Jozo and stupid mistakes


Success in football often comes down to who doesn’t make mistakes at the back.  For all France’s pace on the break, it was their sheer solidity at the back which saw them through the World Cup.  England reached the semi-final, with little more than a mid-table select, but they made remarkably few mistakes, and just as importantly, understood the importance of set-pieces – don’t give them away and exploit them when you get them.

Viewed through the prism of an educational World Cup, Jozo Simunovic’s chest-high Alashkert was worthy of a red card on the basis of sheer stupidity.  It was an intolerable mistake, a relic of a former era.

That Uefa doubled his suspension to two game is no surprise.  Perhaps they have a stupidity threshold.

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  1. Once again,I am not buying into the line that we have defensive problems.Boyatta and Simunovic,alongside Ajer is as good as we are ever going to get.Brendan will be playing 3 at the back this season in most games.We have not even seen the 3 play together.Gamboa showed the other night he is a player.Lustig still has another season.Hendry as a bacSek up,who will improve well.


    This Mantra about our weak defence is fekin tiresome now.Like Parrots repeating the same thing.


    We heard all this type of guff before with Forrest,Broony and other assorted whipping boys.How did that turn out?This nitpicking at players who have delivered us 2 trebles,and CL groups twice is disgraceful.

  2. What is the Stars on

    Why can we afford heated driveways and no centre halves


    What happened to the Seville money


    What happened to the McGinn money.

  4. Paul67



    Bit harsh on Jozo, Paul



    One bad tackle ( near the half way line ) doesn’t make him a bad person IMHO, and when he got the


    ball before sending Kenny Miller into space he was lauded by the support as a class above, for weeks.



    Like it or lump it there are no better CB’s on the Celtic qualifiers horizon.



    As certain Celtic players already know, its easy to get internet labels.





    Do you always see things through Green tinted glasses ?



    How can you conclude Boyatta is any good or Lustig ? Gamboa when was the last time he kicked a ball before Wednesday.



    Being erious for the moment though: The greatest irony of CQN is how many slate the SMSM for having a go……… least they are getting a wage.



    Sadly, the blog is representative of our support’s “glass half-empty” outlook.



    Talk to any group of Tims they will have a large proportion who still defy logic: Brendan’s statement,; double-treble et-al.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on



    I knew you were a tail o’ the banker. I also know you are no really Scottish, like me.


    Forza Polska/Itaĺia ??

  7. Wr are better prepared now than we were last season. That does not mean we will qualify for c/l group stage.



    We have a team that knows each other very will and despite the desire to add to the squad there is a lot to say about consistancy.



    Dont buy into the theory we are weaker because paddy and amstrong are not in squad. Both were very good 2 season ago, neither made a significant impact last season.



    would like a good qualify right back and centreback to take the place of lustig as he is phased out of team and for boyata should he depart.



    If we can add a qualify attacking mid, great. 2 million for Mcginn is very fair and should hibs think otherwise we should wait and sign up on pre-contract in january.



    Would not shop in england for established players. Althhought that market is crazy there is always players of quality playing all over the would without the massive price tags.




  8. mike in toronto on




    In spite of DD telling us from the outset that Rangers were demoted (as opposed to dead), and that we needed them, people on here chose to ignore that statement, and believed that Celtic would do something about the cheating.



    In March 2012, P67 declared the battle was over. He said a child could end it. But, no one ever did.



    When the zombies played Celtic, we were told that the advertisement, which referred to Rangers (not even zThe Rangers) was forced on Celtic. Now, Celtic seem to accept them as the old club.



    Sorry.. BCW … This is a blue and green and whitewash…



    DD said, we need a strong Rangers, and Rangers were relegated. These lies were told because of his view that the Old Firm is good/necessary for business. But the Board (who appear to be taking their lead from DD) need fans to go along with that. We have been cheated, but the Board wants/needs us to be okay with that so we will keep paying for that.



    It is called hegemony. The lie only works if those exploited (in this case Celtic fans) accept and internalize the lie. Most it seems are prepared to … as long as we are winning. Eventually, the lie (even Celtic FC is now describing sevco as Rangers, and whitewashing the liquidation from their and our history) becomes the truth.



    The story now is as believable as the Twix commercial.. left side cascades vs. Right side flows. It is funny in a commercial. Not so funny when it happens in real life.



    This week’s ‘we will do exactly what Rangers do’ letter is the last step in the whole ‘who liquidated Rangers story’ arc. Like JR, we are now being told that the last seven seasons were all a dream, so we can pretend that it never happened.





    Sicknote Simunovic has played a grand total of 72 games for us in his three seasons.



    About 40%.



    Boyata and his agent have been ignoring our requests for contract talks.



    Hendry may well be the player we need-he was signed for a reason!-but tbh the only CH we have,and in whom I have any confidence is Ajer.



    And that is not quite good enough.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Difficult to argue with that, Paul. Have been concerned about Jozo’s decision making for a while. Seems to have a bit of the Bobo Baldes about him – wants to go for every ball. Doesn’t seem to know when he is better off holding his position.


    It’s possible that an experienced partner could improve this aspect of his game. If he can’t cut this out of his game then we have to think about if he has a future with us.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on




    Think Boyata is fine if he has a player of better quality beside him however if the emphasis is centred on him then he fails to deliver.

  12. They want to sell Jozo. Have been trying to do that for 2 years. Hence Paul’s over the top criticism. It’s only ever about money at Celtic and with Paul.

  13. UEFA have doubled Jozo’s suspension for the same reason we got the hardest possible draw in the next round. Call me paranoid if you like. The Palestinian flags?

  14. Delaneys Dunky on

    Bhoyata showed in the World Cup for Belgium, that he can hold a defence together, albeit against Panama and Tunisia.


    I think Dedryck is a good centre half. Hendry no thanks.

  15. mike in toronto on









    Off to take Seamus to the lake… will check in later

  16. DD Garry there is a good article on Celtic news now about Polish Celtic fans and Polands involv in WW2.






    D. :)

  17. Delaneys Dunky on



    Thanks for the heads up pal. Off to read. Hope you enjoyed Salou. I love Portaventura.


    Crackin rollercoasters.


    Was reading Summa by Saint Thomas Aquinas recently. I would recommend it as a must read. He was a genius.



  18. weebobbycollins on

    DD…I’m sure you will eventually change your opinion on Jack Hendry as I, hopefully, will change mine on JMcG…it’s all about Celtic…

  19. We’re back to every single thing to do with Celtic being about the big bad money hungry board



    It was a difficult sell in the midst of our double treble but with a bit of time we’re back in business.





    What sort of guy are you ?



    Do you know Paul67 ?



    You go into his place and slander him ?



    Wanna substantiate this ? It’s only ever about money …. with Paul

  21. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Missed your reply last night, I definitely suffer the old selective memory especially watching the hoops in the 80s & 90s like the old hot summers I only remember the good times :-)

  22. DD cheers, we took the Grandson and we all enjoyed Salou.


    Hope you are keeping well I’m amigo.



    GFTB certainly were good times, didn’t have much but we had Celtic, health and family.









    D. :)

  23. DD is largest shareholder at celtic he is not celtic. He has a platform ordinary punters dont but no way will anyone every forget rangers died. Celtic fans are all accepting the survival myth, the fact is sevco have adopted the same stink as rangers and so are deserving of the same treatment.



    Companies house clears up any confusion rangers died, sevco known as the rangers started 2012, fact!!!

  24. Delaneys Dunky on



    I would love Jack Hendry to be a great Celtic player. I support him at every game I attend, however, I don’t think he is good enough to play for Celtic.



  25. Gerryfaethebrig on

    David66 1.26pm



    Couldn’t agree more :-)



    As for young Jack Hendry does anybody on here think young Jack is taking these chances with the ball off his own back ???



    No chance, the bhoy is doing exactly what he is instructed to do by his manager, when taking these risks we will lose the odd goal but hopefully Brendan is banking on us creating more chances & scoring more goals by playing this way

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