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  1. HeknowsWHOknows on

    If you buy a pair of Adidas you k ow your getting 3 stripes.



    If you buy New Balance attire you get NB.as it’s the TM.



    Could someone kindly inform me why that mob have more Chevrons than Shell have petrol stations. I mean what happened to standards?



    Hail Hail

  2. Bluegrass thanks, Shieldaig Road , would most likely know someone from Hillswick, small world

  3. ‘GG on 12TH AUGUST 2019 2:24 AM



    I don’t subscribe to the Huns EL qualification benefiting us.






    The advantages are so minor compared to the joy of Sevco lurching into admin

  4. This was the team selection against St Johnstone:





    Elhamed, Bitton, Ajer, Bolingoli;


    Forrest, Christie,Brown, McGregor,Johnston,




    I would like to see the same tomorrow but I would not be disappointed if Gordon relaced Bain. I would imagine that we will be doing most of the attacking so the `keeper passing game will be less important than shot-stopping . Gordon,I feel, is better in that area.



  5. traditionalist88 on

    16 ROADS. on 12TH AUGUST 2019 9:37 AM


    What is the CEO’s bonus dependent on?





    Turning up, apparently…




  6. Greenpinata


    Sorry bud, not you then. I recall a conversation between a poster( now I’m thinking(Emeraldbee?) and Delaneys Dunky about saying a quick HH while both were in that section. I’ll be there the next couple of games.



  7. Just because one might think the season and it’s fixtures might benefit us IF rangers are playing Europa group stage football does not equate to ‘supporting’ them in europe.


    Of course it is always a great moment when they get pumped out of any competition and that will always be the default position of every celtic supporter.


    Just seeing the positives of them carrying on is not in any way a slight on being a celtic fan.




    I see BT Sport have again failed to bid for our 3rd qualifying round tie like they did last year.


    Of course next round onwards they will be covering everything Europe wise.But it appears they have begun their retreat of interest in scottish football which ends completely after this seasons league campaign ends.


    very sad.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    You think supporting the huns in Europe is bad ?



    I saw Celtic hand ” the league ” to Rangers , by beating Hearts at Celtic Park.


    Now that WAS bad.

  9. 16 Roads



    I read an article yesterday, from last year, that gave CL qualification as one of the criteria!! That seems to go against common perception so may be wide of the mark.




  10. The sun in December last year





    The bhoys accountant said (about Lawwell’s incentive plan)



    “The purpose of which is to link the performance of the chief executive to performance targets which have the objective of improving company performance, the football performance of Celtic FC and generating shareholder value.



    “The criteria for the LTPIP to become payable as determined by the board is that Celtic FC qualifies for and participates in the group stages of the UCL in the applicable financial year.

  11. Some Hun like logic on here.Could have been taken from some demented Hun blog.”Huns dropped a lot of points last season against other teams in the league.Cant see them doing that this year,so we must win the games against them”Maybe I was in a different dimension last season,but just how many stupid points did we drop.Still won by 9 points.Most of the Hun team still the same,Flanagan,Katic,Goldson,Jack,etc,add in a few powder puff signings like Stewart,the wee Killie Hun.We saw this scenario before with loan signings.They were going to rip up the league,the guy Ojo is a superstar now,like the ones before,he will hardly get a game later.


    Lenny will NOT approach the Ibrox games like Rodgers.Rank rotten against a Killie side who have showed in 4 games what they are like,but one result against 10 men,and they have become big ,big challengers.I will believe it when I see it,around December.The league is,by the looks of it weaker,but that helps us as well.

  12. Thanks for the replies.



    The bonus is relative to how the team performs on the park, also how the club performs financially.



    If that is the criteria, then it probably is justified to a certain extent – Treble Treble, record profits etcetera.



    Bonus King CSC.



    HH. 🍀

  13. All this fuss about Allen’s pass.


    Christie’s pass to set up the 1st goal v St Johnstone was a peach too!!




    IMO, Rangers have strengthened their squad.


    We have lost a back four for this season of










    who infairness might be most peoples starting back four , with Ajer as holding middy :)))



    Hopefully we will add to our squad in the coming days .



    PS… If we’re interested in 30 year old Bolaisse… fabio coentrao 31 is a free agent and a decent left back , just saying like ;))

  15. Having had a look at the highlights of Sevco v Hibs, how awful were Hibs? It was like watching a primary school team.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    WEE BGFC on 10TH AUGUST 2019 3:15 PM


    I here rumours of a hootenanny in september is there a date.



    DELANEYS DUNKY on 10TH AUGUST 2019 3:19 PM


    Wee BGFC


    21/9. Bring your musical instruments please. 😎👍🍀






    Hi DD – we’ll be there.



    Will join you after the Killie game – will have guitar and accordion :-)) I can see if the other guys from the band can come along, but best check with the pub first that they are OK with it.






  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    MARSPAPA on 12TH AUGUST 2019 11:12 AM




    Whats your view on it ?





    Biggest game of the season






  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Cluj look very dangerous on the break.



    Boli was targeted by Motherwell from the kick-off on Saturday with long balls into his area. Expect that will be a Cluj tactic tomorrow too especially given Boli’s attacking intention which can leave space in behind him.



    Center backs and mid-field need to give him more cover – he was left exposed 2 on 1 a few times on Saturday. Came on to a good game in the second half.






  19. MARSAPA,


    Yes we have lost players,but,if we give it a few weeks,then we will be able to judge their replacements.Mikel has been replaced,by a younger fitter model.Boyata has been replaced.Lenny now seemingly very happy with Ajer,Jozo.Julien.We will see.KT,no way possible to replace,but we have not lost a game since he went out.Instead of trying to replace,the ,for us irreplaceable,I am talking moneywise here,we need to find a guy that can grow into the role.When anyone mentions Taylor,there are ruptions.Why?.Many would be happy to pay £7 million for a guy from Brentford with a history of injuries,who they have never seen.I said before,I rate Stevie Clarke for having an eye for a player,much more than the “Scouts”on the blogs.He really likes Taylor.At the money,surely worth a go.El Hamadi,so far,looks more than capable.Sometimes throwing money at a problem,only makes it worse.Seems to be the way for a lot of fans.

  20. With close to £40 million up for grabs in the next couple of weeks it seems strange that we haven’t given ourselves more cover and options at left back and right back.



    Midfield wise I think we’re fine. Wings are fine and Griff is the ‘new’ signing. Bayo seems to be struggling to make his mark so a third striking option with a RB and LB signing is the minimum for me.

  21. TURKEYBHOY – Agree.



    Taylor is tough and resilient, and can play a bit as well.



    HH. 🍀

  22. In the Lustig Video the family flew back to Sweden in a private jet. No wonder he wanted a longer deal, probably unable to get private jet wages elsewhere por cierto

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