Midtjylland look as ill prepared as Celtic


After two preseason games we have Bristol City tomorrow, Preston North End on Saturday before Midtjylland in Champions League qualification one week today.  Midtjylland have played one more game then us since their return to training last month and start their league campaign on Friday evening.

Our only consolation is the Danes look as ill prepared for a fixture of this magnitude as we are.  There are only two group stage places available in the non-champions route of the tournament; you would be forgiven for thinking this possibility was not worth hoping for, but we are in strange times.

By ranking, those two places are earmarked for Benfica and Shakhtar Donetsk.  Shakhtar have not played a competitive game since March and Benfica’s only competitive game in that period was a cup final in May (they lost).  The Euros is another complication for preseason regimes.

There is a clear opportunity for a well-prepared team to punch above their weight in these qualifiers.  Ange has a lot of work to do if he’s to take advantage.  We will learn more against Midtjylland.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    WHAT IS THE STARS- still using Lawwell’s go to agent? Yes I am expecting change,how many players and agents are in world football?

  2. JAMES FORREST on 13TH JULY 2021 12:16 PM



    A very poor post.


    You don`t brighten your own candle by diminishing someone else`s.

  3. On a very different note:





    A genuine CQN Legend.

  4. Liel Abada looks a promising player. A regular for the last two seasons (since he was 17) for Maccabi Petah Tikva, the first season winning promotion and then finishing fifth in the top flight.



    Last season he finished joint 2nd top scorer with 12 goals from 36 games, a decent return when you consider he started most games on the right wing. Can also play left wing and centre forward. He started 6 games at centre forward last year, bagging 4 goals from that position.



    He’s 5 ft 6 (1.68m).

  5. Got a wee feeling that at Big Anges interview he asked for kennedy and Strachan to be his lieutenants, ! 😂aye 😉

  6. ConeyBhoy: I asked in the Celtic Store in Dublin would they be honouring the £50 certificate and, if so, for how much?



    They are and they are giving €56.

  7. JHB on 13TH JULY 2021 1:03 PM



    `… those who find it necessary to pour out their vitriol against me, just for the sake of it. `



    I have never understood why some posters are, as you say, so vitriolic against you. There are some others, CONSTANTLY negative about Celtic but they get away Scot free. Strange.

  8. Looks like this season will just be used to familiarize Ange with this part of the world. All we seem to be signing are prospects. I think Ange is being let down but I think he probably wanted the job bad enough that he accepted it. We’ll know soon enough though whether keeping Griff, Eddie and Ncham, perhaps also Ajer works in our favour. Maybe Ange is a super motivator. It’s certainly in all of these players interest to up their game a lot and get a decent team to move to. I’m still hoping for the unexpected.

  9. squire danaher on

    Some observations



    Paul – “There is a clear opportunity for a well-prepared team to punch above their weight in these qualifiers. “



    Maybe so but it’s a stretch to argue that Celtic is currently that well prepared team.



    JF – I broadly agree with many of your sentiments but I think that you are out of order coming on a guy’s blog and referring him by his surname using the tone you did. It does your argument no favours.



    More widely – there is a debate regarding the lack of transfer activity and the more accepting of the support are evidently prepared to view this through the lens of players/agents being unwilling to commit until establishing CL or EL status of the club, and that effectively nothing can be done.



    We have seen – a la the Celtic Bhoy feature of the old View – a new proposed CB on virtually a daily basis. It is asking a lot to think that none of these have sufficient knowledge of our circumstances as to not have considered our current circumstances before engaging in even basic discussion.



    I am not advocating we throw good money after bad, but surely there comes a point where a player is told that he may be the difference of us making CL or EL and his standing in the game acts as a declaration of intent and encouragement for others.



    So you need to pay the going rate and make it worth their while in coming as opposed to trying to shave £100k off the fee.



    I know we are going over old ground here, but you would be forgiven for thinking that the football capacity of the club was being deliberately downgraded, as it would be hard to achieve where we are at the moment through sheer neglect.

  10. James Forrest, why do you still come on to this site. Everything you say about the articles are negative. Not as if you’re that eloquent yourself, gave up reading your site


    (Misprint) years ago.

  11. So, it’s ok that we’re a bit of a basket case because so are our next opponents ?



    I have to admit, I didn’t think it could any more farcical than that December article that called on us to stick with Lennon because we’d January transfer targets lined up…



    But today has surpassed that in terms of taking the absolute piss.

  12. quadrophenian on

    Hail hail and welcome to Liel – linked w Anderlecht, Kiev and Spurs, the style of play on his reel suggests he could be the new Patryck Klimala.


    Trust he will arrive as one of the 57.4% of Israelis totally vaxxed against covid.


    One of Ange’s personal picks?

  13. Many happy returns OLDTIM,hope you have good birthday.



    Hope to see you at Aberdour once again. 😙🎂😘🤗🍻🏌️⛳

  14. Watching the cricket from Egbaston – haven’t heard ‘ it’s coming home ‘ from the crowd yet.


    What a difference a week makes.

  15. Also, Dom, who is not used to dealing with football agents, the good and the bad, may be trying to let them know that he is no pushover. Perhaps he’ll relent slightly nearer the end of the window when agents avenues for a sale become a bit narrower. If this is the case, and he gets some, then that it will stand us in good stead for future qualifiers if we can get a few in who’ll be here for a few years and stop this turmoil before some of the most important games of the season, por cierto.

  16. Something is even more rotten in the state of Denmark….


    Oh Aye




  17. vinniethedog on

    James Forrest you were doing so well I was sitting here nodding in agreement …then all of a sudden you put on a kilt and jumped off a cliff !!!!…..

  18. DELANEYS DUNKY on 13TH JULY 2021 12:03 PM


    Many Happy Returns Davie.


    AKA OldTim 67




    Thanks very much for giving me a call this morning wishing me a happy birthday and to the others who also wished me well today.



    I haven’t been well enough to post on the blog for a while, and still not well enoug, but thought I’d better post my thanks to you all now.



    And Garry,thanks for reminding that it was my birthday today,I had forgot all about it.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    Maybe we’re also relying on Sevco being ill prepared for the upcoming domestic season .

  20. CaddingtonCommon on

    James Forrest



    Time for another spell on the naughty step. You really have not improved your behaviour.



    If you do not like this school, I am sure there are plenty of your calibre which will welcome, but remember, their naughty step will be much tougher.


    Hail Hail



    Stay Safe




  21. Glendalys



    If St Johnstone are ill prepared, we’ve a good chance of winning a cup.


    Let’s hope we’re the tallest midget and all that



    (Apologies for any height related offence caused)

  22. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    I said before on here before that I think this match with the Danes will come to early for the AP revolution and nothing that has happened lately has changed my opinion on that. I don’t think the custodians of our club have helped him and in some respects have hung him out to dry. We can only hope for the new manager bounce but I’m not confident. HH

  23. MARSPAPA on 13TH JULY 2021 1:42 PM


    Many happy returns OLDTIM,hope you have good birthday.



    Hope to see you at Aberdour once again. 😙🎂😘🤗🍻🏌️⛳



    I spoke to Stephen last week regarding the Golf,I told him to give me a call closer to the Day and I will come to Aberdour if I’m feeling good enough to walk from the golf club to the nearest Bar,


    I’ll just have to wait and see.

  24. I thought that things have been much more positive this summer than what I thought they would be – especially after the Howe shambles that out board were 100% responsible for.



    But Ange was largely welcomed, we sold the renewals and I’m sure the new Adidas merch is doing a good trade.



    Even the news that Kennedy and Strachan were staying was met more with a shrug than anything else.



    I get the impression Celtic are perhaps taking our support for granted.



    Come next week, if we get a cold dose of reality served up by the Danes, the board and management will be in no doubt about what’s expected.



    I think fans could turn quickly on the Club if not Ange. We’re sleep walking at the moment.

  25. What is the Stars on

    Bada 1.07


    WHAT IS THE STARS- still using Lawwell’s go to agent? Yes I am expecting change,how many players and agents are in world football?



    I think like many on here you are investing too much in Lawwells departure



    he wasnt the problem …

  26. Got to laugh at at the Gerry McSherry’s on here who had a go at James Forrest for stating harsh truths, and for rightly slagging the pathetic spin headline from P67.