Protecting your keeper and defence


If we are looking for reasons why Celtic have dropped so many points in recent weeks it is revealing that we have not kept a clean sheet away in the league since Boxing Day, and that was to bottom club Dundee.

Losing goals, of course, is seldom about the last line of defence, and losing goals this consistently is seldom even an issue with defence, in dominant teams, defenders are seldom taxed.  It is more likely a consequence of the shape of the team.  Goalkeepers should be protected, as should defences.

It’s the midfield we should be looking at.  Dominate possession and stop leaving spaces for the opposition to exploit; we’ll stop losing goals and start winning games.
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  1. Estadio Nacional on

    Bada Bing



    Agree with that, plus the buying players to ‘shop window’ them makes it hard to manage the motivation aspect but the manager has to find a way.





  2. Jonny the Tim



    I think he stands at 4 to 3 so far. He knows of!


    Great scoring record off the pitch tho.




  3. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Couple of Huhnes about to be sentenced this afternoon for Perverting the Course of Justice.



    Plus ca change. :)

  4. EN



    We deviated from three on Saturday, and instead had three strikers.



    RC don’t bother with a midfield anyway, and they punt it long.



    Worked a treat in the second half.





    Now who would want to disrupt a site which has been set up to discuss the way forward for Scottish football?



    This is getting effin’ ridiculous. Any attempts made by the vast majority of the people who support our game are being subordinated at every turn.



    And the people who are carrying out this intimidation feel free to do so because rarely if ever are any sanctions imposed upon them!



    Scottish society has to make a decision here-are Rangers and their followers above the law,or not?



    Historically,the answer is yes. In a decent society,the question would not even arise.

  6. I’ve noticed a lot of his goals (Griffiths) seem to come via the long ball, and running onto the ball from the halfway line. That’s a situation we dont seem to encounter in the SPL, therefore I would ask if his penalty box prowess is any better than what we’ve currently got. His free-kick yesterday was sublime, but we’ve already got cover in that area of attacking.



    Off oot.




  7. starry plough



    14:55 on 11 March, 2013



    You can tell the boy is a tee-totaller :)


    TSD 1437



    Yer only jealous because she reminds you of Matron.



    The one who sent you to bed each night with a wee kiss and a pair of boxing gloves……

  9. Mike in Toronto on




    Not too long ago, a client picked me up in a Ferrari F430 (I think it was… I’m not a huge car guy)…. quite impressive sounding… won his case, but then the bugger didn’t pay his bill! Was a bit pissed, but then hear that he was being chased by some people you dont want to be chased by, so I guess he had more important things than me to worry about!



    On another note… I like Efe, and think, once he settles in, will do the job for us!

  10. The Moon Bhoys on

    Steinreignedsupreme @ 14.27



    appreciate the feedback, maybe I’m expecting too much from him,



    let me ask you a question – taking all things into account, do you think we will win the Scottish Cup?

  11. Estadio Nacional on




    I’ve not even seen the goals from Saturday but the line up I read looked to be a new formation, that with a lot of players out seems strange. @CelticFC had it as 3-4-1-2 with out and out striker Hooper as the 1 behind a front two, was that the case?




  12. With Hibs at home scheduled for Saturday 6th April at 3pm as a possible game where we can clinch the title, will they move this game for live TV and if so to when? Police won’t allow it to be moved to Sunday as Sevco are at Hampden for big derby game live on Rangers TV (sorry ESPN), Saturday lunchtime already has a live SPL & EPL game.


    Could it be a title decided with no live coverage?

  13. In The Continued Absence Of Philvis….



    It Falls To Me To Defend The Honour Of The Beguiling ‘La Widdecombe’….






    Lee Griffiths..? Would Never Pass The Fergus McCann ‘Sniff Test’….



    Could See Him Ending Up With The Huns,Though….



    And Forget Kevin Doyle….



    Hardly An Improvement On Murphy…



    All Action…..But No Useful Result…




    13:55 on 11 March, 2013



    Hear Hear – I haven’t made a donation yet but will be end of month job for me too.



    Amazing what they ghuys and ghals are doing

  15. Jonny the Tim


    15:08 on


    11 March, 2013



    Agree with that. Griffiths is ideal as the lone striker in a counter attacking team that plays the ball up front as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t suit our style of play in SPL, particularly at home, where we pass the ball to death and allow the opposition to get numbers back.


    I would rather keep Stokes and think Johnny Russell is a better all round player who can play wide or through the middle.

  16. Mike in Toronto et al



    Say what you like about the Italians – go on, you know you want to! :-)



    ..but they do make (some) exceedingly good cars – and some cr*p ones as well!





    Jonny the Tim 1508



    Good point-that was Harald Brattbakk’s forte,and our system was not for him.



    Difficult to play the ball over the defence for a speedy forward when you are up against ten men camped around the penalty area.



    He does have a goal every two games ratio though.



    Mind,a certain striker of recent years had the same,and that didnae make me like him any better.



    The moaning marsupial……

  18. Somesaythedevilisdead on

    What the fook is the matter with the average follower of Der Huns is there no one they’re not willing to attack if they don’t like what the they see or hear. Fascist backward scumbags springs to mind! We cannot give up.

  19. Kayal33



    Griffiths is a throw back to school boy days. Takes the throw ins, corners and free kicks. Like the best player in a school team he takes everything.


    Why the best striker in the team takes the corner is beyond me. Always annoys me watching Hibs. It would be a no for me for Griffiths. I would be expecting our player recruitment to be much higher than him.




  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors 14:30 on 11 March, 2013



    “……and don’t forget what he also had to overcome for the first 2 seasons……”



    Too true.





    The last person I saw being picked up in a Ferrari charged more per hour than the guy’s mechanic.



    It was in Streatham,mind. Nice lass.

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The Moon Bhoys 15:12 on 11 March, 2013



    “appreciate the feedback, maybe I’m expecting too much from him,



    “let me ask you a question – taking all things into account, do you think we will win the Scottish Cup?”



    Anything can happen in a cup competition, especially as we will be playing on a pitch that is far from ideal for playing passing football on – so I don’t think we are guaranteed to win it.



    Failing to win it will not alter my opinion of Neil Lennon as a manager though. All that said – I’m hopeful we will win the Scottish Cup this season.

  23. Alasdair Lamont þ@BBCAlLamont


    Charlie Mulgrew asked would he have Rangers back in SPL next season? ‘If it was up to me? Probably.’

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    No to Griffiths for me, not enough hair.



    Russell on the other hand, now there’s a fine barnet.



    Less flippantly, I’d like us to take a punt on Russell. I think he has some qualities that might blossom at Celtic. Paying a transfer fee to United is an additional plus.

  25. Somesaythedevilisdead on

    What the is the matter with the average follower of Der Huns is there no one they’re not willing to attack if they don’t like what the they see or hear. Fascist backward scumbags springs to mind! We cannot give up.

  26. danso_1888



    All Celtic players should be briefed to answer this question the same.



    No comment!




  27. Mike in Toronto on




    Is that a lawyer/hooker shot?! I bet she got paid, at least! Maybe I’m in the wrong profession!



    Torontony … no cheek from you, if you’re lurking!



    Actually, tony …on that note, I am having dinner with my brother and two (Italian) lads (two of my oldest friends int he world, and really good lads) …. lost the Celtic/Juve bet, so Liam and I are buying dinner … it is next Thursday. If you are around, you should join us… you’d enjoy the craic

  28. why do celtic players still give ammo to these cretins? even if he does believe this does he not realise how celtic fans feel about this, well the vast majority anyway?

  29. danso_1888



    15:33 on 11 March, 2013



    Although it is the wrong answer it is understandable and


    may go some way to explaining some of our performances


    this season.

  30. danso_1888



    Cue the headlines screaming that the Celtic players need Rangers in the SPL next season.




  31. Sorry to see intimidation and threats of violence carry the day


    once again in scotland. The football authorities bear some


    of the blame for this state of affairs by constantly appeasing


    themselves at the feet of the hun hordes.



    Hail Hail

  32. !!Bada Bing!! on



    15:33 on


    11 March, 2013


    Alasdair Lamont þ@BBCAlLamont


    Charlie Mulgrew asked would he have Rangers back in SPL next season? ‘If it was up to me? Probably.’


    More propaganda/back page material from the MSM.CFC need to tell the lapdogs,no questions at all re Sevco.If CM says no then cue the usual threats etc .

  33. !!Bada Bing!!,



    whats wrong with him saying not up to me i get paid to play for celtic





    I appreciate that you are offering constructive criticism,from a position of support of Neil Lennon,and opening the discussion.



    He is shortly to be three years into the job,a job which at the time looked,well,beyond the best.



    We had a totally demotivated team-and support-who were resigned to being blatantly cheated,and on top of that,many of the players were simply not Celtic class.



    He has since completely rebuilt the team-including Sami and Brown!-and started the process of rooting out the cheats in Scottish football-it was hardly his fault that Dougie/Dallasgate was allowed to wither on the vine.



    He has brought some smashing young stars into the club,where before we only had destined-to-fail projects,loadsathem.



    He has won us the league-shortly a second one,rebuilt our profile in Europe,and brought back the thunder!



    Those broad shoulders have also had to bear an incredible load which would only be allowed in our poisonous wee country.



    And the football,by and large,is like night-and-day compared to the five years before him.



    For all of that,he will always have my support,and my forgiveness and understanding of any errors he makes.



    Even though they frustrate the hell outa me sometimes!



    He’s a young manager,let him make his mistakes when it doesn’t matter too much.

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