Neither Ajax nor Celtic will be overconfident


Ajax sit top of the Dutch Eredivisie, ahead of fourth-placed PSV, who picked up three points in the Champions League last night. Four wins and a draw, away to Twente on Saturday, is a near-perfect start to the domestic campaign, although that was only Twente’s second point of the season, if that provides a glimmer of hope.

Form has been less convincing in Europe. An honourable 2-2 draw away to Rapid Vienna was made meaningless by a 2-3 defeat in Amsterdam in the Champions League qualifiers. Ajax then endured a tense two-leg Europa League qualifier against Czechs, Jablonec, which ended in a 1-0 aggregate win. Not that we should be dismissive of anyone on European form.

What will give Ronny Deila room for some encouragement is who Ajax have faced so far in the league. AZ (13th placed), Willem II (15th), NEC (10th) ADO Den Haag (12th), before dropping those points to Twente (16th). All they can do is beat the teams before them, but they will not have been stretched domestically. Even Jablonec are struggling in 6th place in the Czech league. Celtic should be able to provide a test at a higher tempo.

By any measure, Celtic are not without their problems. We’ve not kept a home clean sheet since the opening day of the league campaign against Ross County, and we’ve won only one of our last four away games – and that was against Dundee United who lost four on the bounce. But there’s three points to play for tomorrow, and I doubt either team are taking them for granted.

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  1. Ronnies latest statement on Celtic TV…



    “Only three weeks ago we were playing fantastic football and winning a lot of games.”



    what the hell is this numptie on?



    three weeks ago we were pumped out of the Champions league by a swedish team.


    by playing his idiotic idealistic system with players out their depth at celtic.








    I’m in broad agreement with you about Ronny. The man must be allowed to do his job.




    He has the players to do so,even if they aren’t of a standard some of us would like.




    That these players are of that standard suggests that they are unlikely to get a gig at a ‘bigger’ club.




    High time they realised that,knuckled down,earned their corn and showed a modicum of respect to their manager,and a bit of professionalism while they’re at it.




    Their application thus far has been an insult to that profession and their manager,but more importantly,to us.




    Not a single one is performing to the level they did in the first four months of this year,bar LG.




    That is a disgrace.

  3. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 16th September 2015 12:02 pm



    From last blog – that would be the players problem then, perhaps time for them to seek pastures new.

  4. jimbob71 is praying with wee Oscar on

    Time to put all negativity away, from wherever and whoever it is allegedly coming from.



    Ajax are next up and the players need to prove to themselves that they are fit to wear the jersey. If they do that then we as fans can wholeheartedly support them as we are seeing the effort they are putting in.


    Tough game on Thursday, as will Sunday against a well organised and confident Dundee.



    Let’s make the next few days Celtic days and back everyone who wears the green and white hoops.

  5. The might of Manchester got a doing last night, my wee team doon here (AFC Fylde) beat the football club of Manchester 4 – 0, tough night to be a Manc.



    Should be a good run up to Christmas football wise again this year, beats playing the scum.

  6. From the last thread. I see many comments re the efficiency or otherwise of this site.


    I use a laptop with Google Chrome and have had no bother whatsoever. I have downloaded an ad-blocker and don’t experience the interference that many complain about.


    So, Paul, well done re the new format!


    Surely, guys, it’s not too hard to disable Java script when logging on here.

  7. It’s been a long few days. Think we all need to hope that Simunovic hits the ground running. If he does it will give the defence and the whole team a lift.

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    THETIMREAPER. I believe we need a talker at the back to organise the defence for me age doesnt matter but confidence certainly does. H.H.

  9. I heard he was dead on

    I saw Ajax vs Jablonec in the Czech Republic.



    The Czechs missed a penalty at 0-0 and Ajax were hanging on for a great deal of that match.



    IF and it is a big if, Celtic can get a performance together they can get a result.



    Massive upping of performance is required here.



    We’ll see where we are going from this game.



    A win or a draw is really needed here.



    Do they have it in them?



    We’ll find out soon enough.

  10. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Why do Celtic look lethargic and make simple mistakes especially late in games?



    Why have we underperform in key games and lose to teams we should beat with comfort?



    Possible contributory factor to our recent lapses at key moments:



    3rd July 2014 – first match of last season


    24th May 2015 – 70th match of season (inc 38 league, 14 Europe, 9 Cup)


    5th June 2015 – International Friendly (Sco v Qat)


    13th June 2015 – Euro 2016 Qualifiers (Ire v Sco)


    24th June 2015 – Training resumes


    1st July 2015 – first friendly


    15th July – first Champions League qualifier


    29th August 2015 – 17th match this season (inc 6 league 6 europe)



    Before the Dons game, that totalled 87 matches plus international games in just 14 months.



    Asking old question again- when is the close season?



    Players need a physical and mental rest to recharge the batteries. Most are at a decent fitness level all year round, but don’t get the mental break necessary to sharpen mind and reflexes – same in anyone’s job.



    The scheduling of Scotland (and other) international matches in June is plain crazy for Celtic players. And if Scotland were to qualify for next year’s Euros in France, that tournament group stage runs from 10th June to 22nd June (with a 10th July final, the week before Champions League qualification).



    If that happens, expect lapses in performance again next July / August.



    Again asking – when is the close season and what should Celtic do about this?

  11. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Our change in direction as a football club is brave but it will take time for us to see the results. If we go down the short term route we will constantly be returning to stage 1 and getting nowhere. Sure, we need to remove a lot of dead wood from the the boardroom (not necessarily the CEO), the scouting department etc. We also need some real experience other than Commons, Lustig, Izaguirre, Gordon and Brown. Players whose experience comes from different environments and clubs.



    Very excited about the Europa League games. Can’t wait till tomorrow to see Celtic in action.


    Whilst the last few weeks have been hard, we have been here before and will experience the same situation in the future. It’s the way it is.


    So lets get behind the team!



    Positive CSC

  12. the glorious balance sheet on

    I wouldn’t dismiss AZ as poor opposition based on their current league position. They qualified for the Europa lge this season so would have done well in the league last season and Ajax beat them comfortably a few weeks back.



    Not sure how good the other teams are though I saw the highlights from ajax’s game with den Haag. Ajax tore them apart on the flanks. We aren’t especially strong at full back right now.



    I watched jablonec v Ajax. Jablonec controlled the game, missed a penalty but had nothing up front. They should have put Ajax out.



    If we were at ourselves I’d be confident we could do them and put the odious de boer one step closer to his p45.



    But we’re not, so I expect a tough night. Certainly the Ajax scout at Pittodrie would not have filed a report that would have Ajax quaking in their boots.

  13. Captain Beefheart on

    We have a chance. They aren’t very good.



    Don’t bother with GMS or Cifci. I want to see a positive side tomorrow.

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    With only 5 games played in the Eredivisie, the lowly position in the league of Tomorrow nights oponents, is in part down to Ajax beating them. They have scored 7 goals in two home games and conceded none. Their form gives no real cause for optimism that Celtic can get a result. We will have to play well. We will play well again this year, so tomorrow is as good a time to start as any.



    Hope all who are travelling watch themselves and each other, stay safe, and don’t rise to any provocation. Our fans are more famous than our team, for all the right reasons, let’s keep it that way.

  15. operation celticshite and roll the cheat in glitter in full swing.


    they do not like Celtic being Champions of Scotland one little bit



    The ‘told to write’ journalists dare not investigate because of fear/intimidation/bullets


    they do not like Celtic being Champions of Scotland.



    Journalists imply Celtic need the only team in Scotland to industrially cheat since 1999 and die


    they do not like Celtic being Champions of Scotland



    Jounalists re Scott Allen,Why Should Hibs extend credit to the Cheat,when their own bank do not?


    they do not like Celtic being Champions of Scotland



    Journalists why no investigation of our SFA.a good old deconstruction and reconstruction of what is right and wrong about so called governance in our game


    they do not like Celtic being champions of Scotland.



    They do not like Celtic and they cant explain why the establishment cheat self harmed


    all events concerning the cheats demise were conceived,planned and rolled out as club policy by one ex club and one ex club only.That policy ended with a 9 minute meeting rejecting a CVA on 14th june 2012



    They refuse to shine a light on Murray the cheat


    we have an eternity.



    Dave king will always have a face that suffers from toothache,pity he never put Al-BT-lys contract to the vote like he did Ashleys.



    So much cheating i guess if i was a reporter i would look to our club to upset/disrupt and bate Celtic fans instead of investigating the inculcated and known cheating going on.


    it used to work


    the morning dew makes your papers(if you are stupid enough to buy) loo friendly!




    Celtic,continious since 1888,



    Celtic Champions of Scotland.








    I agree that disabling JavaScript isn’t a huge ask to enjoy a great site. Bit of a bummer when you try to access links,mind. Or certain other windows,like my works e-mail account.



    But a ten-second switch on,switch off does the trick.



    Problem seems to be a large number of valued veteran contributors who have switched off entirely. I can mibbe understand their reasons,but naw,I cannae.



    As I’ve said before,the blog is only as strong as those who contribute to it. And when the good guys go,it leaves a vacuum.



    Not that I can blame them,though. Not if I’m honest about it.



    I reckon the blog may be a major topic of discussion,at least initially,on 10/10.



    Beforehand,we’ve only referenced it as a means of bringing us all together on the day. Since there will be a fair few lapsed members there,next month might be different.



    Mind you,as usual,the topics are fluid. And usually include a lot of fluid!



    See you there,bud!





    I was hoping to see you on the site,mate. I noticed MICKTT and my Dad referencing it last night.



    PAUL67 has the details,but the easiest way is to mail me at






    I will forward the details to you. It’s not a secret,far from it. But details can only be sent to those whose details we know!



    Hopefully see you there. Bring money. For badges and cufflinks!

  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Worthy of a repost, IMO:


    AULDHEID on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2015 12:29 PM


    The insidious power of the Internet.







    CQN is often accused as being a place to spin pro Celtic stories or not touching anti Celtic stories.







    It is also a place where ideas expressed in comments become facts if the dots are close enough in the mind of the reader to be joined. That does not make them facts but if the majority go with the idea it might as well be a fact. To illustrate.







    A number of years ago there was discussion on Kerrydalestreet St forum about the derivation of the word hun.







    Just for fun and I made it clear I was not stating a fact but offering a theory I suggested:







    In 1912 Harland & Wolf shipyard in Belfast opened a yard in Govan. Fact





    Wolf was a German Fact





    Two years later Britain went to war with Germany. Fact





    At the start of war propaganda posters appeared describing the Germans as Huns. Fact.







    German workers/ managers were probably employed at the yard backed by there being a Kindergarten in Kinning Park during the war. Fact.







    I postulated that with jobs not being offered to Irish Catholics post war this exclusion led to the term Hun being applied to Rangers supporters many who came from Govan and worked in the yard.







    Lots of plausible dots to join to make something I know I made up become a FACT.







    Roll on a year or more and the same hun discussion appears on CQN as it tends to resurface every so often.







    One poster repeated my made up story as a fact.







    On asking why he thought so he said his pals had told him in a pub!







    The moral of the story?







    Anything we write down can become “real” if it has enough facts to make it plausible.







    Anything not written down never happened.







    Be careful what you present as fact and be aware that facts do not make a FACT and







    Ask yourself why am I joining the dots in the way I am?







    Will it do good or do harm?







    Both are judgement calls.

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    The Glorious Balance Sheet.


    Good point re The new CQN format. I actually did think that a few days ago as being the reason but the negativity has affected my reasoned memory!





  20. lennon’s passion on 16th September 2015 12:36 pm



    I’ve just been having a twitter chat about this. What could the club have done differently? Would it be less embarrassing to have an official pull the offender aside at a game?



    The letter was put into the public domain by a recipient. The press picked it up.

  21. JJ



    Don’t care how they got.



    they are HUNS (BIG FULL STOP) & FACT.



    Only thing I do know is that a Hun is a Hun no matter religion, colour or creed. It is bourne by the FACT that they are died club or supporters of the new hallowen party club.



    MWD said AYE

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