Klimala and data-driven analysis


Zbyszek, our man in Poland, was surprised when Celtic signed Patryk Klimala from Jagiellonia Bialystok.  It is fair to say the subsequent lack of impact and opportunities bore out what he told me at the time.

Patryk arrived the month after we played a League Cup Final without a striker fit enough to start the game.  Lewis Morgan, a lighter-than-air winger, played the striker role until Odsonne Edouard’s arrival in the second half.  With the league title in the balance in January 2020, there would have been an over-eagerness to get a deal, any deal, over the line.  Which is why Patryk, hitherto plying his trade 33 miles from the Belarus border, came to work in Glasgow.

You and I have not seen enough about Patryk to proffer an informed opinion, his appearances have been fleeting, although there were signs of encouragement, in particular against Lille.  The most relevant fact is that he was unable to acquire a place in an underachieving Celtic team.  Getting our £3.5m investment back feels like an unlikely win.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of his transfer, due to complete shortly, is the buying club.  New York Red Bulls, the North American outpost of one of European football’s most data-driven club owners.  You can be sure Patryk featured heavily in key metric reports during his development years.  If Red Bull are buying, the data will suggest there is a player there; the same data almost certainly took him to Glasgow in the first place.

Separating data from noise is an analytical problem that cuts across disciplines.  It will be interesting to watch what happens to Patryk over the next few years, is he a data find or background noise?

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  1. Philbhoy



    About 8 weeks ago I was walking down the 18th fairway carrying my double strapped bag. Suddenly the left strap snapped and the eight of the bag transferred to my right shoulder. No immediate pain or problem. Carried on as usual and canned a sweet birdie.


    NEXT DAY I was in absolute agony.


    Pain from my back, up through my shoulder and down through my chest. Worse still, I had a constant pain from my shoulder all the way up through my neck and up into the back of my head. I endured that for the whole of two weeks before deciding to pay a visit to the New Vic.


    There a nurse showed me diagrams of how all the places I was getting pain were inter connected through muscles, tendons and bones. Quite incredible when you see it. I didn’t get a proper nights sleep for six weeks.


    During all of this I was told that swing your arms and turning your shoulders as often as you can will eventually help. Obviously I continued to play golf through the pain just because you swing your arms and turn your shoulders while playing.


    On Tuesday I won the medal scoring a 62.


    It’s the most painful yet most profitable injury I’ve ever had.






    I had my Rotator Cuff repaired in June 2019. For years my left shoulder weakness was just something I got used to. I would never reach up to pick something from a shelf with my left hand. Lifting 2 dinner plates from the countertop to the table required a wee bit of skill. But that was me and like many others ..you just get used to it.


    I started to play the Baritone Horn. I played through the pain ‘cos I wanted to play an instrument. The Ukulele came along and that made it a bit of a challenge. I was using ice and heat after each session. Eventually my arm said…”right , that’s it” and I could not use it. I was 72 that year but the surgeon was concerned about quality of life. So it was …lie back and count backwards from 99. Rehab was a bugger, lasted 3 months, and I also had to do Physio on my left side because I had ‘ favoured’ it for many years.


    Now I can play my Horn and Ukulele and guitar with no discomfort. Sadly, I still can’t play the piano.

  3. “The Hoops’ interim manager has taken some flak for comments stating the Parkhead outfit were “the best side in the country” and he insists they were taken out of context.”



    A Celtic manager taken out of context in the MSSM? Surely not?


    Mind you, it must be true as quite a few Celtic supporters also criticised JK for his foolish comments.

  4. My sister had a rotator cuff problem and she plays neither golf nor any musical instrument.


    She was ,however, very handy with a sewing machine and made her own weding dress.




  5. Hot Smoked



    Sounds like my kind of woman



    If she ever wants to take up golf, give her my number

  6. 31003



    Yes. My Golf has gotten a wee bit better. BUT more importantly …I am sore afterwards

  7. Brass Man



    Not sore afterwards?



    I can’t walk afterwards



    Combination of beer and multiple shots makes 18 holes very sore and tiring

  8. I would Just like to give a Happy 50th shout out to my wee brother Colin on his birthday



    and birthday wishes to Philbhoy also.



    Just a suggestion Philbhoy, but have you tried an Osteopath for the shoulder troubles, it can be an alternative to physio






  9. 31003



    Well ..when I say Not sore it is all relative to your score. Full disclosure …. I also switched to Senior Shafts


    otherwise known as Old Man Clubs. What a difference. I did not spend a lot of cash either, as I picked them from Demo or “previously used” clubs. $100 for a Ping G20 and $40 for a 4wood. I live in Ontario.

  10. Happy Hoopy Birthday to Philbhoy. Hope you have a grand day, and no over-rotating of that cuff 😉😊 Hope to catch up soon.



  11. In spite of some saying they don`t really care about the Cup now, I think we all really want Celtic to win on Sunday. We all WANT but how many of us genuinely feel that we will?


    I genuinely do .



    Good to see you posting enjoy the Dubliner on Sunday 🍺😎🍺🇮🇪

  13. HS



    Celtic are in better shape than we were in the last game we played at Ibrokes.



    The team has a more settled look and most could guess what it’ll be for a starting eleven?



    In the last game we dominated the whole first half ( Can you get a whole half? ) but didn’t come close to scoring, and Sevco upped it slightly in the second half, and the sieve obliged.



    Sadly I see no redemption for our side in this bottom less pit of a season, where there is just a shadow of Celtic



    Love to be wrong CSC

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If we win the Cup,we can finish the season on a high,and try and build momentum from there,the huns have had their day in the sun,trashing Glasgow, let’s capitalise on another Cup win.

  15. Brass Man






    Someone told me today, whilst hacking around, that I might benefit from said shafts.


    I’ll look into that

  16. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    If Eddie Howe had any intention of taking the managers job surely he would have turned up by now given the amount of rebuilding / CL preparation work to be done. Not to mention getting onside with the fans early. Personally I’m now convinced there is no truth in him coming our way, and IF we beat the sevconians on Sunday John Kennedy will be the new favourite on Monday. Right now he is the man in possession and he will have a handle on exactly what we need to do to get ready for next season, it’s his to throw away imo.

  17. Patryk KLimala always struck me as an enthusiastic and dedicated young footballer, prepared to give his all for the team and a pity things didn’t work out for him in Scottish football. He can do well in America where there is a sizeable Polish diaspara. It may well be that Celtic will use the expected transfer fee to lure Moi to Celtic depending on the wages on offer. A good move if it happens.

  18. I’d hope our search for a new management team is more than a single option.



    Offers, if any have been issued, will be time bound.



    Delays are not a sign of strength, good negotiating skills or any other spin.


    Our window to improve for next season reduces with each passing day. Our competitors aren’t waiting for us to appoint.



    To suggest otherwise is disingenuous

  19. I’m sorry to see Klimala go. He always gave his all. The same can’t be said this season for Griffith.



    Happy birthday, Philbhoy. I hope the weekend’s result let’s you celebrate a wee bit more……

  20. Klimala looked very raw for us but may still come good, he’s very dedicated. I think it’s a good move for everyone and to recoup our money is solid business. We just need to move Ntcham and Bayo on now…



    Coincidentally the Sevco have raised something similar to Klimala’s selling price with another share issue.



    Their directors will continue to dilute their own share holdings indefinitely to keep the lights on.



    Forget about UEFA and FFP, it’s clear that goose is cooked.