Ivorian link at work again, this time in Athens


With three deals done, the pace of transfer activity at Celtic appears to be approaching relentless.  The Ivorian link will have been at work again, as news that we are interested in Olympiakos full back, Omar Elabdellaoui, testifies.  Celtic coach, Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya, spent half a season at the Greek club before leaving last month.

Signing players is always a risk, so getting a first-hand insight into how a player performs from someone who has worked with him daily for the last six months is a huge advantage.  Bear in mind, Elabdellaoui is just one of the right backs Celtic are considering.  This one could run a while.

Reports from the US that we have agreed a deal to sign 22-year-old left back Andrew Gutman are amusing, mostly as he was being trailed as a signing elsewhere in the city.  Great to see that as well as using our Ivorian links, we have plenty of connections at Scotland’s smaller clubs.  If he arrives, hopefully Callum McGregor will not see more action in that position.

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  1. JRM is anti abortion. Right off the bat, he is a Hero to me.



    Dinnae ken what Anyone else says about him.



    Be careful in what you say howevaaaaaah.

  2. Your lunchtime choon .



    Tidying shelves – a long job -especially when you think -oh haven’t heard that for yonks and take time out to give it a twirl .-.



    Sunny ,clear blue sky -a feels cold 10 degrees – Way down south




  3. It is a real hardship to navigate and access CQN.






    Pope Francis gave out a cracking message @ Christmas.



    Stop consuming please for petes sake.

  4. PETEC



    If using Google Chrome try this:



    Top right of the page there are three vertically aligned dots, click on this:



    Click Settings



    Click Advanced



    Click Content Settings



    Click Javascript



    Javascript will be enabled but it gives you an option to bloc individual sites, click on this



    Add http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk to the blocked list



    If you need to open links on the sites, right click and open in new tab where Javascript will still be enabled.



    Works a treat.

  5. RobinBhoy,



    Sorry Bro, my comment was sarcasm. I appreciate yer help though Bro. Maximum Respect.



    It is hard to get across the message….. we are so very Lucky to have Everything we have.

  6. John Park reported to Peter Lawwell and was not directly answerable to the Manager. When Brendan arrived he instead wanted Scouting to be under Football department and answer to him.



    Quite a lot of clubs have the scouting answerable to a Director of Football like Sevco. Brendan had this at Liverpool and didn’t like it.



    Brendan also wanted Congleton as he had previously worked with him. Congleton is very much Brendans man. Tosh McKinlay maybe was put forward by the club.



    Although it is correct that Peter Lawwell is CEO and ultimately responsible for all employees, the football Department is run by Brendan, so Peter Lawwell does not interfere in Scouting. Peter Lawwell is not qualified to judge players.



    There was a notorious situation in 1999 where a former Celtic Director was in Holiday in Brazil and he Scouted and did a deal to sign a player, a certain Raphael Scheidt. The Board wont let this happen again



    Where the CEO and the commercial department get involved is to agree the deals after the player is approved by Brendan.



    Its nonsense quoted on here that the successful signings are Brendans and the dodgy signings are down to Peter Lawwell

  7. TET- how you doing? I seen your post re CEO salary,thanks for that,i signed off before the excellent CQN’r The Huddle gave me a nudge.I think PL’s bonus is over a 2 year period, nonetheless, £2.3 mil from a business of our size,is far too much IMO, thanks again.HH

  8. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ BIGBHOY on 12TH JANUARY 2019 12:40 PM



    A couple of points on your post. The budget is clearly set by the CEO. No manager informs his CEO how much the club will spend on transfer fees and wages; that’s a top down decision. So it is within those parameters that the football department have to get to work.



    The issue for me (and others (seemingly)) is that the initial budget is not sufficiently large- the football department is picking up lots of players for circa £1m or less. BR had over the course of 5 windows only spent £2m or more on 4 players (and think how many players we have signed). The players signed may very well be all chosen by the football department (although no clue how Arzani would fall into that category), but the market within which to find them has (to a large extent) been dictated by the budget. This I believe is one of the fundamental issues with our transfer policy.



    Rodgers is quoted in his recent interview as saying “I don’t think that’s how Celtic works. The model of the club is value and maximising that value and talent and development and seeing it grow at the club”. Again, the football department may identify targets, but the overarching model is set by those above BR.



    Finally, Paddy McCourt was a DD signing (as Strachan recently confirmed), so I’m not entirely convinced that directors do not still get involved in the footballing aspects of the club.

  9. I imaging there is a back story to this image.



    it looks like tannadice. The wee section that had a small terrace along the touchline, then a toilet block i think behind it, where the people are sitting on the roof.



    so front right. the back story. its one of those mixed marriages, the kid is staying at the maws parents overnight. the granda is a bluenose. the dad says “ah dont mind the bhoy staying over, but tell yir da, he needs to be at the shammy club for 11, as the bus is going at quarter past, and just tell him, i want the bhoy in the hoops, nae arguments, yir da will be bealin at bringing the bhoy doon in the car”



    car door opens, wee john paul runs to his dad



    “aw ffs whit is he wearin”






    nae offence to anyone that is really in the picture.

  10. GUTENBERG on 12TH JANUARY 2019 1:08 AM


    Bada Bing





    His bonus is irrelevant.



    I don’t agree mate,i know bonuses are part of PLC culture, but £2.3m on top of a salary of over £20k a week is extortionate compared to the turnover, and how many employees he oversees IMO HH

  11. Celtic PLC renumeration committee, for whatever reason, allowed themselves somehow, to PAY OVER THE GOING RATE for the CEO.



    No comparable sized business enterprise, turning over £50m to £100m would pay out 2% of turnover as salary and bonus to the CEO.



    That the simple matter of it.



    If you owned the company, and had to hire a new CEO , a salary of no more than £300k with a bonus maxed at 50% of salary would attract candidates around the block (figuratively speaking).



    I have never really understood the awe and deference people type about PL. He does a good job , sure. A top level CEO, nope, no where near it.

  12. MAH



    I was walking along the road yesterday. Alone with my thoughts and you popped into my head. Kind thoughts. Loads of them. God Bless you my Fhriend.



    HH jg

  13. Saint Stivs on 12th January 2019 1:47 pm




    Just to say, in case it’s getting lost in the posts.



    I think PL is overpaid.



    I’d have no issue if PL was replaced tomorrow.



    My issue with the constant post about PL and his salary are that I think the replacement will run the club along much the same lines as PL.



    We will always be looking to buy low and sell high, and this will usually be for young, inexperienced players.

  14. Hi Bhoys



    Anyone thought about asking PL to give some of his bonus back?




  15. South Of Tunis on




    Beppe Marotta



    Left his CEO post @ Rubentus in December 2018 . Went to be CEO at Inter . Reported salary at Inter 1.5 million euros plus an undeclared bonus package .



    Rube’s accounts for 2018 reveal that Marotta earned 5 million euros while working for Rube in 2018 .1.5 million of that was salary . 361,775 was a golden goodbye and the rest was bonuses… Speculation is that Marotta will absolutely coin it in bonus money if he oversees a miracle -ie Inter winning Serie A

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on 12th January 2019 1:58 pm



    The Huddle- good afternoon, i signed off as you were looking for me last night HH




    Afternoon, was I? I was very drunk last night :O)

  17. 50 shades of green on

    Anyone know the specs needed for Saint Peters bonus or is it automatically paid regardless??



    Asking cause I’m bored…..





  18. Given our importance to our community and with specific regards to what we face and from whom, Unsurprisingly I’m going to say I’m happy with Big Pete, The Sharp Suited Mhan………



    Pedro is okay by me and long may he reign. I’m not sure who would want and be capable of the role now anyway. Sure, there would be a load of wannabes but no’ many couldbe’s………..



    The Big Guys get the Big Bucks for a reason and I’ve no reason to question too far our earthly custodian on his choice for Paradise Capo.



    The worst case scenario is we, with the most noble intentions in Timdom, conspire to allow some hiberno compromise to takeover from Big Peter.



    With our luck we’d end up with some green-tinted Gordon Smith type or somesuch other flambhoyant business character with all sorts of modren ideas about stuff.



    Nup! Stick with Peter………



    In Dermot, Peter and Brendan This Tim Trusts!




  19. Good afternoon Bhoys from a dull and overcast central Éire. Belated birthday wishes to CorkCelt, a few days late but better late than never. Hope you’re keeping well mo chara.



  20. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY HOOOOOOOOOOOOPY 80th Birthday to our very own




    Have a great day on a special birthday sir.

  21. Happy Birthday to the gentleman that is Cosy Corner Bhoy.


    I will always remember the fantastic time spent with you and Mick in Lisbon – I take it you weren’t wearing the lucky shirt for the Ibrox game?


    HH Pat and have a great day.☘☘☘☘??

  22. Cosey Corner Boy – many happy returns Pat, I hope you enjoy your day ?.


    I’ll always recall you driving off the first tee in Lisbon as our official starter; thanks to ACGR?.


    I’m sure big TAL will be on to convey his best too. Ahhhhhh Lisbon, God bless you BRTH?.





  23. Cosy corner boy,


    Have a great birthday



    Pure Celtic,as a few of the bhoys mentioned lisbon it just makes me smile




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