Jozo and stupid mistakes


Success in football often comes down to who doesn’t make mistakes at the back.  For all France’s pace on the break, it was their sheer solidity at the back which saw them through the World Cup.  England reached the semi-final, with little more than a mid-table select, but they made remarkably few mistakes, and just as importantly, understood the importance of set-pieces – don’t give them away and exploit them when you get them.

Viewed through the prism of an educational World Cup, Jozo Simunovic’s chest-high Alashkert was worthy of a red card on the basis of sheer stupidity.  It was an intolerable mistake, a relic of a former era.

That Uefa doubled his suspension to two game is no surprise.  Perhaps they have a stupidity threshold.

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  1. TET. Terrible news, I cannot begin to imagine what her mother and father must be going through.



    May Georgia’s soul rest in peace, her and her family will be in my prayers tonight.



    Puts everything into perspective.



    God bless




  2. 50 shades of green on




    Awful news,



    Thoughts and prayers for young Georgia and all her family and friends..

  3. Jimmynotpaul on



    If you are lurking.


    Trash Can Sinatras are supporting Del Amitri in the Barrowlands tonight and tomorrow.


    You could hire a private jet and make the gig tomorrow. :-)


    Hail Hail

  4. Seems to be every day now we hear of a tragedy involving children. Really tests your faith. But what else have we got. The children will be in Heaven but it’s those left behind.

  5. I was out earlier so I have two replies to make



    MIT- if we are to assume people say what they mean and mean what they say, when Celtic referred this week to Rangers, should we take this as proof that Celtic view Sevco as Rangers?




    There really is no change of tack here. Celtic dropped the Old Firm tag ages ago, though an occasional ex-player or careless current player might still let it slip, but they have always referred to them as Rangers, because that is hteir official name in the Official SPFL rules. We cannot, as a club, go around, provocitavely calling them Sevco- that’s just for fans. Before the club can officially say anything else, they need to have proved some elements of skulduggery in the events from 2012 onwards. Thus far, this has not been proven and the SFA and the SPFL will go on calling them Rangers, so we will have to do so officially too.











    when I read the managers quotes you posted the following jumped out




    Will we come out of the window stronger,,Im not sure. Why say that at all ? And he did for a reason right as we know hes smart.




    Thats not good at all partner, seriously. We know we have funds, gaps that need filling mostly medium term or possibly immediately if we are to asset manage a couple of our defenders or even one


    really would have expected Brendan to say Yes I would expect us to come out stronger for a few different reasons,,




    To keep fans feeling optimistic and looking forward to seeing new faces



    Why say it? Because it’s honest. He won’t know at the time of asking how things will be in 5 weeks time. Even if we signed someone, with a big fee or reputation, we won’t know until he has played for a while that we, as a team, ARE strengthened. What if he weakens the team by his attitude or willingness to work, or by disparaging his team mates or manager? You can only know you’ve strengthened when you see the team playing more strongly. Brendan, of course, aims to come out stronger, and aims to make a few more signings but he cannot hold himself and the club to fortune by saying we WILL strengthen far less give teasing info on who we might buy.



    As for boosting the fans- honestly- if double trebles have not done that, then whoever we buy is gonna be dismissed as a has been or a project or not what is needed. The anhedonists are determined to remain joyless. The fearful will find things which they find fearful. The rest of us will wait for the same model we have had since MON left (with minor alterations- smaller squad on bigger wages) to work whatever magic it can and to churn out the mistakes it is also prone to.



    We have re-signed many big players. We have signed Odsonne on a permanent basis. We have promising youngsters who are a year older and more developed and we have only a few in the veteran category (Gordon, Lustig and Brown). We balance that against the loss of Armstrong and the loanee Roberts and we add to the balance, whoever we get (and lose) in the next 5 weeks.



    It really is too early to call and the support does not need a boost that badly that we start to blurt our transfer secrets.





    And you notice its after the season books are sold also ,, if thats true why not state it before the season books go on sale or during the sale



    You know- I did. And I have noticed that phenomenon every year of my adult life. The season books are sold early in the summer, and some players depart early and some leave late. The players come in much later.



    I cannot think of any club that changes this formula.



    It does not bother me- I am not buying theatre tickets and waiting to see who the stars are before I buy: I am going to watch Celtic, week in and out, regardless of who we have bought or lost and who is selected or dropped. We should not hold Celtic’s Commercial operations to some unjustified higher standard- there really is not a demand to delay the sale of SB’s until after the window has shut and we can judge. For one thing, we will have missed all 4 qualifying rounds of games and the first 4 league fixtures if we did not sell SB’s until after the window is shut.





    I’ve spent the majority of my adult life in England. In that time,I found it a welcoming and tolerant society.



    Their idea of “What school did you go to?” pertained to Eton Winchester or Harrow. Not the type of question I was likely to be asked-but one I had otherwise left behind.



    I assume you managed to avoid the questioning unfortunately suffered by your correspondent. It’s not new,it’s been there all our lives.



    Blaming Brexit is hiding behind the obvious. Britain took its chance at glory,a final opportunity to stick it up Johnny Foreigner.



    We told them to GTF. They are now explaining in approx 27 languages what-Naw,yooz GTF!-means.



    Still never been asked my religion down here though,no nay never.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on

    Danny McGrain is my favourite ever Celtic player.


    Who is your favourite Celtic player???

  8. THE EXILED TIM on 28th July 2018 6:45 pm



    very very sad . All of the little girls family will be in my prayers









    Ah,that is so so sad. Nothing I can do,bar what you ask.



    R I P Georgia.

  10. THE EXILED TIM on 28TH JULY 2018 6:45 PM


    A wee prayer or thought would be appreciated, the four year old daughter of Mrs TET’s very good friend was drowned this morning in a swimming pool in Marbella, we are not sure of the circumstances yet, needless to say there are many tears being shed today, mine included.



    May you never walk alone Georgia.




    Thoughts and prayers with young Georgia, her family and friends at this sad time.

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Bobby 7.50pm



    You seem to love where you reside



    For me Scotland is ruled by Westminster and they don’t give a flying fcuk about Scotland … in fact they don’t even care about the working class anywhere in the UK…



    Apologies for non-Celtic post I might be on holiday but I suppose I might get the sack if I type my own thoughts :-)

  12. Hrvatski Jim on




    How sad. Thoughts and prayers for her and her family and friends including your wife and yourself .

  13. DD,


    King Billy was my hero as a young lad. An Inspiring Captain and role model.


    Henrik was my hero as a grown man.





    So sad. Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of the little girl, and all affected by this tragic event.

  14. DD


    The best player I’ve seen live is King Henrik.


    The Maestro Paul McStay is second.


    On DVD/Celtic Roadshows Jinky.





  15. Neustadt-Braw on




    6.11 post was not about religion but being an immigrant …i saw the guys post on Twitter can follow the thread on @Roh_Yakobi …he got a massive positive response and offers of help …


    I worked and loved all over England …braw folk …..



    smiley brexit wishes from Germany thing….




  16. Jimmy Johnstone!



    …closely followed by Bobby Murdoch and George Connelly!








    My best is George Connelly by a photo-finish from Bobby Murdoch.



    Tell you what though,T-betcha we could get a dreaded list on here,and none that’s a dud!

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Rockon 8.25pm



    Henrik left



    Paul didnae



    Some wounds never heal :-)



    Easter Road midweek after Raith Rovers …. “you’ll never walk alone Paul” that Swedish guy done his 7yrs then chased the champions league glory …. never a true Celt :-)



    My tongue is sort of in my cheek :-)

  19. Neustadt-Braw on

    cool …


    smiley then run through the wheat fields and weed your allotment thing








    You and I are gonna be fighting over little fluffy clouds upstairs,just so we can annoy our heroes!!!



    Hopefully not for a while,mind. Ring them up and get them tipped off for about 50 years from now,there’s a good lad

  21. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I never saw George Connolly but l funnily enough my Da always talked about him (more than any of the lions) but sadly I didn’t question him enough why… his words “naturally talented” anyhow reading the stories on here with GC what’s fur you won’t miss you, maybe wasn’t meant to be

  22. GFTB


    Both Great Celtic men from completely different backgrounds. Kind of sits well for me- a club open to all.


    BMCUW- wish I’d seen George Connelly- heard some of the stories, but likely not all!





  23. Back to basics said the following in relation to,the ticket allocations stuff.



    “Celtic are reasonable. We want dialogue. We value the event.”



    This, in my opinion, is everything that is wrong.



    We value the event? This gives legitimacy to the racist claptrap that this event is. It glamorises the racism. It values the hatred. It’s just wrong.



    That Celtic want dialogue is just pathetic. That Celtic are reasonable just says they want to appease.



    This post summarises everything that is wrong with Scotland and everything that is wrong with Celtic and many Celtic supporters.



    It says it’s okay that you treat us as second class citizens. That you discriminate against us because it adds to the hate fest event and makes money.



    It’s a shocking post and one that reveals the poster and many of you.

  24. BMCUWP


    Big George broke into the team during my early Celtic watching years. So he was MY player.


    Unbelievable talent.

  25. BMCUW



    Howzitgaun bud?



    Sincerest apologies for not being in touch for a while!



    Been rather busy here in Italia. Won’t be back ’til October.



    I hear there’s a hoot in November.



    Hope to be there.



    George Connelly?



    Loved the ghuy.



    One of the 3 best Celtic players I had the great pleasure of seeing in the flesh.



    Only behind Jinky and Bobby Murdoch.



    ,,,as you know!



    Give you a bell soon!







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