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  1. JHB



    What about those of us who didn’t want Neil appointed in the first place?

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    RobertTressell on 16th May 2021 1:55 pm



    Any statements from Statement FC?



    They’re just working out,how to blame the cooncil, the polis,Celtic supporters, Palestinians……..etc etc…

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    It wusnae us, it was Rainjurz fans and not Tje Rangers fans



    Statement ends

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    UNCLE JIMMY on 16TH MAY 2021 2:02 PM



    Wasn’t allowed on here….

  5. Martim 1980.



    Wrong.my post was nothing to do with Soinnaigh or his post.your interpretation fails.






    MARTIM1980 on 16TH MAY 2021 1:21 PM


    Calling something out after the event (and calling it a minority) and then being commended, when you had the power to stop it in the first place, is total spin, slin, spin.



    We have been spinning for quite a long time historically.we spun all the conservative and unionist majority to 1956 (i think).The spin then was taken over by the labour and unionists powrr,right up to today were it happens to be a party who want iindependence.


    in short it could have been called out long before the puss oozed onto our streets last night.And rememember it was not.You and i would the politicians would not.











  6. AN TEARMANN on 16TH MAY 2021 2:35 PM


    Martim 1980.







    Wrong.my post was nothing to do with Soinnaigh or his post.your interpretation fails.







    Why don’t you copy and paste what you are replying to?



    Engage with the arguments rather than indulge in ad hominem abuse and insults?

  7. quadrophenian on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 16TH MAY 2021 12:40 PM


    Unconfirmed reports that a hun is in hospital due to blowing part of his hand of with a flare/firework!


    The real question is, if he gets an prosthetic hand, can he claim it as the same hand?





    Brilliant. Post of the arvo!



    Answer: Only if it’s a red hand ;)



    BTW the scenes really are a total mutant cavalcade. If that’s a celebration, a protest must be a real hoot.

  8. Sevco Statement



    “The Directors and board of the Glorious Glasgow Rangers who have never been in administration or liquidated would like to condemn the complete lack of faculties afforded to our wonderful fans by Glasgow city council on the occasion of our world record, world beating 55th league title, that’s 55…not one! “

  9. An Tearmann,



    There is no way in hell you can spin yesterday, events leading up to it and the post faux outrage as acceptable.



    This was a devolved, snp decision to let it happen. They knew it would happen. They could have stopped it, addressed the issue the last time, ordered arrests, jail time. They did not. Then put together 4 tweets stating their outrage. They are supppsed to protect first.




    And then you accuse me of been hard of thinking. Yet it appears like you struggle to form an opinion outside what you are allowed to think by your blind sided campaign.



    Only 1 main party wants indy, and you defend them even when it’s indefensible.



    Would you like me to put any of the above in CAPS?






    Celtic Supporter, Catholic, Irish Descent.


    Passionate about equality.



    Thinking Indy is madness for us doesn’t make me a unionist.

  10. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Let’s leave aside the Board’s general conduct towards its own support as a separate issue.



    I agree the players have been an utter disgrace, Took the big money and didn’t show up. Showed they were afraid of Sevco. Unforgivable.



    My main beef with the Board is their complicity with the rehabilitation of the hun. The 5WA and the continuation lie. Everything else is secondary. This is the profound issue of trust. Strangely that issue is never directly addressed by the Board plants on here.



    I always loved Neil Lennon and rarely criticised him, although at times this season I thought he had been possessed by Lord Haw Haw. A guy who always told it straight telling us black was white. It was weird to observe.



    I will say that I was disappointed when he was made permanent and I wasn’t alone. Most fans were underwhelmed. He did great last season, but the Sevco performances were very worrying. He looked outmatched. That was fatal this season and he should have gone after the 0-2 game in October. The Board put his/their interests ahead of the fans and yesterday’s trailer trash supremacy show was the outcome.

  11. I am neither sentimental or soft, but after watching Leicester City win the cup yesterday, I was filled with jealousy and envy at the GENUINE love and good feeling around the club. The Chairman , in the stand, almost in tears, a guy who leaves all football matters to Brendan, the respect and obvious love the players have for the Chairman and each other and of course , the fans.



    How I’d love to see Celtic the same way!! I have my doubts, but I can dream.




  12. Rolling_Stone on

    @MARTIM1980 on 16TH MAY 2021 3:16 PM



    The problem is that certain people think Scottish independence will be equivalent to Irish unification. It wouldn’t be. They aren’t bedfellows.

  13. thanks again, again broonie; an inspiration. Turn the dons around and skelp the you know whats

  14. timmy7_noted on

    Martim1980, I’m still waiting for an apology for the lies you posted about me.




    I saw you started talking about Celtic again straight after I called it the snp posts.



    Also you did congratulate a post insulting P67.



    We can talk about it more if you want?

  16. 66







    That louden theory didn’t stand up to fact checking even the GCC denied it.







    This will be consigned into the unsolved mysteries file, along with our season and why we didn’t act sooner (though I suspect it would’ve meant even longer with JK in charge. I’m hoping for his sake he proves himself elsewhere





    Go tell – I heard it from a councillors mouth.



    D :)

  17. Martim1980



    just re read the post mate.



    Where did i write i agree with Nicola



    and please stop attempting to box my posts into something you have experienced under your union..remember every bit of bigotry,being seconded has occurred under its union Martim…..but now its the snps fault.


    and you talking simplistic solutions when zero was done.


    You may well be Catholic it matters not a jot to me.your unionism is open to question, tho now the socialists betrayed the working class they are dead here.


    your shiteswiping use of catholicism is somehow betrayed by the numbers voting snp am sure youll seek one out.


    .They obviously dont want that equality-which murdered how many iraqis and the certainly dont want the austerity inspiring mistake of covering the bank debt.how many died from that type of equality(austerity ) where the poor pay.



    back to garden








    Just for clarity you congratulated a poster who made reference to Paul67 as Adrian Durham.



    You and they knew exactly what you were trying to do in an attempt to discredit Paul, because he dared to call out the Scottish Govt.



    Now you are on here trying to discredit me and pull sympathy.



    And you want me to apologise?

  19. AN TEARMANN on 16TH MAY 2021 3:52 PM



    Sorry none that makes any sense or relevance to what was being discussed.

  20. timmy7_noted on

    So rather than be honest now you are trying to justify the lies?


    I’ll ignore you in future.


    Spouting about your Catholicism, really?

  21. Just to say there is no way the unionist parties (Labour/Con) would have stated anti-catholic behaviour in a statement about yesterday.


    I have issues with Nicola Sturgeon on many issues – but she is the only senior Scottish politician with the honesty and credibility to call out the anti catholic bigots and describe it as just what it is.



    Well done Nikki!!




  22. onenightinlisbon on

    QF on 16TH MAY 2021 4:01 PM






    Heard nothing from the other Scottish political leaders….

  23. There’s an interesting thread on the Scottish football thread on Reddit.



    There’s an ex Rangers season ticket holder who is saying that it needs to be made clear that this is a rangers problem, not a Scottish football problem.



    The talk then start to move onto we need to stop calling it a sectarian issue and start calling it an anti Catholic issue. This from supporters of other teams, including rangers




  24. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 16TH MAY 2021 4:03 PM



    Not a cult.





    Definitely not a cult.

  25. lets all do the huddle on

    some of Paul’s comments contain implicit insults to some of his audience in order to elicit a response from them



    thats exactly what Adrian Durham does



    the comparison is valid

  26. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 16TH MAY 2021 4:06 PM



    Not a cult.



    Definitely not a cult.

  27. lets all do the huddle on

    in fact i dont think either of them necessarily do it to get a reaction



    they just have a platform to get those views (insults and all) to an audience and so make sure they take the opportunity

  28. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 16TH MAY 2021 4:04 PM



    Your obsession is worrying.



    Maybe take up golf…

  29. Lots of work to sort squad out by next season. Celtic will need to be creative in the market. Only real positive is we have a lot of space free and should be able to get good money for some of our want always. if it is howe I am sure he will know a few good players he can bring in. Who ever takes over would benefit from bringing in a few of their previous players to help quicken the teams understanding of their system, shape and style.



    Gk – Barkas (1 year to prove self), Hazard (loan), bain (sell)



    = Need 1 gk



    Rb – JJK (return), ralston (release) O’connor (understudy)



    = Need 1st rightback



    Cb – Jullien (1st choice) welsh (understudy), hjiti (pre-season chance/ development loan), ajer (sell), hendry (sell)



    = 2 x centrebacks needed. 1st choice



    Lb – laxell (return), taylor (backup), Montgomery ( pre-season chance/ development loan), boli (sell)



    = 1st choice leftback needed



    Wingers – forrest (1st choice, johnson (understudy), dembele (sign contract keep/ no contract sell), shved (sell)



    = 1st choice left winger needed



    Keep McGregor, soro, turnbull, connoll (bring into squad), shaw, brown (sheep), rogic (sell), christie (sell), henderson (free % back), robertson (development loan)



    = 1st choice cm needed



    Keep Ajiti and bayo, eduard (sell), griff (release)



    = 2 forwards needed, 1st choice