Like the Boyne, some history flows into the sea


You see what happened this week?  The First Minister calls it out (to borrow a phrase), “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  This gave Police Scotland a responsibility to fall in line, which they did.  That in turn provided cover to journalists to write reflective pieces on why a modern country should be ashamed it retains prejudices like these.

It didn’t used to be like this.  By this stage of any earlier Rangers (old or new) embarrassment, you would be reading about two Celtic fans chanting IRA slogans or dangling an effigy.  Strings would be pulled and the lowest lying Celtic-connected fruit would be plucked and served.  Equivalence in as much time as it takes to sing about the grassy slopes of the Boyne.

Newco/Oldco inevitably deflects and denies, “tiny minority” this, “everyone, anyone” that, you will remember the damage “fans of other clubs” did to Manchester?  It has worked this way since their excesses started to grab headlines in the 70s.

This time, it’s different.  Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention changed the script.  The path from the First Minister, to the police to the journalists who found the freedom to report without fear and intimidation is lined with orange lilies.  Many journos have taken the opportunity, although there are a notable few clearly still imagining themselves doing battle on the aforementioned grassy slopes.

The reaction will probably see an end to George Square takeovers but it is also likely to see trophy parades inhibited, which will affect Celtic more than everyone else put together.  Newco will not change, of course.  From birth, they relied on the lowest common denominator to make the club viable (it is still searching for that quality).  Their values and instincts see them underplay, deflect and deny what the rest of the world sees.

History is either with you or against you.  In the 1980s, it took an hour for Orange Walks to pass through a wee Lanarkshire village like Holytown.  ‘The street’ of my youth was memorably thronged with the drunk and the defecating.  Very few are interested these days.  Like the waters of the Boyne, this particular history will inevitably flow into the sea.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The upside to Peter and Desmond’s continuing clusterfeck is we will be trounced out of Europe in July as a new team that don’t know each other’s names (step aside Artmedia there’s a new kid in town) get thoroughly trounced. That way we can concentrate on reducing the gap to the newly dominant hun to say … 24 points next season.



    The smallness of Peter Lawwell will not be judged well by history. Happy to be second to hun, in whatever guise.

  2. McPhail Bhoy on

    Of all the talk about former Celtic players being silent (Packie Bonner) or talking out of their ar@#$ (Charlie Nicholas) about the Hun hordes or one side as bad as the other, another person, although never played for Celtic is Pat Nevin. He is for some unknown reason seen as some sort of intellectual in footballing circles, to be fair the bar is scraping along the ground. While driving my youngest to training last evening he was being interviewed on radio about the end of the premiership, for the record he got all of his predictions wrong for last night’s games! He’s another apologist. Apparently couldn’t support Celtic anymore because of the ‘pro IRA chanting’. But is a strong supporter of Chelsea! Apparently a long history of vile racist sentiments sits ok with Pat, but some bad boys singing rebel songs meant wee Pat had to leave Celtic behind.


    He probably given an opportunity would be wheeled out by those keen to ‘even up’ and create a false equivalency between us and the Hun hordes to give his ‘intellectual insight ‘ into why sectarianism is really a west of Scotland ‘old firm’ one’s as bad as the other issue. Who needs enemies?

  3. celticforever on

    I just read that the Hun letter to the government asking for fans


    to be allowed into the stadium on trophy day changes everything



    How does it change anything



    Does it mean their vile anti catholic and anti Irish chanting would


    have been ok if done inside Ibrox, or their fighting with each other


    or police or ambulance service would be ok too



    Would have been like any matchday inside Ibrox if they were allowed


    to congregate there



    Wonder whos fault it was then regarding huns drinking and anti pope



  4. I remember when I was a kid,we stayed in Pollock St,just off Paisley Rd,it went all the way up to Scotland St,some may remember,gardens all the way up the centre.Every year,for the Walk,the whole of the Southside would line up here,always a figure of 10,000 quoted.We as kids,used to make ,for us,a fortune with all the bottles thrown into the gardens.


    As Paul says,the numbers have diminished drastically.If it were not for the Narn Ireland mob coming over,they would probably number around 5,000 total.This is what they see and know.Everything gradually slipping away from them.Even Ulster.The more it does,the more obnoxious they will become.




    Give it a rest.Just don’t renew,if you have a ST.What a bloody outlook to have.

  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    Anyone hear anything about Peter Lawwell’s house being deliberately set on fire last night?



    Pictures circulating



    Anyone hear anything about Peter Lawwell’s house being deliberately set on fire last night?




    Pictures circulating







  8. Peter Lawwell will have more on his mind this morning than appointing a new manager.



    Disgraceful and a stark vision of what our country could slide into.

  9. My immediate thought is Huns trying to make it look like us. To even up.




    Horrible, horrible stuff, at every level.

  10. Can’t see it being Celtic supporters given he’s already leaving. This has Huns and orange order written all over it. Looks like intimidation. Maybe Celtic know something about their dodgy dealings this season.

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    With regards PL and his house, it was nightclub owner Mortimer two cars that were set on fire in his driveway (Mortimers drive) was it not ?

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Ignore the last post obv if record is to be believed, I hope it’s not true if it is I hope they’re safe and well

  13. Glasgow nightclub owner, James Mortimer, also had cars in his driveway firebombed the other day.


    I have no idea where the 2 gentlemen live, in relation to one another.

  14. BIG JIMMY on 19TH MAY 2021 7:14 AM







    Cheers mate, Im just feeling a bit weak again cos I know that I am losing some Blood again,, and its a real effort to try and get Dressed/Showered etc .





    in all honesty, Beer is probably the LAST thing I need right now..its maybe time for another Blood Transfusion and/or IRON Fusion in Hospital IF I get any worse ?





    Its all so frustrating and depressing to be honest.









    I hope that you and yours are all keeping well etc.





    HH Mate.





    Big Jimmy – Sorry that pesky work got in the way there.


    Take care, remember if you need anything just call.



    D :)

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Peter Lawells house was set a blaze last night. They all got out, he is shattered, it was deliberate, someone set their cars on fire which spread to granny flat where his daughter and new baby where in , shocking. Road is all closed. Fire brigade still there and police have blocked the road. It’s a crime scene absolute scumbags.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Previously bullets and viable parcel bombs – now petrol bombs – I wonder where the latest in a line of attacks on Celtic officials, supporters and high-profile Catholics could possibly have originated?



    Might be a wildly inaccurate assumption on my part – perhaps it was just a coincidence, or maybe a very disgruntled Celtic fan (I await the press speculation on that matter – remember the ‘Rangers’ team bus!) – but if it does transpire to have its roots in the current Ibrox ‘resurgence’ then all of the playing to the Klan base, to the NI Unionist / Orange elements seems to be having the desired impact.



    Needs addressed face on by the Government and Police – the direction of travel and potential ultimate destination is extremely disturbing.






  17. Regarding Peter Lawell, I never really understood the venim towards him. I hope and pray (firstly that he and his family are safe) that this is not the actions of a ‘Celtic s#######r’ because it will be the most shameful thing involving the Club I have seen.

  18. ADI_DASSLER NOT FOR 2ND BEST on 19TH MAY 2021 7:48 AM


    Oh so disgusted hun players had a meeting with mr anwar. Practicing catholics disgusted & no doctoring…..




    Adi – got sent that last night , I so hope its true.



    I see another couple of videos have emerged with Kamara behind the bar and a house party, which was quickly taken down.



    Very interested to see what happens here as the most of the population are getting fed up anyway with these restriction’s but watching these winkers makes it 10 times worse. Talk about abusing their football player status. Disgusting.



    Did Sturgeon not say that if she finds out anyone is abusing the Elite sportsman status the Government will come down hard on them?



    D :)

  19. squire danaher on

    Lawwell incident likely a Hun deflection.



    Turns media attention on us on basis of scenario of disaffected Celtic supporters “lashing out”; portrays us as unreasonable and reintroduces “two cheeks of the same asre” to media dynamic.



    Hun PR being handled by a DUP type remember.



    I put nothing past them.

  20. For the moment I am must assume that its the work of the Orange Hun Scum, as it cant be a coincidence that this “Petrol Bomb ?” attack has happened so soon after the Huns have worked themselves into even more a Anti Catholic hate frenzy leading up to last Saturdays display ?


    I wont be surprised if others who have spoken out against this hate mob, especially since Saturday, are warned by the Cops to be ” Alert” etc ?


    What must Dominic McKay and maybe Eddie Howe be thinking Today about THEIR futures ?



    I sincerely hope that Peter and his Family can stay safe and well, and that the Scum Culprits are caught on cameras ?

  21. The Huns are haters.



    Who would want to come and play fitba in this backwater of a Country?



    The warning signs are there.



    Something sinister afoot.

  22. quadrophenian on

    MARTIM1980 on 19TH MAY 2021 9:54 AM


    My immediate thought is Huns trying to make it look like us. To even up.


    Possible-to-likely IMO.


    Rule 1 of crisis deflection theory being…if you don’t like the narrative, CHANGE IT.


    So many juicy stories given the light touch by what PHIL calls the ‘stenography corps’:


    – Sweet Caroline


    – Glen the barman


    – No social distancing


    – Licensing regs breaches


    – Perthshire parties



    On and one it goes until…give them a bigger story. LOOK a fiery squirrel!



    I pray that all at Rancho Lawwell are safe and well.

  23. Most likely scenario is that someone has petrol bombed a car rather than targeted the house itself in which case hopefully they were being less forensically aware/careful.



    Can’t see it being a disgruntled Celtic fan.

  24. Those that have did this act of Terrorism will be UNABLE to keep their mouths shut, as they will be anxious and thick enough to tell Someone/Anyone what they have done.


    IF/When the culprit(s) are caught, I would hope that they are charged under the ” Terrorism Act” and NOT some lower charge, and get put away for a very long time ?


    I am getting ahead of myself…I hope the Cops catch them ASAP ?

  25. This has hun scum written all over it.



    Hopefully the culprits are caught and dealt with, if not, there are dark days ahead as Ireland heads for reunification.

  26. And watch the media talk about this every day for a month. After stopping to talk about sevco after 2 days.



    Even though it’s probably them who’ve done it.