Inverness panic instead of asking for support


There has been an enormous amount of guff said and written during the last five months but last night’s statement by Inverness Caledonian Thistle chairman, Kenny Cameron, is surely is up there with the most bizarre.

“All clubs will now have to live with the repercussions of this decision. Scottish football was at a cross roads today in terms of what was on the table for all clubs regarding reorganisation, financial distribution and a road map that would have taken the game forward.

“But this has now been thrown in to disarray by this decision. This is a sad day for all clubs in Scotland.

“Certain clubs in the SFL have perceived the financial information they were receiving as a ‘big stick’ to beat them into accepting Newco in the First Division. This was definitely not the case, as far as I am concerned. What they were being told was the reality of the situation.

“We will be convening an emergency board meeting over the weekend to discuss the very serious financial implications for us as a club going forward.”

Instead of explaining to the people of Inverness that buying season tickets will prevent the club making non-football staff redundant he seems to be preparing the ground for significant cutbacks.

This is the reality for every club in the SPL and several in the SFL.  Fans, including Inverness fans, demanded that a sporting element was retained in their game.  Now they’ve gotten their way, Inverness and the rest should be putting out the clarion call for fans to buy tickets.

As football fans, this is our responsibility.  35 out of 42 clubs voted to reject Sevco into anything other than the bottom level of Scottish football.  Now we must step forward.

P.S. You don’t really need me to tell you, but buy a season ticket now!

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  1. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Exactly HOW DOES Campbell Ogilvie manage to remain the INVISIBLE MAN as he goes from one shambolic mismanagement to another ?


    Rangers, Hearts, SFA,… have all had been turned into basket-cases by the man who , we are told, is the smartest operator in football.


    Let’s hope that at last he will get his just desserts, before he disappears to UEFA headquarters in Nyon in his ultimate escape plan.

  2. kitalba on 30 October, 2011 at 10:13 said:




    Apostasy is both ripe and viral on here. Shame.



    Remember I told you “I see Green Huns”, well they are walking among us today. Under various guises they first condemn our club and our manager; under other guises, (when we record a decent result) on they come praising the club and its staff, waxing lyrical about our ability to come back from the dead. Then lo and behold we turn in a mediocre performance, consequently dropping points and the green huns return and scream once again diametrically opposed opinions elevated to the level they now want to burn our manager at the stake.



    What sort of person feels the need to post so many antipodal views yet has not the courage to do so under the one banner.



    I watched the huns game and they could easily have dropped a couple of points. I watched the Celtic game too, after watching the Glasgow Water Rats, and although Celtic did not turn in a memorable performance they could without stretching the imagination, they could have come away with all three points.



    Most of those players that wore the hoops are internationalists with one nation or another. They have to take their share of responsibility too.



    For the record, we can still win this league, I think we will win the league and until it is mathematically impossible to do so… I will go on believing that we will win the league.



    If the players and management were to stop believing – then we might be in trouble.



    A burning pride deep down inside keeps hope a friend of my heart.

  3. So they voted newclub out of spl and expected the sfl to shoehorn them into D1………….bit rich methinks

  4. Pure and simple to the questions of boycotts,having already renewed this years season ticket.If the the SPL becomes so much of a one horse race and we are able to predict with certainty the winners before a ball is kicked and there is is no entertainment value to justify the current price of a season ticket well I am afraid the the renewal of next years 2013-2014 season ticket will be well down the list of my priorities,possibly even binned altogether, and games at Celtic Park will have to be looked at on an individual basis.


    Value for money will dictate to me wether I attend matches in the future……nothing else.



    The day of any Club pulling at my heart strings and playing the old emotional card are well over

  5. mickbhoy1888, this is the reality of the situation. I long ago accepted that without competition from Rangers in the league many would not buy season tickets.



    This makes it all the more important for everyone else to do so.

  6. I am NL in NZ Tauranga on

    anything goian to happen today ? can we all relax and be friends in Celtic again. still a long way to go in this sorry , but entertaining and momentus, saga. heads will roll, jail time doled out and if natural justice happens titles stripped not holding my breathe on that last one but it would be the icing on the jelly and ice-cream. . the very best that newco will get now is div three and there has to be every chance that sevco will go under again or change ownership but before the season starts no chance. How many players are they goian to have ?

  7. Do they still do 50 pound season tickets for youngsters? If it was manageable I’d like to buy one for any deserving youngster back there in Bonny Scotland. Any ideas?

  8. fergus slayed the blues on

    Paul 67


    Totally agree with you on this one and we should all be thinking of any way large or small that each of us can help our perspective clubs negate any shortfall .


    What about a .


    Persuade a friend campaign ,if every fan that attends games just now can persuade a friend or acquaintance to attend a game just invite them to join them for the next game ,they may enjoy the day and think about attending more games .

  9. Did Jabba actually say that the club chairman should have ignored their fans and voted the Newco into SPL? The man is deluded he claims he is motivated only by the collective good yet wants chairman to cause a non-repairable schism between the clubs and its life blood the support. What fantasy realm does this buffoon come from?

  10. stephbhoy on 14 July, 2012 at 12:02 said:



    all this rangers stuff is doing my nut in, how can the spl clubs vote newco into spl, its suicide for any chairman and the league as a whole, even an spl 2 is suicide, why keep flogging a dead horse, would it not be wiser to get around the table with commercial entities such as sky and espn to ensure that they are held to their contract with slp, fan power is amazing at getting these organisations to take positive action. what comes of newco will come, the league must go on and plans for a restructuring of the games must press ahead over the coming months to see an upturn in scottish football.



    scottish footballs biggest mistake was not listening to fans hence the low crowds, lack of interest and competition, it does not make sense to blank your customers and hopefully scottish football knows that now and will respond accordingly. what i find amazing is that the leading lights of scottish football have over the last 2 decades looked at revenue in isolation with t.v taking over the game while gates have fallen year on year. t.v has its place as does the money that comes from it, but its not the be all and end all.



    scottish football could change the landscape forever and i for one would be behind radical change to our game. someone said on here that whatever bart of our club needed rangers he would happily remove, i am in his camp, if we loss 5 million pounds as a result of these changes then bring it on.



    its worth remembering that celtics most succeful team were scottish born and bread, the quality street kids all scottish as well, we have a group of young men coming through our youth system right now that have real quality and we need to nurture that into the first team give more their chance to make it at celtic, we have been guilty of brought in to many avarage players at the expense of tens of millions over the years and closing the door to the first team. we can still bring in quality players, but no more squad fillers please, no rash transfer market buys



    every other club who claim they need the money or face administration need to understand that you live within your means, stop buying poor players and get more of your young players into the first team squads.

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    A meeting will be held next week to see if newcos application to join the F.A. is accpted the agreement yesterday to join Div3 was only in principle as they need to be members of the F.A.which they are not at present.Another week nearer the start of the new season and Scottish football is still in turmoil.H.H.

  12. Don’t panic,Mr. Mannering!


    The Celtic Board remaining above it all speaks of gravitas and smart poker playing. Once we are DIRECTLY threatened then steam in. We say one single off colour remark right now and we’ll get ripped to shreds. The scum are doing a good job of tearing themselves apart all on their own. Sit back and enjoy the circus.


    Lenny layin’ the Cup down in front of The Green Brigade @ 111 spoke volumes.


    Don’t slag a mhan who’s had to endure more than most,not all,of us. And a football manager,ffs,who’s had more violence and threats (bombs & bullets,too!) than any other manager in the entire history of world football.


    I love Celtic F.C.,everything we represent,and the community we stand for.


    The rest can look to themselves.


    BrotherWalfridGotItRight CSC

  13. Why don’t we get the newco decision overturned, let them into the spl, forego any punishments, that way thems can cheat as they have done for the last 2 decades.


    We will have some competition for the league title, we can then continue to buy season tkts and we can all return to moaning about everyone being against us.

  14. I’m uneasy about the fact that there is still a vacant space in the SPL which ought to have been filled weeks ago by either Dundee or Dunfermline. That tells me that the issue is not yet settled and there may yet be a move to have that vacancy filled by a club operating out of Ibrox. I don’t think that ploy will succeed but it’s not time to relax just yet.

  15. Talking of new signings, is there any news on the transfer front?



    Disappointed that Lenny said we might not strengthening before the qualifiers – the tine where we need a strengthen squad! No point strengthening it if we don’t progress through the qualifiers so we need at least one this month in my opinion and certainly another one by the play offs (if we get there).




  16. midfield maestro on

    If on facebook, Thai Tims have some nice pictures & comments about Reamonn Gormley, today would have been his 21st birthday. Thoughts with his family.

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    What are we losing without having games against Scotland’s most recent liquidated club?



    We lose two matches against a team with 10 men constantly behind the ball and doing all they can to stop flowing football.



    We do not have to listen to the odious bile from their ramshackle travelling support.



    We can walk around Glasgow in relative safety regardless of the result against different opposition.



    We are almost certain to kick-off at three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon against Dundee or Dunfermline and not 12.45 on a Sunday to suit the schedule of the English Premier League.



    All of these things are positives. I have no problem renewing my season ticket. I want to watch Celtic – not corrupt football teams.

  18. Estadio Nacional on

    Im struggling to see where Celtic lose money in the season ahead, is the TV deal cancelled?

  19. Perhaps Inverness fans would be better to delay buying season tickets until matters have been resolved to their satisfaction.



    It’s not over yet.

  20. If the Sky deal is dependent on Celtic V Newco fixtures and if Sky reduces payments to the SPL / SFL will this allow Celtic to offer pay for view games to supporters in the UK and Eire? Some of us who live in the UK and Ireland cannot travel to paradise as often as we would like however given the opportunity to watch a game live on line I’d willing pay the equivalent of a match ticket. Perhaps this could be a benefit of buying a ‘virtual season ticket’ for say £250.00 pounds. The VST would allow you to watch a percentage of Celtics SPL home games on line for an additional £20.00 per game.

  21. Good day folks,



    Got up about half an hour ago after a heavy night out…. bit fuzzy…. Tea…. Bacon toastie… flicked on the TV to be met with SSN…



    Running through the fixtures for Sevco in the 3rd Division… great start to the day !




  22. henryclarkson on

    SunnyBhoy on 14 July, 2012 at 12:19 said:


    Do they still do 50 pound season tickets for youngsters? If it was manageable I’d like to buy one for any deserving youngster back there in Bonny Scotland. Any ideas?




    Ive been abroad more yrs now than i lived in Glasgow SB, but i still gift my bro & sis their S/B’s every year.



    Ive been with Channel 67 or Celtic TV since it started but ive asked my sister to find a young up and coming Celtic Supporter so i can do like you are suggesting.



    This is the way forward for us now and the more fans we can get into CP the better.



    (Until DD gets us out obviously) -))))

  23. the long wait is over on

    mickbhoy1888 on 14 July, 2012 at 12:13 said:





    With respect I find your post both puzzling and depressing.



    What has changed in the landscape of Scottish football in the last 12 months?



    Rangers have gone under , their years of financial doping exposed.



    There has been a gradual but inexorable exposure of the fact the Rangers have benefitted from SFA patronage and preference for decades , principally to the detriment of us.



    Celtic , my team , my club , have done nothing wrong here. If anything the opposite. We’ve walked our own path , said nothing , done nothing but won the league.



    We face a future , perhaps short term , where we can play our football in a purer environment than any of our forefathers could.



    I see nothing at all to suggest that any Celtic fan should reconsider buying a season ticket , other than personal financial pressures.



    Value for money ? The chance to support , in every sense of the word, our club when it will need active fan support more than ever in recent times is not about value for money. It goes , IMHO , way beyond that. It’s not even a factor for me.



    The ability to contribute , in however small a way , is all the value I’ll ever need.




  24. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Don’t get me wrong,


    I like him just fine


    He’s a nice guy………


    But he’s a mouth breather.

  25. Paul67:



    You have to question not only the timing of ICT’s statement. All good Companies are able to look at both the tactical and strategic picture,plan for every eventuality. ICT should have planned for worst case scenario, in this case the dead club playing in Division Three or indeed not playing at all. All 41 other Clubs I trust have taken the aforementioned into account.



    I am surethatnewco elect have planned for playing in DivisionThree, if theyhave it augers wellfor them in years ahead in the wilderness. If theyhave not then theywill join the exclusive league thatThird Lanark joined in 1967. The latter was a great yearfor CFC 1888, 2012 will I predict be another great year.



    On the season ticket, as withas many years as I can remember already purchased.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

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