How Celtic lose cups: red cards and penalties


I don’t know anyone who was confident Olivier Ntcham would score with his penalty against St Mirren earlier this month.  Our stats have been awful this season.  Ryan Christie scored his only attempt in a comfortable win over Hearts.  Moussa Dembele also scored his solitary attempt, against Alashkert, but Olivier and Scott Sinclair have each missed two, while Leigh Griffiths missed against Motherwell.  Seven out of 12 have been converted.

Those of you who are old enough to remember the last time Celtic did not win a domestic trophy will recall we went out of that particular Scottish Cup semi-final on penalties.

If you were Derek McInnes, you would have spent all week planning for this eventuality.  Hopefully, the point is not lost on Neil Lennon.  Celtic will take the game to Aberdeen, but if the tie is level in the latter stages of the initial 90 minute period, Aberdeen will sit every-deeper and play for penalties – which they will have a decent chance to win.

That reversal in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final aside, Celtic have only exited a cup tournament since Neil Lennon’s first tenure as manager after being reduced to 10 men.  Efe Ambrose conceded a penalty and was sent off in the 2016 League Cup semi-final against Ross County, and Craig Gordon was sent off in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final against Inverness.  The latter remains an infamous refereeing performance for the failure to award a penalty and red card Inverness’s Josh Meekings for punching a goal-bound header off the line.

Objectively, if Celtic are going to be stopped from collecting a treble treble, it is most likely to happen on Sunday, as a result of either a red card or a penalty kick competition.  We can plan for both.

Expect Aberdeen to wind up whomever they think is vulnerable to some referee attention – I’m looking at you, Scott.  The script has been written on this one.  Do not get drawn in, play the game on our terms, if anyone loses composure, let it be their daft full back (again).

None of us have confidence in our penalty takers, but practice helps (despite luddite beliefs).  Training will be light tomorrow.  It should consist exclusively of penalty kick practice.

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  1. Some of us are working in 6 1/2hrs so my prediction for Sunday are Lennys 3 amigos












    Obviously Bain will start so for the posters who like picking their first 11 you now only need to pick 7



    Fellow Celtic fans good night n god bless … semi final in the Hampden sun to look forward too on Sunday



    Hail Hail

  2. weebawbabitty on

    GFTB, hopefully we will have both!! Anyway G N GB , hopefully a wee treble treble to debate shortly, who would have thought it Even 3 years ago HH



    Kevj cfc

  3. Listened to most of the Gary Locke thang.



    Dude disnae like getting beat.






    Celtic were excellent against Leipzig.

  4. Weebawbbity



    Hi mate hope your good.0:-)


    Re kevj



    Not seen him on tho its hard to tell as he has a Few names to pick from :-)(kevj wd b the 1st to deny:-).but i do hope he comes on soon and is in good health


    Catch up soon



  5. the long wait is over on

    Morning all.



    Trying to find a. way to watch the game tomorrow at home.



    As a subscriber to sky and Bt I’m loathe to have to pay a third subscription to Premier.



    Their website says the first month is free and I can cancel on giving a weeks notice.



    it doesn’t look like there’s a minimum subscription so does anyone know if you can just join up , get the free month and then cancel for nothing and get out before the start of the second month ?







  6. weebawbabitty on

    Morning. ALL , Antearmann, hope you’re good big ghuy , Will try catch up with KEVJ brother in law to see if he is ok . David 66 , hope you’re good bhud HH

  7. Good morning CQN from a sunny but frosty Garngad



    Weebawbabbity- I am good thanks.



    Hopefully I don’t have a week like the last one for a long time. These are life’s bumps on the road, a wee test from the big man upstairs if you like, to see how we cope. There are people who are facing battles/struggles on a daily basis, I thank god for what I have in life. So for all you guys facing health or family issues, God bless.



    I hope you are well too.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  8. :))))))))))))))))))))))))












    There’s some hilarious stuff on t’internets………..

  9. morning bhoys from a blue skyed but very cold Cheshire, the nerves are starting to kick in, I more sleep COYBIG HH,

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 13TH APRIL 2019 7:34 AM



    Belter! Great start to the day.



  11. Whichever team Lenny puts out tomorrow, and he should put out his strongest irrespective of loan players or not, should be able to beat Aberdeen.


    We just need to be at it from the first whistle.


    There is no excuses now as the players have all had recuperation/recovery time inbetween the last few games.






    D. :)

  12. Good morning from a glorious, sun kissed, cold East Kilbride. Perfect for a wee 9.30am ParkRun.

  13. whitedoghunch on

    Jobo, morning


    from your list of SPFL players


    my Motherwell ST friend


    a knowledgeable and passionate football man rates Hastie

  14. Good morning from the E71 on the way from Lucca to Florence.



    Not many football colours on display in lucca but I did see a guy with a green top with CELTIC written in white on his front.



    Yesterday we visited our pal Leonardo in Vinci as we near the 500th anniversary of his death.



    Visits to the Uffizi Gallery, Duomo and Medici Chapel will be fitted around a football game in Scotland tomorrow.

  15. THE LONG WAIT IS OVER on 13TH APRIL 2019 7:02 AM


    Morning all.



    Trying to find a. way to watch the game tomorrow at home.



    As a subscriber to sky and Bt I’m loathe to have to pay a third subscription to Premier.



    Their website says the first month is free and I can cancel on giving a weeks notice.



    it doesn’t look like there’s a minimum subscription so does anyone know if you can just join up , get the free month and then cancel for nothing and get out before the start of the second month ?










    I haven’t used premier sports for years, as I was stung twice by them. On both occasions it was meant to be take out a yearly subscription and cancel at a time that meant you only paid for one month. I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but I felt that they had scammed me twice.



    Maybe it’s easier nowadays and perhaps someone can confirm.



    I very much doubt that you’d get a month for nothing.

  16. The Long Wait Is Over


    Your free month is included in yoiur first months subscription, so you have to pay for your second month to receive the first month free. So you get two months for the price of one.


    Did it at the star of the season to catch some of our early CL qualifiers. As long as you remember to confirm your cancellation within the first month, you won’t be charged again, and I think you can do this online.



    The alternative is to hope for a ‘reliable’ dodgy stream, or go to the pub, and perhaps spend more than £10.

  17. South Of Tunis on

    TONTINE TIM -yesterday



    Mrs S of T’s one and only football match was Chelsea V Fulham -Boxing Day 76 .



    Davie Hay , Best , Marsh , Mullery etc .



    Huge crowd by Chelsea standards . Violence before ,during and after – ” just like Italy ” according to my visiting from Padova , father in law .



    Mrs S of T’s motivation for going was simple – going to the game with me and her father would excuse her from going to the Boxing Day Sales with her visiting /on holiday motormouth Mama and her even worse Auntie …



    Poor woman was bored stiff and said the only pleasure she’d got was that there were some lovely arses / thighs to look at . .



    I think Chelsea won .

  18. Awesome leaderboard at the Masters.


    Looking forward to tomorrow’s denouement following on from our magnificent, semi final, victory.




  19. Looking forward to the trip to Hamdump, strange that there’s an air of a Celtic


    victory,’ which could launch our season? ‘. When your already double figure points clear in the


    SPL it shows how spoiled with success the Celtic support have become, aye, we won but we’re


    s***e under Neil Lennon ( heard it? )



    How supporters can turn the heat for home draws that Rodgers made an art form, onto Neil Lennon is beyond me, did he do something absurdly different at Lennoxtown that transformed the team into ‘as flat as a pancake’ or are these fans just dead set on anybody but Neil Lennon? If you trust the Celtic board to appoint someone with European elan, or even a modicum of credibility, they’ll have another first on their watch, and it wasn’t Neil Lennon who took the wind from the sails of the Celtic support, or the playing staff.



    We last visited Easter Rd on SPL business when Neil was the home manager, and he outfoxed Rodgers’s Celtic back three, in an as easy a victory, as Hibs have had in years, with Lenny in charge at Celtic, he reversed the result, easy as pie. A lot of fans have blanked that win, a victory and key that set up this treble treble game at Hamdump.



    A fully fit squad often eludes Celtic managers and Neil Lennon has very happy selection options tomorrow of which best players to pick, and how to get them into the starting line up. Olivier Ntcham and Tom Rogic are both rolls royce options, but may find themselves on the bench, or will our wiley manager ditch a secondary wide player and opt for more class in the middle?



    Up front theres only room for our Eddy.

  20. Petec@8:54am



    ’82 Brazil



    The best team not to have won the WC, maybe a dead-heat with the ’74 Dutch.



    Their opening match against Russia when they scored 2 crackers in the last 15 minutes having trailed at half time was enthralling. I’ll never forget Eder’s winning 20 yard volley with 2 minutes to go.



    Outside Celtic, I’ve never been as upset about a team losing as I was in that phenomenal match v Italy. Socrates’ equaliser at 0-1, with that turn and lazer pass from the mighty Zico, football as Art.



    Imagine if they’d had a centre forward, instead of Serginho!

  21. Quick question ( been offline all week)


    Last week I believe Scott Brown was Slandered on radio Clyde, by an employee of Sevco


    Has said individual been back on the radio ?


    Has radio Clyde apologised


    Have Celtic or Scott taken action against Both the individual and radio station ??



    Seriously hope śo

  22. I won’t be attending Hampden tomorrow as I continue my ‘it’ll make no difference’ boycott of attending domestic cup games. I do, however, invest the cost of a ticket on a Celtic victory so hopefully that’s a winning tactic!


    I’d be happy to see Johnny Hayes in the starting line up, flying down the wing. So, assuming we revert back to our 4-2-3-1 shape it’d be –




    Lustig, Ajer, Simunovic and Tierney


    Brown and McGregor


    Forest, Christie and Hayes





    Eurochamps67 – like you, a lot of my weekend will be taken up with The TV coverage of Masters. THis years event really is up for grabs. I noticed that because of the “10 shots off the leader” rule when making the cut, only 22 players missed the cut leaving 65 still in the field. Assuming the final 2 days are still 2-player games then presumably those out first will be needing an extremely early breakfast!

  23. NorrieM



    And he’s usually so spot-on about things too!



    “The best way for Morelos to deal with it is to do what he does best and stick the ball in the back of the net. There is nothing better than scoring a goal and then just walking by with the biggest smile on your face because that is what worries defenders and really gets to them most.



    That is what he will do after the winter break this month”. (Jan ’19).



    Suppose he could use the euphoria over his team’s first-ever league victory against Celtic as an excuse for being so wrong, right enough.

  24. Bhoys and Ghirls,



    As an individual a more mature Neil Lennon has impressed. The team was running on empty prior to his arrival.


    Coincidence; maybe but maybe not. Our team played our best football in the absence of Scott Brown.


    I love SB to bits, but should Neil consider dropping a fully fit Scott Brown.


    Would he dare ????




  25. Morning all, I had jo idea our penalty success rate was so low, not good at all.


    Anyway, here’s to a good weekend. Picking ip the Lhad at Waverley station then a nice wee Italian late lunch for us and his wee Mum.


    Managed my 3 rd 5k of the week this morning so I am feeling very smug even though Jobo would be showered, shaved and home by the time I finished.


    Sunday dinner tomorrow will be dependent on what time we get back from Hampden. Hoping it will be early and the steak skewers on a bed of rice and roasted vegetables will be scented with victory. Take care everyone. HH

  26. jmccormick


    Scottish mutton is in season , so good


    sure you could make some magic with it