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  1. Mullet & Co 2



    A 7-0 and 5-2 start not he season not good enough to bring a hint of positivity ?

  2. JimmyNotPaul


    Thanks for the response – not close enough to the Junior scene


    My son in law, told me their manager roasted them at HT,


    he scored 2 , then hit the post at 4-3 to kill the game 🤔



    Not to worry, my daughter ( his wife) and I wee busy watching the hoops 🏆🏆🏆

  3. Wage structures are important in keeping squad harmony/happiness. Players over the years have taken pay cuts to play for Celtic. Agents will demand Celtic match offers from elsewhere ie Villa. Protecting it’s current employees/players we refuse to be held to ransom. Here’s the generous offer making you a millionaire and the opportunity to play for such an amazing Club with the best support in World Football.



    Regards Boli, remember KT was a winger/left midfielder converted to left back. Boli you can see is the same conversion and in my opinion he just needs time, coaching and support on defensive positioning etc. I reckon he’ll come good.



    Our current domestic style of Goals, Goals, Goals- I’m quite enjoying!



    Will the p*shy weather affect the result today at Mordor? The Ref is Beaton with no live footage………….

  4. The Soccer Guy 😂



    Awesome Edward punches the air like he just doesn’t give a shit as he helps the Celtics win by another football score, this time against the Motown Steelers



    The steelers took the lead through Lee Donnelly after Celtics goaltender got caught goofing around in the end zone



    Irish central defense guy Christopher Eire inserted an equalization strike straight away before Peter Griffins 20 yard felony kick found the lower 90 of the ballsack. James the Florist then made it 3-1



    Fresh from the sub-shack, Awesome Edward made it 4 before Ryan Crispy, also fresh from the sub-shack completified the scoring for the Celtics with a P.K



    An overtime goalshot from Lee Donnelly gave the Celtics a scare and him the double penetrization but the Celtics win the match by 5 to 2



    #AwesomeCrispyFlorist #HelloHelloTheCelticsAreHere #WhatsTheStoryBollingoli

  5. onenightinlisbon on




    Superb stuff!

  6. BigShuggy 9.58pm



    (after a quick read back :-)



    Haircut & coffee before a 10am kick off ? How did you sneak that in ??



    Always liked the parks in at Bearsden better than our “toxic” land Espiside home parks :-)

  7. mullet and co 2 on

    Hot Smoked, 12 goals are great but I want continual improvement and planning not reactionary last minute changes.


    Scott Brown and McGregor get injured at the same time. What’s the plan?


    There has been no recognisable step up in quality since we sold or lost – Armstrong, Dembele, Tierney, Roberts, Boyata.


    Crying out for an apprentice to Brown for 3 seasons.

  8. Gotta love the passion of our customers but thank God the bean counters have the finger on the button.

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Grrrrrr. Just spent the last two hours trying to stop the pesky “Your a lucky iPad user blah blah blah. First time I have had major issues since I downloaded Adblock years ago. This one totally took over, but think I’ve got rid of it now, fingers crossed.



  10. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Don’t know how hibs have recruited this summer – interesting to see what happens with the new owner.

  11. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    ME and the bhoys discussing who is best John McGinn or ryan Christie


    And Ryan wouldn’t have happened if we had got John.



    Love ryan

  12. i’vehadtochangemymind on 11th August 2019 11:11 am





    Der Hun will crumble sooner or later. If last week was anything to go by I very much doubt the soup takers will overcome the resolve of the SFA’s Officials this early in the season.

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Boli? The guy is obviously not at ease, and currently seems to be struggling with ball retention. No player, that we can afford, is going to be the polished finished article, but let’s look at what he has got… firstly strength, he looks to be a very strong bhoy, I wouldnae fancy a skelp in the chops from him anyway. He seems to have a great engine, and covers a lot of ground during a game. He has a good attitude and never hides, even when things aren’t going well for him. His pace seems good also.


    Strength, stamina, pace and a competitive attitude. These qualities, on the whole, can not be coached into players. Granted, you can work out to improve your strength, you can improve your sprinting technique to improve your pace, but there are limitations. As examples, Mikey Johnston could work out all day, every day, in the Gym, but he will never have the power of someone like Roy Aitken. Similarly our Manager, as a player, no matter how hard he worked on sprinting, was never gonna threaten Oliver Burke over twenty five metres.


    So in Boli, we have many of the qualities that combine to make a great player. Passing? That can be coached and he can and will improve. He needs support. From all of us, and he needs some time. Let’s give him both.



  14. MULLET,



    So Hibs raising his price,or should I say Petrie ,to £4-5 million for us was perfectly acceptable to you at the time,and we should just have paid it.Considering at the time no one was in for him.,apart from us.How long are some fans going to keep bringing Mc Ginn up.He could have signed for us,he chose Villa.




    That kind of post aint gonna catch on.Far too many would rather go negative.Look at some of the posts.What enjoyment they get out of watching Celtic totally evades me.

  16. mild mannered Pedro delgado on 11th August 2019 11:27 am





    Celtic played the role of a squirrel. McGinn was always England bound.

  17. Good chance for us to rest players next weekend .Would hope to see the mysterious Bayo get a full game.Shved,Julien,more game time.Ralston.All depends if we get any in.Good chance to blood them also.We can only hope.Futures bright.Took us until October 7th to reach 12 goals last season.Incredible stat.

  18. Turkeybhoy on 11th August 2019 11:40 am




    Our discontented Fifth Element are a laughing stock. Treble, after Treble, after Treble? Treat assimilated tims with the contempt they deserve. No wonder their partners are having affairs.

  19. Just looking at the Huns predicted line up today.



    Barisic Goldson Katic Penalty King



    Jack Davis Arfieild Aribo.


    Ojo Morelos



    Is this what we are supposed to a bit worried about?

  20. MULLET



    Just a thought



    Armstrong = Christie


    Dembele = Eddy


    Roberts = revitalised Jamsie


    Boyata = Big Chris


    Kieran = work in progress



    Looks like a plan to me ….. Brendan’s possession at all cost had run its course in a 12 team league where the standard may not be the highest but most of the managers have a brain ….. with Neil upping the anti in terms of goal threat , teams will be confused as to how approach games with us … sit back and get pumped , play high balls down our left back position , press us but run the risk of blowing up 2nd half like yesterday …



    On balance we are making progress , like lots of teams very difficult to get all positions fully covered , as long as I can remember even very good Celtic sides were always 2 players short of being very very good ….. if that’s the Boards fault then every board in the country is guilty or



    That’s footballcfc

  21. Sick to death hearing about John Mcginn.


    He was worth what he was worth.


    Hardly seen him put in an acceptable performance for Scotland.


    By all account he played very well in the championship last season.


    His club finished 4th..yes 4th.


    He scored a very good goal yesterday but his team lost 3:1


    I would not be surprised if he is a championship player again next season despite all the hype.


    Ryan Christie is a miles better player

  22. Turkeybhoy on 11th August 2019 12:01 pm




    Excuse me sailor. I recommend New Zealand’s “Outlook Bay” (Liddle £8.99). Drink sensibly after the Blood Of Christ.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Thought Celtic played well yesterday albeit I tuned in at 1-1, tuned out at 1-5 so must have missed the bad bits.



    Reading back the comments (a genuine pleasure BTW) it would seem that Bain, Boli, Bitton, Julienne, Brown and Morgan didn’t play well.



    And yet we still scored five goals – even without John McGinn !



    Well done Neil and the boys.



    Last season we played as well there as we did yesterday ….. and drew 1-1.



    Hail hail

  24. HENRY JOY on 11TH AUGUST 2019 12:22 PM



    Not really.


    Ours was a tv game.


    No conspiricy on this occasion.


    Indeed if we can somehow remain in the champions league instead of the Europa we will have a huge advantage over the huns with regards fixtures[thurs/sun] until xmas assuming they make the group stages.

  25. lazydynamite on 11th August 2019 12:46 pm




    Or keep an eye on the SFA and der Hun for many reasons including history repeating itself.

  26. Laztdynamite



    I go to all Scotland home games (and some away) and my impression of McGinn is that he can make poor decisions that give away possession in dangerous areas. Not my cup of tea based on my limited experience.



    Also why is there never any singing for James Forest. Only fans I remember singing James’ name are Scotland fans during the Israel game. Why is that? I even once chinned a guy at a Scotland game for bad mouthing James thinking he was Sevco – turned out he was a ST holder at CP. Strange world we live in.




  27. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I know TB – a formidable mix of youth , talent and experience. Not to mention, the significant number of internationals and a smattering of utter shi*e. We Are in for it this season.

  28. Hand it to them, If there’s one the McGinn’s are still good at, it’s robbing Celtic.

  29. Back to Basics



    Morgan had a good game yesterday….. beat both full backs comfortably unlucky with final ball , the guy needs a goal then he will kick on

  30. A nice, nervy, scare for the Huns the day would be lovely. Just enough to put some manners on the guff……



    Talkin’ o’ guff – how’s Sincy?



    Did embdy ask what the



    On the subject of the Vino Collapso had a beltin’ red last Night called Dada “Chocolate” – there’s a wee squink left in the bottle, so I may just spread it on my soda bread at lunch.



  31. Alasdair MacLean on

    Ad blocker advice please for a Samsung A3 phone….


    Pop ups which disable the phone have been making reading this site impossible since yesterday.



    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

  32. Was nice to see Griff back to his moaning self yesterday.


    A true indicator that he is back if the free kicks alone don’t convince you.


    Very pleased with both our strikers.


    Would like to see Craig Gordan given his chance again.


    Set the bar high NL.


    That mistake on another day could have cost us and Craig lost his place to a different manager after having a pretty good game in general.


    Ncham played his best game for a bout a year whilst Callum was quiet and Ryan Christie a bit down on his imperious form.


    Scott Brown as consistant as ever.Ayer was very good whilst Julian was so so as was Boli goli in the first half but he was better than that in the second half.


    Biton was steady as ever as was Lewis Morgan without really the finishing piece of the jigsaw.


    James Forest however was my man of the match for the second game on the trot

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