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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Magic last night. Some great linkup between the front two. One sublime move when Griff back heel picked out Eddy, who picked out Ntcham…looked like a terrible miss but the ball took a horrible bobble just as we was shooting. Its happened to us all, most of the time no one else notices and it just looks like you’ve had a rush of blood and skied it!



    But we are seriously motoring and have lots of options in reserve to call on when something different is required.



    Here we go…




  2. Think this Celtic team would beat the invincibles. Better at CB and GK. More options in midfield.



    The only edge I’d give the invincibles is at LB and LM.

  3. One of these days we’re going to give a ninety minute masterclass and really thump someone.



    Griffiths missed an easy chance with his right foot and was unlucky with the header that hit the bar. Ntcham’s miss after brilliant lead up play was unfortunate as he got a bad bobble, what a goal that would have been.



    Still some sloppiness to eradicate, we have the ball away several times in dangerous positions and even passed it out for a corner to Motherwell so plenty of improvement still to come.

  4. Good morning from a bright and sunny Forres, a predicted balmy 9*C today. Mrs PMTYH reminding me to book our Red Door (gin) Experience at Benromach distillery before she went out to work, a Christmas present from No 2 daughter. 😁


    Great result and second half performance last night despite the defence trying to cock it up.


    RIP Kirk Douglas, a star of some great films from my childhood and early life.



    Spartacuscsc 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


    Morelos is rated highly by the Rangers hierarchy, with both manager Steven Gerrard and outgoing club chairman Dave King raving about him earlier this season.



    According to The Scottish Sun, King said that Rangers would not sell Morelos for £40 million, while Gerrard stated that even £50 million would not be enough for the Gers to consider parting company with the striker in January 2020.



    I think i will start breathing through my ass to see if i can understand their mentality.

  6. Yesterday I said we could be 10 points ahead by today and it oh so nearly happened. The natives were getting extremely restless over there.



    Last night was great viewing. Motherwell created some clear chances in first half but couldn’t finish them off. My only concern was Ajer who was guilty of several poor passes and clearances, put Taylor in trouble 2-3 times needlessly. He is not comfortable playing left side of a back three.


    Middle to front we were sublime. Leigh could have bagged a hat trick with just a little bit of luck. Maybe he will achieve that against his favourite team next Wednesday.

  7. Team for the weekend:














    Welsh is cup-tied.

  8. SAINT STIVS on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 11:59 PM



    To funny …stop it 😜😜😜😜




  9. The game I am thinking the scum will drop points in is the Killie game next midweek.Last night they beat a Hibs team who seem to ship 2 goals per game.Expected nothing from that game.The Killie one was always the one that stood out for me.

  10. Seeing some comparrisons re Eddie and Moussa made me think of some players we have currently and have had in our very recent past:




    van Djik;









    When I add to that group, Lustig at his best plus McGregor and Brown, I am left to wonder about what might have been .




    Lustig, van Djik, Tierney.


    Brown, McGregor,


    Forrest,Ntcham,Sinclair ( 1st season).


    Edouard, Dembele.

  11. Hot Smoked – I guess just like when you are at the actual game? You comment on what you are seeing at that moment. You don’t have foresight in the 10th minute as to how it will all pan out. First half, in particular, we made a lot of mistakes, sloppy passes mostly. I guess the comments on here reflected that.


    Even at 2-0 up, Motherwell were pushing us hard. Don’t know about anyone else, but I was still nervous. Once the third went in we were world beaters and I knew we’d gub them all along. Never in doubt.



  12. I don’t expect to see 11 changes against Clyde- 5 or 6 at tops.



    Though he needs a rest, Broony would only drop out if Callum stayed in to provide the drive and captaincy.



    Neil knows we will stil be expected to win and any loss to CLyde will be used as a stick against the team.



    I hear that the sons of Paul McStay and Peter Grant both play for Clyde- Wonder if one of them “carries” the other through the game.

  13. Turkeybhoy – Kilmarnock certainly could take points off them the way they are playing. I fully expect Braga to put them out of Europe this month too.




    Clyde will be the weakest side we play all season.



    I expect changes but not a youth team. More likely we will see the likes of Boli & Bauer

  15. DENIABHOY on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:01 AM


    Timaloy – I think it’s an artificial surface so no Simunovic. Time to give Biton a game.





    Hope so

  16. Deniabhoy


    Good points.


    My comment was really in recognition of the fact that most of us are nervous during most games but realise afterwards our uncertainty was unfounded.That`s what it is like being a supporter :-)

  17. The tackle with the “Afters”on Broony last night was an ankle breaker.Ball was well away.Looked deliberate to me.Hope it was not.I noticed there was not a mention last night,unlike the Griff incident.

  18. Deniabhoy,



    Yep,Braga form team in Portugal at the moment.Hopefully put on a better show than Porto.

  19. After the third goal went in last night was the first time I relaxed.



    Mrs RobinBhoy even made us a gin and tonic, pausing only to rush back to see Edouard crash in the free kick!

  20. Hot Smoked,


    H,mm,mibbes aye,mibbes naw.It was instigated by Traynor.The scum were the ones ,after the game,that made the unfounded Racist comments.Funny how they should make their way into the interview.Dickson tweeting how well it went,obviously must have seen it beforehand.Traynor knew deep in this.

  21. I, too, have good feelings re Braga and I will take them with me as I go out for a short bike ride.


    Cheerio for now.



    PS I would `rest` Edouard ,Brown and Simunovic (surface) V Clyde.

  22. TB


    I agree that it was instigated by Traynor but, as Michael Stewrat suggested, he was doing that for his own ends.


    BTW, Which part of Turkey are you in?

  23. Really hoping to see Klimala start on Sunday.Sure Elyanoussi will start.Ryan too.Lenny averse to too many changes,but a few needing game time.

  24. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TIMALOY29 on 6TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:55 AM



    I would keep a back 3 v Clyde so that we can continue to play 2 strikers up top. Rest Eddy and maybe start Bayo and Klimala with Griff on bench. Rogic and Christie to get a start as well and Welsh for Jozo.

  25. Messi has a clause in his contract that allows him to walk away on June 30th for free, in any year, regardless of length of contract. He put it in in anticpation of joining us for 10iar👌

  26. I agree Motherwell posed some serious problems last night. Forster had to make a superb save to keep us ahead first half


    Once we got the second we began to motor, scored 3 great goals & should have scored at least 3 more,


    Griff had a cracking header off the bar & ball bobbled for Oli, had he buried that it would have been a peach with the build up play leading up to it.


    Clyde should be a formality, main thing there is no injuries & then the jam tarts, can’t wait.


    I know we are always looking for the Hun to drop points but that is only a side issue,


    Everything is in our hands as long as we keep doing the Business nothing to fear, Celtic, Sinn Féin, Ourselves Alone.




    I would keep a back 3 v Clyde so that we can continue to play 2 strikers up top. Rest Eddy and maybe start Bayo and Klimala with Griff on bench. Rogic and Christie to get a start as well and Welsh for Jozo.






    Problem with that is Welsh is cup tied



    Or its Jozo on a plastic pitch



    Maybe Bitton is back? I haven’t seen him pictured in training.

  28. as long as we are out scoring our opponents and I don’t see that stopping then our defensive frailties can be over looked for the time being