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  1. edward brilliant tonight for his SKILL


    Leigh griff brilliant for his WORKRATE



    But man of the match tonight was Callum McGREGOR






  2. 4 away league games in the league since the break. Max points. Loads of goals. Players hitting form. Extended lead in the league. Goal difference looking much healthier.



    That’s how to respond to a bad day at the office against the zombies.

  3. Night bhoys!



    I’ve got a stinking cold so away to bed wi’ a wee toddy.



    That should sort it!



    Nite all.

  4. Awesome


    Or awesome midfield 3 & front line


    Thought the defence ( with exception of Jozo) very lackadaisical at times



    Anyway I’ll settle for awesome result 👍👍👍

  5. Well done great result…not a perfect performance…if we cut out the sloppy misplaced passes, Brown, Julien and James Forrest …and take the easy chances we create …Leigh Ollie….we will be nearing perfection….👏👏👏👏👏….



    Next up the Jambos ( after the Bully Wee ) and anther 5 goals to add to the goal difference..🤞

  6. That was a good watch ,Motherwell kept at it but we proved to strong going forward in second half . Defence could have been tighter but no goals conceded ,so all in all a good night’s work

  7. French Eddie is sensational. So I don’t think he should be allowed to compete for MOTM. Not fair on the others.



    Cal Mac was outstanding.



    Taylor looked very impressive too.



    Griff not far off it.

  8. Of course griff still has a wee bit to go.


    but every match he looks fitter and fitter


    sharper and sharper



    This is the best he has looked since the brenda era started.


    He will be banging in hatricks by the end of the season.

  9. Some sensational play & goals. 3 away games 9 points superb . Pity Sevco scraped a win but at least we extended our goal advantage by 3. That side of equation almost settled now and that is worth an extra point.

  10. Fantastic 2nd half.Calmac,immense.Griff took his goal brilliantly,Eddy,unmentionable brilliant.It all came together against a very good Well team.Couple of points,every time gets close to an opponent,foul ,every time Eddy gets fouled by CH,play on.

  11. BHOYFROMSKY on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:24 PM


    Oh Eddy ….that was genius….the best since Lubo At free kicks 👏👏👏👏👏





    What aboot Naka?

  12. VP ….aye good shout …..but I have a soft spot for Lubo ….loved them both …or I could have put forward TG…. maybe to far back though ?

  13. Great display, maybe best of the season. Well done Celtic 🍀



    Well done Neil Lennon and his team!

  14. ‘GG on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:53 PM



    Great minds think alike



    Although to be fair I feel the top 3 tonight was the easist all season…i put my email in right on full time!

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Hats off to Motherwell, they came out and had a go, better that than bore us to death defend with park the bus where the opposition lose anyway

  16. Calum McGregor. What a footballer. He copped a real sore one on the weekend and yet he’s back giving a master class tonight. Incredible.



    Edouard. Not the finished article. But what the finished article looks like is anybody’s guess. Top class. Can’t decide if he is better than Dembele because they are so different. It’s a close thing.



    Now I’m stuck for the third nomination. I have two players in mind. Forster because of THE save and the importance of it at that time in the game, Taylor he did nearly everything right until he tired near the end, but still enough in the tank to see the ball out whilst getting pushed. And perhaps a very sore knee for his troubles.



    Despite the blank sheet, I thought all three of the back line had their dodgy moments. Fortunately not all at once and nothing came of the errors.

  17. Motherwell, 3rd in SPFL.


    Have scored about 1.5 goals a game at home.


    Gave us a game first half but we’re blown away in the second.


    Anyone who questions Neil’s abilities to change a game at half time please desist.


    What a spectacle we are in full flight



  18. Another beautiful coverage of the scottish game by BT SPORT



    They are going to be a huge miss next season.


    Really sad that we have to go to the disgraceful sky sports and their half arsed second rate rubbish.


    Im not even talking about their twisted bullshit this week either


    Football coverage alone scottish football has never had a better broadcaster and home.