Double-header danger


Consecutive games against the same team are dangerous, even when you win the first convincingly.  We only need to think back to the 7-0 drubbing we dished out to St Mirren in 2009.  The Paisley team were so far outclassed they should not have been on the same field as Celtic that day, but a week later they knocked us out of the Scottish Cup.

Hibs were awful in defence on Wednesday and should have done better with the chances they had going forward, but they will have a point to prove this afternoon and can be relied on to fight “tooth and nail” to puncture Celtic’s title credentials.

If James Forrest is able to float into a central position Celtic should have enough, but they don’t have many game-winners like Forrest.

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  1. Eyes Wide Open on

    Folks it began as a running joke and is now turning semi serious..



    That tackle wouldnt have happened in any other teams penaly box, it just would happen.



    The only possible explanation to inexplicable tackles like that happening inside their penalty box time and time again giving the eager beaver referees the opportunity to blow for a penalty – against a backdrop of seasoned professional footballers committing playing for Celtic committing cardinal and kamikaze defending, again the like of which you just dont see happening to anyone else – has me now convinced that there is a hun somewhere in Africa, who isnt as racist as most of them and is married to a fellow homosexual African Witch Doctor – who has been given a voodoo doll and a pile of needles by his husband

  2. I missed the first half of the game – tell me was Naismith booked for that horrendous tackle just before he got injured? My guess is no – and watching constadine getting booked there……



    Collum is a disgraceful referee – utterly disgraceful.



    Its sometimes the wee things – like no injury time when we were destroying hibs midweek.



    He is next against the wall – one more bad decision against us and I woudl refuse to deal with him. He was never forced to explain those performances against us last season

  3. Oh I forgot in Scotland these days I could probably be jailed for what I say here. To those policemen watching I meant he should get sacked – but perhaps I should get jailed for that too?

  4. Eyes Wide Open on

    McGregors angry rage blaming others for his mistakes made him look like a hun fit for the Ibrox stands, it was that bad!

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I dont like to be a pessamist but we are not going to be allowed to win the league the team from Poundland abely assisted by the men in black are going to be helped all the way.Its getting to the point that supporting Celtic is becoming a pain rather than a pleasure as we are in a corrupt wee Country that just love to hate the tims.H.H.

  6. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    I’m not putting past AFC..they have been really good recently. Craig and Archie know their stuff..pair of old dongers but know their football..

  7. Eyes Wide Open on

    Jobo Baldie says:


    29 October, 2011 at 13:48



    Go easy big man, thats some heavy betting you have been doing today!!!

  8. If fraser Forster had made a mistake like that once in his Celtic career, he’d be hounded out by our fans.



    That’s McGregor’s second howler this season but his mates bailed him out in both games he committed them

  9. Eyes Wide Open on

    Steven Davis with highlights and hair ‘style’ clearly cut from some swanky ‘salon’ has to be the actual ‘highlight’



    pardon the pun



    It made me laugh anyway