Fitness gambles can backfire


News that Kris Commons had surgery yesterday on a back injury he’s been carrying for months was news to me. Injury and illness hampered Kris at various stages this (last?) season but when he reported back ‘fit’ his form didn’t hit previous heights. Now we know why.

Commons, Scott Brown and Mikael Lustig played through injury for large portions of the season. They are big players for Celtic and the story of our season can be seen through the prism of their situations. Jozo Simunovic was also less than 100% fit for what little we saw of him.

Correctly diagnosing the fitness of each of them will be important to Celtic’s performance next season. If we think Jozo and Scott will be capable of performing at Champions League level and they’re not, you could write the script on how next season will transpire.

The new manager will take a look at Kris’s age, vitals and recent injury record, and will immediately underestimate what he’s likely to get from the player next season. No new manager will rely on having a fit and able Kris Commons, but if fit, he’ll get a player with the craft to help him in Europe and domestically.

Mikael’s persistent hip injuries suggest we need to recruit a right back. There’s insufficient evidence to determine whether Saidy Janko is ready for the task, so we need to find someone who can take the pressure off Mikael’s hips.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the newspaper advertisement about Resolution 12, which will run in The Guardian and a Swiss business ‘paper.  It’s been a remarkable project. You can read more information here.

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  1. Boom



    My take on Dick Barton is that Wullie McKay is involved and its winners all round. PR fur deidco and PR for Dick.






    Back to work

  2. A bit off topic and I should have posted this yesterday but if you bear with me please about Sunday’s game and some thoughts on what the blog provides.



    I am a serial lurker and unashamedly use the Blog as my trip advisor on occasion. However, a couple of weeks ago I asked for advice on tickets I had bought for the Motherwell game on Sunday. I was planning to bring my little girl up from England for her first game and it seemed an ideal occasion. To cut a long story short, a member of the blog whom I have never met nor will I be in a position to repay the kindness, not only freely provided better tickets but went out of his way to drop them off at my brother’s house on Friday evening in time for me and the girl arriving from England.



    So although MoonbeamsWD mentioned this morning that he sat at home enjoying the game on a decent stream. He provided my daughter with a memory that will last with her forever and me too. She went into her English school yesterday morning proud as punch for her “Show & Tell” armed with her new Celtic top, Celtic Foundation badge and a new Celtic teddy I christened “Timmy” ( I will explain the name when she is older )



    I will never be in a position to repay in kind and it just reinforces my belief in the spirit of the Celtic family and great people this blog comprises of, despite differences in opinions along the way.



    HH MoonbeamsWD and also to Lennybhoy for putting us in touch. Because of you, I will cherish the memory of the time I spent with my daughter on Sunday in Paradise until my dying day.





  3. I’m hoping that who-ever our new manager is was watching the final game of the season.



    The young players energy and movement created all sorts of problems against a decent Motherwell team and earlier in the season in the 8-1 demolition of Hamilton.



    I’d never blame a single player for our poor performances but we certainly seem to play better when Broonies not been in the team. This may be due to his injury or the fact that he’s not technically good enough for centre mid.



    Interesting times ahead, I’m just worried we end up with a gaffer like Lenny who will over-egg the need for experience..

  4. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Paul we have Anthony Ralston a right back similar to the great legend of Danny McGrain get him in the team now he will not let us down



    Chris Commons and Mikel Lustig will not kick another ball under Brendan Rogers



    Broony if fit he is as good as any holding midfielder

  5. Paul67 this is getting embarrassing. KC isnae going to dump Lisa for you. Get over it. ;)

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    And to think you could have ruined your day by coming to Cqn corner;-)



    Great tale of Cqn at its best. We are all tims after all ☘☘



    Aren’t we?

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    MWD and Lennybhoy.



    Good stuff bhoys, proud of you:)




  8. Geordie Munro on

    Lustig looked mighty fit to me on Sunday.



    I also think cover at left back is much more of a priority.




  9. BIG WAVY 12.38pm.


    Amen.Lovely story, well done to all concerned. I still have my Teddy Bear I had as a child (Absolutely True), he is approaching the 70 year mark now, hope Timmy the Bear has a long & Happy Life & is around for multiple Title wins.

  10. thetimreaper on




    I don’t see Kris as part of the future, be it next season or beyond.

  11. BBhoy: I don’t get over often but there is always a great welcome from CQNers and they all go out of their way to accommodate visitors. Fair play to MWD, only met him a couple of times but a gent and a heart of gold too.



    I hope Peter L reads his posts and does the necessary.

  12. If you’d seen young Ralston in Perth last week you’d feel assured about right back.



    Much more physically imposing and dare I say assured than a young left back who made his debut in the corresponding fixture last season.



    Wonder what happened to that kid?



    HH jamesgang

  13. BBhoy



    Really glad you enjoyed the game with your daughter.






    Take a bow ya pair ah muppets :-)

  14. fieldofdrams on

    On many occasions I’ve enjoyed what Commons brings to the team.



    Hopefully the new manager will not underestimate Commons’ ability.



    Equally hopefully he’ll look at some of Commons’ petulant behaviour, we all know what we’re talking about, look at risk vs reward and take a balanced view. Look at Leicester to see what a team can do when everyone pulls in the same direction and nobody minds who gets the credit.

  15. What happened to KC’s back – chip on the shoulder or been carrying that squirrel about too much.



    I know already HT will unfriend me for denigrating his hero!



    ‘Joe-kin’ big mhan as they tend to say here in the Burg!



    HH jamesgang

  16. Eyes Wide Open on

    I detect an underestimation of the clear out necessary.



    We need to be aiming a lot higher than even having a fully fit Kris Commons as anything more than a back up player.


    Considering he will be one of the higher paid players he should be sold.



    We also need to aim higher than bringing someone in to help Lustig, he is no more than a back up player also. Only we have Janko who is already a decent back up and again, we dont need a reasonable earner playing 3rd choice full back.

  17. Jamesgang



    His back is gubbed from carrying the team for the 2014-15 season! :-)

  18. I had a great evening on Friday in the company of Paul67, Winning Captains, Martin42 and others at the Supporters Association Dinner in the Kerrydale Suite.



    Listening to WC, I am totally convinced that Res12 will be all we hope it to be.



    Bring it on!





    CQN,a force for good in Timternet.



    I’m sure that the only person happier than you and your daughter on Sunday was MWD,and mibbe LENNYBHOY as well.



    One of the faithful on here sent me a photo of his daughter attending her first match the previous week-she looked like the cat who got the cream,proud as punch!



    I assume yer daughter was the same.



    Big Hail Hail to all involved,well done.

  20. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    So the big news of the day is the KC lovefest. Such a pretty bhoy as well, I can already see a few more CQNers trying to muscle in:-)



    Well done MWD and lennybhoy, both with big green hearts.



    BBhoy-what a day to introduce your daughter to Celtic







  21. clogher celt on

    I’d forgotten that Roy Keane spent £80m at Sunderland and further £8 at Ipswich (gross figs).



    If there was any resentment at Lennoxtown amongst senior players against Ronny and/or JC, Roy is in a different league:))






    – Explaining to a court why he had been speeding:



    “The reason I was going too fast was because I was late for work. I had an unreasonable boss at the time who would not accept lateness and would not have listened to me.”





  22. If Commons had a back injury should have been dealt with weeks ago to give him more recovery time.



    Still had the most assists this season despite minimal playing time but I would still say he is a back up player for next season, if he can be moved on I would sell him.





    He should have left earlier. No excuse for being late for a two hour day.

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