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  1. Gene on 25th May 2019 5:52 pm


    Apparently Neil’s been offered the job




    ZZzzzzzzzz…….where have you been greetin face? :-)

  2. eddieinkirkmichael on

    From Celtic FC official twitter account


    ? We are delighted to announce that Neil Lennon has been offered the job as permanent #CelticFC manager and the details will be confirmed in the coming days ?⚪️ #TrebleTreble

  3. Fool Time Whistle on




    They’re all in the lounge bar drinking single malts.




  4. Celtic Football Club





    ? #TrebleTreble Bus Parade Reminder ?



    It is very important that supporters remain behind barriers and do not enter roadways. Should any significant safety concerns arise, then the parade will be re-routed.



    Full information ➡️ http://www.celticfc.net/news/16211





    17:06 – 25 May 2019




  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Great day. I’ll be honest , I didn’t think we’d do something amazing in the modern era over the last few years and we have . great day!

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 25TH MAY 2019 5:54 PM



    Your generosity of spirit is humbling.



    Hail Hail

  7. Fool Time Whistle on

    For those of us in foreign parts…where is the word about NFL being named manager coming from.



    Radio rumour or pundit fact?



    Thanks in advance.

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    Well done Celtic, enjoy the day as things will now be very difficult as we go back to FC cheap option. Disgraceful lack of ambition from the board will unfortunately end in tears. Pathetic.

  9. Celtic Football Club



    Verified account





    1h1 hour ago




    2016/17 ???


    2017/18 ???


    2018/19 ???



    Celtic Football Club – #TrebleTreble Winners! ? ⚪️ ?

  10. Macjay 5.59pm



    I would give you a hug anytime :-)



    Hope you enjoyed (if that’s the correct word) today

  11. Fool Time Whistle on

    Someone sent me this..



    Celtic Football Club



    Verified account





    7m7 minutes ago




    ? Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell: “Neil stepped up to the plate when we needed him. He’s a true Celtic man who knows the club and the city. He’s a winner with a fantastic eye for a player. I’m delighted to announce he’s been offered the job.” #TrebleTreble

  12. Wan wee bit of advice to Neil. Take the Players to other parts of the Ground when success happens, even prioritise this as Celtic is a lot more than the most vocal.

  13. James lets not spoil the day mo chara. Lenny has been given the managers position. Not what many supporters wanted but when have our current custodians ever cared about that? In the mean time let us celebrate this historic andmomentous day in the history of Scottish football and Celtic FC and save the recriminations for another time.

  14. TheLurkinTim on

    St Stivs…lol…that nearly had me spraying Merlot over the table…nearly. JF…please let’s just revel in todays historical result…

  15. On this occassion, I will not give the board anything but praise for appointing a WINNING manager.


    You can keep all the daft talk about “modern” managemenrt styles. i dont care if we win 1-0 with big punts up the park to a 7 feet striker,






    And if NFL accepts the job, then he gets my support all the way,



    Enjoy that winning manager.




  16. A year to find a new manager…we go for Neil Lennon! No ambition. ..means they are not trying to improve. Maybe Desmond will get his fav Glasgow team to win league next year

  17. THELURKINTIM on 25TH MAY 2019 6:05 PM



    glad to put a wee grin on your face, keep it lit bud,

  18. Every single one of these assimilated tim tout filth denouncing NFL will be identified, season cards taken off them and once tarred and feathered, their wannabe hun arses kicked down London Rd.




  19. Very cynical imo to announce Neil at this moment. Today is a great day but Lennon is not the man to take us forward.

  20. Neil will transform the Celtic team in the Summer.



    If we couldnae get Rafa looking @ everything Neil is the best option (if he is seriously backed) to get 9 in a row.

  21. Welcome home Neil.


    Well done today and for getting us over the line in the league. Now rebuild for next season.



    Well done Paul67, what you told me was absolutely spot on.

  22. Just back from Hamdump



    Well- that was emotional!



    We live in legendary times.



    I am going to make no comment on the managerial appointment – Neil has not failed us since he came back- I will wait till he has before I would call this a wrong appointment.



    Is it ok to start with Champagne and then move on to other poisons?



    Aff oot

  23. Ah feck it.



    That’s a shocking appointment.



    Logging off. Can’t be arsed. What a bummer.

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