Ibrahim chance to reboot potential at Celtic


Celtic have completed the signing of 20-year-old Nigerian, Rabiu Ibrahim subject to a medical, after he was released by PSV Eindhoven earlier this month.   Rabiu is known as a creative-central midfielder, a role that Celtic have played possibly as few as a dozen times in the last decade.

After leaving Nigeria full of promise as a 17-year-old the player failed to make the desired impact in Portugal and the Netherlands, but will still be regarded as a development project by the Celtic technical staff.  His short history in Europe, with tales of agents and representation investors already has enough material for a short novel, which will not have aided development.

The job for Celtic is to get Rabiu plugged back into his potential.  It remains to be seen what role he is deployed in when he gets the chance.

Welcome to Celtic, Rabiu.

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  1. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    People forever having a dig at the SPL but that Wolves-Birmingham replay is absolutely dire.



    Aye Kittoch,that’s Heid’s brother.

  2. Celtic Mac



    Your offshore company is real, that’s why they are sure about it.



    Ratners don’t have and should not have an offshore company.



    There is nothing wrong with EBT’s they just don’t fit into either English or Scottish football as Arsenal will tell yeh.

  3. final score in copa del ray first match


    Bilbao 2 Mallorca 0



    El Classico next



    Hail Hail

  4. Saint Stivs



    Jim Kennedy


    John Divers


    Steve Chalmers


    Dunky McKay


    Bobby Lennox


    John Hughes


    Joe McBride


    & the two Brazilians Da Souza & Inacio ???



    Cropped out of the pic are Ian Young & Big Billy who were also there

  5. tommytwiststommyturns Kano 1000 on

    “McColl to the rescue” story gaining further credence within Hundom…..hopefully just a rumour based on utter desperation!




  6. Eyes Wide Open



    Diawara would be mad not to sign for a decent Spanish side rather than come to this backwater so don’t use that as an example of Lenny not getting his way. The money side of it is irrelevant.

  7. Eyes Wide Open,


    how many players do you think,given the choice,would pick the SPHell ahead of the spanish league,


    and we dont know how much he is being paid,could be a big difference there,its not just about


    matching a transfer fee

  8. setting free the bears says:


    18 January, 2012 at 20:54


    Saint Stivs



    Jim Kennedy


    John Divers


    Steve Chalmers


    Dunky McKay


    Bobby Lennox


    John Hughes


    Joe McBride


    & the two Brazilians Da Souza & Inacio ???



    Cropped out of the pic are Ian Young & Big Billy who were also there






    impressed bud, well done.

  9. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    bloody hell… hav I got the only dug that likes whisky?



    I know what she’s thinkin, she thinks if she drinks it, am gonnie have to give her the rest



    Well its no happenin… no girl… oh no… not this time

  10. Tricoloured Ribbon



    Thanks mate, wasn’t sure, didn’t know that he had left Wigan.



    You are right about this game torrid, nearly let the wife watch East Enders.

  11. setting free the bears/Saint Stivs



    Thanks for the effort re Ali, it is appreciated. I am hoping Blantyre Tim can come up with a story from the period.



    Hail Hail

  12. lennon's passion on

    **Sky Sports breaking news**


    The captain of the Costa Concordia has been dramatically released and summoned to Ibrox to explain how best to cope with a sinking ship.

  13. Some of the rubbish I’ve heard from the media today…


    I.e. Hooper would be crazy to turn down that salary?


    Is this the new way transfer deals are made???





    So let me get this right …



    For example…



    Dalglish should have offered Newcastle £5m for andy Carroll (probably a reasonable price)


    Then… If they said no…


    Take the rest of his eventual fee £30m


    Over 4 years equals £140k per week plus


    And put to him that is a offer to hard to refuse thus making an unhappy player if Newcastle refuse



    When he comes on a £5m fee on £140k pw amounting to £35m


    Means you’ve saved his current £15m over 4 years wages!!




  14. A big welcome to Rabiu Ibrahim to the best club in the world.




    Now, keep the head down,behave yourself and work hard to break into our side because soon you may be hunskelping :O)






    tictalker talking tic.

  15. Who knows what happened with bangura and diawara, its all guesswork really.



    Surely the rational way of looking at it is to make a judgement on what we know, which is to look at the signings we know we have made over the last few windows. Or is that just crazy talk?

  16. I like the fact that we’re signing young players who have the potential to play at the highest level, Keevins has said, on more than one occassion that ‘…celtic are a SELLING club…’ as if this is somehow derogatory! You find talent, you sell on, you buy more talent! Man Utd are a selling club! Beckham, Ince, Ronaldo. I’m reading on here tonight supporters saying that our squad’s too big! so what? would you rather be at the South side? David Weir is leaving because: (a) he wants to further his career; (b) he’s getting paid far too much and the MBB wants him to piss off; (c) he can get more money in England. Answers on a postcard to Why are You paying him £26000 per week??!!!!?


    The fact is that they’re gubbed!!! we don’t need them, nobody likes them, we shouldn’t care!


    In the spirit of Shankly (John you’re immortal) Hugh, you’re a fud!!!!

  17. Eyes Wide Open on

    ElDiegoBhoy says:


    18 January, 2012 at 20:54



    They werent queueing out the door and around the corner last summer when Lennon went to Portugal to watch him which is when I was talking about.



    That was the time we could have got him – that was also the time were looking for a striker to supplment Stokes, Hooper and Samaras.



    Now we are looking for a striker to supplement Stokes, Hoopers, Samaras and… Bangura.

  18. Celtic Trust hinting a future bhoycott of St Mirren if they insist on searching every Celtic fan this weekend.



    They advise not to let yourself be searched if the Stewards hands are not covered and they cannot prove they are SIA approved.




  19. Perhaps Southampton should go for jellylegs for £1



    Not unreasonable considering Whyte bought him and the entire team and club for £1



    And make him an unmissable salary of £39k pw thus saving on wages….?


    Wonder what shortbread would make of that?

  20. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    Brings to mind a wee story – probably apocryphal – that ma Dads buddy, Charlie, used to tell.



    As kids of about 10 years old – before the war – he an his mate used to attend Temperance Society meetings, cos they got free sandwiches and biscuits. He tells of the Temperance gent getting two worms, putting one into a glass of water, and one into a glass of whisky. The worm in the whisky writhes and eventually expires, whilst the one in the water continues to wriggle away. He stares triumphantly at the audience and challenges “Now, what does that tell you?”.



    To which Charlie, with the wisdom of youth, replies “If ye drink whisky, ye’ll never get worms”

  21. Getting a wee bit fed up with the Bangura bashing.



    I think if 50% of a managers transfer work out your actually doing well.


    There are multiple reasons a player doesnt break through into a new team, but showed well at their last club, and often can go on and play well somewhere else.



    It happens.



    I think Lenny’s success rate is pretty decent.



    The real thing is in the future, if your a success overtime, people wont remember who you bought that didnt work out.

  22. Eyes Wide Open on

    celtic40me says:


    18 January, 2012 at 21:03



    Not necessarily crazy talk – however in a nut shell we do know the players we have signed in the last few windows havent been good enough to wrestle the league back from a bankrupt football club.



    So just I suppose for sanity reasons (in keeping with the crazy talk theme!) you would like to think the ones we didnt get might just have been fit to have accomplished that pretty straight forward and easy task.

  23. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Mrs J bought me a new tooth brush today. Red ,white and that other colour. <0((;(0( you'de think after 50 years eh?

  24. Eyes Wide Open



    You don’t know we could have attracted the guy then. You can’t back that up with anything of substance.



    Anyway we could go back and forth all night but for me the guy has reached a sensible decision, sadly.

  25. how do ghents



    been off line a few days



    rushed off feet at work



    what`s happening ?



    from what i can glean



    Hooper sale …come on why during Jan .. concentrate on winning the league



    Hun newco …they`ll be out of business within a couple of years ..tehir squad would be awful ..no money to replenish it ..Huns don`t support losing teams ..therefore …poor crowds ..ever dwindling finances ..it might be fun ………….they could even get relegated with a points deduction following their readmittance

  26. Eyes Wide Open on

    Hereford United have signed Barnsley defender Kern Miller on loan until the end of the season.

  27. watching Howard Webb tonight, maybe we are being hard on our refereeing cheats, because he’s making dreadful decisions tonight with no apparent allegiance to either team.

  28. Eyes wide open



    Read what Lenny said about how they decided to sign the polish lad. It’ll tell you more about how players are signed than guessing what happened with diawara based on Lenny taking a flight to Portugal to watch a potential signing on a night off

  29. tommytwiststommyturns Kano 1000 on

    EWO – that’ll be the bankrupt football club who spent someone else’s money after Kaunas and bought a more expensive team than ours (because we lived within our means). The Huns are about to experience the long-term problems caused by not living within your means.


    Try to keep up!




  30. EWO



    the Diawarra /Bangura conundrum is very confusing



    the well-informed P67 ran a leader that Diawarra was signed subject to work permit



    i was advised by a few sources that we were going to sign Bangura as well



    then we were told that we couldn`t get both



    guess what ..went for cheaper option …sadly Bangura is awful and Diawarra cannae stop scoring …a major error here



    to top it all …Hooper for sale …

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