 points to a 15 point winning margin in 2001, a Celtic manager seeing off a Rangers manager for the first time in 15 years. Only a great manager could have done this, and that’s what Martin O’Neill was for us.






    Unlike you, I’ll cherish the best 5 years I’ve witnessed at Celtic Park since Stein, the titles, cups, return of European credibility, The green& whitewash, and Seville.



    And be grateful to the man who made it possible.

  4. Agree whole-heartedly with Pauls summing up here. I cant agree with Commons reaction to being taken off. I cant remember seeing a Celtic player reacting like that . I understand he may have been frustrated with Celtics kamakazi tactics but he went far to far. Must be the end of the line for him.

  5. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Sack Deila



    Sack Deila



    Sack Lawwell



    Sack Lawwell



    No other words can expediently express how crap these two are.

  6. After the first goal went in….it was heads down, and goodnight Vienna.


    Pathetic performance from a team with no heart and guts.


    We are easy meat in Europe.


    Sad to say, but its true.

  7. i wanted RD to be a success…of course I did


    I’m celtic ‘daft’.


    I like the guy and I like the idea of his football way.






    To make the same mistakes game after game and especially in Europe since Legia is amateur hour.



    To go with that defence again last night finished him for me.


    Boyata is one of the worst signings Ive seen us make.


    An absolutely dreadful player.



    My ten year old after half time said ‘why hasnt he changed it?’


    when a ten year old knows the manager is an idiot…



    Commons lost it big style. He is at the end of his career.


    Nothing to see here. He will be irrelevant by May. But…


    he has been treated dreadfully by this management team because of their fitter faster stronger regime. Only problem I see here is that every team we play in Europe ARE FITTER/FASTER/STRONGER.



    Commons is an old style No. 10 not Usain Bolt and btw Usain Bolt cant play fitba.



    Nothing is gonna change.


    Bottom line is we are mere turnstyle fodder…what we want doesnt matter to our board.

  8. I see, as ever, some on this site would rather turn on their fellow supporters than those messing up celtic.



    Funny that.



    As for you Paul – you are helping preside over a disasterous period in Celtic’s history. Propping up the stupidity of moneyball (which mysteriously seems to not be mentioned much these days), saying nothing while Peter gets extra non contractual bonus while presiding over failure. Joining in on an old firm love in (alongside your pals PL and DD).



    So why dont you go and look in the mirror and see someone else who is responsible for the disasterous decline of celtic?



    I mean – we have one and a half transfer windows? What to try and sell anyone of value?? To lie about transfer values? To weaken the team still further?



    We need to take action and stop talking about how annoyed we are about the heart being ripped out of our club. The usuals are quite happy when nights like last night happen to feel vindicated about their hate of the “bored” but Celtic fc hierarchy don’t read the pish spouted on here so it’s pointless. Any heads of fans groups or associations need to get things happening to protest against what’s no longer acceptable



    Am I alone in thinking that in the past I have heard people on the Board assure us that they pay attention to what the fans are saying?



    Personally I don’t believe them.




    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/molde-v-celtic-live-updates/comment-page-36/#comments

  10. Another tactical disaster. This must be the last one, otherwise Ronny is a goner sooner rather than later.



    Pleased to see Ronny’s comments regarding Commons. Shouldn’t have happened, but did. He’s still part of the plans and we go forward together.

  11. I feel sorry for John Kennedy. His playing career ended before it got going and he’s now caught up in this train wreck. I hope, whatever else happens, that he’ll still be there when the dust has settled. He deserves better than this.

  12. Last nights biggest myth is “We started well’.



    We didn’t. They gave us the ball and were happy to play in their on half. We did nothing with it and committed too many men forward.



    Our great start was never real.



    Leaderless and rudderless. The dressing room will not be a pleasant place to be.

  13. Time Paul via PL advised DD to stop practice green gobshiting about great clubs with magnificent histories and tell us precisely how he intends to stop the decline of Celtic.

  14. The sad thing about last night and your blog is that you could have written the same one for all our recent away games in the CLQ/EL ties. Same story old story……



    We should just give them a 3-0 win and save supporters the travel time and heartache of having to watch us getting torn apart with ease.



    Molde may be an average team and yes perhaps none of them would get into our team but the play to their strengths they have a realistic game plan and stick to it. We have plan A which patently does not work away in European games.



    All the sides in this group are poor (I include us) and we probably dodged a bullet not qualifying for the CL because it looks like we would be getting humped home and away.



    Agree some drastic changes needed all over the park not just in defence. We are too slow in the buildup and we keep possession by just passing in front of their back four.



    Delia and Kennedy were defenders they should be able to sort it out.

  15. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    The stench rank rotten corruption of suits in the PLC who deal out pale loads of skitters to the fans, whilst they deposit bucket loads of cash into their banks.

  16. Paul67 has hit the nail on the head.



    Why do we think we are good enough to play away against Molde in the same way as we play at home in the SPFL?



    We got a result against Ajax because they are a better footballing side and we were forced to play defensively.



    Ronny is an idealist but our players are not good enough to play his attacking, pressing game in Europe. Will he change it?

  17. Ernie



    I’d like to know if he is a good coach. Hope he isn’t defensive coach, cos if he is hmmm



    I’d also like to have been in the dugout last night to know exactly what was said.


    If Kennedy was having a go back at Commons or trying to calm it down.


    Rogic was trying to get KC to calm down to no avail.

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD OCTOBER 2015 10:02 AM


    I feel sorry for John Kennedy. His playing career ended before it got going and he’s now caught up in this train wreck. I hope, whatever else happens, that he’ll still be there when the dust has settled. He deserves better than this.



    Lovely man of that there is no doubt



    On the football side he was 2nd in command to Stevie Frail with the 21’s development squad, John was learning the managerial game from a very able Stevie Frail, the decision to promote John was far to early in his career and was not justified on Johns experience and knowledge of the game

  19. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on

    What exactly is all that pish you just spouted about beatbhoy??



    Bamboo, why the hell should commons not have acted how he did???

  20. Paul67



    Complete agreement



    Remember your ‘over to you Ronny’?



    Last night was an unmitigated tactical disaster, and a carbon copy of Malmo away.



    The problem is that we are a one tactic team, and have an inflexible ‘modern’ coach.



    Oh………nearly forgot and we’ve now got defenders that magnify his, failing game plan.



    Not looking good.

  21. Paul67. Lost me there. You are trying to say that the two Center halfs are awful


    We know that. But they are a result of poor scouting , poor planning ( again and again )


    We have one striker so midfield players have one target Strikergate should have removed a CEO long ago


    You say plan for CL. We haven’t planed for CL for 3 years If PL stays there will be no plan


    Ronnys record in Europe is a discgrace and won’t change he has to go now


    If lawell doesn’t go then boycott stores



    We cannot compete on the park against legias, Malmos, malibors and molde type clubs


    Don’t talk about EPL we don’t complete against them


    It comes from the top. If that is not changed then things will get worse


    What an opportunity with them dying


    Youths in the team backed up with well paid pros We have had 4 years to develop youth players in spl with no risks. But they had to be along side a few 30k a week players


    But instead downsized


    Poor corporate business. Millions lost in income


    Boycott now. Cmon Paul lead the way

  22. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on

    A very superficial and weak analysis of last night Paul67.



    You are the smartest guy on the blog . You can do better than that.



    Tactics last night didn’t help but the problem goes way beyond the manager and the solution is not the next 1.5 transfer windows not by a long shot. You know that better than any of us.



    You are better than that leader above. I know it you know it everybody knows it .. So show it.

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Sorry Paul – the tactics may well have been wrong (although I can’t imagine Ronny telling the two full-backs to BOTH be so far forward at the same time), but the defenders were not blameless.


    They (Ambrose and Izzy especially) just don’t seem to have an awareness of what is going on around them. As a defender you need this.


    Lustig and Gordon probably had their worst games for us, but are normally reliable. Boyata needs more time to be judged. Could be a good player alongside an organiser. Hopefully Simunovic can do this.

  24. change is needed. We are not progressing. Dressing room lost, basic tactical errors we can all see that are being repeated over and over again. How is a professional management team getting these tactics so wrong? Staggering….

  25. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    If I was to hazard a guess as to what you said it’s probably what many of us are saying. Lack of fight, pride in the Celtic jersey, leadership. All these things are quite separate from the very obvious football shortcomings.

  26. the glorious balance sheet on

    I haven’t seen anyone mention yet another embarrassing fact about last night – molde’s forty year old captain was comfortable in midfield in the face of our “high tempo pressing game.”

  27. Malmo coach Age Hareide and Molde coach Erling Moe in three games against teams coached by Norwegian coaches this season Celtic have conceded 7 goals…………………………maybe we have the wrong Norwegian coach

  28. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on

    Ernie lynch



    You’re surely having a laugh with that comment about Kennedy!?!?!



    What has he done that qualifies him as the defensive coach of Celtic football club??? One good game against Barcelona?? Look at the state of our defence Ffs! This is the exact problem, we have no room for sentiment and he’s not qualified to do job he’s in! Been saying all season he should be removed and I think that even more now… The other 2 can gtf as well

  29. Paul 67,


    Good to see you call out the repeated tactical errors.


    IMHO, RD is a good man, with lots of passion and good ideas, but he is completely out of his depth.


    You made a point earlier this week about Solskaer punching above his weight when working in the EPL.


    Sadly this also applies to RD.



    The board wouldn’t want an AGM the day after a result like last night’s


    Right now I would settle for


    1) Remaining top of the league after Sunday ( a draw will do me)


    2) Beat Hertz in cup


    3) Beat Molde 2:0, to ensure we win the head to head

  30. Margaret McGill on



    Your reluctance to address a root cause analysis of Glasgow Celtic’s continued spiraling into the equivalent of football oblivion is most distressing. You must be one of the biggest Lawwell kiss asses around. No one likes a kiss ass. Actually hod oan there’s a few here.

  31. Efe was not to blame for any of the 3 goals



    Sutton as were others wrong to harp on about making Efe the reason for our shocking display


    last night



    If you cant pass a ball 5 yards to a team mate you shouldn’t be on the park



    Doing the simple things wrong got us beat last night



    Celtic will hammer this mob at home

  32. the glorious balance sheet on

    And this talk of having 1.5 transfer windows to fix things for CL qualification next season? Sorry i don’t buy that.



    Our recent transfer window activities stretching over the last 3 windows have seen Ronny sign 16 players, only 2 of whom – Armstrong and boyata – are regular starters in this poor Celtic side. If anything it’s 1 more transfer window to make even more of a balls of it for Ronny.



    And of course we have flotsam and jetsam around the first team like Blackett – a guy who moves with the athleticism, poise and elegance of C3P0 – who are only marking time at Celtic this year and won’t be here come next July/ august.



    Our club is being completely mismanaged in the boardroom and in the dugout.

  33. TGBS



    So much for Scott Brown eh…..40 yr old Molde Captain cruising, while the Celtic and Scotland Captain plays with his head down.


    See he had his ready made excuse “we didn’t turn up”…..What again Scott !


    Pathetic bs





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