Easy and important acts


The events of this week will be scant consolation to the bereaved of Hillsborough, but it is nonetheless important that football paid appropriate respects, as fans and clubs across England did this weekend.

When Celtic offered to host Liverpool for their first game after the tragedy they took a step to demonstrate solidarity with the people of that city.  In presenting a wreath on behalf of the Celtic Movement at Anfield today, Peter Lawwell carried on the spirit of that week.

It’s often the easy acts which are the most important.

Loved the Scottish Cup semi-finals. perfect result-performance combination which allowed Super Salary, Glib and Shameless, Newco and fans of every other club in Scottish football to take something from the first game.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. Best Celt that i have seen was Paul McStay.



    Souness was a great player, yet i never saw him give any player as much respect as he did with Paul.



    Normally he would go through anyone if it meant winning but he stood off Paul.



    Perhaps it was because they had been teammates with Scotland and there was a respect, but i believed at the time that Souness would actually have liked to sign Paul.

  2. BRTH 22.20


    Top of the range.


    I think Lee Trevino will appreciate the shot making


    skills of Bubba Watson,who has never had a coach.


    Self taught.

  3. Anyone who watched Kenny surely must have realized he was special. How come deed club never noticed?


    Apart from that anyone know what Brogans gonna get ya done after the Tic (favorite of mine)

  4. thezombieslayer on

    Di canio With the ball at his feet Stunning just a shame hes a horrible humanbeing bit like giffin

  5. Magnificentseven supporting Oscar all the way on






    23:19 on



    13 April, 2014





    MagnificentSeven, can’t make a decent argument with that.


    It’s a bit like asking with of your children if the favourite?




    I know what you mean, we all have our favourites, Bobby has always been mine

  6. Doc. Yip, a bloody joke to have a bill and lift young ones when that charade is allowed.



    I’ll need to tape my son and daughters mouths before they go to the concert :)))

  7. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    An old woman left here at 7 o’clock with 2 of my ‘ghirls’ heading for the Concert Hall.



    A ‘young wan’ has just came back in again loudly singing something about somebody called McIlhatton,.. & wondering where he left his stacks of barley…. Says she’s the same wummin.


    I don’t know why people go to Lourdes.



    Miracles R Christy !!

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    Yes Willie Aitchieson was his caddy in Europe.



    If you watch the video link i put up earlier you will see him tell a story about how he got Willie.

  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    How are you doing? Still reading great books?



    Yes Trevino and Bubba have a lot in common.

  10. Magnificentseven, Favourite? I’d have to pick Paul.


    When you are down and taking a kicking the guy standing right beside you.


    That was Paul McStay.



    Thunder Road, I think Souness would have wanted to sign him.


    I remember him giving PMS advice, saying to be truly great he needed arrogance.


    Paul never responded.

  11. Can someone tell me where did they get that sand from


    in the bunkers.


    It is unnaturally white.

  12. Celticrollercoaster luvs his luminious lime boots on

    Good early morning from a scorching but not quite at the moment Benidorm



    Sitting in pub with no 1 and no 2 kids also known as karaoke singers :-)








    Kenny left when we were in need.



    Paul stayed, a footballer and prince among men.



    Jinky encapsulated our club’s spirit.



    Henrik took a great Celtic side to a new level.



    Danny was and is a Celtic great, it’s difficult to beat perfection? A lifelong servant (like John Clark) to Glasgow Celtic.



    There are others, greats of the past Maley, Tully, Gallagher and Quinn who must be mentioned too.



    James Mcgrory is the greatest. Beyond compare.

  14. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on



    I was in big Willie Aitchison’s company most nights for a lot of years. He was a keen ‘duggy man’.


    Trevino was very good to him.

  15. CRC, are you no doing the Predictor?






    It’s up to date;-)


    Email me how to input the scores and I’ll do that.



    Enjoy the holiday.

  16. For me Jinky he was just better than anyone else (even the Lions struggled to be on the same wavelength)The Maestro was world class, Danny also and Lubo, fk me where had he been hiding? That fella should have been known the world over. We were privileged to have him in the Hoops.


    Henrik nough said.

  17. BRTH


    Doing fine thanks.Finding it difficult to make time for


    reading any books at the moment including the CQN productions.


    I have though promised a couple of good mates to buy them


    a copy of the Seville Movement for upcoming birthdays.


    Orders will be placed shortly.HH

  18. the long wait is over



    22:21 on 13 April, 2014





    Raises an interesting point. Who is our oldest poster / lurker?



    Anyone care to nominate?






    Must be Kojo. Given his posts and views he must be at least 300 :))

  19. I’m starving! Missed dinner due to late arrival. Went to the bar for food but nowt left. Reading CQN tucking into a tube of Colgate!