Pin it to the dressing room wall


Straight from the off on Saturday you knew this would be a more accomplished Celtic performance than our last league outing against Dundee. Brown and Bitton in central mid, with Charlie Mulgrew partnering Erik Sviatchenko in central defence.

Charlie is at the back end of his career but you know you are getting a seasoned SPL pro, who is going to clear his lines, attack the ball, and not try to be Beckenbauer (i.e. he’d rather not attempt a 20 yard pass than risk misplacing one).  I’ve liked the look of Erik since he’s arrived, our clean sheet count has improved immeasurably, but the Dane was culpable at the Thistle penalty. He was turned, then put his arm around his opponent’s waist. A nailed-on penalty which could have cost us in different circumstances.

I loved Kilmarnock striker Josh Magennis’ comments after his teams’ defeat at Pittodrie: “We can do Aberdeen a favour next week by beating Celtic, we haven’t lost in our two games against them this season.”

Pin it to the dressing room wall at Lennoxtown, Ronny.  We battered Kilmarnock last time out, creating 20 attempts but couldn’t convert, and we let them off the hook earlier in the season at Rugby Park by conceding a late penalty.  No mistakes this time.

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    DJ67 “You’e another one following the GREENMAN Action plan”



    Do you have any evidence to support that claim?



    Let me guess, it’s locked away in the basement of Area51 where it will remain out of Public knowledge until the year 2076. Seems about right!



    You really might wanna consider taking that narrow minded head of yours, place it in front of a donkeys ass before shoving that head as far up that ass as possible. That should help clear your head a little.



    P.s You might wanna try removing your head from your own ass first.

  2. My friends in Celtic,



    Firstly and most importantly . Kev J please refer to BMCUW ‘s post above. Ditto.







    Ronny Delia imo should get his five years. It is rumoured that Benitez will get approximately £3m bonus just to keep Newcastle up. How much does that work out per game? No doubt Davie Moyes or Brendon Rodgers would have been offered a similar deal.



    We are not in that league figuratively or physically. So that quality of manager is not going to happen.




  3. traditionalist88 on

    weeminger on 15th March 2016 10:58 am



    Agreed, but very well marketed,




  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    You wouldnt happen to post under another name by any chance?


    Maybe from the Alfie Noakes stable.


    Anyway….lets quit the nonsense.


    I cant be bothered.


    Just ignore me

  5. traditionalist88 on

    Dj67 on 15th March 2016 11:28 am



    Well something has rattled your cage.



    Great advice, not withstanding that stealing other peoples patter and passing it off as your own was considered a major faux pas in primary school but well done, if its good enough for you.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 15th March 2016 11:34 am – See more at:



    Hilarious, you run out of arguments so therefore I must have multiple logins!



    And also stop replying to you.




  7. Some heavy friction on here today….mind you it could be worse. At least the rows are between distinct people….I used to argue with myself….and it wasn’t pretty!



    This morning I was looking for something really important but have totally forgotten about now, when I came across this…A day and a bit of a diary covering 10 to 11 May 2011.



    Was I one screwed up looney tune…still, I came through it and have reconciled myself to the other twenty people inside my head…..



    Six Days to save the world….(Do not read if you are of a sensitive nature or don’t know something else that I’ve forgotten)






    Hail Hail




  8. KevJ


    Keep on keeping on as we always did in the Jungle roaring the bhoys on.


    Ye know you can always come on here and talk which is sometimes easier than just holding on to it.


    Prayers being said for you and your family.


    YNWA in the Jungle.




  9. I read many posters only watch Celtic. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.



    Genuine question though. How do you know what standard we have to reach? How do you know what Refeering standards are?



    I also think that if Leicester are to be the champions of one of the best leagues in the world then we are not far from that standard.



    A good athlete can command a starting place in a EPL team. Ronny knows fitness is how we can compete with the ridiculous amount of money available down south.



    Skill is a rare commodity in the EPL. We should nurture and embrace our skilful players.



    Just to keep WITS happy. In Ronny I trust.




  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Seriously…there are some real fecking headcases on this site, who use multiple identities.


    If that is not a sign of mental illness, i dont know what is.


    Sad and pathetic idiots.


    And they make it so obvious, by employing the same bs rhetoric every time.

  11. As I said the other day, if res.12 is a 100% slam dunk case against the SFA then why bother going to UEFA? Well IMO I’m thinking it’s not a slam dunk, and the SFA will NOT answer any questions to the res.12 group, reason? Well because they don’t have to and won’t and have made that very clear by they’r silence on the matter, and CFC have backed off to if I’m reading it right, but if you’ve got 100% fraud was involved go for it, take it right to the proper authorities and let them charge the SFA of fraudulent behaviour, its as simple as that no?



    But I’m just going by what is posted, and to me it doesent look like they are 100% if they where then they wouldent need to be waiting on answers to lots of questions and that’s not a good thing.


    i would be very wary of where they are going right now, but I wish them the best of luck, maybe like the SFA the res.12 guys have ace up they’r sleeve who knows?



    And ehhh, it’s only my opinion, as I said good luck with it.

  12. traditionalist88 on

    The Green Mans action plan is currently at stage 2(of 2!) where it will remain parked indefinitely, until someone else stands up and does something about it.



    Meanwhile anyone who points this out has:



    1) multiple logins


    2) a mental illness.



    You’ve reached a new low, TGM.

  13. From The Herald



    DAVID MOYES has refused to rule out becoming the next Celtic manager.



    The former Everton and Manchester United boss has many admirers among the Parkhead hierarchy and, if Ronny Deila does leave after the end of this season, the 52-year-old would be the preferred choice of many of the decisions makers at the club.



    In an interview with PLZ Soccer on STV Glasgow, Moyes was asked whether he would consider returning to Celtic Park where he had been a player in the early 1980s.



    “Who knows? I would never say never,” admitted Moyes. “I have ambitions to win things and to be at a club that won and would be in the Champions League.”



    It is unlike the Glaswegian to be so candid and this admission will intrigue Celtic supporters.



    Moyes’ last job was with Real Sociedad in Spain, he was sacked last November, and has been approached by several English clubs, thought to be Newcastle United and last summer West Ham United, but turned them down.



    He won a league title medal with Celtic as a young defender before moving to Cambridge United.

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The Sevco/SFA extravaganza still has a bit to run.



    Until then, it may be best to qualify our views on Celtic’s action or inaction.



    One fact is that it is almost certain that Sevco will be in the top division next season.



    The time to have stopped them was before they were admitted to Div.3.



    That was beyond Celtic’s power.



    Not until all the court actions have concluded and the dust settled, will anyone be in an authoritative position to point fingers.



    In the words of the poet, philosopher and Astro physicist, Professor Kenneth Rogers, ” there’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealing ‘s done”.

  15. traditionalist




    Are you ok?



    Did your dog just die of boredom?



    That would explain your depression but for you to come on here & test out your new killer move on the CQN Community is quite pathetic if you ask me.



    Is your life really worth so little that you would come on here to call MEN you have never met, don’t know nothing about, nor had any dealings with, dishonest thiefs.



    You’re about as Traditional as a Hun wearing a Lily at the 2016 Easter Commemoration

  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on



    Why so sensitive?


    Moan, moan…whimper, whimper….its no fair.


    Stop greetin like a big wean:)


    Im sure its not the first time somebody has called you a headcase or a muppet.


    You should be used to it:)


    Grow a pair.







    This is like watching a l-o-n-g tennis game,back and forth from the base line.



    Let me know when there’s a winner,I’m off for a pint.

  18. traditionalist88 on

    Dj67 on 15th March 2016 11:53 am



    Because asking those who have registered disgust with their football club what they are actually doing about it is so shocking to you?



    Its because the answer is NOTHING that TGM can’t handle it. Not sure where you come in, why don;t you tell us?



    Keep up the stolen patter and amateur clinical diagnoses, classy.

  19. Afternoon all.


    In Cheltenham racecourse , 1st Guinness tastes good, enjoying the good company &looking forward to my favourite day of racing this year.


    A couple of conversations with “Celtic fans” last night.Old firmism prominent.


    I despair.



  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    TRAD88/Alfie Noakes



    Go and get your medicine.


    You are about to self-combust


    Try harder….you might insult me yet:)


    Crack a gag, or feck off:)

  21. KEVJUNGLE on 15TH MARCH 2016 11:06 AM


    CQN Celtic Fans



    May God Bless You All


    Thank’s for the memories


    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.








    i wish you all the best and hope and prey all goes positively on the health front


    Care always ya mad tim ye :-)




  22. Kev, It sounds from your post that the bloods have indicated that all is not well. If that is the case then it means you have a fight on your hands not that you have lost the fight.


    You never shied away from a fight here and I don’t think you are a quitter in life either, so get it right into your head, you beat this before, you can beat it again.


    Whether you choose to stay on the blog, where inevitably people meaning the best will keep talking to you about it, or whether you feel you will cope better without the intrusion is a matter for yourself.


    It is a very personal matter, there is no right way or wrong way to deal with it.


    You do what you feel is right for you but always remember there are hundreds of Tims worldwide thinking & praying for you and your family and if you ever feel like chatting or just attacking the Bored, everyone here will be delighted to see you back.

  23. Lads,



    sometimes the older articles will be closed down for new comments, so moving to THIS article for Cheltenham Day 2 selections :



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  24. voguepunter on 15th March 2016 9:35 pm



    My picks for day 2 (if allowed)



    1. Yorkhill


    2. No More Heroes


    3. Hunters Hoof


    4. Sprintre Sacre


    5. Quantitattiveeasing


    6. Campeador


    7. Westend Story




  25. Eurochamps67 on 15th March 2016 9:51 pm



    Day Two selections



    1.30 Yanworth


    2.10 More of That


    2.50 Rock the Kasbah


    3.30 Un De Sceaux


    4.10 Third Intention


    4.50 Jaleo


    5.30 New To This Town



    Best of luck everyone,



  26. Lads,


    Well done to FrankMarker & Gerryfaethebrig with 4 winners each!



    Cheltenham standings after Day 1 :



    56.42 – FrankMarker


    55.92 – Gerryfaethebrig


    48.00 – Burgas Hoops


    41.42 – Nye Bevans’ rebel soldier


    40.92 – Zihuatanejo


    39.92 – Cathal


    38.42 – Hashadenough


    38.25 – The Bhoy from the Village


    37.92 – Ohits


    34.92 – Eurochamps67


    33.25 – PFAyr


    29.50 – Onemalloy


    29.25 – Graffitionthewall


    28.92 – fleagle1888


    25.92 – twists n turns


    20.25 – BMCUWP


    18.25 – 16 Roads


    18.25 – Som mes que un club


    13.25 – Eddieinkirkmichael


    12.50 – Ard Macha


    10.25 – 21-5-79


    00.00 – voguepunter



    Onwards and upwards to Day 2…




  27. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Day 2 selections



    A Toi Phil




    Rock The Kasbah


    Felix Yonger


    Josies Orders


    Duke Of Medina



  28. 1.30 Yanworth


    2.10 No More Heroes


    2.50 Politilogue


    3.30 Un De Sceaux


    4.10 Josies Orders


    4.50 Diego Du Charmil


    5.30 Battleford



    Good luck everyone.

  29. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Day 2 selections



    1.30 – Yarnworth


    2.10 – More of That


    2.50 – Rock The Kasbah


    3.30 – Un De Sceaux


    4.10 – Quantitiveeasing


    4.50 – Missy Tata


    5.30 – First Figaro



    Best of luck to all



    Cheltenham starts at 4pm for me today when I leave the work, can’t afford to take the full week off, would be skint and divorced



    Cheers GFTB

  30. Day 2



    13:30 Yorkhill


    14:10 Seeyouatmidnight


    14:50 Arbre De Vie


    15:30 Dodging Bullets


    16:10 Any Currency


    16:50 Missy Tata


    17:30 New To This Town

  31. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    1:30 Yanworth


    2:10 More Of That


    2:50 Rock The Kasbah


    3:30 Un De Sceaux


    4:10 Josies Orders


    4:50 Campeador


    5:30 New To This Town.



    Good luck everyone.

  32. VOGUEPUNTER on 15TH MARCH 2016 9:35 PM


    My picks for day 2 (if allowed)




    1. Yorkhill



    2. No More Heroes



    3. Hunters Hoof



    4. Sprintre Sacre



    5. Quantitattiveeasing



    6. Campeador



    7. Westend Story






    EUROCHAMPS67 on 15TH MARCH 2016 9:51 PM


    Day Two selections




    1.30 Yanworth



    2.10 More of That



    2.50 Rock the Kasbah



    3.30 Un De Sceaux



    4.10 Third Intention



    4.50 Jaleo



    5.30 New To This Town




    Best of luck everyone,





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