Keep Kyogo out of the squad


It is five weeks since Kyogo Furuhashi pulled up with a hamstring injury.  Almost four weeks since he returned for the League Cup Final and nearly three weeks since the recurrence of his injury forced an early exit against St Johnstone.

You and I have been watching football long enough to know that from the off, we are told players will need three weeks to recover from even a mild hamstring strain.  Kyogo may well be superhuman, but he has not been permitted this recovery period.

A return against Hibs on Monday looks foolhardy, I would also be reluctant to play him against Alloa the following weekend.  The Hearts game at Tynecastle on 26 January is exactly a month after his last outing, that should be his target.


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  1. 31003



    “Am I missing something?


    I hear rudimentary guitar and drums and mediocre singing”



    Music taste is mostly up to the individual



    That guy has 20 studio albums, 13 live albums and 15 compilation albums. He has played with Ry Cooder, The Stones, Alison Krauss, Eric Clapton Van Morrison and Ali Farka Toure. His composition was featured in The Blues Brothers Soundtrack.



    I think his contemporaries and more modern musicians have seen a lot in his “rudimentary” fingerpicking.






  2. Garry got me to go to Mass on the Sunday in Kirkcaldy when the CQN BHOYS had a Pool Tournie – Thanks for organising it TinyTim. It was Awesome.



    The Polish Priest empowered my thinking.



    G-Thang introduced me to a Priest that was talking Excellent Jibber Jabber frae the Pulpit. Perhaps it was an Age thing. Dinnae think it was. his Sermon resonated.



    Ange is the Man. Straight Talking and when ex Gers frae the other side of the World are saying he is the Real Deal that must strike the Fear of God into the Cheaters.



    Roll on Monday.




    And Roll on the end of Vaccine Passports. Oh you don’t want to Ever Give up that Control? Emergency Legislation!!!!!






    I know whats coming and this is, unfortunately, my Last Season @ Celtic Park.



    Need the 4th/5th Booster by the Time the next Season kicks off.



    So most will be good by the Time when ST renewals are asked for to get away with 4th Jab status to Qualify.



    And that pertinent question ?

  3. The writings on the wall,






    Theres Grafitti on that there Wall that Suggests Celtic is Magic, Magic. There is indeed Graffiti on the wall.



    Celtic is Gonnae Win, no matter what comes our Davie Hay.



    Loved Davie Hay as our Boss.

  4. Karamoko needs a Lucky Break, Ange will give the Incredibly Hard Working kid a chance.



    Fingers Crossed he is Rocking Every Defender he faces in Every Meaningful game.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Good morning from the Village. Dry and brisk 4 degrees.



    Up early to watch the cricket from Tasmania. Australia all out for 303. England currently 73 for 2. Looks like we might get a decent contest this time, depending on how England bat of course.



    Getting excited about returning to Paradise on Monday. Our appetites suitably whetted, it should be a special atmosphere.

  6. Good morning all from a rather chilly but dry Garngad



    Cannot wait to see the squad that Ange has to pick from for Monday.



    Hopefully we can blow Hibs away and make a statement of intent but a 1-0 will do.



    Coffee time






    D :)

  7. Tom McL



    England doing their best to mess up their good position. Relying on the bowlers to do the batting again !

  8. Greet sporting watching weekend.



    Cricket with the ashes


    Rugby Euro Cups


    Chelsea ManCity


    Watching my lad play in the amateurs


    NFL wild add games



    And then the main course on Monday night as we return to Paradise.

  9. Good morning from a frosty North Staffs – grandson’s 10th birthday today – where have the years gone.


    England toiling again in the test – bet they’ll be glad when it’s over

  10. 10 fake unionist monikers,sitting on a blog


    10 fake unionist monikers sitting on a blog



    And if 1 fake unionist moniker should accidentally fall



    There’ll be 11 fake unionist monikers shiting on the blog.



    Michael o Saville- you are a fake.hun unionist scum



    Special citizen keep highlighting how George the tory is a piece of scum. You are fake



    All puppeteered by jhb and team russianshillingplease on behalf tory voting ex worker.scum galloway



    Still not a word on the harassment of RNLi by racist and indigeneous vermin that supported brexit.




  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Like the rest of us, refugees are welcome at Celtic on Monday provided they comply with the club’s 6-point covid19 checklist.



    Appropriate these days to turn down the rhetoric volume dial around ‘open to all’. Not before time, were it to happen, says me.





    All the best to Celtic B at Gretna today. On a good run of wins.



    I’ll be interested to read the match squad later. Wylie and Otoo received a pre-planned half-time hook last week, as told by Tommy McIntyre. Had me quizzical at the ground, trying to reason out why they didn’t appear after the break.



    Was it to provide a couple of bodies for the closed doors games during the week or a move up to the 1st squad training? Bit early for that probably. Ben Wylie has X factor potential, no doubt about that.

  12. 31003,



    Thanks mate,I remember them now.Not the name,the hat.Do you remember the short lived,Clockwork Orange fad?.Did see a guy one night with the one false eyelash,Bowler Hat and Brolly.

  13. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Saint Stivs



    Interesting that Rangers aren’t “up to their knees in fenian blood” in that photo.



    When did they change the socks?

  14. Tasks all done. Getting ready to head for Gretna to see the Young Bhoys against a properly liquidated team, Gretna 2008.


    On another note…. Received an email from ticket office asking for confirmation of age. Any idea if this is just procedural or has my place on the waiting list just become imminent?

  15. AN TEARMANN on 15TH JANUARY 2022 12:31 PM



    that was a good read.



    some praise duem the celtic website has recently became much more “fan-zine” alike,


    some great articles, excellent historical pages about great players and games.



    pat on the back to them.

  16. 31st of march……..Toonheid surely???


    Anyhoo…Isolation mania over……. all feckin negative…….


    @Ernie anymore o them there sheepskin videos!!!!! and ma shortbreid is goin oot the windae…..

  17. !!BADA BING!! on 15TH JANUARY 2022 12:27 PM



    Cheers, I’m not looking to start a fight it’s just I’ve known people who look differently than the majority of the population (not dwarfism though) and you wouldn’t believe the day in day out bullshit they have to deal with… and not just from kids either, adults staring at them in supermarkets and thinking they can ask incredibly personal questions… God knows how they put up without punching some of them in the face.

  18. Hail Hail History






    14 Jan


    55 years ago today,




    history was made.



    Celtic went to Perth and beat St Johnstone 4-0.



    This was the first time the Lisbon Lions XI ever played together.



    Simpson, Craig, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark, Johnstone, Wallace, Chalmers, Auld, Lennox.

  19. Tim Trivia








    If from 2010 till today you played for rangers*, Ross County, Inverness, St Johnstone, Aberdeen, St Mirren, Kilmarnock, Hibs, Hearts, Dundee United and The rangers then you would have collected 16 major winners medals.



    Or you could be James Forrest and have 19 of them at Celtic.