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  1. Apparently the Archimedes bloke had a wash cos someone shouted You Reeker!



    Must have been an edinburgh type. Griff? Broonie? Mibbees not!



    HH jamesgang

  2. Celtic manager Ronny Deila on BBC Radio Scotland


    Posted at 21:50


    “That was a little bit naive of us to concede a goal so late.



    “But we controlled the game until late on and we scored good goals.



    “That is a good effort to come back from 120 minutes on Sunday.



    “We won comfortably in the end and put ourselves in a good position and the title’s getting closer and closer.”




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  3. bournesouprecipe on

    Good result, eight clear after a surprisingly subdued game.



    VVD’s strike was the highlight of the game with an even better strike than Sunday’s goal.



    The game along the street against Utd (for a change) should be a much more difficult challenge. Never even had a threat from Dundee until they scored out of the blue from a nothing move, with minutes to go.



    Bitton took control and was helped by Brown, but this didn’t look like Celtic’s best side by a long way and RD will no doubt make more changes when the run in starts, on Sunday.



    M.O.M Nir Bitton

  4. tonydonnelly67


    21:45 on


    22 April, 2015


    Oh, and Ron67 if your last post was a contribution on our win tonight, GFY.



    Now now no need for that , only stating the truth

  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    For Celtic, every game is important for one reason or another big tonight`s really was a big game and we handled it well. I was nervous before the match tonight but I was very calm for the five minutes or so after they scored. A vital three points secured. Well done my team.


    Goodnight all,




  6. jude2005 is neil lennon \o/



    What are you?


    Some kinda mentol fenian ghurka?






    HH jamesgang

  7. Geordie Munro on

    “Fair point but don’t tell me ye weren’t keechin’ yersel there…”






    I mighta been had the cqn servers not been running out of coal :)



    I noticed a family member had came on. I was flapping in case it was him who scored. Lol




  8. What is the Stars



    21:52 on 22 April, 2015



    Watching analysis of Real/Athletico on RTE


    Panel discussing diving simulation etc


    wasnt really paying attenion until…..


    Dieter Hamann said “it will get worse with more foreigners coming into the premier league”



    What !!!! ?






    Deiter means them pesky English. They’re a minority, but they bring down the standards…

  9. Great 3 points , you would fancy Inverness at home to take points of the sheep on Saturday, then if we beat utd on Sunday , we can win title next Friday night at CP.

  10. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    TCR – spontaneous nonsense mate.He’s a good laugh all the same.




  11. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    21:47 on 22 April, 2015


    For God’s sake.


    Let’s have some joy at winning.


    And some confidence for the last 5 games.





    Very much agree with you, but




    Don’t think I’ve forgotten that you ruined my Saturday at the beginning of the season by posting the score of an EPL game that I’d been recording!









  12. GOal difference is worth an extra point to us.


    Trophy room should be getting a wee polish in the morning

  13. eddieinkirkmichael


    21:52 on


    22 April, 2015


    Quick guys Hebcelt is on BBC ALBA right now



    welcome back…..where have you been?




  14. Original. Etc


    At my age I can barely remember what I had for lunch.


    Wife tells me it was home made tomato soup.

  15. GG


    21:51 on


    22 April, 2015



    Thanks pal.


    To whoever asked the sheep,s next two fixtures are Away to ICT the Dun Utd

  16. I reckon we will win it v Dundee on the Friday night. ICT will draw with the sheep and we will beat the Arabs. Setting up a Friday night light experience on May 1st.



    Gutted I am on a flight over to Hong Kong via Dubai that night with work !



    Bad planning CSC.

  17. jamesgang



    Crete was not impressive for us. So much so that we never went back nor ever entertained that notion. Sun and blue water and that was it. Rude locals, local neds chasing my two sons around a wee town, poor beach, negative discrimination from bus driver (don’t ask), rustic accommodation that didn’t charge us for cockroaches or rats. The longest and least enjoyable holiday we ever had.



    Eventually, I just went to Knossos on my own. The ruins there seemed much more hospitable than our billet.



    Cowiebhoy, I hope you have the very opposite experience to us, and consider moving there and changing your name to Stavros. Oompah!



    Swarthy Curly Tache CSC

  18. theglasgowcelticway on

    Tonight was a potential banana skin and if we’d dropped the media would love to paint scenarios of Aberdeen winning the league.We played a side who are under no pressure, they’ve achieved top six and we eased past them.



    That will do nicely.

  19. Delaneys Dunky on

    Have we Ever won the league on a Friday night?


    I have a good feeling that we may win it next Friday, Mayday!


    Glesga toon would be rocking!

  20. have been told the club I travel with are attending the Dundee game 1st May




    whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop




    soooooooooooooooooooo happy



    now My Carlsberg moment would be if Burnley78′ senario were right and we win the league that night.






  21. I don’t trust ICT to get stuck in to the sheepies. If the sheepies drop points then its a bonus but we can only rely on ourselves. Sinn Féin (ourselves alone).

  22. ‘gg



    21:58 on 22 April, 2015


    Original. Etc


    At my age I can barely remember what I had for lunch.


    Wife tells me it was home made tomato soup.






    You say, thanks…..who are you gorgeous lady…..wanna dance…….






    HH jamesgang

  23. Big Virgil really need to work on his free kicks.



    That second attempt late on which the keeper saved was pathetic.



    It also coincided with me needing it to go in to pick up £300, so no biased, subjective criticism there, then…

  24. The Comfortable Collective on

    Apart from the masonic, rangers supporting, rangers brother, deserting Scotland in favour of northern Ireland ‘referee’ Steven McLean think on this.



    The Scottish cup semi final went to extra time – a full two hours of end to end football, now that must sap the fittest of players.



    Celtic had to play against Kilmarnock four days earlier in order to make sure they had fulfilled their PRE split fixtures in time (Although the game itself had no bearing on the top six – Celtic were guaranteed to be there, Killie guaranteed not to be).



    I wonder if the Celtic players were a wee bit tired after this midweek game.



    Inverness on the other hand had a free midweek, ensuring they were fresh for the semi final, extra time and all. (To tattoo their arms to look like heads, or some other similar shite).



    Interestingly, Inverness did not have to play a game midweek before the semi final, even though they have an outstanding PRE split game against Dundee Utd to complete.



    Thankfully, this PRE split game has been scheduled for 5th May – after two full rounds of post split games.



    If you wanted to cheat, you didn’t have to make sure Celtic got beaten in normal time. Make sure it goes to extra time should do it.

  25. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Gotta fancy ict to take something against the sheep at the weekend .



    If they do that and we beat united on Sunday . .. A win against Dundee on Friday 1st May would clinch the title



    Have we ever won the title on a Friday night before

  26. lynott67





    21:56 on



    22 April, 2015





    Great 3 points , you would fancy Inverness at home to take points of the sheep on Saturday



    *hmmm ICT’s captain is going tae the sheep on a bossie….shades of the current Dumbarton manager on Black Sunday when captain of the hibees…hardly kicked a ball.