Federate with England or lose your talented teens


Celtic players’ participation in the World Cup ended yesterday as Efe Ambrose’ Nigeria were eventually overpowered by France.  Baring injury, Efe will be in Champions League duty in Iceland two weeks from today, which leaves the player little scope to rest weary limbs for the season ahead.

The fitness management of Efe and Emilio Izaguirre throughout the season will need to take a different path from the rest of the squad.  The search for cover for both players should be a priority.

It’s a pity for Dundee United, and for Scottish football, that Ryan Gauld seems on the verge of leaving for Sporting Lisbon at only 18-years-old.  United have seen enough to know they have a genuine talent on their hands, but the player’s glory years all lie ahead of him.

United will continue to lose genuine teenage talent until they, along with other aspiring Scottish clubs, get a change of environment.  If the Scottish Premiership folded into the English Football League structure Ryan Gould would remain in Tayside for years to come.

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  1. macjay1 for neil lennon



    I can’t provide proof because unlike some I don’t store or save posts, either that I’ve made or others.



    Interesting that again you choose to avoid what really was a simple yes or no answer.



    By interesting I really mean unsurprising.

  2. Geordie Munro on




    I take it I’ve mentioned it before. Doh;)



    Aye the thought of being 20 mins later had me horrified annaw.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    12:46 on


    2 July, 2014





    I wouldn`t waste my time giving it another thought.


    Unless you feel the need to conform.




    Didn`t think so.


    Never forget that the conformists,who are unable to survive on their own are always threatened by those who don`t toe the party line.


    They`re always more comfortable in the gang. Which gangs up.


    Celtic all inclusive……unless you don`t conform to the party line.


    Individualism ,my fellow Tim.


    Here`s tae us.

  4. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:48 on 2 July, 2014





    What did you get grassed up for?





    To be honest I’m not sure to this day, and I’m being honest with that, I think a few where dishing it out to me so I just weighed in to them and ripped up their knitting, I was more or less giving back as good as I was getting, and a few didn’t like it, ergo the yellow card, playground bully didn’t like getting the boot in the auld haw maws sorta thing.

  5. trad 88



    “Where Scotland holds an advantage over other similiary sized markets is that we have a number of clubs with significant supporter bases. This alone ensures that we have a stronger bargaining position compared to most other small nations. I am sure this has helped bring Mr Lawwell to the table for these discussions and indeed I am sure he has done a lot of the pushing.”




    We have a stronger representation than Faroe Islands and Andorra for sure. But how would I know that we have more influence than Lithuania? Slovakia? Austria? Poland? Belgium? Portugal? We certainly seem to have less influence than Ukraine and Scandinavian countries as they have already secured approval for federated Cups and leagues. You need some willing partners, sponsors and influential people to champion the aim. So far there is no great sign that we have been any more influential than any other country.





    “That there have been discussions is no sign that change will occur in the short to medium term and I think we have to be mindful about the damage caused to the domestic game the more this is brought to the fore publicly on a regular basis.”




    Nor is it a sign that there won’t be (in the short, medium or long term). There is a balance to be struck between the Ratner effect of calling attention to your rubbish and the Clive Sinclair C5 Effect of failing to recognise that you have a rubbish product and scrapping it.





    “Until it is imminent lets work to improve what we have. It is far from beyond the realms of possibility that we will see a strong Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hearts and Hibs in the ~short term future…probably more likely than seeing structural change in European football.”




    It cannot become imminent without working for it. Meanwhile we make the best of what we have but let’s not dream we can recreate the 60s again. I would offer you odds of 50 to 1 against your two scenarios i.e. I am saying there will be structural change in European Cups and Leagues before United and Aberdeen thrive in Europe while limited to the SPFL. If war had not broken out in the Ukraine, I would be collecting the money from our bet next year.

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:32 on 2 July, 2014



    I know where I would start on “improving the Scottish game” …….. I would remove the bigots / Celtic haters………that would keep me busy for a few centuries…… :)