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    Long odds on thati would think



    A bookie and his money aren’t easily parted




    is it still 2:1?/





  2. glendalystonsils on

    First impressions might not mean much , but it looks like Aberdeen , Killie and Hibs are all weaker this season.

  3. One thing I haven’t seen discussed on here is that on Thursday NFL said he wanted 5 players.



    On the Friday he said he wanted one or two.



    Anyone like to offer their wisdom as to the sudden change?

  4. SID



    We are fed any old shit so often they canny remember when they last lied to us or what the lie was.



    Am used te it personally.

  5. `We are fed any old shit`.



    …and their is a frenzied eating of said waste product.



  6. I really hope they qualify for the group stages of the Europa league.


    The extra demands and sunday matches will take their toll.


    We are strolling it at the moment but the first 30 minutes yesterday was not pretty.


    Points will be dropped.




    Hibs get a man sent off at 2-1, surprise surprise, surely that made a difference.



    Not worried!

  8. SID @ 4:50.


    It was discussed. Peter Lawwell probably had a word with him to tamp down expectations. How do you explain $50M in the bank, deadline for possible Slavia game this Friday, yet we have to wait to offload Hendry or Miller before signing anybody? If we don’t sort out our defense, we face getting turfed out the CL and turned over at the Bigotdome in the space of four days.



  9. Sid 4.50pm



    Neil plays the media, he flings them plenty of bones, think that’s why he also said he wants a left winger & a right winger… I think there will be 3 more signings minimum… still a long way till 2/9/19… I think that’s when transfer window “slams” shut … if the Sevs do manage to win first Glasgow derby of the season Peter & Dermot might give Neil a big signing … but who knows … I canny see the Sevs beating us but that’s just my outlook

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Sounds like Hibs totally folded after the red card . No doubt Beaton had absolutely no choice…..eh?

  11. Tight game until sending off.


    Hibs player sent off by rangers supporting referee. changes the game.


    2 games into the season and the pattern is already evident.


    But I am still with James Forrest.


    Sevco will be nowhere near us.

  12. GFTB



    I’m of the opinion that we do need a left winger but not a right one.


    Lewis Morgan isn’t good enough, not yet anyway.


    He actually had a good second half yesterday but as he got his chance to score yesterday, upon drawing his foot back to shoot, i said out loud, over the bar, his attempt was woeful. A top player doesn’t miss like that.


    As for Sinky, i don’t think we’ll see the old Sinky this year, hope I’m wrong, not good having one of our highest earners not playing, would love to use that wage on someone new.

  13. 10 man Hibs beaten by huns?



    Whether justified or no’ that helps thum.



    How many DECISIVE penno’s an’ sendin’ affs will it be this season?



    This ‘ll be the difference in winning and losing this year.

  14. Sid 5.08pm



    I’ve not saw enough of Morgan, Shved or Arzani to pass comment, if Neil does want more wide players (I don’t think he does) will see who he goes for… Jamesy F & Scott Sinclair are wide players who contribute goals … not many wide players have that attribute

  15. I hope to god I am wrong but the masons will makesure we don’t do ten and the celtic board will also not do anything, whats the point of having millions if you wont invest it in the club ,happy clappers your gonna get what you deserve.

  16. Hibs were matching sevco until the red card. They pressed Hibs high up the park for the first two goals then a sublime pass from Scott Allan got a goal back. Hibs became the better team at this point. The sending off was a game changer along with piss poor defending and poor substitutions. Hibs CF Doidge is a big cart horse I’m afraid to say.


    I have a feeling had Lenny arrived before New Year Scott Allan would still be at Celtic Park, a moot point perhaps.



    Spend some decent money Celtic and that will be the end of it!! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀*

  17. Pog 5.21pm



    I said the same to Dallas a good while back, if Scott Allan hadnt signed a pre-contract with Hibs then Neil would have kept him… but sometimes a club fits and think Scott Allan suits Hibs … especially with his Sevco tattoo :-)

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