McAllister shows how far aspirations have fallen


Newco assistant, Gary McAllister, this week told the media “to finish the season with a flourish would be a big positive going into the summer.”  On hearing this, I thought back to the 3-0 win in a meaningless game against Rangers in May 1995.  We left Hampden (our temporary home) with a child-like joy: we had a great day out but the ‘adults’ knew nothing of significant had occurred.

It is demeaning for an aspirational club to talk about the prospect of feeling positive at winning a meaningless fixture.  Especially when they cannot even reach a cup final.  To the outsider, this looks the opposite of aspirational.  It looks needy and desperate.

Of considerably greater importance to Celtic in May 1995 was the Scottish Cup Final win over that other soon-to-be-liquidated team, Airdrie.  We brought a trophy home for the first time in six years, in actual positive.

Win, lose or draw on Sunday, anyone who leaves Ibrox feeling positive or negative about the summer on the back of what happened that day is a fool.  Gary, it’s not a good look.

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This is an opportunity for four people to experience a special day in Celtic’s history from the Directors’ Box.  Tickets can be collected from Glasgow on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th.

All proceeds from this auction will go to Celtic FC Foundation.  The Foundation support people living in poverty in Scotland, England, Ireland and in many of the world’s most impoverished countries.  The provide support to people with Downs Syndrome, Autism and Dementia.  They reach out to those excluded from many aspects of normal living with educational and social projects, often providing life-changing opportunities.

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  1. Looking for some help guys!! Trying to make contact with TravellerBhoy,


    I have not seen him on recently, maybe he lurks.


    I would be grateful if Paul 67 or any one else who has my email or Mob number


    and is in contact with him could pass them on.


    Thanks in advance.




  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I emailed him couple of weeks ago when CRC mentioned it


    Still nothing back

  3. 2 Jam and spoons….



    Not Origi nal Howevaaaaah we have, have wee? a Treasure to fix ailments in the Deepest of Deepness… a Forest.



    Jamesie Away to Udinese said to me that night, that Bhoy would do all Madeleine Albright.





    I emailed him couple of weeks ago when CRC mentioned it


    Still nothing back




    Cheers S, I knew you were trying to contact him.


    I hope you, your Dad and the family are well.




  5. Alasdair MacLean on

    It’s been a few weeks I think since I’ve seen anything posted by Delaney’s Dunky.



    This post just to say hoping he’s good, concerned for him, and to let him know he’s missed and thinking about him.



    Looking forward to seeing him posting again.




  6. “With Henrik leaving us at the end of the season this club is losing a great scorer, no question. But I am also losing a great friend. Henrik was my idol and now that I am playing next to him it is fantastic.”



    Insane Skills and talent.



    Number 7 is Alive.



    Hopefully we will see a worthy player wearing it in the coming Season and the one after.









    You speak for us all.



    Thinking about the Great Man.

  7. hi ghuys, this morning a lovely looking bmw maroon coloured car, passed me I just happened to note the reg s321 hun, now im led to believe the current manager of Glasgow sevco, lives in my area, surely not his car?.hh.

  8. Jobo,



    I watched the Aberdeen game in Lewis’s bar next to Loonys last week. Busy we bar and loads ov TV sets (i counted 8)


    Been to John Lemon bar a couple of times also gets busy when games are on.




  9. Alastair McClean/EneraldBee DD won’t be at the match next week. I was in touch with him last night. I’m sure he’ll be back on here soon once he gets overbid recent sad losses.



    Jobo: There will be a good atmosphere in the John Lemon tomorrow.

  10. 2nd visit to John Lemon pub much more encouraging. Usual blackboard sign in the street simply says,






    Tribute Act”

  11. ” Leicester City are delighted to announce the appointment of new head of recruitment Lee Congerton” but the BBC understands that Leicester also strenuously deny having received compensation from the Glasgow Giants for his signature.

  12. Park Road 67 on



    Just finished my tea mhate and likewise logged on only to find out everybody else is still at their’s ! ?










    door of sound lee congerton’s way a@se out CSC

  14. prestonpans bhoys on




    And now it’s like buses all come at once, oh Celtic by numbers posted, that should be a interesting read

  15. Hrvatski Jim on

    Respect to Bilbao indeed.



    I presume that everyone is too frenzied with excitement about the dead rubber tomorrow to be able to post here tonight.



    Calm down dears.

  16. Disappointed Lewis Morgan got substituted again for Sunderland- and his replacement goes on and scores within 3 minutes. Yon Chris Maguire who used to play for the sheep. Thought LM would have really made a name for himself at Sunderland, but seemingly not the case. Bit worrying for us. The lad has talent – had high hopes for him when he signed.

  17. Any word about the peaceful demonstration outside St Mary’s today organised by Call It Out.


    VFR? Anyone?

  18. onenightinlisbon on

    CELTIC BY NUMBERS on 11TH MAY 2019 8:06 PM



    Many thanks for the superb stats.



    Both make very interesting reading, even without knowing the stats for Timo, I reckoned he was a good un!