Now or never for colt team


Celtic and Oldco were talking about putting colt teams into the bottom tier of Scottish football 50 years ago, it is an idea that has persisted since.  The proposition was always financially backed but never convincing enough to gain support from either the lower league clubs, or those closer to the top of the pyramid, who did not want to pass a developmental advantage to a rival.

Newco’s current colt team proposal has the backing of those who want to avoid relegation, and Celtic, and comes at a time of greatest need for money.  It surely has to be now or never for this idea.

The attraction of a colt team for Celtic is clear: have youths compete against experienced adults on a regular basis.  It would also mean fewer players out on loan, where their progress is more difficult to nurture and monitor.

While it makes sense to Celtic, I’m not convinced the economic situation is sufficiently dire at the bottom of the pyramid to see this one voted through.  It would also provide Hearts with an unmerited promotion straight back to the Premiership, and I suspect there’s little goodwill heading in that direction.

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  1. Good morning CQN from a beautiful sunny morning in the Garngad



    This blog needs fitbaw.⚽️






    D. :)

  2. I know it’s the off season but I wish the people behind CelticNewsNow would stop with their obsession with Brendan Rodgers. Ffs it’s been 18 months and we’re flying under Lenny. Move on, lads.

  3. Jobo



    You are my barometer for renewal…..have you done so yet?



    I am thinking of doing so today so hurry up :-))

  4. Paul Lambert blames ‘bag of nerves’ Gould for Ibrox teeth injury





    Does he? I blame that big thug Albertz :O(

  5. An Dun.


    I haven`t read the CNN article but I have a very simple view of Rodgers tenure. He did a fantastic job and left badly. Overall, Celtic are an improved outfit because of him and Neil lennon is doing a smashing job.


    I am not a Brendan Basher.

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    The rat continues to speak of us. he’s manager of an average English football team who will win nothing under his tenure. Let that sink it .

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Had a painter and decorator in doing some work for us, got talking away to him and it turns out he’s a Ryanair pilot that’s on furlough.



    He made some job of the landing

  8. Hot Smoked – as the deadline for renewing is 30 June, that’s when I currently expect to renew. No incentive for renewing early and who knows what further developments might happen between now and then – reconstruction, transfers, fixture list, staying alive….

  9. Fraser Forster linked with a top 4 EPL side.



    My guess would be… Chelsea. To be the backup.

  10. I know sorry, but, re ST. With the outlook being that we won’t be in the Stadium till at least Christmas it just came to me that we will all, ST holders I mean here, be watching from a stream., ie we will all have the same view, so therefore, why the need to charge differently for ST’s. Surely for 1/2 a season they should all be the same price? por cierto.



    PS. Just stirring the hornet’s nest a bit here, but you see where I’m coming from.

  11. This is probably how I should have phrased my previous post about this, sorry.



    Re the Virtual Season Tickets. Just came to me that most clubs charge different prices for different areas of their ground, but, with this new Virtual Ticket everyone has the same view, so it doesn’t seem right that any club can charge more to one fan than another for their Virtual Ticket, and that’s what most of them are doing, albeit for probably half a season. Any thoughts, por cierto?

  12. Por Cierto @ 10:14



    I agree. I think the board have called this wrong. My mate has 3 season books for himself and his 2 adult sons. Approx. £1600 to watch all home games when they need only renew the cheapest book and then all watch it – madness!



    I myself am struggling to justify £666 to watch games on the TV in the current climate as I am the sole money earner and have no guarantee that my job is safe. It’s a nightmare and I think what makes it even more difficult a decision (apart from going for the 10) is the fact that it is a very real possibility that the entire season will be played behind closed doors or with a drastically reduced capacity meaning that only a limited number of us will be able to attend. Never felt guilty in wanting to back the Hoops before!






    PS I believe ETims latest discusses this

  13. TheTwelfthMan on

    Look; you’re renewing your season ticket to preserve your seat, if it’s a seat you like with a good view next to friends or whatever. That’s what you’re buying. You can’t drop it and expect it to still be there for you when you decide to once again buy a season book. You’ll find someone else in your seat and their name on the book.

  14. My suggestion for ST’s. Celtic don’t sell season tickets this year. They can sell virtual tickets to anyone to view home matches (£100-£150) Money still goes into Celtic but spread over a few hundred thousand in the UK? Those who are season ticket holders keep their seat for next season if they wish.




    No, I’m renewing, buying, my Season Ticket to watch football in my seat, can Celtic PLC guarantee me that next season, no, so what do they intend to do about that? They’re going to give me a Virtual Ticket, not in my seat beside my friends with a great view, but in the house, with the same view as everyone else. I have renewed my ticket, doesn’t mean I think what they are doing is morally acceptable. por cierto

  16. AN DUN on 9TH JUNE 2020 11:03 AM









    Sky Sports have ruled your suggestion out.





    I missed that but what say do SKY have over Celtic home matches as they only cover 4 per season? Genuine question

  17. TheTwelfthMan on

    You can see the issue from different angles. There are people on the waiting list seeing this as an opportunity perhaps to get a seat in an area which wouldn’t normally come available. As a PLC amidst an industry in financial crisis i can guarantee that sentiment won’t come into it. It’ll be the guy with the mark of the devil, £666 in his pocket that gets the warm handshake and the slap on the shoulder.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A few of us have been posting re ST renewals, and what we suggested makes more sense with VSTs.The Club were asking for a commitment from around April, when the world was in lockdown and football had stopped, it made no sense to me. IMO,they should have taken a £50 deposit to secure your ST,as nobody knew when we would be back playing,how many games we would have,and would we be allowed in the stadium. The situation now is you have to buy a full price ST,a rise included, to watch x amount of games on TV,laptop, the decision not to suspend ST sales,and take a step back, is coming back to bite everyone on the a#$e.

  19. YorkBhoy



    Sky Sports own the broadcast rights for all the games. Their contract is exclusive in the UK and Ireland.



    Celtic needed Sky Sports permission to for the virtual ticket and Sky Sports have limited the package to season ticket holders.

  20. AN DUN on 9TH JUNE 2020 11:08 AM









    Sky Sports own the broadcast rights for all the games. Their contract is exclusive in the UK and Ireland.







    Celtic needed Sky Sports permission to for the virtual ticket and Sky Sports have limited the package to season ticket holders.






    Thanks hadn’t picked up on that

  21. Fraser has spoken in the past about the importance of playing games. He’s doing that at Celtic and has the opportunity to become part of Celtic legend.



    He’ll make a lot more money at Chelsea sitting on the bench.



    The options are clear.

  22. Whatever way you swing here in the ST/VT debate, surely everyone must agree that the PLC has handled this with a corporate mindset, with little thought for the average fan’s predicament at this unprecedented time por cierto.




    No worries.



    I can understand why some people in the same household feel they’re getting a raw deal.



    However talk of retaining seats for £50 is a non starter. No business outside of apple or amazon could absorb that financial hit.



    Households with kids already get good value on the kid season ticket, likewise with OAPs and students.



    For me, pay it if you can. If you can’t afford it, then don’t pay it. But as someone on the waiting list, I want Celtic to offer me all the seats that aren’t renewed. People can’t expect their seats to be waiting for them when they don’t pay for it.

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Reading the EFL statement wrt season ticket holders and live streaming games for the remainder of this season 2019/2020.



    If I am reading this correctly, they are allowing season ticket holders for any club to watch both home and away games – and non season ticket holders to watch individual games for £10 each.



    There has been no statement as to what will happen next season as yet – but you have to think that something similar would be in the offing?

  25. If we don’t see a spike in the virus in the next month or so then I’m betting we’ll be back in stadiums well before Xmas, maybe September.



    I have no medical or science background :o)

  26. I know it’s the corporate way, “if you don’t pay we’ll take it away” but, some of the current season ticket holders have held their seat for nigh on 25yrs, a rough calculation, on average, totals £10,000 paid in to Celtic PLC. Surely that must be taken into consideration when trying to renew this year, especially if there is genuine financial hardship in the family home. To just take someone’s ST from them as they can’t pay this year is not in any way following the tenets on which this club was formed. por cierto.

  27. viewfaethewindae on

    I feel the club need to be careful handling this, I hope Dermot Desmond, Lindsell Train and the gang don’t get paid the substantial dividend they’ve received for many a year, in the interests of the football team dividend pay-outs need to be suspended, I can do certainly without the very few shares I get back through the dividend re-investment plan. Can you imagine the uproar if the fat cats maintain their dividend pay-out while we subsidise the club?


    Renewing the season ticket to watch on a TV is a big ask for many, many reasons, some will find renewal financially impossible. I hope the club can work something out for long standing Season Ticket holders who simply don’t have the option of renewal. Like many fans I renewed our two tickets when the option appeared on my account, I wonder if I’m blinded by the need for 10 in a row?

  28. onenightinlisbon on

    Does anyone actually believe that the suits who run our club actually give a damn about the hardships people are going through at present. No sentiment in business, move along son…..

  29. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 9TH JUNE 2020 11:40 AM



    Going by their recent efforts to explain this, I agree with you wholeheartedly, por cierto.

  30. VIEWFAETHEWINDAE on 9TH JUNE 2020 11:39 AM



    I renewed immediately as well, but, this is my first year as a senior citizen, a great saving from previous years, so I paid it before they changed their mind :)) por cierto

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