Getting ready for Rosenborg, Takeover Panel blues


If results go to form, we will play Rosenborg within one or two days before the anniversary of our matches against them last season.  A year ago we were a tad underprepared; Rosenborg got a credible draw at Celtic Park, a game which could have ended in a significantly more onerous result for Celtic.

Seven days later Celtic were much sharper as they won in Norway.  Rosenborg were our biggest test in last season’s qualifiers.  They went on to eliminate Ajax from the Europa League, the Dutch having competed in the Europa final only three months earlier.

The challenge for Brendan Rodgers is to get his players up to speed a week earlier.

The rise of Europe at the World Cup remains on track.  European teams have won nine, drawn two and lost two of their games so far, with two of the Continent’s better teams, Portugal and Spain, in action today.

I expected the Takeover Panel to allow Dave King time over the summer to comply with the lapsed Court of Session 26 April deadline to make an offer for shares not held by his concert party, but clearly yesterday’s Court of Session action proved otherwise.

Many of the consequences of this, such as cold-shouldering, or legal consequences, are for the medium term.  The immediate issue is that it is clear King has been unable to lodge funds to comply with the court in three months.  As far as fulfilling this legal obligation is concerned, the man is as his QC claimed, “penniless”.

Keep in mind, Newco’s soft loans are repayable within the next 10 days.  Some may be renewed, but have been called in.  There will be enough season ticket money available to make these repayments, but that will leave a gap later in the season.  If only Dave could use some of that season ticket money elsewhere.

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  1. WDH thanks for that info Mrs Hebcelt and I will be in Singapore for Christmas and New Year so will keep it in mind.Some of the best food I have eaten has been in Singapore. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rangers will face Shkupi in the Europa League. If you’ve not heard of them they’re a team from Govan formed in 2012

  3. THE EXILED TIM on 20TH JUNE 2018 3:40 PM


    I see the huns are signing Flanagan from Lpool, decent signing, shame about the baggage so he will fit right in at the bigot dome.




    Totally agree. They are welcome to him. A family club like ours could never endorse such a player. Imo He has crossed a line and such a signing would be insulting to our female supporters



  4. Sauchiehall St is like the blitz and they’ve still no fixed the mess from the last fire, never mind the latest catastrophe.



    Tinder box city



    CQNews csc

  5. South Of Tunis on




    Remember a news item re them on Italian tele.Macedonian but most of their support are Albanian nationalists.Item singled out one Group of Ultras as being seriously aff their heads.

  6. WDH casual will be fine, staying with friends who live there, they should be au fait with the various eateries. I’ll ask them about this one. H H Hebcelt

  7. mike in toronto on

    BSR …



    have you ever been to detroit?



    I went there in ’94 to see a world cup game …. I took a wrong turn off the highway, and was shocked to see that there are a few blocks in the city where the buildings have not been repaired since they were torched in the ’68 race riots … even a few burned out cars are still there as well…



    it looked like a war zone …. but, the funny things is …. you go just a few blocks over, and there are some beautiful parts of Detroit…

  8. mike in toronto on

    PS … the game I saw in detroit… still the best football match I have ever been to …. Brazil v. Sweden ….



    three quarters of the stadium was filled with the south amercicans, including the lovely ladies, dancing to the samba bands… and the other quarter was filled with lovely swedish ladies, also dancing away …



    it was what I imagined a football match in heaven would look like…



    to this day, I still dont remember who won the game… but it is stilll my favourite every football match!

  9. mike in toronto on

    BSR …



    As someone who visits every few years now, I have to admit that Glasgow is looking a bit tired, no doubt..



    but, the bones (a lot of the architecture) is still quite beautiful ….



    Toronto is a great place, with lots to commend it, but archiitecture is not one of them…. we tore down many of our old buildings…. and they were replaced in the 60’s by a lot of cheaper, newer modern buildings… so, when I am back in Glasgow, I am often struck by how lovely a lot of the stonework is on the buildings…. we have very little like it…



    It would cost a lot to bring Glasgow back to its former beauty… but, as I say, the bones are still there ….if there was money, to do it up properly, Glasgow would still be one of the most beautiful cities….

  10. MIT



    World record listed buildings lying derelict Google, The Lion Chambers, Hope St national disgrace, so it is



    Empty since ever I can remember

  11. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 20TH JUNE 2018 5:03 PM


    EasyJet have announced all flights to Macedonia are cancelled.





    Keep off the grass/hedge/flower bed signs going up as we speak.

  12. mike in toronto on




    last few times I was in Glasgow, I was shocked at how many buildings were sitting emply (and looked like they had been for years).



    more than any other city I have been to.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Hun managed to dredge up a photo of Flanagan with an England top on…



  14. Angel Gabriel



    I too know a Hun who went to all the Games and had debentures seats in the club deck. He had his name on the seats. When they went bust he lost his loan and has never been back. He follows the Warriors now.




    On King, I fear as stated above that the Takeover Panel is toothless and King will not get any punishment and that may explain his ignoring of their judgements. They can fine him and he won’t pay. Bar him from being a Director and he will nominate a nominee Director to take his place but he will still call the shots. He lives in SA and has numerous offshore Interests which are well out of reach of UK financial authorities I believe his shares are not in his name but in his company called Oasis.



    The “Cold Shoulder” will have little effect on him as he has little business in the UK, to my knowledge. He will continue to be “penniless” and beyond the reach of UK law. Arrestment orders would get nowhere as the funds are outside UK jurisdiction



    Even if they would threaten to jail him then he wouldn’t serve a day as appeals and Lawyers fees are all being met by Sevco. If all else failed he would stay out of the country.



    He might just be the King “over the water” in an echo of the Jacobites.



    The Tories have ensured that their friends who operate offshore receive little punishment. See Panama papers scandal and the fact that the Tax evaders get off scot free

  15. Bigbhoy



    Genuine question : Does the Scottish government have any powers or leverage that they could use against King, if the will was there.?

  16. Matt Stewart on

    Probably like everyone else the first ripples of Celtic were wrapped in the magnificent and humbling tale of Brother Walfrid and his fundamental role in the foundation of the ethos and club.



    But as my Old Dad used to say ” Don’t take anyone’s word for anything…check fur yersel.” (Although he did make one exception to this rule….when he made a pronouncement it was NEVER wrong.)



    So many years ago, following his dictum and guidance I immeresed myself in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Gaelic and Auld Scots, following a path of murals in caves littering the trail from Sligo to Coatbridge, with detours to Jerusalem and Bangalore.



    The story that unfolded was shocking!



    The myth, the legend, the characters involved were no more than a figment that in modern day terms, some eejit might post on Social Mejia.



    However there was something else. The history we were taught was actually one that was concocted to mask the even more fundamental wonder of how Celtic Football Club was formed. A wonder that could have have an explosive impact of the future of the human race…unless managed carefully. (I am that careful manager).



    Yes! Believe me the magic of the ‘Real Truth’ is even more astounding than that we have all become devoted to.; a truth probably rooted in a gift from a faraway dimension, perhaps even from an alternative universe, and bestowed on an earth that had not so much lost its way as never found the ‘one road’ in the first place.



    Its time now has come …well I may have told it before but since I cannae remember much from pre 2011, I am reveraling it for the first-ish time. The players will be (almost) familiar; the counter-movement with its own culture, ideas, taboos and rituals (boo hiss) is there too with all their evil and disingenuous shenanigans.



    And let’s be honest here….it’s the close season and if I can’t spout shite now, when can I?



    So as the time drags a little and with only the World cup to temporarily alleviate the ennui of the long langorous days of summer, this is the reality of the who we are, where we came from and maybe even where we are going…..well at least the first bit anyway.



    (The rest might have to wait until I’ve mowed the lawn….and that trust me can take all summer.)



    You will be amazed.



    So if you’ve got 5mins (possibly with a wee bit of added time depending on your reading speed)….here it is.



    Its time for you to discover exactly what the the gift was and is and who we had (and continue ) to battle with to ensure that the flower of humanity can flourish.



    I class it as an ‘Anagramatic’ tale.






    Hail hail




  17. If certain people in the media,took King to task,he would probably be in the jail,but they are the Establishment Club,so they the media will close ranks,to protect him, Just look at S T V,they are in partnership with Sevco, covering them at there Training Camp in Spain,we are always going to be second best to them,I just wish Celtic would bar the lot of them,into Celtic Park Lennoxtown,pick reporters that are Celtic Friendly,as for S T V,who endorsed that tie up with Kings Club.

  18. Hrvatski Jim on

    Following my post last night that I don’t do Facebook, it is being reported tonight that the SPFL is courting Amazon Prime, Facebook, Eleven Sports and Premier Sports to cover Scottish football from 2020.



    The apparent target is to double revenues to £40m per season



    Oh well, Bonfigli will make sure that I see what I need to see.

  19. fieldofdrams on

    Thanks very much to Chairbhoy for useful links earlier on first page



    Hail Hail

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hope Spain score in last minute to beat them, cheating fuds going down every 2 minutes

  21. Greenpinta



    I really don’t think they have much power to do anything and as you say there is no appetite to take on Salmond’s “institution”






    Not a great Fan of the Stuarts



    The Exiled Stuarts, the Old and New Pretenders forced the Highlanders to pay rent and taxes to them in France as well to the William & Mary Government. Perhaps this King, follows their example, gets them to buy their season book and also gets them to donate to club 1872 who pass then it on to King.



    Doubles up

  22. Any more info on the 5 million upgrades on The Stadium ,lennoxtown,Barrowfield,etc,this is what I mean about our clubs P R to its Supporters, once they have told us what’s going on,nothing since,

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