Protecting your keeper and defence


If we are looking for reasons why Celtic have dropped so many points in recent weeks it is revealing that we have not kept a clean sheet away in the league since Boxing Day, and that was to bottom club Dundee.

Losing goals, of course, is seldom about the last line of defence, and losing goals this consistently is seldom even an issue with defence, in dominant teams, defenders are seldom taxed.  It is more likely a consequence of the shape of the team.  Goalkeepers should be protected, as should defences.

It’s the midfield we should be looking at.  Dominate possession and stop leaving spaces for the opposition to exploit; we’ll stop losing goals and start winning games.
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  1. Would I have Charlie Mulgrew at Celtic? probably not,another Caldwell,a big mouth with little ability.

  2. Estadio Nacional on




    Sammi at the back this weekend….?



    Oooh jeeezo, glad I’m meeting Mr001, we will probably miss it ;)





  3. fanadpatriot



    Harsh on Mulgrew. He was asked a question and answered it honestly. The Bhoy was POTY in Scotland last season.


    It may not have been the answer we would like to hear but he is entitled to his opinion.




  4. Mulgrew needs a slap for such a crass statement



    Then again he may be following the party line

  5. Estadio Nacional on

    fanadpatriot 15:50



    Scotland’s player of the year? Get rid of? Aye? Sure?

  6. Laughing at the gift that keeps on giving should never cease..the bull that comes from mordor is pittyful..someones loss is someones gain…love billy no wells tunes..especialy “my hero”we will always know what theyve done..and they know only full well and iam sure there will be much more to come no matter how the pishy press put it h.h

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    fanadpatriot 15:50 on 11 March, 2013



    “Would I have Charlie Mulgrew at Celtic? probably not,another Caldwell,a big mouth with little ability.”



    As opposed to a big mouth with no ability?

  8. Apparently Tam Cowan had this on his Record site a few days ago:





    GREEN say Ally


    McCoist’s side is the worst


    in Rangers’ history. I disagree.


    It’s the ONLY side in Rangers’


    history. As Chuck was quick to point


    out. Ally can’t sign any players. Nope.


    poor old Coisty is forced to struggle by


    wlth a bunch of Internationals on 10 grand


    a week. But as Lord Nimmo Smith would


    perhaps point out. that doesn’t necessarily


    give them an advantage over the £10-a-week


    shelf-stackers in the Third Division.


    PS: Great to see Super Ally back on A


    Question Of Sport for the show’s


    1000th edition. Still shocked he


    didn’t demand to know the


    identity of the Mystery



  9. Somesaythedevilisdead on

    We keep getting caught out with punts up the park our central defenders positioning and heading is atrocious, needs sorted. As for the Herald article, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha they’re still at it, it’s like groundhog day superb stuff they’ve learn’t feck all, roll on liquidation day mark II eh! Shower of halfwhits or what?



    Youcanfoolalloftheirpeopleallofthetime CSC



    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha :o)

  10. Neil is the Manager and coach and is responsible for motovating the team, I cannot see any sign of this in these games after the champions league games, why is this? If you are a Celtic player then you know every game is a cup final for the team we are playing so we need to play like its a cup final until the game is out of sight for our opponents. If a player on the park cannot do this then sell them on a get players who will. Celtic are becoming the biggest coupon buster this season!!

  11. The Furgoatten Man.






    Is he being Furgoatten?



    or…is he .. Injured?



    Ah dinna Know ,if he is ..fur Sure..






    Ah Believe he is,being neglected by Neil… for some reason.



    He is a Far Bettah Alternative Center Back ,than Efe.



    He is a Far Bettah Left Back..than Efe..as well.




    Efe ,is No a Defender..



    Efe,is an Entertainer.. an Athletic Fellow.. a Guid Tanner Ba’ Player..



    He is Many things ,and Ah think that He has Potential.



    But, In Whit Position..? Aha ..that is the Rub.



    Anyway.. Neil, baby..



    Don’t Furget aboot.. Lustig.






    Still, Laughin’





    This will not affect the pound in your pocket…………

  13. charlie allowing yourself to be aligned with the [for the good of the game brigade] msm stance you are slapping celtic fans in the face big time, even if unintentional you surely by now know what they will do with that sort of statement, so in my opinion you have no excuses for taken out of context statement, if its what you really feel then why not keep it to yourself? charlie you do actually realise what that mob have been at for years dont you?


    does it matter that to you that this club lorded over celtic while cheating all along, have had rules bent and broken to accomadate their unholy incarnation,maybe i am being overly sensitive but statements like this feels like an act of betrayal.

  14. Steinreignedsupreme on

    SSN leading with the Charlie Mulgrew story.



    Totally embarrassing. Not even attempting to be subtle about their agenda.



    It was hardly an enthusiastic call from Charlie – he clearly appeared uncomfortable with the line of questioning.

  15. petethepointer on

    Similar to how George Galloway and many refuse to recognise or debate with Israel Celtic should adopt same approach to Sevconia

  16. The Moon Bhoys on




    Thanks for that, it was his very early spell as manager that probably has led to my confusion, remember when he went on that long unbeaten run after taking over from BTM – I just thought he would get better and better,



    Guess patience is called for and lots of it. The actual subject of Neil on here is as you correctly surmised, a very a tricky one – supposing you don’t fit into the ‘blind faith’ or ‘get rid of him now’ category, which I’m neither.



    The outcome of the Scottish Cup is going to be very interesting – it will tell us just how patient we need to be, we should win it if we are all pulling together, defeat however would confirm we have too many passengers in the playing squad – which hopefully Neil would be allowed to sort out over the summer.

  17. Must say I find it incredible the questions our players are asked.



    Imagine when Leeds United slipped away doon the league order and a Man U player being asked in all seriousness should Leeds be allowed to play in the Premier League?



    The attitude of the English would be…



    They got themselves into the mess, they can get themselves out.



    The idea or concept of any Club circumventing the rules and regulations for monetary considerations is abhorrent.



    Any team playing in the top tier should be there on Football merit only.



    The attitude of the Scot would be…



    Youse ask a player of mine a question like that again and I’ll **//!!””**



    Only in Scotland



    ‘fraid so:-(((((

  18. Mike in Toronto on




    No offence taken…. I was joking myself…. and have been called alot worse many times!

  19. Just seen Mulgrew’s interview. Regardless of his own opinion he is at best naive for not understanding the feeling of the majority of our support and swerving the question.

  20. Ah must come oot fur..



    Darin’ Charlie..



    Ah simply Luv the Guy..



    He is Oor Best Coarner Kick Taker.


    He is Oor Best Free Kick Taker.



    He is a Celtic Man.



    And Ah wish that





    Neither Mikael Lustig nor Efe Ambrose have played at left-back for us.



    Mikael Lustig is currently injured-and,it seems,generally incapable of 90 mins at the best of times (I hope this info is wrong!)



    As for EFE as a tanner-ba’ player…….



    Sorry,you’ve lost me,as wotsername says occasionally in Taggart reruns.

  22. Well..Ye’ll Nevah know whit Ah “Wish” fur..



    As Ah hiv bin Called Away..



    Ah am needed.. Elsewhere,Folks..










  23. Steinreignedsupreme on

    bigjim7uk 16:00 on 11 March, 2013



    “Neil is the Manager and coach and is responsible for motovating the team, I cannot see any sign of this in these games after the champions league games, why is this? If you are a Celtic player then you know every game is a cup final for the team we are playing so we need to play like its a cup final until the game is out of sight for our opponents.”



    Bradford beat Arsenal this season and Luton beat QPR – shock results happen everywhere.



    Poor performances happen in competitive sport – this has always been the case and will always be so.

  24. Our players should be instructed to refuse to comment on issues re Sevco



    For a start their is no Rangers ..



    Not unless the club are happy for this type of headline to appear





    None meant. I’m fortunate-never needed a lawyer,always got myself out of jail.



    Apart from once,when it took a DCI to see through the lies.



    I revere that man to this day.



    If I ever win the lottery he’s onto a proper thank you,I can tell you!

  26. Dead and Loving it on

    Charlie should have said that he didn’t want to get involved before he answered the first question about the huns




    Nieve Charlie

  27. PFayr,



    you are correct, its not like our club dont know of this sort of angle, players should be briefed by the club before interviews unless as you say they dont mind this.

  28. Paul,



    could the lack of clean sheets simply be the result of Celtic being as good a team as some would have us believe they are.



    It is now a couple of months since I posted to the effect that the real blips in this season’s form were the Barcelona and Spartak results.



    The form results were those against Ross County, Inverness, Hibs, Dundee United, Arbroath etc.


    If I recall correctly, you chided me to the effect that these results demonstrated how competitive the SPL.


    What’s sauce for the goose etc.. Last week NL made great play of the resources gap between Celtic and Juventus,. It is not any greater than the resources gap between Celtic and the remainder of the current SPL.

  29. Charlie gets caught on the hop by a MSM scumbag looking for a headline and it’s the clubs fault, aye all right then, I suppose our management have got nothing better to do than to brief grown men on what they should say or not say in public for fear of upsetting anyone on CQN!!



    Fresh air Bhoys always helps clear the mind..

  30. I marvel at players being wheeled out at PC’s.


    You have to respect SAF for that. His players rarely do them at all. I think I have seen Paul Scholes interviewed once and he said next to nothing.


    Scott Brown has either had guidance or a natural ease at PC’s. He is quite witty and gives very little away. Charlie should not have answered the question. I respect the fact he answered it honestly but he would have been better off saying no comment.




  31. Regarding CM’s comments.



    I have said it repeatedly on here all season. The Press Officer at the club is utterly hopeless. The MSM should have been warned by him/her at the start of the season that the players and management will answer no questions on the new club.



    The fact that players are still fielding questions like that is an indictment of the paucity of our PO’s ability at the club.

  32. ….PFayr



    A number of years ago, in the wake of thenotorious Brattbak interview, I asked the PR department about media training for the players.



    The answer was that such training was available but the players wanted nothing to do with it.

  33. Somesaythedevilisdead on

    Charlies only saying what Peter Lawell, Dermot Desmond and Co are praying for, sickening stuff really a real kick in the maw haws. But in saying that Charlie should really know better he was born and raised here so he should be smarter than that, so there’s no excusing that i’m afraid. But as was said earlier the Bhoy’s entitled to his opinion, however badly it sits with the rest of us, just please don’t give the Huns in the MSM anymore ammo please as it’s really starting to grate.


    I wonder what Neil Lennon would have said? Tell them to ram it and walked out me thinks!

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