Passport anger, tunes to sell jerseys


I know people who helped put the Scottish Government in place, that today are angry at Celtic for abiding by the same Government’s legislation to require a passport from fans attending games until further notice.  As with the smoking ban and the alcohol ban before that, a licence to open the stadium is conditional on adherence to the law.  If you think the Scottish Government would make an exception for Celtic, you have not been paying attention.  They would close Celtic Park in a heartbeat.  Still, saltire flags, and all that.

Newco fans were arrested last month for signing the racist ‘famine song’, with its abhorrent “go home’ message to an immigrant community.  Yesterday, Newco release a commercial video to the tune of this song.

I don’t know how the financial situation there is that aligning with the base in this manner in order to sell jerseys is considered acceptable.  Whatever the justification, it is a desperate look, reminiscent of the heady days of October 2011, when we trailed Craig Whyte’s Oldco in the table, with some of us waiting for what seemed inevitable.  Some of us are again waiting on the inevitable.

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  1. JVR TULLY57.



    Well said you two Celts.👍



    Garry made me laugh.and I liked his Celticness.when I think of him its having a laugh,goin to see Celtic or having a laugh after seeing Celtic,or having a laugh at a Celtic event.always in green and quote my pal acgr this morning He was a beautiful man.i was enriched by simply knowing him.He was a strong man who always talked off and loved his family.



    walk on Garry.your at rest now catching up with your dad who took you to your first cup final in 1972.6-1 vs Hibs.or maybe it will be your wee mammy(molly)delaney….yeh nae Celtic heritage there… smiling here as I knew your great uncle Jimmy wore those hoops.



    Garry Duncan rip



    A Celtic man.



    Hail Hail

  2. I didnt go to the funeral today, common sense meant i guiltily stayed at home, the effects of something making me feel a bit under the weather, something akin to a heavy cold has circulated in the wider family for 3 weeks or so, the adults for like 5 days, some of the kids it develops into a vomiting bug, and its going round again, all of us double jabbed from 18 to 87. No tests ever say covid positive.



    But I just dont want to risk passing anything on.



    I watched the service, the congregation and clergy did Garry proud.



    Those little stories coming out , the ribbons of green, the picture of the celtic man, the family man. those who knew Garry in real life your did something special again with the flowers and collection.



    That spirit of CQN is still here.

  3. I could not make Garry’s funeral today.



    Farewell my friend, I remember a lot of childhiid memories of us both and a few from adulthood. You were always complimentary about my brothers and father who you would bump into after I moved away and I know my brother Thomas was a bit of a rogue but you always had time out to talk to him and try and get him back on the straight and narrow. Also my old dad who had on set dementia and you had nothing but kind words to him and about him, all this when you had your own issues to deal with…Thank you.. maybe 1 day we will meet up again and I can thank you in person.



    RIP Garry



    D :)

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Melbourne Mick



    Enjoyed your post / plea about this blog.



    SonsOfErin’s repost in this article also noted.






    Shame it fell on the deaf ears of the usual suspects.

  5. Head of Marketing & Design Charlene Shore-Henderson commented: “Rangers are delighted to unveil ‘’The Legacy of Ready’’ video to celebrate 150 illustrious years of our club. The video is an illustration of our past and an inspiration for the future. Built on the vision of the four lads, the club still stands strong on the principles of the gallant pioneers.



    Fully designed and developed in-house by the Rangers Marketing & Design team in collaboration with the RangersTV & Digital Media teams. The video celebrates the rich heritage of the club and reveals the kit through the iconic image of the “gallant pioneers” reconstructed to include this season’s men’s first team.”







    Fully designed and developed in house. That must have been some brain storming session there.



    Lets honour those fine upstanding Gallant Pioneers, those most gracious Victorians, those boys from the gareloch who formed a rowing club and then a football team.



    Great, lets use one of the early strips , and give it some of mr struths words, and market it to the peoples.



    Ok, now onto the video, all the greats are in it, and with us being a cosmopolitan club, open to everyone, and anyone, lets pick a tune …………………



    Ok, thats 6 votes for the famine song, and one for we dont do walking away.



    We are onto a money spinner here, best ever

  6. I know this is Scotland but I have a feeling the Huns have made a serious error of judgement by using a tune very strongly associated with the racist, `The Famine`s Over.`.



    Case closed on the jeering in Prague



    A rare outbreak of common sense at uefa…

  8. 18 Yard Man



    it was the only decision you could arrive at but I said that after the Rapid Vienna game in 1984 too!!

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 1:33 PM



    No chance of them going bust,with the CL carrot at the end of the season, they always get money from somewhere…..






    Except when they needed it most ?

  10. ‘We want to see more ethnic minorities in Scottish changing rooms’



    I kid you not – the BBC

  11. HOT SMOKED on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 4:32 PM



    I agree.




    So the music selling the jerseys by them is different to the norm. Usually it’s their fans and they seem to get away with it.



    This is different, although there are no words we all know what they are saying, they are reiterating the club is based on supremacy too and it from, officially, sevco.



    Might be difficult to prove, but discrimination often is, worthy of a complaint to the ruling bodies (no I don’t expect them to listen either) but points deductions for racist behaviour.



    Key in here, you don’t have to be a customer and an advertisement which discriminatory, could be unlawful and includes advertising.



    In addition to civil law it could be criminal, there are race and religion laws here in Scotland, individuals who okay this advertisment could be liable but higher burden of proof, civil law = balance of probability, criminal = beyond reasonable doubt.


  12. I hope Ange’s statement today will put an end to all the nonsense that was aired about, & after, DMcK’s departure. It is obvious that there had been no great transformational input by him till that point, he wasn’t front and centre on all new signings…… and it wasn’t him and Ange against the big bad board.



    It is, as Ange says, the start of a major rebuild….any other view is “pie in the sky”

  13. JHB


    I could be that way but we will probably never get the full picture (despite 40 articles a day by Thecelticblog)



    I’ve seen many young thrusters get a top job in my business through barnstorming interviews but in the end couldn’t back it up.



    This case is strange because it happened so quickly. CEO roles make you easy to fire but with compo.



    The most interesting one I saw was at VP level where it was obvious the CEO had brought the guy in and the direct boss tried his best but the guy wasn’t good. The last straw was the guy refusing to sign off bus class on a flight for one of his team when the big boss was having an affair with her! We all knew but the new guy never made connections to spot that



    The minute the guy went back to US from Ireland he got the bullet

  14. Won’t see the second half tomorrow as I am taking the beautiful one out in Dublin tomorrow



    I think 4-1 and we will debate the 1 tomorrow night😎

  15. JACKIEMAC on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 5:47 PM


    the team for tomorrow is almost unpredictable – with possibilities of injury returns





    None of the injured will return, except Mikey Johnston possibly making tbe squad. I’m hoping we’ll see Scales and Giakoumakis in the starting eleven. I doubt the former will but the latter might. Both would add a physical presence to the team.



    !!BADA BING!! on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 1:33 PM


    No chance of them going bust,with the CL carrot at the end of the season, they always get money from somewhere…..






    Except when they needed it most ?




    👍 Yep. The one time they really needed it but they all did walking away.


    Any of them with half a brain knows that and no affirmation of their history will change it.

  17. park the bus n blootir it on

    The huns money crisis story was broken at round about the same time last season.


    From that point on last season, Celtic were piss poor for the rest of the season.


    Coincidence ?


    Or compliance ?


    Shane Duffy referenced “Unbelievable goings on behind the scenes !”


    What does that mean ????


    Celtic players being asked to throw the 10 in a row season, the hun financial explosion, and Celtic falling attendance like last time in 2012 / 2016 -50% crowds, and of course the hun civil unrest on a scale probably 10 times the size of hun Manchester 08 civil unrest carnage, if huns expected to sit at home and watch tens of thousands of Celtic fans celebrating what could’ve been dancing in celebration of “real” liquidation this time….


    10 titles in a row maybe a Tr3ble season as well ?


    Manager Neil Francis Lennon leads Celtic fc to its 5th Tr3ble season on the trot ?


    15trophies in a row ?


    NFL carried shoulder high up the Celtic Way by his players as the-Green-Brigade sing….


    “We’re having a party as Rangers die! AGAIN!!”


    and lots more….


    but but but but _______


    Or, was NFL ordered to baffle the team with stupid tactics and even more stupid team selections as part of his NDA ?


    Was, Broony, John Kennedy, Stephen McManus, Gavin Strachan, all “in” on this cheating Celtic fans out of 10 in a row, and “possibly” 5 Tr3bles in a row, to avert the issues outlined above ????


    Hun financial explosion….


    Hun civil unrest on a scale 10× that of Manchester 08….


    Celtic attendance’s down possibly 50% for maybe another 4/5 years…


    and on….


    When Broony, the most experienced player on the pitch on a cold wet night at Livingston on what should’ve been the “business” end of the season for us, Broony “deliberately” elbows a young Livi sub on the face late in a game that was on a knife edge, and he was deservedly red carded.


    Was this Broony elbow an instructed move by Celtic’s management team to “throw” the on a knife edge game at Livingston ?


    Or was Broony trying to get NFL the sack whilst smiling into his eyes in Dubia ?


    On Broony’s return after suspension in our next game another midweek game against whom I’ve forgotten in all of this excitement, this time at home the game “again” on a knife edge and there he was “again” elbowing in the face the youngest opposition player on the pitch, this time Broony got a yellow card !!


    So specifically, two games in a row, in our “supposed” 10 season, our aged experienced sage like, “El Capitano” Broony, tries to “negatively impact” the outcome of the second of two games, after being deservedly red carded in game one, Broony “tries” to compound the felony of being sent off, to being sent off “again” by elbowing the “youngest” opposition player on the pitch in the face “again” and in effect throw points away in the run in “again” in the “supposed” 10 season ????


    Were the “entire” management team and El Capitano Broony involved in an NDA concealed blatant cheating of Celtic fans in the”supposed” 10 season to avert all of the financial, and social unrest, plethora of carnage outlined above ?


    Who’s fault is it that, Celtic fans being trashed is seen by our “many more than we thought” foes, as the easy, less blow back, way out ?

  18. DAVID66 on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 12:30 PM



    Scottish football is rotten to the core. The cheating is beyond doubt.



    I think it was poster 31003 who highlighted the cheating in Italian football and the Netflix series that shows cheating in all sports.



    If any Celtic fan thinks we are playing in an even playing field they should waken up.



    * It has often been said when bribery has been talked about in other countries that our mitb would do it for free as a result of the racism and sectarianism that is rampant in parts of Scottish society.



    It should be noted though that in 1978 john gordon was suspended by the sfa along with assistants rollo kyle and david mccartney after they admitted to receiving gifts from A.C. Milan, surprise surprise, prior to handling their 1978 UEFA Cup clash with Levski Sofia. The Italians won the match, the home leg of a second round tie, 3–0.



    This hatred of our club is not new and goes back 131 years. The biggest culprits are the scottish freemason association although they don’t have to look too far for support.



    As I have mentioned before, often, after Peter Fairley secretary of the then reigning world champion Renton got fed up with losing his star players to the bigger clubs and not just down south, a certain newly formed east end of Glasgow convinced 2 of his top players to sign for them, one of whom had already turned down Hibs, he set in motion the procedure to form a Scottish Professional Football League by inviting 13 other clubs, all of whom accepted the invitation, except Queen’s Park and Clyde, the latter would join the following season.



    Amateur club Queen’s Park, who was the oldest organised club in Scotland and had played a key role in the development of football, was opposed to the league because it would lead to professionalism and eliminate many of the smaller clubs, they were right tae as of the 11 original clubs only us, the calvinists, and St Mirren remain in the top division, the initial champions Dumbarton currently languish in League One.



    Once the SFL was inaugurated on 30 April 1890 and Peter Fairley recalling how tenacious Celtic founder member and future president John Glass (the Peter Lawwell of his day) was in his pursuit of James Kelly, he practically camped out on his doorstep in the Back Street of Renton finally pressuring him tae join us, was head hunted to spear head this new organisation.



    All the other clubs including the newly relocated Kinning Park side’s honorary president, the demagogue ure-primrose, agreed to this appointment, as Celtic, only 2 years in existence, were noted as being highly professional as opposed to the small town officials involved in the now working class game.



    The scottish freemason association was formed in 1873 it sits on the International Football Association Board (IFAB) which is responsible for the laws of the game; they are also a member of FIFA and founder member of UEFA.



    As a result of this involvement and also to appease the IFAB they were allowed to retain responsibilities such as the operation of the national team, the annual SC and several other duties important to the functioning of the game.



    Although they are not involved in the day-to-day operation of the Scottish Professional Football League or other league competitions, they do appoint referees to officiate the games in these leagues, as well as dealing with player registrations and disciplinary issues.



    The chief executive of the sporting wing of the craft oversees the development of the game in Scotland and the administration of disciplinary matters.



    And that huge mistake made by the early founders of the Scottish Football League has the game still regarded in the major circles as mickey moose, and as has been often said they couldnae run a menage.



    Player registration, disciplinary issues, player selection for the national side, is where they have made us pay through the years, but none more so than the mitb appointments.



    We are well aware of some of the horrendous decisions made and the perpetrators’ have all been mentioned on this blog. In the past 60 or so years most of the whistle blowers have all been professionals in their day job with the games being a part time hobby, although the drunk during the war who was reported to the sfa at half time by Sir Bob was a shipyard worker and staunch lol member.



    Our referees now have the advantage of earning up to 10 grand a year, no bad for a part time job, plus if they are on the FIFA list they can earn up to 10k a match, in fact the highest paid Scottish mitb is allegedly column who is on the Elite list with 8k per game, I know WTF, while cheaton who is on the First category gets 3 grand a game.



    Apart fae the extra gene tunney that they can earn there is also the first class flights, hotel accommodation and meals thrown in, again as long as they keep in the double glazier’s good books, that’s gravy on top of the bread and butter of the SPL games which as we all know he still has a heavy influence in, what chance do we have of a fair shake in the best we bigoted country in the western world.



    Now we can say the likes of clancy, column and walsh are no different fae the members of the one true, holy and apostolic faith who join the craft tae further their careers, or the likes of the trackie seller and wee morton supporter that joined them.



    Correct, the craft members in pursuing the big penny do good honest educated men and women out of jobs and in some cases forced them tae leave the country tae further their careers.



    As for the 2 supposedly Celtic supporters that signed for them, both have scored again us the former IMHO set us back so badly that 5 years after he signed for them we almost went oot the game.



    The latter again IMHO was the catalyst for the coin throwing incident when he fouled big Mahe forcing him tae retaliate which ended up in Steph being red carded. Incidentally, both have a history of singing the cadbury’s smash while celebrating with the vermin.



    So is this hatred of us racist and/or sectarian, well with the historical Quinn and Tully events we can say aye, definitely tae both. But what about George Paterson and the Big Mhan, George was a BB Officer as well as captain of our club, Jock was a 3rd degree craft member and not just club captain but arguably the greatest manager in most of our live times, questionably 2nd only tae the great Wullie Maley who also stood up tae the denizens of at that time Park Gardens.



    This hatred while tainted by purple and orange flavours goes deeper than that. Let’s go back tae 1890, after 5 games of the newly formed SFL Renton was expelled for breaching the regulations against professionalism, by playing against St Bernard’s, who had been found guilty of concealed professionalism.



    They raised an action against the SFA in the Court of Session and won, which meant that their SFA and SFL memberships were restored. They returned to the League in 1891, but struggled financially and resigned in 1897. They continued to play in minor senior leagues before folding in 1922.



    We had been guilty of the same breach but through the wisdom of Brother Walfrid, we had a board of directors consisting of some of the most powerful businessmen in the east end of Glasgow and although only 2 years in existence were too big and powerful to expel, however, the SFA have never liked us since then for taking away their power, although they still have some influence, over the national game.



    What we are witnessing is not a new phenomenon, as I said it has been going on for 131 years, and the fact that we have amassed so many trophies in that time is testament to our founders.



    What can we do about it, we do have a lot of wealthy individuals backing us but as I have stated before are they content tae let our nearest rivals remain in business.



    In the early days of the game our biggest rivals were the upper class Spiders, however, with their refusal tae join the SPL, they would finally but reluctantly agree tae join at the start of the 1900-01 season.



    By that time the mantle of rivals tae the upstart east end club had passed to Third Lanark but with only 2 trophies, League and Cup to their name, it was determined that the Kinning Park club were a better bet.



    Initially we had a convivial relationship with them, which is indicated in our first game where they volunteered to be the opposition, although we are now led tae believe it was their ‘swifts”, revisionists 101, as the first historical mention of that side is 1897, 9 years after losing 5-2 to us.



    Their first chairman james henderson was most fondly remembered for the work he did for the welfare of poor children including Catholic charities, serving as chairman of the Children’s Committee of Govan Parish Council.



    After the challenge game on May 1887 between Charity Cup holders Renton and Scottish Cup holders Hibs for the one-off East End Charity Cup when a massive 12,000 paid in at Barrowfield, a celebration was held in the local Glengarry Hall it has been recorded that james henderson helped entertain the guests.



    This was the game where Brother Walfrid realised there was a justification for starting a Glasgow version of Hibs.



    Unfortunately on henderson’s early passing ure-primrose took over and pledged them tae the craft, that and the relocation of Harland and Wolfe fae Belfast tae govan when he did a Randolph Churchill and played the orange card,



    We also have a history of helping them, after the original ibrox disaster which led tae 25 losses of life and 500+ injuries, a stand that was hurriedly built as they tried to emulate ours built 10 year before in an effort to compete for the chance to host SC finals or Scotland international matches, which could generate considerable income for the hosts, particularly fixtures against the outlanders.



    The legendary architect Archibald Leitch who had deigned their stand for free expressed concerns over the maximum capacity limit but a surveyor who visited the ground passed it fit. There’s that old square and compasses again.



    Anyway, with their greed knowing no bounds, the stand collapsed, a disaster fund was established which included us playing a match against top outlander side Blackburn Rovers to help raise funds.



    Then there was owning of 5,000 ibrox shares, the story now is we only bought them so we could attend their AGM, revisionist scheitd again, there was no way we would want tae have anything tae dae with that shower, who denied the architect of their highly successful pools the chairman’s position because his late wife had been a Catholic, he had married her in the CoS years and years before, at their highly toxic, volatile and bigoted AGM.



    We were given the shares for bailing them out when they were once again in soapy bubble, although you won’t read that in the smsm now.



    We have challenged the sfa in the past, Wullie Maley for example wisnae shy at having a go at them and until the demagogue ure primrose pledged them tae the craft we were pretty successful.



    Sir Bob did it tae with the Flag when he threatened tae close the club down and play the Gaelic game at Parkheid, deidco were the first club tae jump tae our defence, for financial reasons only it should be noted.



    Let’s not forget we are the biggest crowd puller in the country, why do you think that a club that finished 8th in the League 14 points behind deidco and the Hibs when it was only 2 points for a win, knocked out of the SC in the 4th round and didnae make it out of the group stages of the LC was invited intae the prestigious Coronation Cup, solely because we could fill hunden.



    The Big Mhan often stood up tae them incurring many fines, he did also accompany the wee mhan tae Park Gardens for disciplinary hearings where often much tae the huns disdain he walked away with the proverbial slap on the wrists.



    And let’s not forget the Bunnet, my God we could do with him now, who took the former milkman and window cleaner tae court over the Jorge Cadete registration, this resulted in the landscape gardener being fired for misconduct.



    We are more powerful than our support realises, we may not be the establishment club, but we are bigger than them.



    In 1993 when bader tried tae start his own version of the SPL with the logo and colours already aired by the complicit smsms, an aye ready style lion complete with blue and red colours, it had to be passed 100% by the existing Premier Division members, we were the only club to stand up to him and we did it by stating that as founder members of the SFL, we along with the calvinists were the only founder members with a vote as both the Buddies and Sons were still in Division One, we would be remiss if we were the club that ended it.



    Over on holiday and just back fae a tour of the ground when it was breaking news on BBC Scotland I said tae my da that we would pay for this, just over a year later the rag and bone man almost put us out of the game.



    It is fairly evident our board won’t or mibbees cannae dae anything as seemingly any club challenging their parent body can be kicked out of European competition.



    So it is up to us the support, boycotting the club through buying tickets or purchasing merchandise from the stores is counterproductive as it only hurts our club, only hunterlopers are in favour of that.



    It’s the sfa we should be going after, boycotting the national side wullnae hurt them as there’s enough wee teuchters oot there that will take their place although as has been mentioned on here Jock had nae qualms about pulling his players out of contention.



    A wee bit difficult now as unless the club and national team doctor are the same, as deidco during the beast’s and naesurname’s time had, we lose players for the next club game.



    Its the SC where we can hurt them, the support should not take tickets for the away or hunden games, the msm out of the country should be informed and let the rest of the football world know why.



    We are in an era where the “me too” and “black lives matter” movements have resulted in change in a country that for many many years resisted any, it’s not perfect but at least they are on the right road now.



    It’s about time a “green lives matter” faction started tae pursue some form of fairness in our national game, or as I asked above does no one really care.

  19. The short motorway trip to the steel town was generally Hoops target practice.



    Bobby Lennox, Harry Hood, Dixie Deans, King Kenny, all spring to mind when Celtic took to Fir Park like


    ducks to water. Intermittently, over decades of watching there was the odd duel, especially when the ploughed


    field that led to plastics elsewhere was at its peak. Celtic in Lanarkshire and there was a buzz about the place,


    it was a game with a bit of atmosphere and always goals, goals, goals.



    Tom Rogic has been there, done it and might do it again tomorrow in the rebuild that won’t happen in one window, minus the CEO who was brought in to install it. Dominic McKay was here to ‘modernise us’, and got binned before he did anything. Add to that the latest philosophical coach, to come at Celtic where we are a winning club. Every SPL club needs to be respected, we will score one more than any other team, won’t work here, SPL clubs work out the formula very quickly, due to the close knit community and easy coverage.



    I don’t think AP was a new world appointment, he was a desperate punt and our underlying problems remain.

  20. Great turnout of many from this blog today


    To Celebrate the Life of Garry Duncan



    There is a Fantastic group and of people this blog has created



    Hail Hail

  21. how do you sign a collective NDA to cheat and thrown a league,



    munching raw mince isnt healthy.

  22. stephenofderby on

    St Stivs that marketing girl who you mention from that strip launch across the city is actually a very nice girl. Would it be too hard to imagine some really unscrupulous characters putting her front and centre as the ‘flak jacket’?.

  23. You see here the fight for identity.


    Easy to lash out at the club with the continuous history


    In full knowledge you stood by ànd let your club die.


    Eunuch to your chore,you stood by and let your club die.


    define your self loathing elsewhere.reeks of hun.


    100x1p,50x2p,20x5p,10 x10p.and an identity shatoot by David Murray and Gavin Masterton.A one pound coin.The lies,the deception,the cheating. little Boris lovers felchers and political sniders here deflecting away from todays cheating.fool no one fascists.


    The cheating club built on fraud is lost its identity.


    Pity that deal is real.hahahaha for the rest of time




  24. Glad to have had the chance to bear witness to the service today for our Delaney’s Dunky/Garry Postecoglou, a guy who went out of his way to make people feel welcome at Celtic gatherings.



    Many people from CQN , Sentinel Celts and elsewhere made important contributions to making today happen and, without naming them, they know they have my respect and admiration for their qualities as human beings.



    Even the big eejit behind me that prompted us to sing along with YNWA, rose to the moment. People with better voices than me joined in to add their voices to the greater glory of their God, their faith and the man they were seeing laid to rest. With a voice like mine, I chose to subtract rather than add, and I believe that helped too.



    God Rest You Garry



    St Stivs that marketing girl who you mention from that strip launch across the city is actually a very nice girl. Would it be too hard to imagine some really unscrupulous characters putting her front and centre as the ‘flak jacket’?.






    i thought of leaving the name out, but it is all over the press releases and lots of other things, maybe she does believe the song book is about 4 lads had a dream.



    i have tried to wonder those 4 founders , but its really 5 on thier website, would they really be proud of what it became.


    reading the celtic early years and the bould bhoys, there are plenty of references and presented evidence of the catholics playing for irish catholic clubs, and the scots pplaying for Quuens Park and others, and renton declaring protestants only when celtic stole some players.



    further plenty of chumminess between rangers glee club and mebers of celtic, card carrying nationalist and union campaigners.



    their founders were lost in ignomy over time. 1 dies in an asylum, another in a poorhouse, another a bigamist, one died at 25 in a ship disaster, i personally dont beleive they were anti irish or even anti catholic no more so than the rest of lower middle class scots (who were getting poorer)



    I do subscribe that John Primroes Ure, and HW coming to Govan, and all that was the start of the worst of them.



    I dont think the 4 lads dream was the club they founded dying in more ignomy, shame, embarrassment and in debt to her majestys customs.

  26. HRVATSKI JIM on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 4:56 PM


    The Rangers dvd has an interlude at 140 minutes.




    Enjoyed that quib, thank you.

  27. It’s went a bit quiet on the VAR front and it shouldn’t be allowed to.


    If it is pushed through then there is no reason why it can’t be used by January.


    Make no mistake, Sevco and the SFA don’t want it but it’s like arguing against the introduction of nets or floodlights or subs- ie it is inevitable.


    A prime example is the goal that Fashion (?) scored for Sevco this season against Motherwell… A still photo would show him being offside with clear daylight between him and the defender.


    There is no way on earth that would be allowed to stand but just as certain would be that Abada’s goal would HAVE to be given.