Easy and important acts


The events of this week will be scant consolation to the bereaved of Hillsborough, but it is nonetheless important that football paid appropriate respects, as fans and clubs across England did this weekend.

When Celtic offered to host Liverpool for their first game after the tragedy they took a step to demonstrate solidarity with the people of that city.  In presenting a wreath on behalf of the Celtic Movement at Anfield today, Peter Lawwell carried on the spirit of that week.

It’s often the easy acts which are the most important.

Loved the Scottish Cup semi-finals. perfect result-performance combination which allowed Super Salary, Glib and Shameless, Newco and fans of every other club in Scottish football to take something from the first game.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. Morning all from a sunny(!!) South Ayrshire.



    Incredible, I know!



    Off oot.




  2. And before anyone asks,



    no, the Ruinous Subversionists have never played at Yeeeee Oleeeeee Burnnnnnnnssssss Hooooooowwwwwwffffffff

  3. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    On a separate matter but related.



    I also met the general manager of WH Smith quite by accident on Friday and he was saying that CQN has a growing reputation in terms of books, the magazine and the blog in general.



    Basically, he suggests that his sales etc show that there is a demand for people and products who openly try at least to do things right.



    That was good to hear.



    Later this week, The Original Yogi Bear will be live on the blog with WC answering any questions you have for him about his playing career, the Lions, Scotland, Big Jock whatever. That will be on Thursday so get your questions ready.



    I have a favour to ask of the blog but I will leave that till later as it is a charity matter and I am working on the details.



    Lastly, I posted this last night, but if you are a golf fan and you want to hear a funny wee Mexican man tell a story or ten then here is 43 minutes of magic watching and listening with the wee guy who started out with absolutely less than nothing.




  4. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    For what it’s worth I checked out the Ayebrokes pitch on Google Earth and if it was narrowed it was done some time ago.


    I was, however, amazed to see that the pentagram had been removed from the centre circle!

  5. BRTH- morning.



    Although I disagreed with giving Nevin oxygen on CQN, he was being discussed openly on the blog. I therefore defend your editorial call on interviewing him. Subsequently he has not acted on his stated intentions and allow us to draw our own conclusions. It just confirmed my own. :-)



    I would love to hear views from famous sport stars – and other fields- who profess to love the Hoops. When, why, how etc….



    I’ll do the Snoop Dog interview in LA for you if you cover my flights, accommodation etc… :-)



    Thx, AoW

  6. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Met a Zombie last night who said the reason the pitch was narrowed was due to lack of sunlight on a part of the touchline,and absolutely no money being spent on ANY maintenance at Ibrox never mind playing surface, the pitch has deteriorated to a level that it had to be narrowed before semi finals, said Sky & SFA knew about it.








    Sounds like going to watch the huns will shortly remind you of Brazil after all.



    As the action takes place on a very narrow strip of grass!

  8. How long does it take for the Seville Book to get posted out ?


    I have waited over a week now and given the positive press on this site about it, I am getting frustrated.

  9. They narrowed that pitch a long long time ago. I suspect the astro covering both the grass perimeter of the pitch and the tarmac gives the impression of it being narrowed even further. I always thought they narrowed it years ago to prevent us (and Euro teams) playing the sort of expansive football they could never cope with.



    Anyways, those were the old days. Its good to see that Newco has shaken off the sectarianism of yesteryear with their new sponsors – I never thought I would see the day that a team in blue would declare their support for a socialist united Ireland !


    32 counties, one Red state !

  10. Just a thought, if you have anything on thems make sure you have proof, I.E. The pitch carry on, because if you don’t you can be as sure as sheet sticks to a goats erse they will be all over you like a cheep suit, regarding thems having any thing on us, they don’t care they just come right out with it, and they get backing, well they don’t get backing as per. Say but no one tells them that they are wrong, knee jerk reactions get you no where, look what happened to Bomber!

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    I have immediately e-mailed Celt Fish re the dispatch of your book to find out what has happened to it. One of us will get back to you ASAP.



    Sorry for the delay and inconvenience.




  12. Just one of the many hundreds of Celtic supporters’ stories in SEVILLE – The Celtic Movement…



    HOUL YER WHEEST – Arriving in Aldergrove airport I spotted two guys wearing kilts. I assumed they were Scots but then realised they were in our group (two idiots). We flew out of Aldergrove at 8am on Tuesday to Gatwick where we met up with friends from Edinburgh and Glasgow. We boarded a flight for Malaga in mid afternoon after an impromptu party. Once in the hotel in Malaga, efforts were made to erect the Randalstown banner across the street. After half an hour a Spaniard threw a brick attached to a rope across to us and the banner was duly raised. A police car arrived and the occupants had photographs with the banner as a backdrop. There were 54 in our party all with tickets but at least another 300 Celts were in the hotel that night. We boarded the bus early and arrived in the centre of Seville before midday. We watched the bathers the fountain, drank some beer and met Dermot Desmond. I met one of my sons and his pals, none of who had a ticket. I was tempted to give him mine but he wouldn’t take it. I’ve just looked at some photos. The atmosphere was electric. One thing I remember is seeing four mature Seville ladies on the street with their eyes agog. Because of the noise they were missing their siesta. Five minutes later they came into the bar we were in, having purchased Celtic jerseys from one of the street vendors and determined to join the party. The walk to the stadium seemed to take hours as we had a guy with us who had some years earlier been hit on the head with a plastic bullet and had mobility problems. One of our group hived off to find a loo. He never went to the game and pulled out a complete ticket the following night, claimed the steward hadn’t removed the stub and allowed him to stand in a passageway (bollix). This annoyed me greatly as it was at my asking he got the ticket. He hasn’t had a match ticket since. The walk back to the city centre seemed to take twice as long as the journey out. About twelve of the party including our no go guy missed the bus back to Malaga. We stayed until Friday when the mood became a little lighter. About 20 of the group went to Kilmarnock on the Sunday to watch Celtic win 4 – 0 but more disappointment was the order of the day as Dunfermline accommodated Rangers. Another quiet trip home. Three of our group had attended every game home and away. The best stories are from the Lithuania trip.

  13. Morning Timland from a soon to be very warm hun free mountain valley.



    Sannabhoy-St Patricksbhoy



    Pete went to Dublin in 63, I think he was about 19, became an accountant, the most non stereotypical accountant I have ever met, had a bookies for many years as well.



    Highly religious man, went to mass every day, liked his Guinness, loved Celtic and golf, unbelievably generous to a fault, and one of the funniest and grumpiest people I had the honour to meet.



    Anyways, he will be going home soon, the palliative care team have taken over now.



    Take care.






  14. Good morning all



    What a fantastic day in Sth Lanarkshire for a change.



    Weefra HH supporting and praying for Wee Oscar.

  15. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    I thought 32 Red was an online Bingo site and had an image in my head of someone calling out “Number 8 One Fat Bastard”.





    Morning,bud. Feeling better,I trust?

  17. Winning Captains and BRTH


    Always said that CQN appeals to a broad church. People who can analyse what is being written/said, weigh up the arguments and make up their own minds. The good thing about interviewing soup takers like Nevin is that (as BRTH pointed out the other day on this blog) their contributions are now subject to public scrutiny and obviously in the public domain.


    SO well done you Bhoys because as a result of his failure to condemn the massed ranks of the Nuremberg choir with their toxic repertoire he has been exposed for the charlatan that he so obviously is.


    He said that he would expose sectarianism wherever he came across it and he didn’t on Saturday thus demonstrating that his principles are up for sale to the highest bidder. Having said that in the interests of all that is good and holy in this world Le Petit Merde is a bridge too far.


    Whilst ruminating on the above and blog discussions with Tricoloured Ribbon re Rory Mc Ilroy what about a CQN “they took the soup” list much like the always rivetting consigned to the Crypt from Not the View. I’ll start. Top Three.


    1 Maurice Johnstone


    2 Andy Walker


    3 Charlie Nic


    Who’s next???

  18. BMCUW



    Aye no bad, still feeling the effects of that virus, but defo a lot better. Cheers for asking. :-))



    Weefra HH supporting and praying for Wee Oscar.





    I’m a great believer in the healing properties of alcohol.



    Face it,an alcoholic swab is used to sterilise and avoid infection,so an alcoholic slob should be fit as a fiddle and germ-free.

  20. tet…11.11



    As I pointed out yesterday Sevo join those other giants of the game Newport County & Crawley Town as 32Red’s sponsored clubs.



    Multimillion pound deals…..NOT!

  21. Marrakesh Express on

    I was reading that the movie with most sequels is (arguably) Friday thd 13th with 12.


    However the Carry On series racked up 29 although not strictly sequels.


    Just thinking that when the latest Hun box office flop is put back in the can, will the next sequel be Zombies 2 or Carry On Spiv?


    Cant make my mind up.

  22. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    10:33 on 14 April, 2014



    For what it’s worth I checked out the Ayebrokes pitch on Google Earth and if it was narrowed it was done some time ago.


    I was, however, amazed to see that the pentagram had been removed from the centre circle!











    Aye,the Gobi Desert springs to mind.



    The Himalayas are responsible for that.



    My friend Ally he’s so strange,he looks like a walking mountain range.

  24. BMCUW



    Hahaha I had a fair swally at the weekend. Now I’m not sure if it’s the virus or the alcohol that’s making me feel like this. :-))



    Weefra HH supporting and praying for Wee Oscar.

  25. Pitch Perfect



    The pitch at The Death Star was narrowed years ago.


    The construction of the Club Deck meant that the ‘near’ touchline was blocked from view.



    Touchline was brought in to ensure that the full pitch was visible (only on that side) the posts etc. were then re-centred.



    Of course the Beast famously and sneakily narrowed the pitch once in a Euro game ( after the opposition had finished their training ) to negate their wingers.


    This is the reason that pitch size must now be registered with UEFA at the start of each season and it can not be changed.



    On a slightly different point …


    We shortened Celtic Park playing surface many years ago by about 7-8 yards ( I think it was to make space for CL adverts that sit behind the goals)




    The Onlooker

  26. Marrakesh Express on




    1 Nevin


    2 Keevins


    3 Nicholas


    4 Walker


    5 Peter (McGuire) Martin

  27. Gearoid


    ‘ They Took The Soup ‘



    Dermot Desmond



    ” Rangers is a fantastic club with a great history,” he said. “With the support that they have, they will come back.



    “They will, in not too long a time, be back in the SPL. I have no doubt about that.



    “They’re needed for Scottish football because of their following and the size of the club and especially their history.”

  28. McMurdo blog extract:


    “Black is just an annoying wee ned whose very presence in a Rangers team besmirches our proud history”




    A lesson in how to be so right and so wrong in a single sentence.

  29. 12:21 pm


    A little bit of breaking news and a rumour that we can put to bed right away. You know what Twitter is like, someone breaks wind in Balloch and by the time it hits Glasgow it’s a hurricane. The Scottish FA have stated that there is no truth in the wild rumours that Rangers had narrowed the pitch for today’s match. Graeme Souness, very memorably and to great effect, did that for a European match in the Nineties. It has not happened again today. Ibrox is also a ‘neutral venue’ for the match today – with Hampden being revamped and adapted for Glasgow 2014. We’re also hearing that the pitch looks in great condition as well. The skies have cleared – for the moment – and the sun is shining.