January window understatement


The January transfer window pretty much passed Celtic by this year, a tacit indication that the league is over and we have little to play for.  Jonjoe Kenny (23) arrived on loan from Everton yesterday, by all accounts a good prospect who should up our game, but there will be no transformational change.

Kenny will permit Kristopher Ajer to return to central defence, however, with Christopher Jullien long-term injured, do not expect an end to bizarre defensive performances anytime soon.

Jeremie Frimpong took his potential off to Leverkusen for a sum few of us could believe.  Whatever happens to the player, it was a good move for Celtic.  The full back positions have been one of several underperforming areas this season.  Jeremie, for all his speed and skill, could not match Ajer’s ability to get a cross into the box.  He is only 20 and will improve, but we do not have the luxury of waiting for that to happen.  The reported £11m (minus Man City cut) will be a welcome contribution towards a gaping deficit.

Just as I did with Jeremie, early in the season I lavished praise on the abilities of Olivier Ntcham.  Like Frimpong, he has abundant talent, but successive managers have failed to get a consistent performance from him.  Olivier will look at others who have retained their positions with performance well below his lowest level with good reason. He was not given the chances afforded to others, but that does not make him good enough.  Pittodrie did it for me.  I hope he flourishes in France.

I don’t know if Ben Davies is Preston class, Celtic class or Liverpool class.  He was an unlikely target for a team aiming to win the English Premier League and the Champions League.  Signing quality players on a free contract is the fastest way to improve your lot in football.  It has been years since we have profited from this strategy.  We didn’t get Davies over the line, so clearly this strategy needs to be reinforced.

Tonight’s opponents, Kilmarnock, have won only one of their previous five, a 2-0 victory over Hamilton.  Of course, our 2-0 win over Hamilton was our only triumph in six outings last month.  It has all the makings of a drunken 2am street brawl.  How’s about it, Celtic, give us a performance?

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    What’s goin on?









  2. Performances will improve after the imposter we have as manager is removed and his excuses follow him out the door.



    I note AVB offered to walk away today from Marseille without a compensation package. Integrity it seems is not dead in some quarters at least.

  3. Play Scot Brown tonight.



    We are in danger of utter humiliation and the Cal Mac interview on Saturday commenting on young players who dont know how to grind it out. Whatever your thoughts on Christie, he looks like a guy terrified to take the pitch. Turnbull and Soro have faded , the latter badly on Saturday



    Play Scott Brown

  4. Another day,another load of the same old regurgitated urine.


    One Night In Lisbon,Peter Latchford,do you never get tired day after day,with the same types of posts.You did see the meaning of “Ad Nauseum”,the other day,well personally,I am running for the toilet bowl,with fekin nausea,reading the same old guff every day.If you must,try to make itat least,funny.The first post today,”Lennon out”.FFS,why bother even posting that.We all agree,but maybe the poster thinks,we want to read it again,just in case we forgot.


    Maybe it makes people feel better to constantly repeat the same things,day,after day.If so,I worry for them.Myself,read it,got it,thank you.

  5. Turkeybhoy you are not obliged to read every post do what I do, scroll on by. Easy peasyblood pressure remains normal and you get on with your life. Try it bet it works H H Hebcelt

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    As things stand…





    It is a potentially (but realistically) grim position – and I’d add Calmac to the list of likely exits too. The boy’s not getting any younger and he is at the stage where he needs to set himself up for life if the opportunity beckons (unless he has Maestro-level love of Celtic).



    Your follow-up post is the one that lays out the utter, abject failure of Board-level oversight and direction in the most stark terms, though:



    “…And yet, all but 3 years ago we had a record turnover of £100m+, seeded CL qualification each year and £40m+ in the bank…”



    If you couple the financial collapse and abject state of the squad as described, you would struggle to do a worse job even if that was what you were actively seeking to do.



    A truly remarkable collapse in a remarkably short space of time, stemming directly back to the failure to maintain the progress made under Rodgers.



    Stepping back and viewing your two posts together – that level of incompetence must have been extremely difficult to achieve – it almost looks like willful mismanagement.






  7. onenightinlisbon on




    You have the ability, I assume to scroll past the posts/posters you don’t like.



    I don’t come on here and criticize the stuff you put up.



    As i say scroll by son.

  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I see Eboue Kouassi has made 21 appearances for Genk this season.



    Anyone following him in the Jupiter Pro League?



    Just curious on his progress given we never really learned anything about him as a player with us.



    Genk are 3rd in their league at moment.

  9. Got a wee bit of sympathy for Ncham here [who remains our player for now].


    This AVB manager has acted completely like a twat.


    No matter how correct he might be.


    To throw a player [our player] under a bus like that in a presser is a disgraceful act.


    How do you think Ncham feels at his new club on loan today?.


    Surely there was a better way to deal with this.


    Never mind footballers these days.I believe some managers need bringing back down to earth from their ego’s.

  10. Guess nobody put in a bid for Lenny. Pity. Not sure who first decided that Kris Ajer was a right back, could have been Lee McCullough, who unlike Lenny never lasted long once appointed manager down at the Rugby. Course Kris will do his best wherever he is asked to play, and never lacks effort, doesn’t make him a full back though. Or Calum McGregor come to that. I see that Oliver has cost AVB his job without kicking a ball, pity he couldn’t have done the same for us. Still another knock down sale under Lenny if it goes through. Tant Pis. Maybe the Green Brigade could come up with another one of their banners;


    “Everything Must Go”


    (apart from the manager!)

  11. Leaked team for tonight



























  12. Pog



    If and when you’re about.


    Many thanks for the diet advice the other week.



    I downloaded a calorie counting app. This appeals to my OCD-ishness! The more so as it also has a barcode scanner.



    It’s given my a 1,900 calorie daily recommendation to meet my desired outcome and timeframe.



    I tend to spill over that a wee touch on a Friday or a Saturday, as I still permit myself a wee carry oot and a wee carry oot to wash it down.



    But most weeks days I’m hitting about 75-80% of my allowance. Combining it with lots of good exercise and feeling the benefit. Half a stone off so far.



    Managed that 10 months ago, then stalled and regressed. Hopeful that having actual ‘scores on the doors’ every day will keep me on track.



    Heineken 0% and After Eights are Godsends!!



    Thanks again



    HH jg

  13. I noticed during slippy’s amazing venture intae the market that he also unloaded the party going COVID 2, how convenient.





    ‘How do you think Ncham feels at his new club on loan today?.’






    Apathetic and uninterested.



    So no great change really.

  15. In the Real Estate world, a 1 year rolling contract is exactly that.


    Each party can notify the other that they will end the agreement, but on the day they do that it still has 1 year to go, it always has 1 year to go.



    I may be that Neal has been put on notice, at some point, but that means he gets a years money to leave early, or stays and works for a full year.

  16. ” SQUIRE DANAHER on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 12:26 PM


    Martin40 and I clearly great minds who think alike”



    …and many other posts give truth to the assertion that ` fools seldom differ`.

  17. Weebobbycollins on

    Turkeybhoy…I agree wholeheartedly but unfortunately these guys appear to have nothing else to say…sad innit?

  18. AN DÚN on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 2:15 PM







    ‘I note AVB offered to walk away today from Marseille without a compensation package. Integrity it seems is not dead in some quarters at least.’







    I appreciate that you hate more Lennon more than the huns, but AVB is quitting, not for the good of the club, but because he considers that his professional integrity has been undermined. So not analogous at all to what’s going on at CP.

  19. MARTIN42 @ 12:21 PM


    Squire @ 12.25 PM



    The Auld Bhoys could teach the current lot a thing or two, that’s for sure. :-)



    Apologies for delay in reply…daughter-in-law appeared with 15 month grandson…so babysitting duties commenced rather sharpish.




  20. Poor Ollie, can’t see him getting on the park at Marseille. If any of you haven’t heard, their manager Villas-Boas doesn’t seem to rate him:



    “He’s a player I specifically said no to. I learned about it when I woke up and went on the number 1 website for OM news.


    “I submitted my resignation, saying that I didn’t agree with the sporting policy.


    “Management didn’t give me final say on things. I don’t want money, I just want to go.”

  21. Did AVB say what his objections to ON were?



    If it was his attitude and lack of commitment it would be nice to hear him say so, if only to give the other wantaways some food for thought.

  22. Although he didn’t score when he came on, I thought he done well. He looked for the ball and put himself about.


    With that in mind I’d like to see an attacking 4-4-2 while retaining our diamond formation.


    My team for tonight would be





    Kenny Ajer Bitton Taylor




    McGregor Laxalt




    Ajeti Eddie

  23. squire danaher on

    HOT SMOKED on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 2:47 PM



    Your problem is?



    Call Me Gerry asked blog readers for their choice of lineup tonight.



    Martin40 clearly thought like I did – albeit a bit quicker – that a bit of reflective humour would be appropriate given the dire state of our club.



    While not claiming my comment as worth a nomination for the Perrier Comedy Awards, I hardly think it warrants your comment



    Scroll on.

  24. Squire


    I certainly was not referring to you in my comment. I was referring to those who, as Turkeybhoy said, come out with the same `Lenny must go` posts over and over again.

  25. “If Celtic aren’t winning matches then the vast majority of Celtic supporters will want rid of the manager, for sure.” Levein.