Dysfunctional Amsterdam


Three weeks ago there was little argument against the observation that Ajax had the worst European travelling support we have seen at Celtic Park – half a century of history.  Attacks on Celtic fans by a roaming gang on Tuesday night was not a surprise.  The banner, which Uefa are trying to ignore, but will surely be shamed into doing something about, was offensive and, in most jurisdictions, a criminal offense.

When the police collaborate it’s hard not to verge into the realms of branding a society “dysfunctional”.  Amsterdam is wealthy, affluent, liberal but intolerant, badly policed and violent.  The visit of Celtic fans passed with less incident (and arrest of visitors) than most visiting fans endured in recent seasons.

Visit Bruges instead.
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  1. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on




    Sounds better than telling everybody that their (grand)parents had them all shipped off to Auschwitz, Birkenau etc.



    My kids are German, and in all my time in Germany I never came across anybody who knew of any family history of a single member of the NS party.



    These people have an incredible knack for rewriting history and renaming streets…

  2. One for the techies out there, I’ve just got my first tablet, the Tesco Hudl and wonder if anyone knows whether or not you can send files to a wireless printer from it.



    Thanks in advance.

  3. After all the shenanigans of the last few days I am beginning to develop a healthy dislike of everything Dutch. I know this is an over reaction but I just can’t help myself.

  4. My Granda fae Tullow on




    17:03 on 8 November, 2013


    Nicola Sturgeon looks like a wee Scottish lassie who has commissioned a team of style experts to make her look like Angela Merkel.






    Brilliant analogy !! Well funny !!

  5. lennon's passion on




    16:57 on 8 November, 2013


    Couldn’t find what I was looking for at the camouflage shop.




    That made me giggle mate. When were in the dam my mate came out from having a shower with a pair of camoflage briefs on.



    Flashback csc

  6. Total mince derrydave. Lived there for six years. Became relatively fluent in Dutch and made a good few Dutch friends. Amsterdam is pretty damn violent. It just doesn’t make the news too much. The Dutch keep a good lid on the bad publicity as they don’t want to discourage the tourist trade. I’ve seen the ME (Mobile Eenheid) in action against their own citizens. They even battered an old woman in a fur coat to the ground when she inadvertently turned round the wrong corner. Quite happy to use tear gas at the drop of a hat never mind their sticks and dogs. Even the regular city police and the Marechaussee regard them as particularly nasty and thick scum. The opinion of the Dutch I knew was even lower.


    If you had got to grips enough with Dutch to read the smaller local rags you would soon see that A’dam is not the tulip bedecked cultural beacon that they try to portray.


    There is a lot of horrible stuff underneath that cultural veneer.

  7. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on

    Information for Celtic plc Shareholders


    By: Newsroom Staff on 08 Nov, 2013 17:22


    PROXY voting for the Annual General Meeting will close at 10:30am on November 14.



    If you are intending to lodge a proxy vote ahead of the meeting please ensure that you return your completed proxy card or cast your vote online HERE



    If you have signed up for electronic communications and do not have the AGM notification email that was sent out at 17:00 on October 15, 2013 in your inbox, it may be in your SPAM mail.



    Please check your SPAM folders or with your email service provider to have this released.

  8. Dubaibhoy.



    Its a strange one if theyve adopted a jewish identity ,when they are not actually Jewish.


    I thought the Dutch Jews were almost completely wiped out during world war2.


    I suppose it gives them more reasons to get involved in fighting.

  9. I would recommend a visit to Brugge… The only problem is after 3 days you are looking at a beer and thinking… Och that’s a weak one, its only 7%….

  10. The one thing in Jim Whites favour is that at least he admits he’s a Hun rather than pretending to support St Mirren…

  11. cadizzy @ 15.53



    “I am a linesman for the County”



    *. ┏┓┏┓ .*









  12. Poiteen, how many fights do you see on a night out in Amsterdam ? How many do you see on a night out in your home town wherever that may be ?



    Idiotic to claim that my experience of living in Amsterdam is mince – I was out in Amsterdam way more than I should have been every week – never seen a single real fight in two years ! Pretty much every night you go out in the centre of Derry on a weekend you’ll see loads of fights. very simple really – ye can stick yer shite about yer ‘relatively fluent dutch’ (jeez ye must be proud of yerself !) and yer ME up yer hole – every day experince means way more than bullshit spouted by some up-himself arsehole. Derry City is without doubt a more violent place to be on a saturday night than central Amsterdam, and Derry isn’t really that bad !

  13. zimmerman - Conspiracy Theorist : Nothing more than a derogatory title to dismiss a critical thinker) on

    I’m planning to be more spontaneous in the future !

  14. This site is increasingly becoming a difficult place to visit and not all due to those of the other persuasion fouling the tone of the site. Shame.

  15. My Lord, Just got a phone call that my brother-in-law dropped dead a half an hour ago. A wee prayer for his soul lads. He wasn’t really into football but his son my nephew is a dyed in the wool Celt. We were at the Final in Seville together, in Barca for the Marshall/Kennedy game and many times in Celtic Park together.

  16. 16 roads - Wee Oscar the Celtic warrior. on




    17:47 on 8 November, 2013






    Obviously ye haven’t learned any of that wonderful Dutch tolerance that ye keep bubbling on about yerself,during your time in the city of sin.

  17. Some thoughts…



    I’m certain that the casual “police officer” (the one clearly caught on video) who was there to kick lumps out of any visiting fan could be identified pretty quickly by the Dutch “authorities”.



    I’m guessing that was one incident out of dozens of others that weren’t filmed.



    Unfortunately, the six remaining Celts in a Dutch prison tonight don’t have a leg to stand on.



    Like everybody else, I don’t know how and why they were caught up in the sad events of Wednesday night – I could easily have been you or me.



    However, I think the question the “authorities” should be made to answer is why were these casual “police officers” called in and why was their first and only action to beat people up – innocent or otherwise?



    Over the last couple of years, I have often regretted the untimely – and inexplicable – demise of Paul McBride QC, who was often our guiding light in these siuations.



    The whole Amsterdam thing will fade away, and footbal fans – who are not all angels by any stretch of the imagination – will continue to be abused by the powers that be, in Holland and elsewhere.



    FrustratedAndSaddened CSC


    Gardez la FOi



  18. 16 roads - Wee Oscar the Celtic warrior. on

    Vice and evil.


    That’s what they tolerate.


    Because it keeps the moolah flowing into the sewer.


    God only knows how much money I have lost over the years backing that Raymond Van Barneveld comedian.


    No heart.

  19. Corkcelt



    Condolences on your loss. Got a funeral tomorrow so will say an extra prayer.



    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

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